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An introduction to CEREC CAD/CAM

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All Ceramic restorations created chairside with textbook precision

For over 25 years now CEREC technology has allowed dentists to fabricate all ceramic restorations chairside in a single appointment with ever increasing ease of use and precision. With ceramic restorations created chairside, natural occlusal surfaces in just one click and uncomplicated digital optical impressions instead of uncomfortable conventional impression trays, CEREC has denitely changed the dental practice for the better. This is the opinion of an important group of people: your patients. 98% of all patients evaluate the treatment results with very good or good. They particularly appreciate the natural aesthetic appearance and the fact that it preserves healthy tooth substance, is metal-free and there is no need for a temporary, as treatment can be carried-out in one appointment. The experts agree. CAD/CAM with CEREC is no longer experimental technology, but a technically mature mainstream treatment method with an impressive and proven record of success. After 5 years 95-97% of CEREC crowns were still intact. The survival rate of inlays and onlays was 90-95% after 10 years - a better success rate than the gold standard!

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Seeing CAD/CAM in a new light

All ceramic inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers as well as crowns and up to 4 unit bridges are now possible. CEREC combines the advantage of a broad range of indications with a particularly comfortable patient treatment in one appointment session.

CEREC AC Bluecam Acquisition - Fast, Easy, Precise Precision and ease of use redened
The new CEREC AC with the CEREC Bluecam captures highly detailed images using a powerful blue light-emitting diode (LED). Rapid, easy imaging results in a quantum leap in CAD/CAM precision, clinical reliability and efciency. It is even possible to acquire difcult inlay preparations 3-dimensionally with just a single image. Exposures for bridges and the neighbouring teeth are captured in auto mode and individual images are then automatically superimposed together. Even virtually inaccessible areas can be precisely acquired. The built-in shake detection system, combined with the short capture time, ensure that images are acquired only when the camera is absolutely still. The resulting precise 3-dimensional models permit a secure construction of the restoration.

The new standard precision

The accuracy of the digital impression is absolutely decisive for the quality of the restoration result. The basis for this is the CEREC AC acquisition unit with its innovative optical concept. It delivers an unprecedented level of precision. * The high performance diode emits blue light with a short wavelength. The resulting optical impressions are extremely accurate. Even rst time users can immediately achieve exceedingly precise impressions. Additionally, CEREC AC ts easily into your treatment workow.
*The result of a study carried out by Professor Dr Mehl (Zurich University 2008) measuring accuracy of up to 19m.

Compact camera
The CEREC Bluecam is based on the design of the highly successful CEREC camera, which has proven itself many thousands of times in practical application. The compact dimensions of CEREC Bluecam give you easy access to posterior teeth. With the help of the CEREC camera support you can place the CEREC Bluecam directly on the teeth and hence maintain the correct clearance for optimum optical impressions.

Automatic image capture

The camera automatically detects the right moment to trigger the exposure. All you have to do is move the CEREC Bluecam step by step over the relevant area.
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In this way you can acquire whole quadrants in a single streamlined operation.

Shake-free images
The built-in shake detection system, combined with the short capture time, ensures that images are acquired only when the camera is absolutely still. The CEREC 3D software automatically eliminates substandard images.

Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

CEREC AC with the UPS option can be temporarily disconnected from the mains power supply. This allows the acquisition centre to be wheeled easily from room to room even during the milling process. Data can also not be lost during a brief power cut.

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CEREC Biogeneric a single design procedure

The entire design process - including the generation of the biogeneric restoration proposal - integrates itself seamlessly into your treatment workow. The procedure is identical for every indication - a major advantage over other CAD/CAM restoration methods.

1. Optical impressions of the prepared tooth and the antagonist are taken using CEREC Bluecam. A buccal exposure is also taken for the occlusion.

2. Registration of the preparation and the antagonist together with one buccal impression.

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3.3D model displayed on the CEREC AC monitor. for every indication

Dispense with the time consuming adaptation of standard teeth derived from dental databases. With CEREC Biogeneric you receive clinically natural customised restorations for every situation quickly and efciently.

4. Software steps Draw the preparation margin assisted by the automatic margin nder with just a few clicks. The view can also be rotated and enlarged to simplify this procedure.
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5. Biogeneric evaluation by the CEREC software with automatic data analysis and computation of the restoration proposal.

CEREC Biogeneric - natural occlusions

An integral part of the CEREC 3D software: CEREC Biogeneric is very easy to use. Irrespective of your previous CAD/CAM experience, the program features are quickly learned and immediately applicable thanks to the standard procedure for every type of indication.

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CEREC Milling Units - Compact and Competent

Synchronised for success
From the digital optical impression until the nal milling process all components of the CEREC system are optimally synchronized with one another. The easy-to-use CEREC 3D software, the automated milling process, the clinical benets of all-ceramic materials, treatment in a single appointment and positive feedback from patients - all these factors combine to maximise your job satisfaction. In addition, CEREC paves the way to increased practice earnings. Patient recommendations after all, together with economic success, secure the long-term future of your practice.

CEREC MC XL: precise, fast and quiet.

The increased speed and capacity of the CEREC MC XL are particularly advantageous if you want to complete several restorations in one treatment session or create long-term temporary bridges. The fast milling speed also facilitates the fabrication of conventionally cementable crowns made of lithium disilicate glass ceramic.

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The CEREC 3 milling unit: compact, proven and competitively priced. In terms of capacity and speed, the CEREC 3 milling unit is tailored to single-tooth restorations. In terms of precision, it is the ideal choice for creating adhesively bonded inlays, onlays, partial crowns, crowns and veneers. CEREC 3 offers proven performance packaged in compact dimensions.

CEREC - Aesthetics for every Requirement

Results that are indistinguishable from natural teeth. You and your patients can look forward to perfect results. You can tailor your services precisely to the natural morphology and aesthetic expectations; as well as nancial resources of your patients - satisfaction guaranteed. Thanks to CEREC, you keep all your individual patient options open - i.e. polishing, glazing, staining, or aesthetic ne-tuning in the dental lab.

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CEREC Clinical Studies

Scientically secure
Are you still sceptical? Admittedly, CEREC sometimes sounds too good to be true. But on the contrary, CEREC is very much a practical reality and to demonstrate this, we refer to more than 250 scientic studies into the efcacy, biocompatibility and longevity of CEREC restorations. Your patients place their trust in your expertise. For your part, you can place your trust in the expertise of renowned university professors and committed dental practitioners. CEREC ranks as one of the most intensively scrutinised dental procedures - as evidenced in numerous clinical studies and a wide range of scientic publications. The facts speak for themselves. After 18 years, 84.4% of the CEREC chairside inlays and onlays are intact and functioning. In cases where the inlays and onlays were adhesively bonded, the success rate is between 90 and 95% after ten years. Follow-up examinations of around 5,000 restorations demonstrate that, in terms of their survival rates, CEREC restorations are at least on a par with cast gold - and clearly superior to composite llings. The most important ndings at a glance: Fact: There are more than 25,000 CEREC users worldwide Fact: They have already created more than 20 million CEREC restorations Fact: CEREC Bluecam sets a new standard in measurement accuracy and delivers an unprecedented level of precision Fact: After ten years, CEREC inlays and onlays achieve a survival rate of 90-95% Fact: After ve years, CEREC crowns have a survival rate of 95-97% Fact: After nine years, CEREC veneers display an impressive survival rate of 94%

The facts are all in favour of CEREC:

An eighteen-year study of 1,011 inlays/onlays concluded: Even large CEREC restorations display outstanding longevity. In many cases, defectoriented restorations and careful adhesive bonding provide the basis for dispensing with full crowns. A comparative study of the longevity of CEREC inlays and gold restorations concluded: In terms of longevity, CEREC inlays are on a par with gold restorations. Laboratory-fabricated ceramic restorations examined in this study were inferior in this respect. A study of longevity and production costs concluded: From a medical and economic viewpoint, CEREC inlays are preferable to all other inlay types.

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A comparative study to restoration quality came to the result: Chairside produced CEREC inlays have less risk of developing enamel cracks in the treated tooth as there is no temporary. A study of adhesive systems concluded: Immediate treatment without temporaries has a stabilizing effect on the tooth substance. The bonding technology takes into account a broader adhesive gap. A study of optical measurement precision concluded: The CEREC Bluecam generates digital optical impressions with an unprecedented degree of measurement precision. Further information and details concerning the 250+ clinical studies of the CEREC procedure are available under www.sirona.com.

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