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101 common sense consideration

1. Is your partner truly saved and converted? 2. Is your partner God fearing, committed or just a Churchgoer or nominal Christian? 3. Are you both compactable? 4. Is your partner really good for you? 5. Is he wise and intelligent? 6. Can you love them for live? 7. How long have they be saved? 8. Are you sure you have Gods approval? 9. Do you know there strength and weakness? 10. Do you know what you want? 11. Do they have qualities you cannot do without? 12. Can they compliment your vision and purpose in live? 13. Can you compliment their vision and purpose in live? 14. Do they have a vision and a purpose in live?

15. Do you have a purpose in live? 16. Are they flexible and understanding or are they rigid and uncompromising? 17. Can you proudly introduce them in public? 18. Are you ready to accept them with their strength and weaknesses? 19. Do you relate with them as a friend? 20. Do you accept their friends as your friends? 21. Is your genotype compactable? 22. Are you both HIV negative? 23. Are you both drugs free? 24. Are you both alcohols free? 25. Are you both free from any terminal disease? 26. Are you attracted to each other physically? 27. Do you both have sources of income that covers your expenses?

28. What initiated your relationship? 29. Is there a mutual flow or one sided love or giving? 30. Do you spend time communicating or just touching? 31. Do you talk freely with each other or only when others are watching? 32. Do you have intimacy or only romance? 33. What do parent thing of your partner and the relationship? 34. What does your pastor thing of your partner and your relationship? 35. What kind of reputation do they have? 36. How do they relate with their friends? 37. How do they relate with their family(parent and siblings) 38. How do they relate with other people? 39. Are they prepared in the seven areas? 40. In what way do you hurt each other?

41. Have you seen them react outside an ideal situation? 42. Have you discuss you gender differences? 43. Do they understand love? 44. Do they understand marriage? 45. Do they understand themselves? 46. Do they understand you? 47. Do they really care for you? 48. Do they really love you? 49. Are they really committed to you? 50. Do they really agree that love is not enough? 51. Do they really understand singleness? 52. Are they really single? 53. Are they usually happy, cheerful and optimistic? 54. Do you have mutual interest and goals? 55. Can they discuss controversial issues without argument and anger?

56. Have you been sincere and open to each other all through? 57. Do you have mutual beliefs concerning Morality, Finances, Spirituality and Material Acquisition? 58. How do they react to financial questions and situations? 59. What gives them joy, happiness, and motivation? 60. What are their Buts, Dos, Donts, Links and Dislikes? 61. Do they have any elements of secrecy? 62. Are they generous and benevolent or tightfisted? 63. Do they take advice or are they unreachable? 64. Are they diligent to work and the kingdom? 65. Are they fond of children? 66. Can they handle responsibilities well? 67. Are there values temporal or eternal? 68. Do they have investment mentality? 69. Are in debt and how much?

70. What was their previous relationship like if any? 71. What is their level of commitment to the things of the kingdom? 72. Are they submitted to the Authority of a pastor? 73. What is their stand about premarital sex? 74. Have they been engaged or married before? 75. Do they have any child or children? 76. Have you discussed the number of children you want? 77. Have you discussed when and how you want to have and space the children? 78. Have you discussed how to handle your finances? 79. Have you discussed how to relate with in-laws? 80. Have you discussed where to live and who lives with you? 81. Have you discussed where to worship and the level of involvement?

82. Have you discussed visions, goals, value, plans, dreams, etc? 83. Are you aware if your partner is a tither? 84. Are you satisfied with your partners level of giving and kingdom financing? 85. Do you know your partners monthly income? 86. Have you discussed ongoing matters of family dependency? 87. Is your partner really ready and prepared for marriage? 88. Is your partner able to make and keep commitments? 89. Do you really understand your partner? 90. Do you both have a clearly defined area of responsibility in the relationship? 91. Do you have reservation concerning your partner, their friends or family? 92. Do you feel accepted, loved and adored by your partner?

93. Are you both matured enough for the union? 94. How do you rate your parents marriage? 95. Are you both very healthy? 96. When last and how often do you both fall sick? 97. Is there any medical issues or past major surgical operation your partner should know about? 98. What kind of childhood did you both have and what will be its effect on your relationship? 99. Are they any danger signs or warning signals you have been ignoring? 100. Are you both committed to a live time after

marriage? 101. 102. 103. Who is in control of the relationship?