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Physics Grade 12

Zonal paper

(1) Which of the following physical quantity is having units of N kg-1

(1) Momentum (2)

potential energy

(3) Velocity

(4) Acceleration

(2) According to quantum theory, the energy of a photon is given

dimensions of h,
(1) ML2 T-3

(2) MLT-3

(3) ML2 T-1

(5) Density

here f- frequency. The

(4) ML2 T

(5) ML2 T2

(3) The periodic time T, of a simple pendulum is given by T

here m is the mass of the
pendulum, l is the length of the pendulum, g is the acceleration due to gravity, the value of x,y and z are
(1) 0,1/2 -1/2 (2) 0,-1/2,1/2 (3)1/2,0,1/2

(4) -1/2,0,1/2

(5) ,1/2,-1/2

(4)In a vernier caliper , n number of the divisions of a vernier scale coincides with (n-1)th divisions of a main
scale division. If the least distance of the main scale is x cm, the least count of the instrument is in cm,




The diagram shows that
forces acting according to the diagram. The resultant force is,




(1) 0


(6) In ABCD parallelogram, = a , = b. Diagonals intersect at E.

If a> b , Values of and respectively.

(1) (a-b), (a-b)
(4) (a-b), (a+b)

(2) (a+b) ,1/2(a+b)

(3) (a-b), (a+b)

(5) (a+b),(a-b)

(7) In a regular Hexagon, Vectors , and represent in magnitudes and

directions. The resultant vector,
(1) 0





and Q ,
(1) 300

Vectors represent velocities 5 m s-1 and 13 m s-1. If

(2) 600

the angle between P

(3) 450

(4) 900

(5) 1200

(9) The diagram shows that the system of co-planner vectors acting
on an object. The magnitude and the direction of the resultant can be
(1) zero at still
(2) magnitude a and direction
(3) Magnitude a and direction
(4) Magnitude 2a and direction
(5) Magnitude 4a and direction


(10) If the percentage error is 6%, after measuring the diameter of sphere and calculate volume of it, then
the percentage error when calculating the surface area,
(1) 6%


(3) 4%


(5) 6%

(11) The velocity of a bullet becomes half from the initial velocity, when it moves 27 cm in a wooden block
which is at rest. How far will it move further in the wooden block when it comes to rest?
(1) 5 cm

(2)9 cm

(3)25 cm

(5) 100 cm

(4)75 cm

(12) Two springs of spring constants K1 and K2, are stretched by F1 and F2 forces as to equal their energies.
Then F1 : F2 equals to,
(1) K1 : K2

(2) K2 : K1



(5) 1:1

(13) The tension of a cable of a Crane IS 9,000 N and it moves with a constant velocity 2 m s-1. The least
power of the motor of the Crane,
(1) 1 5 kW
(2) 1 8 kW
(3) 81 kW
(4) 1 00 kW
(5) 22 5 kW
(14) The speed at the lowest level of a simple pendulum is 3 m s-1 and what would be the speed of the
pendulum when it makes an angle 600 with the vertical in m s-1,
(1) 1/3

(2) 1/2

(3) 2/3

(4) 3/2

(5) 2

(15) When a mass is attached to the free end of a light string, it gives 3 cm extension. What would be the
extension, if the spring is cut 2/3 of the original length and attach the same mass to the spring,
(1) 0.1 cm

(2)0.2 cm

(3)0.5 cm

(4)1.0 cm

(5) 2 cm

(16) A motor vehicle of mass 1,200 kg moves upwards along a slop of 20:1. If you neglect the retarding
force and assume that the power of the engine is 9,000 W, the maximum speed of the vehicle,
(1) 18 km h-1

(2) 36 km h-1

(3) 54 km h-1

(4) 72 km h-1

(5) 90 km h-1

(17) When an object of mass 1 kg projected vertically upward with 200 m s-1, it moves to 1,500 m and
consider g = 10 m s-2 is constant throughout the motion and find the energy needed to overcome air
(1) 2 kJ

(2) 4 kJ

(3) 5 kJ

(4) 25 kJ

(5) 50 kJ

(18) Both end of an inextensible light string which is moving over a smooth pulley,
are connected to a mass m and to a spring respectively. At the beginning the spring
is not stretched. What would be the maximum strength of the spring when the
mass released ( K- Spring constant)





(19) A wooden cubical block is just submerged and floating on the water when 200 g of mass is on the
upper surface (the upper surface of the cube is just below the water level). When the mass is removed, the
cube is raised 2 cm above the water level. The length of the cube in cm
(1) 3
(2) 6
(3) 8
(4) 10
(5) 12
(20) The reading of a spring balance is 10 kg when a bucket of water is hung. What would be the reading of
the balance when a piece of metal is hung as half of its volume is in the water?( mass of the metal = 7.2 kg,
Relative density of 7.2)
(1) 10 kg

(2) 12.5 kg

(3) 10.5 kg

(4) 13.6 kg

(21) When an air column is blown above one end of an arm of u-tube,
filled with oil of density 900 kg m-3 , the height of the oil column is raised
4 cm than the other arm, the speed of air column is,
(density of air 2 kg m-3)
(1) 4 m s-1

(2) 6 m s-1

(5) 36 m s-1

(3) 12 m s-1

(4) 18 m s-1

(5) 17.2 kg

(22) A cricket ball is moving with angle 600 to horizontal with kinetic energy K due to a strike of a player.
Kinetic energy of the ball at the height point
(1) K/16

(2) K/8

(3) K/4

(5) K

(4) K/2

(23) A water jet of a tap is shown in the above diagram. The rate of water released from the tap,







(24) What should be the angle of projection when the maximum height of the projecting is equal to the
horizontal range,
(1) 450

(2) tan-1

(3) tan-1(4)

(4) 600

(25) The acceleration of the motion of S = 10 t + 4 t2 (here S Displacement,

(1) 10 m s-1

(2) 8 m s-1

(3) 4 m s-1

(5) ) tan-1


(4) 0.8 m s-1

(5) 0.4 m s-1

(26) V-t graph of the above equation,







(27) A and B vehicles are moving with 2.5 m s-1 and A is 6 m behind that of B. After applying brakes, B
moves with a deceleration of 2 m s-2 . The driver of A, applies brakes 1.2 s after B and moves with the same
deceleration. What is the relative velocity of the vehicles when they collide with each other.( At collision,
consider that they are moving in the same direction)
(1) 2.4 m s-1

(2) 5.0 m s-1

(3) 5.9 m s-1

(4) 21 m s-1

(5) 24 m s-1

(28) What statement would be right about the maximum change of momentum of the collision of A and B
in the above question (27)
(1) On the vehicle of more mass
(2) On the vehicle of low mass
(3) On A, Since A is having high speed at the point of collision.
(4) On B, Since B is having low speed at the
point of collision.
(5) Equal change of momentum to both vehicles.

(29) The following graph shows that the change of position of an object which moves to South with time.
At which point, the velocity is positive and acceleration is negative,
(1) A


(2) B


(3) C
(4) D


(5) E

(30) A ball is projected with 10 m s-1 vertically upwards reach the earth 9 m s-1 . What is the maximum
height it reached?
(1) 4.525 m
(2)5.1 m
(3)14.1 m
(4)16 m
(5) 25 cm
(31) The is a water flow through a combined tube of same length and 2r
radii 2r and r respectively as shown in the diagram. If water enters
into A with 2 m s-1, the ejecting speed of water from B is,
(1) 1 m s-1

(2) 2 m s-1

(3) 4 m s-1


(4) 6 m s-1

(5) 8 m s-1

(32) P,Q and R barrow meters are connected to a tube of water flow which enters from A and moves out
of B. If hp, hQ and hR are the heights of water levels in P,Q, and R respectively,

(1) hp= hQ = hR
(2) hp> hQ > hR

(3) hp< hQ < hR


(5) hQ> hP > hR

(4) hp> hR > hQ

(33) A non- viscous liquid is flowing through a non-uniform cross sectional tube. If p is the pressure at a
point where the speed of the liquid flow is v, what would be the pressure at a point where the speed of
the liquid flow is 2 v,(-density of the liquid)
(1) P + v2

(2) P - 3/2 v2

(4) P - 1/2 v2

(3) P + 3/2 v2

(5) P + 5/2 v2

(34)The following graph shows that a velocity-time

graph of an moving object.
What should be the respective displacement time graph,






(35) After reaching to the maximum height of a vertically upward projected object falls on to a roof of a
building. The following graph shows the velocity (V) times (t) of the object. The height of the roof is,
V (m s-1)

(1)10 m
(2) 40 m
(3)45 m
(4) 50 m
(5) 80 m


t (s)

(36) Water flows through a horizontal tube of cross section 50 cm2. The static pressure 1.2 10 5 N m-2 and
the total pressure is 1.28 10 5 N m-2 respectively. The speed of water flow is,
(1) 4 m s-1

(2) 5 m s-1

(3) 8 m s-1

(4) 10 m s-1

(5) 16 m s-1

(37) The speed of water in a uniformly wide river is high in a certain area and constant in the rest of the
river. The graph of the length of the river and depth (h) of the river is,






(38) An aero plan of mass 2 1015 kg moves with 200 m s-1 . If the density of air is 2 kg m-3 and the speed of
air above the wings of the plane is 250 m s-1, the pressure difference between lower and upper sides of the
wings in N m-2 ,
(1)250 -200

(2) 250 +200


(5) 2502 - 2002


(39)A non-turbulence water flow flows from A and B. What is the correct statement from the following,
1. The flow speed of A is greater than that of B
2. The pressure at A is less than pressure at B
3. Kinetic energy per unit volume at A is equal that at A is EQUAL that of B.
4. The pressure at A is greater than that of B
5. Kinetic energy per unit volume at A is less than that of B.
(40)The following model balance is balanced by keeping
a water beaker on left and R weight on right. When the
Object Q of volume 40 cm3 and mass 80 g was fully
immersed without touching the surfaces or the bottom Q
of the beaker, the weight of the right pan has to change
to R1, the value of R
(1) Equal to R
(2) 40 g less than to R
(3) 80 g greater than to R
(4) 80 g less than to R
(5) 80 g greater than that of R

A coin wooden block h and l. Distances are shown in the diagram. If the coin
falls into water,
1. l decreases and h increases
2. l increases and h decreases
3. l and h both increases
4. l and h both decreases
5. l and h both constant

(42) A rod of 120 cm of length and uniform cross section B Is hinged at one end to the bottom of a tank.
the tank is filled with water upto a height of 40 cm and the rod makes angle of 60 0 with the vertical . In the
equilibrium position. The distance to the centre of buoyancy is,
(1) 80 cm

(2) 60 cm

(3)50 cm

(4)40 cm

(5) 20 cm

(43) What is the best velocity-displacement curve for an object of simple harmonic motion?






(44) A be the amplitude and T be the periodic time of a simple harmonic motion of an object. The time (T0)
taken for thr object to move from the central place to A/2 displacement is,
(1) T0 = T/4

(2) T0 = T/8


T0 > T/4

(4) ) T0 < T/8

(5) T0 > T/8

(45) A mass m Is attached to one end of a string of length l and the other end is kept fixed. The mass is
moved in a vertical circle. The maximum tension of the string,
(2) much greater than mg
(5)depend on the length of the string

(3) much less than mg

(4) mg/2

Two masses of 3m and m are kept on a smooth inclined plane

which makes an angle 300 to horizontal. If there is no friction
between A and B, the acceleration of A and B,


(1) 1,3



(3) 3,1

(4) 4,4

(5) 5,1

(47) Consider the following statement of an object,

(A) The direction of the acceleration is that of the velocity
(B) The acceleration should be zero when the velocity is zero
(C) The direction of the velocity can change to opposite without changing the acceleration opposite
What into is true of the above statements,
(1) B only

(2) C only

(3) A and C only

(4) B and C only

(5) A,B and C all

(48) A uniform plate of total mass m is fixed vertically to and a bird is sitting on one edge of
the plate Shown in the figure. What should be the maximum mass of the bird in order
the plate to be not to turn over.
(1) 3 m

(2) 2m



(5) m/2




The graph shows that velocity (v) - time (t) of an object moves along X- axis.
according to the graph,
(A) The object comes to rest when t = t3
(B) The object comes to initial place when t = t3
t (s)
(C) The object accelerates only in the time intervals of 0 t.

Of the above statements,

(1) Only A is true
(2) Only B is true (3) only A and C are true
(5) A,B and C all are true

(4) Only A and B are true

(50) What physical quantity would be constant, if an object is thrown vertically upwards?
(A) Kinetic energy

(B) Acceleration

(1) Only A is true

(2) Only B is true
(5) A,B and C all are untrue

(C) Mechanical energy

(3) only A and B are true

(4) Only B and C are true

Grade 12 Physics- Zonal paper,

Essay structured

Answer all the questions,

1. In a vernier caliper scale has been divided into 0.5 mm devisions. 10 divisions of vernier scale coincide
with 9.5 mm of the main scale.
(a) The following readings are taken by a student, using the above vernier caliper.
(1) 2.0054 cm

(2) 1.0007 cm

Give your reasons whether the above readings are correct or wrong.


(b) The following experiment explains that a spherometer of 1 mm pitch and 100 divisions of the circular
scale being used to measure a Curvature of a spherical surface. R

This expression gives the

curvature R. a and h have the usual meanings.


Is it possible to use a vernier caliper to measure a? Give your reasons.

(c) The following diagrams show that the corresponding spherometer reading in order to measure h.



Figure (1)

Fig(1):shows; the
reading when the
tips of legs and
the tip of the
screw of the
touched the plane

Fig(2): The reading

when the
spherometer is
kept on a
spherical surface
( the screw has
taken up).



Figure (2)

The value of h,

(d) if a= 3 cm, Calculate the radius of the spherical surface.

( e) Out of a and h , what quantity should be measured very accurately? Give your reason

(f) Explain why the zero error of spherometer is not important.

(2) Hares apparatus being used to compare relative density

of miscible liquid in the laboratory.
(a) How do you get liquid columns into the arms?



(b) In this experiment, Is it necessary to have the water

and oil levels equal in both beakers? Give reasons.


Density w


Xw Xw


(c) What is the reason to use X0 and XW pins (Indicators).

Density o

(d) Derive an expression to find the relative density of coconut oil by using a gradient of a straight line
graph directly, in terms of h0 and hw the lengths of the water and oil columns above the indicators X0 and
XW respectively and P0 ; the pressure of the trapped air and W, 0 densities of water and Oil.

(e) In your derived expression, name the independent and dependable variable.
Independent variable:..
Dependable variable:.
(F) Sketch an expected graph and name it as A. Name the axis.

(g) A student said that there is no need of measuring of the lengths of indicators Do you agree with him or
disagree with him? Explain:

(h) Draw the graph on the same section of (f), if a salt solution of density is use instead of coconut oil and name it
as B (W< 0)


(a) State Newtons, laws of motion.


(b) Derive F

by using 2nd Newtons law.

(c) A painter of 60 kg is standing on a platform of 15 kg. One end of the

light string is attached to the platform and the other end is going through a fixed
pulley. By using the string, the painter can move upwards or down wards.
(1) Draw separate free force diagram for the painter and the platform.

(2) If the string is pulled downwards by 4000 N to start the motion, find the acceleration of both painter
and the flotation.

(3) What would be the applied force to achieve 1 m s-1 velocity within 1 s.

(4) What would be the force on the string to maintain constant velocity f 1 m s -1

(4) Define the simple harmonic motion.

The following graph shows the variation of acceleration (a) with displacement(x) of a particle P
(a) Use the above graph,

a/ m s-2

(1) Explain why the motion of particle P

is Simple harmonic.















(2) Find the frequency of the particle P

(b) (1)The magnitude of the gradient of the straight line graph is G. Show that for a
m oscillating with

particle of mass

amplitude A, its maximum kinetic energy Emax is given by

(2) Determine

for the particle P, if the mass of the particle is 2.5 g


(c)Sketch in a same graph of the variation of the Kinetic, potential and total energy of particle P.

(5). The following figure shows that a longitudinal section of a Vesak decoration consists of two horizontal,
symmetrical sets of Vesak Lanterns:- each horizontal section has 6 lanterns. Those lanterns are
symmetrically fixed to a light cylindrical Rod. The system is rotating with a constant angular velocity.
4 cm

2 kg

2 kg


3 kg

3 kg


The mass of one lantern of the upper section and the lower section are 2 kg and 3 kg and they are fixed
1 m ,2 m apart from the centre of the axis respectively.

Find the moment of Inertia of the system.


If the rotational Kinetic energy of the system is 422 J, Find the rotation per minute.


When another set of lanterns equal to the upper set is attached, Find the new angular
momentum of the system in rad s-1


What should be the exerted tangential external force on the cylindrical surface, to gain the
total initial angular frequency of the above system in 5 second?

(6) (a) State Archimedes principle.

(b) (1) Drive an expression for the density of a cubical metallic plate of length a, width b, thickness d
and mass m.
(2) A boat was made by using the above metallic plate and consider that 20 % of the material was
wasted. If the prepared boat floats on a liquid of density , 20 % of its volume is immersed and
the volume of the boat is V. Prove that V

(3) If the boat in (2) carries a weight M in and entered into a place in the liquid where density is

/2. Prove that the M

if the boat is to be in the state of improbable floatation.