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Style Guidelines
> primary identity

NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) is a
support group and information exchange for those
adult non-engineering mentors who help teams as
part of the FIRST Robotics Competition. NEM(O)’s
help with all the behind the scene glue that holds
the teams together including travel (hotels, end-
less meals), parent involvement, fundraising, busi-
ness plans, and dealing with the FIRST logistics. All
the “unfun” stuff, as one of the students labeled it!
Three mentors who realized they had a lot in com-
mon and wanted a way to share information created
NEMO in May 2004.

The logo for NEMO is the feather, as taken from the

magic feather in Disney’s Dumbo. In the film, the
feather helps Dumbo gain the confidence to take
flight, much as a NEM is an integral part of allow-
ing a team to get off the ground. The mentor is the
main support, the “wind beneath the wings” for the
team. The logo appears entirely in lowercase font,
presenting a friendlier, more welcoming than the
agitated lines of upper-case text.
> color palette

Logo Blue

R 60 G 103 B 173

Background White

R 255 G 255 B 255

General Purpose Black

R0 G0 B0
> typefaces
Myriad Pro Black + Italic
0123456789 )!@#$%^&*(

Myriad Pro
0123456789 )!@#$%^&*(

Franklin Gothic Heavy (Alternate)

0123456789 )!@#$%^&*(

The Myriad font family was created by Adobe Sys-

tems, Inc. and is only avaliable through their pro-
grams. Since it forms the main NEMO typeface, an-
other font, Franklin Gothic, can be substituted in its
place. Franklin Gothic is a font that comes standard
with all Windows computers. The idea is to find a
sans serif font that evokes a friendly nature while
maintaining a professional look.
> logo placement


The NEMO logo may be used in

three styles, shown here. The

Lockup 2
lockup is the style most com-
monly used, with the full name
of the organization underneath.
This is best used with audiences
unfamiliar with the group or
FIRST. It should be the main logo
on any NEMO paper.

Lockup 2 is used when it be-

comes impractical to include the
full name of the organization.
This is used with groups who
already recognize the group or
������������������������������������ when the logo is a subprogram
of a larger group (such as FIRST)

The mark should only be used

sparingly, where necessary. Only
audiences immediately familiar
with NEMO would be able to un-
derstand the logo’s significance,
so this logo should only be used
when a lockup cannot be used.
> product placement

I found Letterhead


John Smith
Team 0000


Business Card
a supporting organization of FIRST Robotics

© 2005 Non-Engineering Mentor Organization.

All Rights Reserved.

Created and published by George Chen for NEMO, a

supporting organization for FIRST (For Inspiration and
Recognition of Science and Technology)