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Caladeus Campaign

Year One Handbook

All material Copyright 2005 by Christopher W. Blaine

The first year is always the hardest, whether it be learning a new trade or skill, or
perhaps beginning studies in a magic academy. It is also true for those who wish to
follow a life of adventuring, danger and reward. Adventurers, as they are commonly
called, often make tragic mistakes during their first twelve months. Those that are
lucky enough learn valuable lessons from these times, others discover that the life is not
what they truly want to pursue and turn their attentions to other pursuits.
Others meet an inglorious end and wind up being food for worms or perhaps the
random hungry dragon.
So it was that in the 21st year of the Third Age of Man that three beings left the
Caladeus militia to begin a journey down a path that would change them forever. Ryu the
monk, Brok Silverback and Feng Fonkin had not served together, but they seperated
from the service on the same day and decided to, for at least awhile, work together to
try and make some money doing the work of adventurers.
From the outset, Ryu and Feng clashed; Feng was itching for a fight while Ryu, a
bashful and shy person, was more interested in talking his way out of a situation. All the
while, Brok watched his human companions with mild interest.
Over time, the party would grow and change as new allies were met and old allies
became newer enemies. By the end of the first year, the three original party members
were all very different people.
Ryu had become a leader of men, renown throughout the lands for his bravery and
close relationship with Heironeous, god of Justice. Brok found himself questioning the
wisdom of his Azar allegiance as he grew to dislike battle because of the cost in friends.
And Feng Fonkin had become something beyond evil, beyond even being called
As the 22nd year began, there were some questions as to what paths these three
would continue to take.
Chaotic Good Human Monk

“If everyone would be quiet, then maybe I could

actually come up with a plan that doesn't involve me killing
everything we encounter!”

Some believe he is the son of Heironeous because when

he asks of his deity, he is normally rewarded. Few can say
their prayers are ever answered, but for Ryu is has become
almost commonplace.
Yet, he is virtually alone in the world. His first real
friend was Brok Silverback, who still remains a stalwart companion, but sometimes the
shy monk wishes he had a human to communicate with.
In the past year he has become a skilled fighter and leader, gaining the admiration
of many, including Fillian Deweypott, the leader of the Paladins of Heironeous, the
troops responsible for guarding the city of Terrasia. During the Battle of Terrasia, Ryu
rallied the citizens to fight the beasts that had invaded their township and almost
single-handedly defeated Crushskull the Demon.
Ryu made the decision to fight evil, but wanted to do so in a way that honored his
god. He led the efforts to destroy the Thieve's Guild in Thorul once he discovered that
its members worshiped the evil god Hextor. He had dedicated himself to the cause of
justice until Aftenfisht when his friend Tara the Angry was murdered by Feng Fonkin.
The loss of his friend, someone whom he had grown fond of over the months,
struck deep into his soul and now he finds himself questioning whether or not justice is
worth pursuing when the price is so high. After returning from Aftenfisht, Ryu traveled
back to Terrasia to take up residence in the temple there and spend time with his ward,

Favored Weapon: Flurry of Blows
Special Items: Cloak of the Human Torch, Wing Harness, Ring of the
Faithful Monk, Amulet of Herioneous, Random Ring
Honors: “Hero of Terrasia”, “Battle Champion of Anderon”
Henchmen: Obeyjoe Merrytae
Foes: Scrotch Crease (deceased), Feng Fonkin
Sir Steven “Porko” Fonkin
Chaotic Good Human Ranger

“Yeah, yeah...I wasn't trying to betray anyone, I was using my

superior intellect to confuse them. Okay, I was really scared
and would have done anything to get the crap out of there!”

The youngest of the Fonkin children, Steve has the distinction

of being the only member of his family that is not truly hated
by the party. His brother Feng has become some sort of
undead creature that has even tried to kill him and his brother
Jeff violated a circle of honor and his head is now a necklace
worn by Brok Silverback.
But for all of the bad things that have happened to him, including having his facial
features transformed into that of a pig for several months, Steven tries his best to
keep an upbeat attitude. While he is brave enough when he is with his friends, left on his
own he is known for making terrible mistakes.
For example, during a hunting trip, he killed the Guardian Stag of the Forest,
leaving his friends very hungry for the next few days because no game would come near
them. He is also very greedy and is known to beg, cry and throw fits to get his way with
the treasure haul. Overall, though, the party likes him because when the chips were
down in Aftenfisht, he came through, putting his life on the line to save his companions
from Zacur and even attacked his own brother in their defense.
A worshipper of Kord, god of strength, Steve has begun a rigorous workout
program in order to try and get people to stop calling him Porko. With the death of Tara
at the hands of his brother, he has decided to make a trip to visit his mother and tell
her about her other two sons.

Favored Weapon: Bow of Slaughter
Special Items: +3 Greatsword
Honors: “Knight of Anderon”, “Hero of Terrasia”
Henchmen: Happy Bob
Foes: Scrotch Crease (deceased), Feng Fonkin
Brok Silverback

Chaotic Good Half-Orc Barbarian

“I haven't spoken because I was afraid you would want

to keep talking.”

A year ago he was skinny for his kind and very quiet,
giving the impression he was somehow unwell. As time passed,
it became apparent that Brok preferred to let his axe doing
his talking for him. Politically involved with the Azar movement
in Caladeus, Brok began adventuring to earn money to help in the campaign to change the
government back to a Kazar style rule of law.
As the months wore on and he helped investigate the theft of many pieces of
Kazar's weapons, he began to question the wisdom of following a barbarian that had to
arm himself to the teeth. Barbarians, especially half-orcs, pride themselves on their
physical prowess. Kazar is revered by many tribes, but Brok is starting to realize that
Kazar was only a man, not the demi-god he was raised to believe he was.
Brok is hard to anger, but there have been those who have tested his patience
this past year including Jeff Fonkin and Zacur, both of whom died for their error of
angering him. His lust for blood has now turned towards Feng Fonkin for the murder of
Tara the Angry, a beautiful, though annoying, human that had treated Brok as an equal.
With her death, Brok has begun a journey to get back in touch with his barbarian roots.
Many people make the mistake of believing that Brok is stupid and while he is not
the most intelligent being in the kingdoms, he is not ignorant. He merely likes to put
himself in dangerous situations because he thinks it is fun.

Favored Weapon: +1 Greataxe
Special Items: Quarterstaff of Dancing, Bow of Slaughter, Ring of the
Great Leader, Exploding Arrows
Honors: “Hero of Terrasia”
Henchmen: None
Foes: Scrotch Crease (deceased), Jeff Fonkin (deceased), Feng Fonkin
Feng Fonkin
Chaotic Evil Undead Human Death Knight

“Bring it!”

What it was that eventually caused Feng Fonkin to fall

into madness is unknown. His time in the Caladeus Militia was
one of honor as he was quickly promoted through the ranks and
was easily the most experienced member of the party. Yet, in
just a few short weeks he went from ally to imprisoned enemy.
From the very beginning, Feng acted strangely. He was
rude to authority figures and more than willing to push friendships to the brink of
destruction to get what he wanted. He had a habit of dropping to his knees wherever he
was at and demanding that his god, Kord, intervene on his behalf no matter what he was
working on.
Then he decided to betray the party to set himself up as the leader. Jealous of
Ryu's position in the group, Feng made a deal to sell the monk to Scrotch Crease, but the
deal fell apart when Brok chose to support Ryu and defended him against Feng. Feng was
immediately arrested by the local authorities and tried on charges of attempted slavery.
He was sentenced to two years in the local jail and was cast out of the party.
Within a couple of months, under circumstances not yet revealed, Feng was sent
to Afternfisht prison and word is that he was executed for murder. However, when
Brok, Ryu, Tara and Steve Fonkin lead a party to investigate the strange goings-on at
the prison, Feng appeared before them. In the battle that followed, in which Ryu was
not present, Feng murdered Tara. The rest of the party tried to stop him, but they were
unable. What other evil Feng has planned for the heroes remains to be seen.

Favored Weapon: “Hellborne” (longsword)
Special Items: “Hellborne”, “Hellforged” (armor)
Honors: None
Henchmen: None
Foes: Ryu, Brok Silverback, Tara the Angry (deceased), Steve Fonkin
Tara the Angry
Chaotic Good Human Amazon/Martial Artist

“'Ello, monkey!”

Tara was born over 400 years before the party

discovered her frozen in an ancient keep outside Terrasia. A
native of a far-off land, she had journeyed to Anderon to hunt
for the demon lord Diablo. Unfortunately for her, she
encountered the minions of Crushskull, a lieutenant in Diablo's
armies. She was eventually freed by Ryu the monk and joined
their party. During the Battle of Terrasia, Tara proved her
value by delivering the killing blow to Crushskull.
Afterwards, Tara was hailed as a great hero throughout all of Anderon, much to
Ryu's chagrin. Despite that, however, the two began to develop a love/hate relationship.
Tara, impressed with the way that Ryu carried himself in battle, decided to pursue a life
as a martial artist. This was considered a step up since she was perhaps the worst shot
with an arrow that probably ever existed.
But Tara could not know that her developing friendship with Ryu would lead to her
untimely death. Within a couple of months of being freed from her frozen prison, she
battled against and lost to Feng Fonkin. To ensure that she could not be brought back by
Ryu's connection to his god, Feng cut off her head and now carries it as a trophy.
But the tale of Tara may not be over. Ryu, incensed by her senseless murder,
contacted the High Lord of Anderon and arranged for several sorceresses to arrive and
freeze Tara's body. There is always hope that the “Champion of Terrasia” will one day
be able to walk the world again as a whole woman.

Favored Weapon: Bow of Slaughter
Special Items: None
Honors: “Champion of Terrasia”, “Duchess of Tanglewood”
Henchmen: None
Foes: Diablo, Crushskull (deceased), Feng Fonkin
The Stranger

“You are the new Heroes of Caladeus; there is a lot of

history that goes with it. I see in you the past and the future.
Try not to screw it up.”

The don't know who he is, only that he is an exceptional

cook and has a habit of showing up when it is least expected.
Twice the party has encountered the cloaked and hooded
Stranger; and each time he has offered, food, advice and a
warm bed for the night. When asked who he really is, he has a
tendency to laugh and state that his name is unimportant.
Regardless of that, he has been invaluable to the party. First he informed them of
the growing evil in the land and was the first person to suggest that there were persons
after the weapons of Kazar. He also directed the party to Deckard Cain in Terrasia, who
proved to be a great ally.
Tall and obviously muscular despite the clothing he chooses to wear, he offers no
real clues to his identity except with his accent, which seems familiar and yet out of

Favored Weapon: Frying Pan
Special Items: Bacon, sausage and eggs
Honors: “Best Damn Chef in the Woods”
Henchmen: None
Foes: None
Lawful Evil Drow Fighter/Blackguard

“My master told me about you heroes. My master said

that you were a force to be reckoned with. My master will be
very pleased when you are dead.”

Nothing is known about Zacur save what he has detailed

about himself to his enemies. He is obviously of the Drow race
and stated that he was apprenticed to a Blackguard of terrible
Zacur was sent to Aftenfisht prison in order to find one
of the lost swords of Kazar. In order to open the chest that the swords were in, Zacur
had to employ powerful evil magics that opened holes in time and space. The town
surrounding the prison was subjected to a never-ending cycle of hellish destruction as
demons and monsters invaded to kill the inhabitants day after day.
Zacur attempted to convert Steven Fonkin to his cause, but Steven lied to the
Blackguard and instead led him into a trap. Zacur tried to get away, but ended up in
mortal combat with Brok Silverback. Despite all of his training and abilities, Zacur was
unable to withstand the furious assault of the half-orc barbarian.
To ensure that he did not return, Brok took the time to chop the body up into
small pieces.

Favored Weapon: Sword of Drow's Fury
Special Items: +3 Half-Plate, Helm of the Ages, Sturdy Ring, Unseen Cloak
Honors: None
Henchmen: Dereq Fanebone (deceased), Sentinel (deceased), Cryst'ahle
Namier'e (deceased)
Foes: Ryu, Brok Silverback, Tara, Steven Fonkin
Angus Needlenose
Chaotic Good Halfling Diablo II Paladin

“I sense evil. I can feel the evil all around us. That
person there, the old woman...she is evil. You have evil in you.
All evil must be purged either through prayer or through a
swift kick in the arse! Which do you want?”

The paladins of the Church of Zakarum are unlike any

others in the known lands. They do not adhere to the strict
lawful structure of other religious warriors, instead they meet
chaos with chaos, working more towards the end goal, rather than concentrating on the
method of getting there.
Angus came to Terrasia shortly after the battle there against Crushskull, hoping
to sign on with Ryu's group once he heard about how they liked to smite evil. However,
he was disappointed to find out that the main part of the party was gone on another
mission and Angus was convinced to join up with Drake the Necromancer to investigate
stories of orc armies invading southern Anderon. Over the next few months he became
close friends with Drake, Gimlee and Tina the Mighty.
After successfully delivering Ryu's ward Tarvill to the High Court of Anderon,
Angus returned to Terrasia only to find out that Ryu and his party had disbanded. Angus
was then asked to join Fillian Deweypott in coordinating military efforts against the
orcs. He now serves as Fillian's aide de camp.

Favored Weapon: Short Sword
Special Items: None
Honors: None
Henchmen: None
Foes: None
Tina the Mighty
Chaotic Good Halfling Diablo II Sorceress

“I'm not that ugly, am I? *sniff*”

Quiet and reserved, so unlike many of the other

sorceresses that come from the far lands, Tina is far from
being mighty. Easily the weakest member of the party, her
horrid appearance is only surpassed by her inability to
contribute anything of value to the other adventurers.
Yet, the party has accepted her as one of their own and they all hope that one day
she will be able to overcome the ugliness that has infected her on both inside and
outside. A resurrection gone bad has left her horrid to gaze upon and so she is forced to
remain with her companions so that she is not stoned to death as a monster in any town
she dare approach.
Tina has tried to be a useful member of the party, but even the most wounded of
foes can send her running away. Her truest friend is her familiar, a frog named Pedro,
who is much more attractive and is therefore regarded as a member of the party as
well. Still, Tina has the potential to become very powerful one day and that is mainly the
reason why the party still treats her with respect.

Favored Weapon: None
Special Items: None
Honors: “Ugliest Woman in Caladeus”
Henchmen: None
Foes: None
Chaotic Good Dwarf Barbarian

“I don't really like any of you. In fact, if I had my way,

I'd probably kill you all and eat you for dinner. Heh. Heh. Just
kiddin'; I already had dinner.”

With a voice like gravel and a penchant for strong drink

and good times, Gimlee does not fit the traditional barbarian
mold. He doesn't discuss where he is from or why he even bothers to adventure; he is
more interested in getting gold and spending it. When not rushing into battle to bathe in
the blood and entrails of his enemies, he performs as a clown for coin.
Gimlee is what many would call an “urban barbarian”, more comfortable in the city
than the country, with the attitude to match. When others talk about the wide open
spaces of the plains, Gimlee skips off to a shop to price fine clothes. Yet this desire to
be more civilized does not make his blade any duller and time and again he has proven his
mettle by defeating enemy after enemy.
An accomplished horseman, he is quite fond of running down his opponents and
then performing an acrobatic stunt to impress those watching. But through it all, he is
still rude and obnoxious. He'll walk on his hands (or nipples) for kids and then cuss them
out afterwards for wanting him to do something so stupid.
His biggest problem appears to have been with Drake, the former leader of the
second party. However, with Drake gone, Gimlee has been in a much better mood.

Favored Weapon: Anything
Special Item: Clown Suit
Honors: None
Henchmen: None
Foes: Drake (strong dislike)
General Maxinna Ferrata
Chaotic Neutral Human Fighter

“My orders are to destroy this town. I will carry out my

orders without hesitation and without consideration of the
consequences. Politicians deal with the aftermath of war, not

The commanding general of the Caladeus Armed Forces

(CAF) is considered perhaps the most beautiful woman in the
lands. So great is her beauty that no less than 25 duels to the
death have been waged just to court her. Yet, through it all,
she seems to be not only dedicated to her duty, but also
The general has dealt with the party on two occasions. The first time Ryu, Brok
and Feng Fonkin were granted an audience with her when they were investigating the
disappearance of several supply caravans to Dunnhollow. Feng managed to anger the
general so much that she dismissed them with a warning not to ever bother her again.
Ten months later, Ryu led the party to her encampment in northern Caladeus
where she had the army surrounding the town of Aftenfisht. She offered them the
chance to earn some gold by investigating the goings on there. Once they had
determined that it was Zacur behind the events, Ryu flew to the general's camp to tell
her not to destroy the town.
The general seemed to admire the party for their efforts, but how much influence
they have with her remains to be seen.

Favored Weapon: Two-Handed Sword
Special Items: None
Honors: “Defender of Caladeus”
Henchmen: Entire Caladeus Armed Forces
Foes: None
Chaotic Evil Drow Cleric

“My beauty enthralls you, makes you do my bidding. For

a kiss from me you would cut out your mother's heart and eat
it before her dying eyes. Yet, your desire for me is nothing
compared to my loyalty to Llolth!”

X'ass'arass was once a member of a highly placed Drow

family in the Underdark. However, political movements and
assassinations reduced the status of her House and she was
sold into slavery. Incensed, she murdered her “master” and his
entire family, swearing revenge on the entire Drow way of life.
Her hatred for her own kind is only surpassed by her willingness to serve her dark
Llolth finds favor in X'ass'arass because she spreads chaos through the supposed
order of Drow society. The drow males that follow her are nothing to her and she will
not hesitate to throw them into battle to die needlessly. The only thing she truly cares
about is causing death and mayhem. She wrongly believes that if she causes enough
misery and destruction, Llolth will elevate her to goddess status. The truth is most likely
that once the Spider Goddess no longer has use for her, the charismatic cleric will find
herself enslaved once more, most likely in a brothel that caters to orcs and goblins.
X'ass'arass works in the background, sending her men and equipment here and
there, working for any evil master that furthers her plans. She successfully aided many
caravans outside Dunnhollow through her agent, Miles O'Towney. It is also believed she
was a companion of Zacur the Blackguard.

Favored Weapon: Unknown
Special Items: Unknown
Honors: None
Henchmen: Miles O'Towney (deceased)
Foes: None
Phillip Avarent
Lawful Evil Human Rogue

“Work for me and you will be rewarded; go against me

and you will be rewarded as well. One reward is power and
glory; the other is a painful death.”

At one time, Phillip Avarent was simply known as the

“Guild Master” as he controlled the Thorul Thieve's Guild,
with over one hundred con men, thieves and scoundrels at his
command. He made the mistake, however, of hiring Ryu and his
party to see out a renegade member.
When Ryu returned empty-handed, Phillip threatened
the monk and his friends. Fed up with the insults, Ryu and Steven Fonkin hatched a plan
to bring down the Thieve's Guild. They did so, killing all of the members except Phillip,
who escaped into the night. Without a Guild to command, he found himself begging for
the mercies of other masters, reducing him to nothing more than a common hustler once
In his mind he sees Ryu and Steven Fonkin as the source of his troubles and woes
and using what funds he has been able to accumulate to try and get his revenge. His
current whereabouts are unknown.

Favored Weapon: Club
Special Items: None
Honors: None
Henchmen: None
Foes: Ryu, Steven Fonkin
Kazar Azar Lazar
Chaotic Good Human Barbarian

“To my enemies I am a storm, to my friends I am the

sun, and to the ladies I am...*burp*...to the ladies I
am...*burp*...aw, who the hell cares what they think anyway?”

What is known about Kazar is mostly legend and many

scholars agree that the myth is probably much more exciting
than the man. His contemporaries revered his fighting
abilities, but also questioned his sanity many times. He was
given to fits of rage that he could not control and usually
innocent farm animals and the occasional farmer suffered the consequences.
Kazar was a man of few words and he did most of his speaking when he was drunk.
He also did most of his fighting when he was drunk and it is believed that all of his
children were conceived when he was drunk as well. Never far from a tankard of mead or
a buxom wench, the only thing he enjoyed more than frolicking in a tavern was battle.
True to his barbarian roots, he never shirked from a fight. Whether it was friend
or foe, warrior or cripple, Kazar accepted and won most challenges. This brought him to
the attention of Lord Cyrus Derrion, ruler of the small island nation of Lathos. Derrion
offered Kazar a generalship and Kazar accepted, but not before he had an illicit affair
with Derrion's queen, Margret. The affair lasted for roughly a year before Derrion
found out and fearing that Kazar would ravage all of the ladies of the court, Derrion
sent him to the continent of Caladeus to conquer it in his name.
Kazar enjoyed his time, according to the records, in Caladeus. He founded several
breweries and encouraged the local monks to come up with fruit flavored ales he called
“crap”. But then, as Morgor the Paladin wrote, Kazar called everything “crap” because it
was the only word he knew how to spell.
As time went on and Kazar's reputation grew, so did his ego. He began demanding
that people worship him and when the ydidn't, he established the rule of Public
Humiliation, which normally consisted of him getting drunk and throwing up on the
offenders. He also liked to arrest people for no reason and thieve's were normally
executed by way of “porking”, a tactic in which a criminal was covered in syrup and
thrown into a pen with wild pigs.
Despite all of this, he was still regarded as a great leader because he brought
peace between the barbarian tribes and the common people. He established laws, though
most were nonsense rules made up to get more tax money out of the people.
Kazar also liked to fake his own death on occasion just to see who would show up
to his funeral.
When Lathos fell to the forces of Bugerius (Diablo), the remnants of the royal
family traveled to Caladeus, where Lord Noonan Derrion assumed control of Caladeus.
This did not sit well with Kazar and in a drunken rage, he stormed out of the castle and
proceeded to impregnate some 100 local women. His plans were to literally raise an army
to take back the lands that he thought were his.
As luck would have it, Lord Noonan was killed by his daughter, Farrah, and the
remaining members of court begged Kazar to do something. When he returned, he found
that Farrah was the consort of Diablo. Proclaiming the union “sick, sick and a bunch of
crap”, Kazar waged a bloody war against Diablo. In the end, he won the war, but
apparently lost his life in the process because he was never seen again.

The items of Kazar, which are needed to activate the time machine that Lord
Derrion confiscated from the raiders of the future, are as follows:

Star Metal Armor (breastplate and pants)

Helm of the Hawk
Girdle of Storm Giant Strength
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
“Scorpion” Scimitar
Boots of Striding and Springing
“Painful” Scimitar
Ring of Appearing
Supporting Element Appendix
Andreaus Anthrothorpe – The High Lord of Anderon, he is a strong supporter of
the party, despite their roots from Caladeus. He is currently fighting off an invasion by
an army of orcs on his southern coastline.

Annabelle/Belleytutt – a “freakin'” horse sold to Ryu, Annabelle turns into the

owlbear Belleytutt when near death.

Andrea Nichen (Chaotic Neutral Human Rogue) – A former member of the

Thieve's Guild of Thorul, she pulled off the theft of the century when she broke into
the military museum in Xanus and stole part of the armor of Kazar. The party tried to
stop her, but she outwitted all of them and escaped.

Arin the Halfling (Neutral Good Halfling Warrior) – A drunkard who earns a living
hunting animals for the Master of Beasts in Dunnhollow.

Belinda Loozier – (Chaotic Good Human Amazon) – Mercenary briefly hired by the
party. She fought in the Battle of Terrasia and left the party soon afterwards.

Bilbo – A dog briefly owned by Ryu.

Booger (Neutral Evil Hobgoblin Fighter) – Mercenary briefly hired by the party.
He was killed in battle.

Bowel the Elf (Chaotic Evil Elf Fighter) – Mercenary briefly hired by the party.
He was killed in battle.

Crushskull – A lieutenant in the army of Diablo, this demon maintained a

stronghold in a ruined keep outside of Terrasia. When the party investigated the keep,
the enraged Crushskull so much he led his forces against the town (later known as the
Battle of Terrasia). Crushskull was slain through the combined efforts of Ryu and Tara
the Angry.

Crysr'ahle Namier'e (Lawful Evil Drow Vampire Cleric/Cobra Strike Monk) – A

mercenary in the employ of Zacur, she was killed by Ryu at Aftenfisht.

Deckard Cain (Neutral Good Human Expert) – a descendant of the famous sage
that aided in the destruction of Diablo during the Second Age, Deckard was part of the
party to act as adviser. Unfortunately for him, when the party split, he was assigned to
Drake's group. In a battle against a horde of Booger-Snots, the old man died. Drake
“forgot” to get him resurrected for quite some time and when he was refused entry into
the Temple of Heironeous, he dumped the body on the street and let it rot.

Dereq Fanebone (Chaotic Evil Thug Fighter/Urban Ranger) – Mercenary in the

employ of Zacur, he had a habit of running around completely naked. He was killed by
Brok Silverback when he attempted to kill Steven Fonkin.

Diablo – A lord of Hell, Diablo has been known by many names through history,
including Burgehrius in the time of Kazar. He brought down the kingdom of the barbarian
and his allies, but did not conquer the land. Some six centuries later he tried again, only
to be stopped by the original Deckard Cain and the forces of good. Now it is feared that
he is planning his return.

Dirk Dragonheart (Neutral Evil Human Fighter) – Mercenary briefly hired by the
party, he was injured severely when an orc cut his foot off. He pressured Ryu into caring
for him and then took advantage of the situation. Ryu threw him out in the street and
Dirk joined up with Scrotch Crease to kill him. Ryu instead killed him when Dirk
attempted to exact revenge.

Donkey – the first steed of Ryu, Donkey was obstinate and hard to handle. At
times he would not just disobey, he would fight the members of the party. Donkey was
killed in battle and then eaten by the party.

Drake (Neutral Evil Mutate Necromancer) – Drake was, for a brief time, a trusted
member of the Heroes' party. However, when the group was split up, he was given the
task of leading new members into southern Anderon to investigate the supposed orc
invasion. Drake was a mutate with the ability to transform into the incredibly handsome
Super Purple Bunny Man. He made the mistake of using a Wish spell to try and become
Kazar and ended up becoming a painting of him instead.

Dunnhollow – The capital city of Caladeus. It is protected by both militia and army
units and is where the Lazarius Palace is located. It is also a major commerce location.

Dwayne the Potion Boy (Neutral Human Expert) – Runs a small potion shop in

Earrian D'toth (Chaotic Neutral Elf Sorceress) – A down-on-her-luck magic user

that took an offer by Scrotch Crease to lead Steven Fonkin into a trap. She was killed
by Tara the Angry.

East Coast Jihad – An organization of young men dedicated to committing acts of

violence against any established authority in Caladeus. They are led by a former paladin
named Elias Featherate. The party has encountered the ECJ twice and each time the
ECJ has suffered for it.

Edmund the Silvermane (Neutral Dwarf Fighter) – A former adventurer that now
heads the Merchants Guild of Dunnhollow, he is a powerful political force in the palace
of King Lazarius. Edmund contracted the party to investigate the attacks on his caravans
outside the city and to retrieve a ring he claimed was a family heirloom. The party was
successful and gave Edmund the ring, only to discover later that it may have been
Kazar's Ring of Appearing.

Feirry Hottore (Neutral Good Human Wizard) – A powerful magic user with a
taste for men and chaos magic, he often times trades magical services for favors. He
has homes in many towns that he teleports to. In Fort Noonan he has a magic shop; in
Terrasia he has a typical residence and his home in Aftenfisht was the only home left
standing after the battle with Zacur.

Fentin Lazarius (Lawful Good Human Merchant) – The current ruler of Caladeus,
he is a businessman more than a warrior. He is more interested in seeing the coffers of
the national treasury full than living up to his family traditions.

Fillian Deweypott (Lawful Good High Elf Paladin) – A follower of Heironeous,

Fillian successfully converted Ryu to the religion of his god. He then became Ryu's
companion for several months until the Battle of Terrasia. After the battle, because the
military forces had been decimated, he was drafted into the army. He now holds the
rank of general.

Fort Noonan – a small military outpost and city on the Caladeus side of the River
Loc. It is named after the ranger companion of Kazar.

Franklin (Chaotic Good Centaur Ranger) – Hired as a guard for the caravans
outside Dunnhollow, he was captured and tortured by the kobolds. He was set free by
Feng Fonkin and swore to follow him for a period of one year. When Feng was convicted a
few weeks later of attempted slavery, Franklin felt he was released from his aoth and
returned home.

Frodo – A dog briefly owned by Ryu.

Gandalf the Cleric (Chaotic Good Human Cleric) – Cleric of Heironeous that was
assigned to work with Ryu for a brief time. He is currently working out of the new
temple being built in Thorul.

Gomar – A War Parrot that was used by Ryu during a time when he could not
speak. Gomar was killed by Crushskull during the Battle of Terrasia.

Gomar II – A war Parrot that Ryu keeps in his private room at the temple of
Heironeous in Terrasia.

Goober (Neutral Evil Gnoll Fighter) – Mercenary hired by the party for a short
time. He was killed in battle.

Happy Bob (Chaotic Good Dwarf Cleric/Ranger) – A former mercenary with an

almost annoying positive attitude about everything, he follows Steven Fonkin in the
hopes of finding some adventure.

Harry Fonkin (Neutral Human Wizard) – A wizard residing in Terrasia, he claims

to be no relation to either Feng, Jeff or Steven.

Henry Tuddlefart the Gnomish Beast Breeder (Neutral Good Gnome Expert) –
The Master of Beasts in Terrasia.

Jeff Fonkin (Chaotic Neutral Half-Elf Rogue) – The middle brother of the Fengs,
Jeff immediately tried to assume a leadership role in the party when his brother Feng
was imprisoned. Jeff and Brok did not get along and when it came time to divide the
treasure from and adventure, the two of them clashed weapons. Jeff lost and now his
shrunken head adorns Brok's necklace.

Lawful Larry's Home of Martial Equipment – an item shop in Fort Noonan run by
Lawful Larry. He provided jobs for some members of the party as they tried to acquire
the funds needed to continue their journey. Ryu insulted Lawful Larry and is no longer
welcome in the shop.

Leggo Myeggo (Chaotic Good Halfling Warrior) – Mercenary briefly hired by the
party. He was killed in battle.

McGee the Gnome (Neutral Good Gnome Expert) – Runs a modest item shop in
Dunnhollow that is frequented by Gnomish mercenaries. Feng Fonkin tried to start a
fight with the gnomes when he visited the shop.

Miles O'Towney (Chaotic Evil Human Fighter) – the lover of X'ass'arass and
former militiaman, he led the kobold forces that raided several caravans outside of
Dunnhollow. He was killed in combat with Ryu.

Obeyjoe Merrytay (Chaotic Good Minotaur Barbarian) – Once a mercenary, she

was captured by the forces of Zacur. She was set free by Ryu and has been following
him ever since.

Peter the Justice Fist (Lawful Good Human Paladin) – One of the few surviving
paladins of the Battle of Terrasia, Peter is arrogant and has a distinct dislike for Ryu,
whom he considers a false prophet of Heironeous.

Ralph – a small dog purchased by Feng Fonkin that he attempted to ride and then
continued to abuse until the animal was killed in battle with a kobold.

Redrick – The Master of Beasts of Dunnhollow.

Rupah Tumblesnot (Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc Scout) – Mercenary briefly hired by

the party. She was killed in battle. Steven Fonkin threw her body into an underground
river before realizing that she could be resurrected.

Scrotch Crease (Chaotic Evil Half-Orc Ranger) – tried to purchase Ryu from Feng
Fonkin and then lied about it, only to be assigned by an unidentified master to kill the
monk right afterwards. Scrotch Crease pursued Ryu across the kingdoms, but eventually
met his end in battle with the monk and his friend, Brok Silverback. Knowing that
Scrotch Crease had been resurrected once before, Brok chopped the body into little
pieces and dispersed them.

Sentinel (Lawful Evil Drow Rogue) – A premiere mercenary of the Underdark, he

came into the service of Zacur at Aftenfisht. He nearly destroyed the party but ended
up being killed by Obeyjoe Merrytay.

Shaven Dwarf – The most popular tavern in Dunnhollow.

Stew Baby (Chaotic Neutral Human Warrior) – Mercenary that was hired by the
party, he aided Ryu and Brok in chasing down Scrotch Crease. His current whereabouts
are unknown as he has disappeared.
Tarvill (Chaotic Good Human Commoner) – A young boy taken as a ward by Ryu, he
was orphaned after the Battle of Terrasia.

Terrasia – A major town in Anderon, it is protected by Paladins of Heironeous. It

is run by a council made up of the 12 oldest elves in the city.

Thieve's Guild (Thorul) – Made up of some 100 members plus several women and
children (and at least one house cat), the Guild hired the party to prevent one of its
members from carrying out a theft at a military museum. The party was unable to
prevent the theft and the Guild master was very unhappy. When he tried to kill the
party, Ryu decided to declare war on them, stating that since they followed Hextor,
they did not deserve to live anyway. The battle was bloody, with Steven shining with his
archery skills against the screaming children of the members. The Guild master got
away, but the Thieve's Guild was broken. The guild hall has been torn down and a temple
to Heironeous is being built in its place.

Thorul – The capital city of Anderon. It is protected by the Knights of Anderon, a

100 member elite cavalry division and several regular army troops.

Toothless Willy (Chaotic Neutral Human Warrior) – Briefly hired as a mercenary

for the party, he eventually contracted on by an evil group and was killed by Ryu.

Xanus – A small town in Anderon that has a military museum with an entire section
dedicated to Kazar.
New Weapons & Items
Arrow, Exploding – Specially designed projectile with a vial on the end as opposed
to an arrowhead. It is enchanted so that it only explodes when shot at a target. The
arrow delivers 3d6 explosion (force) damage. It may only be fired from a longbow.
Requirements: Craft (Arrow) 12 ranks, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, Potion, Exploding.
Value: 250 GP.

Belt, Utility – A leather belt of masterwork quality, it has ten pouches that can
hold up to 2 lbs worth of material each. Value: 50 GP.

Blade, Double-Bladed Sword “Sword of Drow's Fury” - Usable by Elves and

Half-Elves only; +3 attack bonus/+3 damage bonus/+5 against good; cursed – causes a 5%
XP reduction for any kills; imparts ability to use without any penalties to user; on critical
hit does damage + 1% XP drain; on critical miss drains 1% XP from user. Requirements:
N/A. Value: 10,000 GP.

Blade, Longsword “Sword of Casual Mayhem” - A longsword that has a +2 to

attack/+4 to damage rating. The sword also has the unique ability to allow the user to
fall into a Rage (like a barbarian of equal level) one time per day. If the sword is wielded
by a barbarian, they receive Rage one extra time per day. Requirements: Craft (Swords)
10 ranks, Craft Magical Arms. Value: 15,000 GP.

Blade, Longsword “Sword of Random Healing” - Magical longsword that offers no

bonuses to attack or damage, but will, upon any attack that is successful, randomly heal
1d6 points of damage to a live being within a 40' radius. Requirements: Craft Magic
Arms and Armor, Cure Light Wounds. Value: 350 GP.

Blade, Scimitar “Scorpion” - A variant of the Vorpal weapon, it is a +2 sword with

unique and special qualities granted it by Kord. It acts as a vorpal blade whenever an
attack result is at least 8 above that which is required and the recipient of the attack is
at 3 levels of experience lower than the wielder. On a roll of natural 19, however, the
weapon also delivers an electrical shock that does 1d4 damage for every 3 levels of the
owner. Requirements: N/A. Value: 37,000 GP.

Blade, Short Sword “Sword of the Idiot” - A cursed rubber sword that does
1d3 + STR bonus of slapping damage. The person that grabs it cannot use any other
weapon, even their fist, until a remove curse spell is placed upon it. Requirements: CL7,
Curse. Value: 0 GP.
Blade, Two-Handed “First Justice” - A +2 weapon that allows characters to
always strike first and then gain a +3 on any initiative rolls after that. Requirements:
Craft Magical Arms and Armor. Value: 7,500 GP.

Bracelets of Deflection – Silver bands that will fit any small to medium sized
creature, they give the wearer the ability to deflect any type of projectile weapon fired
at them, except for anything scoring a critical hit. In order to use them, the hands must
be free to move on their own (no spellcasting with semantic components). Using the
bracelets in defense prevents the wearer from attacking the next round. If the
bracelets are worn by a female, they grant a magical +1 to their STR ability.
Requirements: Silver bands of no less than 3000 GP value each; Craft Magic Arms and
Armor, Shield spell, 10th level casting ability. Value: 10,000 GP.

Cloak of the Human Torch – A bright red or orange cape that allows the user to
burst into flames upon uttering a command word or phrase. In this form they are
completely immune to fire or heat-based attacks. The flames are hot enough to ignite
flammables within a 3' radius. All non-magical equipment, including money, is destroyed
once the cloak is activated. Depending on the strength of the enchantment, the cloak
allows the user to deliver up to 5d6 fire damage per physical attack (punching, striking
or kicking) and an additional 1d6 of heat damage from contact. Requirements: Cloak of at
least 2000 GP value; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Fireball, XP cost of 2500 XP per 1d6
of fire damage. Value: 5000 GP + 4000 GP for every 1d6 of fire damage.

Dagger of Sacrifice – An enchanted item that compels those who wield it to kill
themselves. Requirements: Drow priestess,Curse. Value: 2,000 GP.

Garb of the Frog – A medium-sized frog costume that when worn lets the wearer
leap up to 3 times their height into the air and 4 times their height in distance. While
wearing the costume spells cannot be cast. Requirements: Create Magic Arms and
Armor, 10th level spellcaster. Value: 3750 GP.

Gloves of the Master Monk – Offer a +4 to AC/+5 vs Missiles, amplifies damage

by 1d6 and may use Town Portal 1 time/day. Requirements: CL 16, Create Magic Arms and
Armor, Diablo II Sorceress/Sorcerer. Value: 20,000 GP.

Magician's Hat – A black top hat, approximately 8” in height. It offers a magical

+1 bonus to AC when worn. When turned over, it becomes a portal through the
dimensions through which the owner can reach in to pull a random effect:
Die Roll (1d20) Effect
1 A small rabbit
2 5 orcs
3 1 cursing leprechaun
4 5 fireballs fired at your enemies
5 5 fireballs fired at your friends
6 Turkey dinner with all of the trimmings
7 Random magic item
8 Steaming goblin dung
9 Random wizard spell at a random person
10 2 drunk redneck gnomes
11 Thick, billowing fog
12 10 gallons of fresh water
13 Lose 50% of current HP
14 Lose a random magic item
15 A clown
16 Random normal weapon
17 Random beast of burden
18 Flatuating dwarf
19 Portal opens to owner's primary residence or the nearest inn if one is not owned
20 Healing dust (heals 1d8 HP for every level of the owner for all allies)

Requirements: Create Magical Arms and Armor; Summon Monster II, Heal 10
ranks, Polymorph Object, Create Food and Water, Charm Monster. XP cost to create:
12,000 XP. Time to create: 60 days. Value: 50,000 GP.

Potion, Superior Skill – once drank, this potion bestows upon the user a
permanent additional 1d6 skill points. There is a 10% chance +1% per level that the user
will have an allergic reaction and lose 1 point of CON for the duration of the current
adventure. Requirements: Craft Potion, Profession 10 ranks. Value: 1,500 GP.

Quarterstaff of Dancing – Weighs 17 lbs; +0 to attack, +5 to damage; upon

uttering “By the toilet paper of Wal-Mart” the weapon glows pink (the glow does 1d20
damage to creatures of Chaotic Neutral alignment); user's middle finger oozes silver
blood; weapon may be disguised as a kris 1x/day; against Booger Snots, the weapon does
2x damage; on a roll of natural 14, the weapon causes Advanced Irritable Bowel
Syndrome on the victim. Value: 2,500 GP.
Ring of Appearing – A powerful magical artifact that was created ages ago by
Elven warrior mages. The purpose of the ring, and the subsequent rings of other similar
classes, was to provide capable beings the ability to store away items or weapons in a
secret vault and be able to access them at any time. The enchantments on the ring are
hidden within the Elven script around its circumference. One part of the magic is a
powerful spell that stops time in the immediate (50' radius) area of the wearer. The
other enchantment is a teleport spell which takes the wearer to their secret stash. The
wearer may take anything on their person to this secret area and may bring anything
back. Once they return, the time freeze is over and action resumes. It takes one full
round to activate the ring and one full round to counter its effects. The size of the
storeroom that the ring may access is 40' x 40' x 20' maximum. To align the ring to the
room, the wearer must enter the room and speak the word of command, usually
something to the effect of “here” in Elvish. The time stop effects do not stop until the
ring bearer returns from their storeroom. Potentially, a bearer could go to their
storeroom, die of a heart attack and remain there, leaving the 50' radius time freeze in
effect forever, or at least until someone retrieves the ring and speaks the return
command, usually “there” in Elvish. No more than (3) rings of a particular type were ever
made. The rings are all made of gold with Elvish script and a large gem of some value in
the setting. Requirements: CL 10, Time Stop, Teleport, Craft Magic Ring, 50,000 XP,
25,000 GP. Value: 50,000 GP.

Ring of the Faithful Monk – A ring designed only for those who practice the
martial arts in their classification, it grants the following to the wearer: +2 to AC, +1 to
BAB and +1 to damage. Requirements: Gold ring of masterwork quality, 2 levels in a
martial arts class, Craft Magic Rings. Value: 10,000 GP.

Ring of the Great Leader – A gold ring of masterwork quality that confers upon
the wearer the Leadership feat, regardless of level. Requirements: CL7, Craft Wondrous
Item, Leadership feat. Value: 5,000 GP.

Wing Harness – Appears to be giant hawk wings with a special belt and harness.
The wings may only be worn by medium-sized creatures. The wingspan is approximately 9
feet. Weilders can fly at 2x their walking speed indefinitely, while carrying up to ½ their
maximum carrying capacity. The wings offers a -2 to AC on the ground, but a +4 in the
air. Requirements: Craft (Clothing/Sewing) 20 ranks, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 500
feathers from a giant hawk or eagle. Takes approximately 1 year to create. Value:
20,000 GP.
New Monster Appendix
Booger Snot
Type: Tiny Humanoid

HD/HP: 1d8 (5 HP)

Init: +2
Spd: 20'
AC: 17 (+4 DEX, +2 size, +1 natural)

Attack: Bite (+0 melee, 1d2 damage)

Full Attack: Bite (+0 melee, 1d2 damage) + Pinch (+0 melee, 1 pt/damage)

Special Attacks: Swarm

Special Qualities: See text, Immunity to Cold

Fort: +1
Ref: +2
Will: +0

STR: 4 DEX: 18 CON: 7 INT: 7 WIS: 6 CHA: 6

Skills: Hide +8, Jump +5, Tumble +3

Feats: Run

Climate: Tropical, marsh, temperate

Organization: mob (1-100)

CR: 2

Treasure: N/A

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Booger Snots are small (6”) humanoid creatures with green, lumpy
skin. They spend most of their time roaming from place to place, seeking out food. They
eat mostly plants, which helps them form the sticky substance that covers their bodies.
Booger Snots ravage areas with their eating and are the bane of farmers. They
are hard to kill as well. Only by smashing or burning can they be destroyed. Striking
them with edged weapons causes them to split into (2) creatures (a form of asexual
In swarm mode, 10-15 of them will attack a single target, gaining a +3 to attack
rolls and to their armor class. To be removed, a successful touch attack must be made
against the individual Booger Snot and there is a 50% chance that the Booger Snot will
stick to their hand, making it impossible to use that hand for anything else. The Booger
Snot will attack that creature until removed (Escape Artist check against DC 15).

Gibbering Doofus
Medium Humanoid

HD/HP: 2d8+4 (13 HP)

Init: +1
Spd: 30'
AC: 12 (+2 DEX)

Attack: Headbutt (+0 melee, 1d4 damage) or slap (+1 melee, 1d3 damage)
Full Attack: Same as above only x2

Special Attacks: Doofus Touch

Special Qualities: Spell Immunity

Fort: +1
Ref: +1
Will: +0

STR: 12 DEX: 14 CON: 15 INT: 8 WIS: 8 CHA: 8

Skills: Intimidate +4

Feats: None

Climate: Any
Organization: Solitary or group (2-5)

CR: 2

Treasure: 50% (100-300 GP), 50% (random magic item)

Alignment: Neutral
Description: The Gibbering Doofus appears to be a human with comical features
which may include extra large ears or nose, a pointed head, buck teeth or any number of
other characteristics. They speak in sentences that generally make no sense or have any
intelligent thought behind them.
The Gibbering Doofus attacks either with a headbutt or a slap to the face, but
can also try the Doofus Touch instead. On a successful attack roll that is a total of 5
above what is required to hit, the subject of the attack will suddenly do something truly
ignorant (act like a chicken, begin singing dirty songs, eating dirt, urinating on old people,
farting uncontrollably and sniffing the air) for 1d6 rounds. A Will save against DC 12
halves this duration (to a minimum of one round). During this episode, the victim can do
nothing but the ignorant act.
Enchantment spells of any type have no effect on the Gibbering Doofus.

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