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Shoppers Stop is a one stop Departmental Shop under K Raheja Corp Group. They have a chain of store all over India. They have only one store in Ahmedabad. Shoppers Stop retails a range of products like apparel, footwears, and leather good and home furnishings etc. They retail for a lot of international brands and also their own in-house brands.


Sale was only on western wear, not on ethnic wear.

Discount sale is going on, for example they were giving 800 off on the purchase of 2000 in kids wear.(on selected brands)

There was 40-50% sale for stock clearance on selected brands. Eg.Allen Solly

Other brands such as Remanika, Stop Everywhere, Austin Reed etc had discounts varying from 20% to 30 % off.

STOCKING STRATEGY: KIDS WEAR They categorized according to age. Eg, 0-24 months, 1-2 yrs and so on. Each brand had an equal space. MENS WEAR: Stocking of mens wear is very organized. Only one of each size in a particular brand was shelved for all brands across. Every brand created their own space to retain their brand image.

WOMENS WEAR: Everything was displayed in hanger, not much was in racks.

-Mostly it was displayed on mannequins and tables.

-They stylized mannequins with the entire ensemble to make an impact on customers.

-Merchandise arranged properly according to sizes.


Customers were attracted towards buying discounted products rather than purchasing fresh stock.

Every category was properly organized.

They placed products according to their nature.

Quality of products fairly good.


Mens and womens wear had proper merchandise with proper ensemble.

Every brand had their hoardings except childrens wear.

SALES STAFF BEHAVIOUR They were not interested at all, and they were chatting with each other.

They only solved problems when they were approached.


Not many people were there, they were mostly looking into casual wear and there was no one in kids wear.


There was no window display for attracting customers for any brand.

They were offering several promotional strategies like buy 2 get 1 free etc

SALES PROMOTION Loyalty Program First Citizen.

Co-Branded credit card with Citi-bank for loyal customers.

Gift vouchers were offered especially for menswear.

AFTER SALE One can exchange selected products within a period of time.

They also give credit note in exchange.

They do alterations if needed.

It is a one stop shop under the Dubai based Landmark Group, entering into the indian market in 1999. Apparel, footwear, kids wear and toys, home furnishings are the main merchandise they carry.


They had stock clearance discount for all the available brands, except max(in house brand).

Discount started from 10 till 50 %.

STOCKING STRATEGY KIDS WEAR: They were categorized according to age group like 1-12 months, 1-3 yrs etc, but this was not well delivered. Most of the merchandise was either hanged in hangers or folded in racks.

They had garments displayed alongside each other of different categories so that it will be easy to compliment

SALES STAFF BEHAVIOUR Attention was not paid to the customers in some areas, while in lingerie section special attention was paid to assist customers.

Overall Poor assistance in each section, there more involved in chit chatting with each other.


There were more people as compared to shopper stop, youngsters and middle age women.

They were mostly window shopping.

As we went during the afternoon time, there were less people, and that time few people were at the billing counter.

As, told by the staff rush hour starts from around 5 pm, and the maximum sale happens on the weekend.


They had introduced several schemes to attract customers.


Since it was a weekday the merchandised were not moving fast. And people were more towards the ethnic section, a hand few of youth in the western wear and not many people in the formal wears.


Merchandise was placed haphazardly, maybe because of the ongoing sale going on.

There was different lighting for different categories of apparel to create a suited ambience.

Accessories had better display than the garments. The lower priced casuals were stocked on shelfs whereas the higher priced merchandise were put on hangers to give better saleabilty.


Specific brands had their own representative inside the store who deals with the customers and the sales of only of their own brand.

There were promotions such as buy 2 get 1 free, or Buy 1 get 10% off, Buy 2 get 25% off buy 3 get 50 % off etc.

Gift Vouchers in denominations of Rs. 50, Rs. 100, Rs. 250, Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000 and Rs. 5000.

In association with Standard Chartered Bank they had launched co-branded credit cards aimed to enhanced value and convenience of shopping to customers.

They give membership card (THE INNER CIRCLE LOYALTY PROGRAM) for a purchase of a certain limit. This card can be used under any of the Landmark Group owned stores like Lifestyes, Bossini, Splash etc.


One can exchange selected products within a period of time.

They also give credit note in exchange.

They do alterations if needed.

HyperCITY Retail (India) Ltd. Is a Departmental Store which is part of the K. Raheja Corp. Group, also owner of Shoppers Stop and Crosswords. They offer products ranging from electronics, food, fashion and furniture and home entertainment etc.

The store covering an area of more than 80,000 sq foot in one single floor was opened in the city in the end of 2011.

The Store though offering a Apparel to its customers it does not have a wide range. They have their own label HYPER LINE which offers ethnic and casual wear for both men, and womens There were also a few brands which are diffusion of some brands like Denizen by levis and Palm Tree by Gini & Jony which are chepaer than their parent brands.


There was a pricing confusion as they put 3 price tag together for a garment. The price range started from 199 Rs. And goes upto to 899 Rs for womens wear


There was only casual and ethnic wear for women while there was only casual for men. Clothes were strategically placed by hanging a full line of collection on shelves and hangers together. Casual clothes and ethnic clothes were put on an adjacent space.



There was no display of apparel in mannequins

The lightings was unorganized and does not play any role in accentuating the merchandise. Some of the places does not even have proper lighting at all.


It was almost completely self service. There was no sales person for apparel. Sales person were unevenly distributed within the store


The ratio between footfall to footsteps is quite even as the store offers a variety of products to choose from, every person had something to purchase.


Logos were strategically placed but there was no advertisements or hoardings as such to promote the brand.


For the class that the store caters to they posed good competition and is well positioned.


There was no sales promotion for any of the brands. For every purchase of goods worth Rs. 1000, there was a free gift to the customer.


There is a membership card that can be availed under conditions.