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Giuliano Cavalli

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Born in Bogot, Colombia, 1979, I am a self-taught Videographer and Filmmaker. I have travelled extensively, living in many different cities across America and Europe, but despite the distance, I have always maintained close ties with Colombia. Since leaving Colombia, aged seventeen, I have specialised in the different processes of capturing light, photography, moving image, colour and visual effects. My work focuses on reflection between reality and fiction, I like to use real scenarios and stories that I distort into a magic reality. Not too dissimilar from day-to-to life, but creating a world in between the two spaces. I realise this new reality using narrative elements and visual concepts along with my knowledge of post-production tools. I have five years experience as a visual effects supervisor with clients based in London, Madrid, Milan and Istanbul. My range consists of film production work and commercial advertising campaigns, through which I have won international awards.

auDioviSual PRoJECtS & PRoFESSional EXPERiEnCE.

2012 SuPER SEX & aFRoDita murillo films. barranquilla - Colombia Directing and Producing A series of 5 short film about sexual good habits for adolescents universidad del norte January 2012 April 2012 Visual FX Supervisor Prometeo Project 2011 GonaWinDua murillo films. Santa marta - Colombia Directing and Producing Short fiction set in the year 2082 and is the story of a young apprentice Mama who is entrusted with a very important mission. DREDD PrimeFoCuS london - uK august 2011 october 2011 Working as a stereo nuke operator. Compositing digital set extension and 3D effects. moving Picture Company August 2011 September 2011 London, United Kingdom Freelance Compositing on nuke on the advertising department. Captian america the Senate london - uK Digital artist. Compositing digital set extension and 3D effects. Paola Cavalli Shoes & bags murillo films. San Juan - Puerto Rico Video Installation animated for the windows display of the stores. Capcom murillo films. madrid - Espaa Viral for the videogame Resident Evil mercenaries. Panasonic murillo films. aviles - Espaa Internet Viral for the AGF-100. ana tiene mala Suerte. tangram & murillo films. ibiza - Espaa Short fiction film About Ana. That after a seagull crapped her, she question whether luck is a matter of fate or perspective. 2010 abt. istambul - turqua Post-production supervisor. Senior Inferno and Flame artist. 2009 Plural Entreteiment. madrid-Espaa. Responsible for restructuring and automation of processes post-production department of the tv show Cuarto Milenio. Juanito Festivalero. tangram producciones. madrid-Espaa. Direct and post for a web viral promotion for the summer festivals in Spain. 2008 Xchanges. miln-italia. Post-production supervisor. Senior Inferno and Flame artist. miss julie. Experimental short film from photographs and texts by August Strindberg. bonardi produzione miln-italia. Direct and post production for TV and viral web Athla association. moving Picture Company london-uK. Flame op in the campaign Sony Foam directed by Simon Ratigan and produced by Fallon.

Passion Pictures. london-uK. Digital Composer in the campaign Penguins for the BBC directed by Vince Squibb and produced by the BBC and MC & A Future Media. 2007 Candem People theater london-uK. Direct for 15 days in stage this performance went exploring the consequences of self-exile. Text of Alejandro Moreno. tangrama Producciones ibiza-Espaa. Conceptualization of scenery and art direction for interactive theater production. moving Picture Company london-uK. Flame Artist campaign splash Bacardi Rum Pleix directed and produced by Blink. Passion Pictures. london-uK. Digital Compositing campaign Guitar Hero directed by Peter Candel Xbox.

2006 Jacks Jacket ShortFilm. mini Dv 03:20 Ficcin Address and post-production, made for the FLIXFEST 2006. Award winning second place and the public price. Production, direct and posproduction the following Videoclips. this time DJShadow Island Records. no baddlover Independent outsiders FranzFerdinand Domino Records out of ReachJackson analogue Island Records.

Camara asistant tragaluz madrid-Espaa Work aspull focus on the camera crew, filming movies in various part of the lighting and camera equipment. 2000-2001 avid y afterfx operador vixen Films miln-italia. In House editor offline for many commercials and music promos. 1998 tutor Photoshop. Washington university. Seattle-uS.

2004 Double negative. James Coffin Studio. london-uK. Seattle-uS. Digital Compositor. Runner Digital Compositor, transparency effects of the predator for the movie Alien vs. Predator. 2003 onepost. london-uK. Digital Compositor. Digital Compositor for the film Les fi ls du vent.

Passion Pictures. london-uK. Digital Compositor Impossible Sida y otras Enfermedades. nothing for Adidas directed by Dan ShortFilm Sumich (2007 Cannes). mini Dv 07:35 Fiction Direct and post-production. Second Prize Winner of the contest 2006 2004 channel +. Flame y shake compositor. moving Picture Company. no se culpe a nadie. london-uK. ShortFilm For two years I did on the payroll of mini Dv 03:40 Fiction Composers of this company. Within Direct and post-production, Short this structure I was able to surround based on a story by Julio Cortazar. myself with the latest technology in post production to grow as a profes- 2002 sional and have experience of wor- DoP king in projects of very high quality. Estereotipo producciones madrid-Espaa Short film shot in DigiBeta.

Feb 2012 Ebano. A reflection on the current situation of Afro communities in Colombia that indifference and marginalization, to whom with their customs, traditions and rituals have contributed to the strengthening of a culture. Video Installation first price at the 52 Film Festival Cartagena de Indias. Duration: 06:27. Technique: Digital Video, Single Channel Projection in loop. Nov 2011 Deserts in the Desert. A forthcoming multidisciplinary exhibition in collaboration with photographer Pablo Pro. This project is designed to recreate the atmosphere and feelings of living in the desert. I am responsible for producing a panoramic video of the desert illustrating a cactus coming to life, expanding and contracting almost imperceptibly. May and Sep 2007. Camara oscura. Exhibited in London and Milan, this project aims to create a cultural exchange between children of different cultures through understanding between these two worlds. www.camaraoscura.org Sept 2006. atoZ. Project for the Liverpool Art Biennial 2006, curated by Adam Nankervis. Working in collaboration with the photographer and playwright Ignacio Acosta Alejandro Moreno. Based on a performance held in Battersea Park, London. April 2006. action man. Video installation exhibited to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the legendary doll, Blink Gallery, London. Nov 2005. vistas divinas. Video installation created by the fusion between real and false image climatic conditions, creating a new virtual place to live. Shown in the Loop festival (Barcelona 2005), Ambvisual (Lisbon 2006), Athens video art festival (2007). Oct 2004. angels 3.1mg. Video installation that recreates the pleasures of daily routine. A placebo drug that allows the viewer to enjoy this artifi cial environment. Winner of the 2004 Madrid CamelArt. Also displayed in Barcelona.


2011 I script writing International Workshop Llajta 2011 2011 Participation in the BoliviaLab III with the project Reefs Ibermedia Grant. 2010 Diploma in Film Production, granted by Ibermedia, with the feature fi lm project, If We All Had Windows. 2006 Motion Capture Master at the InterCenter for Art and New Technologies, Prague, Czech Republic. 2003 Masters in Digital Post-Production, National Film & Television School in London, UK. 2002 Photography and lighting technician for fIlm ECAM Madrid-Spain.


Eight years of experience with Autodesk Inferno systems, Flame and Flint. Shake or Nuke used as a tool for post-production on my own projects. Ten years working daily with Photoshop. Knowledge of boujou, PFT Track, After FX, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Experience with phyton for development of custom tools to Nuke.

SoFtWaRE anD KnoWlEDGE oF ComPutER lanGuaGES.

I am the founder and director of Camara Oscura, my own initiative that runs workshops in art for children of indigenous communities in Colombia. It aims to share with them the idea of teaching new skills in art techniques and giving them new opportunities to develop creativity and to create a visual memory. All the Jobs posted on my website: www.bncman.tv