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Prepared for Mr. Razali B. Bustaman Branch Manager, Bunga Hypermarket ,Selayang Branch, Selangor Darulehsan

Prepared by: Mohd Zamani Idris , Store Manager, Bunga Hypermarket ,Selayang Branch, Selangor Darulehsan

10 JUNE 2011

Content 1.0 Background of problems 1.1 Objective of the report Present Situation 2.1 Findings 2.1.1 2.1.2 2.1.4 2.1.5 Suppliers Processing And Packaging Delivery Storage






RECOMMENDATIONS 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 Suppliers Packaging Abattoir Storage







It would not have been possible to complete this report without the assistance of many people. I would to thank our General Manager Mr. Low Chia for his support also Mr. Razali B. Bustaman as branch manager. I wish to thank my assistant and my secretary for all data and information used in this report.

Finally to all of our loyal customer support. Your support will make us better


Background of problems As a hypermarket that has long been established and has regular customer, we are

usually known for selling items that are guaranteed in quality. But unfortunately, the reputation is affected, as sometimes we receive complaints by selling damaged goods. Worse, it was not a mistake of our supermarkets, but from the suppliers who supply damaged goods due to goods not being managed properly and not according the procedure. This report has been raised to the management because the frozen lamb products received complaints

from our customers . Complaint is defined as a statement that something is wrong or not good enough. Generally in the frozen food especially frozen lambs industry, complaints are regarding the quality of lamb . Complaints can be about packaging material, such as packaging is torn and not wrapped correctly, the label colour is fading, , concerning the products quality aspects like such as taste, color and texture changes . Whatever it is about, a complaint shows customer dissatisfaction about a product and, consequently, about a company. Complaints show customer dissatisfaction about the quality of product..

Therefore, the Marketing unit faces a great opportunity to recover customer satisfaction and establish a committed relationship between customer and company In this case, during the first six months of this year, the department storage of our hypermarket received about 12 complaints on average 2 times a month on the quality of frozen lamb.
3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0


CHART SHOWING THE NUMBER OF COMPLAINTS BY MONTH Results of the investigation conducted by the storage, we found that this caused by the supplier and other reasons. The effect of lamb marketed by the hypermarket is peculiar taste

and a decline in the quality of lamb meat. This report is made and written so that precautions and improvements can be made by you as a branch manager.


Objective of the report

The purpose of writing this report is due to several factors. among them are : 1.1.1 To preserve the reputation and good name of our hypermarket. As known and trusted by the customers of the hypermarkets, it is our responsibility to continue and maintain this situation. 1.1.2 to study the effects frozen lamb problem and its impact on consumers and our hypermarkets, therefore we can know and learn how to solve the deteriorating quality of product or service problem .Failing to satisfy the customer will cause the business to fail. 1.1.2 to study the best methods to maintain the quality of lamb received by us from the supplier. We need to ensure that suppliers are following the rules and procedures in supplying lamb to us 2.0 Present Situation

According to the complaints filed by customers, in the month of June ,3 complaints were received relating to frozen lamb. This does not include informal complaints within the customers and the press. Among the complaints is about the freshness of frozen lamb and the taste. the decreasing number of purchase and reservations made by clients severely reduced during the first 6 months of this year. This causes the frozen lamb supplied by the were unsold . In our case, we have to incur significant losses. 2.1 Findings

The Factors That Cause Defective Frozen Lamb 2.1.1 Suppliers

The suppliers took too long to keep frozen lamb before sending to our hypermarkets. This causes the expiry of lamb. Storage techniques by supplier do not follow the procedures. They did not have enough trained staff to handle frozen goods such as frozen lamb . Suppliers were using lamb that had been slaughtered more than 36 hours before further

processing. A lot of time was wasted from when the animal was slaughtered in Banting Selangor until it arrived at the plant in Trengganu. This delay may have been an addedproblem to quality loss attributed to the gas-flush technology. The lamb was also not being refrigerated properly at the plant. Because of the cash-flow problems and subsequent attempts to reduce the electricity bill, the coolers would be turned off until a new shipment arrived. Further product deterioration occurred during the time required for the coolers to reach the optimum temperature. There was also inconsistency in maintaining optimal temperatures for best finished product storage. A spot check of the inventory discovered that some of the lamb had been in inventory for 120 days but was spoiled because it had not been kept properly frozen. % DAMAGE FROZEN LAMB SUPPLIED BY SUPPLIERS BY 6 MONTH OF 2011
50 40 30 20 10 0


2.1.2 Processing And Packaging Processing systems must focus on preventing contamination rather than reacting to it. All processing equipment are checked thoroughly to ensure sterility. All carcasses are trimmed of blood clots and hair before fabrication. Fabrication rooms must not exceed 50f (10c) during processing. This, plus employing the latest packaging techniques, helps inhibit bacterial growth and prolongs shelf-life. All production lines are monitored to ensure there is no interruption of product passing through the fabrication room and being boxed and chilled or frozen within the 60 minutes necessary to avoid spoilage. After chilling, carcasses are segregated into lines or lots prior to fabrication.

A tight production schedule determines the order in which each lot is fabricated. Once fabricated, boneless product is re-inspected to ensure it meets with standard cutting line. The australian sheepmeat industry prides itself on the low numbers of hard particles such as bone chips, cartilage, and dense connective tissue found in our product, and we continually seek

ways to improve product quality. Correct packaging of lamb is crucial to the overall quality and shelf life of the product, which in turn affects the return to the customer. The polythene covering (sheet or bag) must be of a size to adequately secure the meat content for exposure to outer contamination or freezer damage. 2.1.3 Sanitation

Sanitation and Safety should be important concerns in meat packing since disease and contamination of meats can occur in unsanitary conditions. Since meat is the flesh of slaughtered animals, it must be kept cold as soon as possible after the slaughter so it will not spoil. Proper refrigeration and freezing are crucial in the meat industry. Bacterial testing is most appropriate when there is a high index of suspicion that the food sample is question did in fact make the complainant ill. In situations in which a clinical laboratory confirmed the diagnosis, the food sample should be tested for such organism. Such laboratory confirmed cases provide the best chance for determining whether the suspect food was the cause of the illness. according to sampling conducted frozen lamb, it found that 40% of meat has harmful bacteria which has symptoms that can be identified as peculiar taste 2.1.4 Delivery

Delivery of frozen lamb failed to be implemented with the correct method. Trucks used for the purpose of sending found to have the old technology. The effect causes the delivery to be delayed and the meat will be damaged in transit. Suppliers also had difficulties in the timing of shipments. Even in the first 6 weeks of operations they failed to meet delivery commitments. We must refuse to do business with them because they were

unreliable suppliers and affecting our good name.



Storage must differ according to different parts of frozen lamb Color is a good indicator of age. The lighter the color, the younger the meat. Baby lamb should be pale pink. Regular lamb is pinkish-red. Ground lamb and small lamb cuts should be wrapped and

refrigerated up to three days. Larger roasts may be refrigerated up to 5 days before using. Ground lamb may be tightly wrapped and frozen up to 3 months, while larger roasts and solid pieces may be frozen up to 6 months. Plan ahead: frozen lamb should be thawed slowly in the refrigerator, not at the room temperature. This will allow the moisture to be re-absorbed into the meat and not lost. Cooked lamb may be refrigerated up to 3 days or frozen up to 3

months. One 6-pound leg of lamb will serve between 6 and 8 people. Storage must differ according to different parts of frozen lamb. Failure to perform as specified will damage the frozen lamb .


RECOMMENDATIONS Measures To Overcome Problems



Make sure that the new covenant made with our suppliers. This is to ensure that all conditions are followed. They need to overcome any problems that arise due to inefficient management in the supply of frozen lamb. This is to prevent similar problems recurring. They must improve the quality of storage and delivery to our hypermarkets. Failing to comply with strict conditions allows us to cancel the order or deal with them. 3.2 Packaging

Make sure all the packging to meet stringent conditions. We must seek the cooperation from Veterinary Department to make sure quality of the lamb is always beyond the prescribed conditions. The hypermarkets have to send a representative to monitor the process of packaging to be done properly and meet the strict criteria. Storage process should be done as soon as possible, to ensure the freshness of frozen lamb is not affected. Freezing room temperature must be controlled and accurately ascertained.



Make sure the abattoir using experienced staff. This is because experienced staff will produce the quality of goat meat. Cleanliness should be improved to ensure that it is under control. seek cooperation for the get halal status from JAKIM.periodically cleaning process must be done to prevent the bacteria that can damage the quality of lamb. We have to ensure that all personnel involved in the slaughter properly trained and performing their duties according to the regulations.



In order to ensure the quality of frozen goat meat produced, the storage is very important. Storage technologies need to be modernized. The cost may be high but in the long term it will bring benefits to us. Storage temperature need to ensure to fulfill the standards. If necessary, appointed by a staff trained in storage, and well trained. Dry Storage Practices such as i. ii. iii. iv. v. Store foods between 0 F and -10 F. Use FIFO (First In, First Out). Properly wrap food to prevent freezer burn. Defrost the freezer as needed. Keep the shelving and floor clean.


CONCLUSIONS The common assumption that frozen lambs has greater quality value than its frozen

counterpart is misconceived. Rapid and highly organised methods of harvest/slaughter to freeze have evolved with the express purpose of minimising quality losses. In contrast, the time taken to pack, transport and deliver fresh food may translate into days or weeks before they are consumed resulting in a gradual loss of quality .

Consultations and exchanges between our hypermarket. and suppliers on food safety are an important step toward a more coordinated safety/quality control system between the two parties. Increased interactions may promote each parties understanding of the counterparts food safety requirements and different approaches to food safety control. Food safety has been heavily promoted by us since past 10 years , but suppliers are still learning about ours safety standards and practices. Therefore improving the quality measures should be taken as soon as possible so that all problems can be solved. Finally, we not only become a good trader, but always gain the trust customers especially and also the society

Thank you,

Prepared by

Mohd Zamani Idris , Store Manager, Bunga Hypermarket ,Selayang Branch, Selangor Darulehsan

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