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Premium Certificate Financial Year 2010 - 2011 To whomsoever it may concern Sowmalya Mandal
3B Akrity 457 Baisnabghata Patuli Township Road Near Patuli Central Club Kolkata West Bengal Pin: 700094 Phone: Client ID: 9874934562 53719980

This is to confirm that we have received premium(s) from the above named Policy holder under the Policy No (s) as per details given below Policy No: Section**

01973843 Plan Component

Kotak Super Advantage Regular (UIN-107L058V01)



Ed Cess(C)*

* In Addition to the amount under (B) and (C), Service Tax and Education Cess computed on applicable charges recovered from the Accumulation account / value of units is Rs. 0.00 ** In case of Kotak Easy Growth Plan (1.25 X Single Premium), the Deduction eligible under Section 80C is 25 Percent of Total Premium paid The total Service Tax and Education cess collected is Rs. 0.00 Premiums are eligible for deduction under Income Tax Act,1961 as per the prevailing tax laws. Please consult your tax advisor for details. Following are the eligible amounts of premium section wise. Section 80C: Rs. 18,000.00

Notes: 1 Service Tax, Education Cess and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Cess on Service Tax, is levied on the Risk Portion of Premium and on various charges of Unit Linked Plans, at the applicable Tax rates in accordance with the prevailing Tax Laws from time to time. 2 Service Tax Registration Number: M-IV / ST / IAS - LIFE / 19.

Centralized Service Tax Code is AAACO3983BST002.

4 Service Tax Classification: Insurance Auxiliary Service & Risk Cover in Life Insurance and Management of Investment under ULIP Services This is a computer generated advice and does not require any signature.