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How to Add a Serial Port in XP and Win7 Guest.

by jorgensen 30. Oct 2009, 07:19 Because the description in the help and manual is very poor and others have had similar problems, I decided to write this guide after lots of trials. How to add a physical serial port. In Guest Settings for Serial Ports set as follow Port1: Checked Port Number: COM1 Port Mode: Host Device Port/File Path: COM1: Note the colon in COM1: (not semicolon). I have experienced the guest could become unstable without it. Also remember the IRQ and I/O Port settings. If another physical port than COM1 is to be used, change Port/File Path. If the guest needs to have another port than COM1, set the Port Number to the required port. If using a user defined IRQ for the guest, IO APIC may have to be enabled. Save the settings and start the guest. Open the Device Manager in the guest and go to the Ports (COM & LPT) section. If you see a COM3 port with a yellow warning icon skip the following section. XP: Open Add Hardware from the Control Panel. After searching for hardware select Yes, I have already connected the hardware and Next. Go to the bottom and select Add a new hardware device Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list Select Ports (COM & LPT) Select Communication Port from Standard port types. Continue with Next until finished. WIN7: From the Action menu select Add legacy hardware. Select Next, Install the hardware that I manually select from a list and Next Select Ports (COM & LPT) and Next Select Communication Port from Standard port types. Continue with Next and Finish. In the Device Manager you should now see the COM3 port with a yellow warning icon. Open Properties for the COM3 port. Select Advanced from Port Settings. Choose COM1 from the COM Port Number (Ignore the In Use) In the Resources tab select Set Configuration Manually if you see it. In Windows 7 uncheck Use automatic settings Select the configuration that corresponds to the VirtualBox settings as noted likely configuration 0000. Close the box and you should be asked to reboot. After reboot the COM1 port should now be working.

How to add an USB serial port. You have the choice of installing the device USB driver on the host or cancel this installation, but the VirtualBox's host routing must be installed when the device is accessed for the first time in the guest. In guest Settings for USB set as follow Enable USB Controller: Checked Enable USB 2.0: Checked Add the driver (e.g. FTDI USB <-> Serial) Save the settings and start the guest. From the menu or status bar of VirtualBox frame check the Serial Port in the USB section. Install the USB driver in the guest. I have experienced problems with the quest when VirtualBox installs USB routing for the host, and found it is a good idea to close the guest before installing the host routing. A reboot of the host also could be a necessity. In the guest the port number can be changed in the Device Manager, as well as settings for buffers, timers, etc. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jos de Jess Pacheco Castro SAYCE Servicios de Automatizacin y Control Electrnico Cel. 734 755 6576 Nextel: +52 (477) 326 92 97 ID:92*15*14137 From: "Olalde Hernndez, Rubn" <ruben.olalde@grupoantolin.com> To: Jos Pacheco C. <jjpachecoc@yahoo.com>; Jos de Jess Pacheco C. <jpacheco_sayce@yahoo.com> Sent: Monday, January 9, 2012 4:22 PM Subject: Problemas con la PG Que tal Pacheco, no pudimos configurar los puertos en la maquina virtual de la PG. No apoyo Valencia y le instalo un controlador para usar un cable DB9-USB. De esta forma pudimos cargar un programa. Checale a ver como onfiguramos los puertos para la PG y ya sea que lo haga Valencia o yo. Rubn Olalde Hernndez Mantenimiento Grupo Antolin Silao 52-477-161-8331 ruben.olalde@grupoantolin.com