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Our Ref: SG/JB/RSB/13062012/01 Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity and Reform Institutions Renganaden Seeneevassen Building, Cnr.

J.Koenig & Maillard Streets, Port Louis Attn: The Project Manager

13th June 2012

Dear Sir, Re: Request for Sealed Quotations for Replacement of existing chiller unit at Renganaden Seeneevassen Building Quotation No : MSS/61/2012

With reference to above we have the pleasure to submit our best prices for Replacement of existing chiller unit at Renganaden Seeneevassen Building. We have proposed our McQuay chiller unit as per table below: McQuay Chiller Unit
Dimension(mm) LxWxH 2056x1153x2185 SEER W/W 3.90

Model McSmart: 240CR

Cooling Capacity



75.6 kW


General Characteristics:-Scroll compressor -Evaporator made of brazed stainless steel plates with double circuit; electrical heater to prevent freezing; insulation made of closed cells materials; threaded water conncetions. -Finned coils with copper tubes mechanically expanded in aluminium fins -Axial fans -Panels and frame made of electro-galvanized steel polyester painted -Control by microprocessor compatible with Smart manger system to manage McQuay hydronic Systems.

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Drain Piping For drain pipes we have offered PVC pipes of diameter 20mm with closed cell nitrile (aeroflex) insulation from country of origin Thailand having thickness of 13mm. Note that all drain pipes will run through the existing riser of the building. Chiller Refrigerant The refrigerant used by the chiller unit is R-407C Contract Value is Rs (Excluding VAT) Warranty All equipment and installation on our Offer will be guaranteed for a period of 1 year, including compressor, from the date of completion as per our standard terms & conditions. We do not comply with warranty of 5 years on compressor. Technical Specifications All proposed equipments are of standard catalogue from their respective manufacturers as per Appendix A Delivery Upon Confirmation of Order Chiller Unit: Ex-stock subject to prior sales reservation

Servicing: o Scope Of Works - Spray clean with detergent evaporator and condenser coil - Clean all parts of units and casing - Brush clean rusty parts and retouch with paint - Inspect condition of internal wiring and test insulation - Wash air filter - Check for refrigerant leak - Service contactors and relays o Exclusions - Any parts such as compressors, fan motor, blower, capacitor, thermostat, etc found damaged during the above-mentioned works shall be reported and quotation for necessary repairs shall be forwarded for approval. - All works will be carried out after Tornados normal working hours. - Scaffoldings to be used to carry out service work are not included.

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We thank you for giving us the opportunity to bid for this prestigious project and hope that our proposal shall retain your attention and consideration. If any queries might arise, we shall be very grateful to help in resolving issues. We look forward to receive your valued contract and rest assured of our Best Service. Yours faithfully

Soogun Gunnoo Workshop Manager Encls. Priced QUOTATION MSS/61/2012 and Technical Literature Appendix A

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