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Racism is negative, unpleasant and unjust. It puts people down by making fun of their identity.

It puts an end to community unity and it split ups society. Racism is most commonly found among school children and young adult. Racism is happening in schools all over Australia. Acts of harassing and discriminating are considered as a form of direct racism. There is a form of indirect racism which includes lack of recognition of cultural diversity and culturally biased practices. Everyone deals with it differently. Some people lash out verbally, others withdraw into themselves. Racism is influenced by many factors mainly being social, political and economic. Biasness and discrimination have been focused on many groups who arrived in Australia, in particular towards groups that have a different language backgrounds, this comes as a shock as the Australian Government invite people to migrate to Australia through their migration schemes. Biasness towards people who have just arrived in the country would resort to people having negative attitude towards the country. Besides that, this would also create racial groups that only support groups of their own race in order to avoid racism. This in hand would create friction among people of different cultures which live in a diverse cultural society. Racism affects everyone. It harms communities by limiting the contributions of its members and disturbs peace and harmony between groups. It harms individuals by destroying selfconfidence and prevents them from achieving their goals. It is particularly damaging for children as it damages social development. The concerns of racism social injustice, a less productive economy and a divided community are clearly detrimental, not only for its victims but to society as a whole. Australian laws states that its illegal for people to partake in racist activity or to encourage, provoke or permit racist acts to occur and are intended to protect individuals who experience racism. Discrimination against a person just because the person is of a particular race is against the law under Australian legislation. Some people wrongly assume that the public expression of racist attitudes is a legal and comes under freedom of speech. In Australia, the right to freedom of speech carries with it certain responsibilities and restrictions which protect the rights of others against open hostility and discrimination. Australian law expressly prohibits provoking discrimination, hostility or violence on the basis of race or culture. Racist beliefs and preconceptions are delusions about these presumed racial categories. They are frequently based on, a fear of difference, including differences in customs, values, languages, religion, physical appearance, cultures, and world-views.