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Questions from the Iliad and Troy

Book I

1. In what year of the war does the Iliad start?

a. How about the movie Troy?

b. How long was the war?

2. What were the Greeks also called?

3. Explain the reason why the god is angry with the Greeks and

attacks them?

Book III

1. In Book III, Paris offers to fight Menalus alone for Helen. Why is this duel

unimportant in the long run?

2. Who saves Paris in the Iliad?

a. In Troy?

3. Where does Paris go?

4. In the Iliad how does Helen react when she finds Paris?

5. What does Paris do that makes his fellow Trojans possibly hate him so much?

Book IV

1. What three cities are dear to Hera?

2. If Menelaus is a Greek, why did Athena spur on a Trojan to kill him?

a. By what weapon did Menelaus get hit?

b. What was the result?

Book V

1. What Trojan stood up to Diomedes’ attack?

a. What two immortals tried to save him?

2. Who warned Diomedes to stop his attack?

3. For which side does Ares fight?

4. Who wounds Ares so badly he retreats?

a. How was this warrior able to accomplish that feat?

Book VI

1. What events does Hector realize will come to pass at the end of Book VI?

a. What event does he not realize will happen?

2. Summarize the passage that illustrates how Hector was a good father:

Book XI

1. To what place have the Trojans pushed the Greek army?

a. Who alone stands to defend the Greeks?

b. List which Greek heroes are missing, and why:





Book XII

1. Which Trojan rouses his fellow warriors to break through the Greek defenses?

a. Who was his father?

2. Describe in detail Hector’s assault and subsequent break-through into the Greek


Book XIV

1. Who tricked Zeus into sleep?

a. For what purpose? (Explain)

Book XVI

1. What keeps Achilles from joining the fight?

2. Who does Ajax battle with?

3. What does Achilles see, that he tells Patroclus to hurry to aid the Greeks?

4. What warning does Achilles give Patroclus?

5. How, in this ‘scene,’ is the Iliad, different than what is portrayed in Troy?

6. Who did the Trojans think Patroclus was?

a. Why?

7. Who stand up to Patroclus’ blood lust?

a. What is the reasoning that Hera says to let him die?

b. Why does his death seem sad?

8. Who helps heal Glaucus?

9. What are the Greeks and Trojans fighting over at this part of the story?

10. Who took Sarpedon’s armour?

a. What happened to Sarpedon?

11. Which god warned Patroclus to not attack Troy itself?

12. What three characters are responsible for Patroclus’ death?

a. List what each of them did to take part in that death:

13. What warning does Patroclus give before he dies?


1. What two Greeks battle with Hector over Patroclus’ body?

Book XIX

1. Describe some of the armor that Achilles puts on to get ready for the

forthcoming battle:

Book XX

1. Which gods go to fight for the Trojans?

2. Which gods go fight for the Greeks?

3. Who does Achilles attack first at the start of Book XX?

a. Who saves him?

4. Who threw a spear at Achilles?

a. Who saves him?


1. Who asked Zeus if they could aid Achilles?

2. What does the goddess do before she goes to trick Hector?

3. Who supposedly talked Hector into confronting Achilles?

a. Who was it in disguise?

4. How many times did Achilles chase Hector around the walls of Troy?

5. What does Hector pray Achilles for at the moment of death?

6. What does Hector warn Achilles just as he is dying?

7. What does Achilles do to humiliate Hector?

8. What ‘scene’ closes Book XII?

Book XIV

1. Who sneaks into Achilles tent at night?

a. For what purpose?

b. Who helped him get there safely?

2. How many sons has Priam lost?

3. What do Achilles and the visitor both do?

4. Who is the dominant person at the end of this encounter?

5. Who spoke the third lament for Hector’s death back in Troy?

6. What is the last line of the Iliad?