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You love your dad, or a man who has been a father to you or the father of your child/ren so show

your love in a jingle.

Let the tingle of a tune Be the jingle from your heart

-- Love your dad today!

$5.00 Singing a jingle by phone $ 10.00 In the Nashville, TN USA area Singing in person days before or on Fathers Day.
(All money must be turned in before the jingle is sung).

Fill out the form

State which Jingle you desire:
One I personalize for you A short version of your favorite song.

Turn in the form Pay by PayPal or in person The request is acknowledged Confirmation is given when the mission of the jingle is complete.

More about the Artist

Contact: marvamortley@gmail.com muzilog@yahoo.com Marva Mortley is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, NY who now resides in Antioch, TN. She has a rich heritage of music from her home, environment, exposure and experience from such places as: Christian Fellowship SDA Church in Brooklyn, NY, Riverside SDA Church of Nashville, TN; Simuel Stevenson Singers, New Generation, Dynamic Praise of Oakwood University, Oakwood U Choir, Aeolins, The New York State Haitian Interdenominational Mass Choir, Voices of NY and Soul Choir. She has been singing solo before the age of 7 and studied voice under: Ms. Regni, Dr. Ricki Little, Mrs. Michelle Cleveland, Mrs. Mildred Vassel and Mrs. Valerie Boyd. Currently she has a single out called "What Are You Waiting For." She has had the opportunity to sing for Valerie Boyd and Richard Smallwood. She was a selected finalist for Kraft Gospel of 2006. She is a Christian, poised, professional and gifted with a beautiful Soprano voice for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is her desire to sing until the power of the Lord comes down to evoke encouragement, positive change and the path to salvation for every listening heart. Truly you will be blessed by her outstanding voice and see the love of God in her ministry -- so what are you waiting for?

Fathers Day Jingle Application

Contact Information
Name Fathers Full Name Street Address City ST ZIP Code Home Phone Work Phone E-Mail Address

Preferred Availability to Sing Jingle

During which hours is it appropriate to arrive at your Fathers place of abode? ___ Saturday afternoon ___ Saturday evening ___ Sunday morning ___ Sunday afternoon ___ Sunday evening

Song Interests
Tell me what jingle is more your taste. ___ Simple chorus/ballad ___ Jazz ___ A little country ___ Urban ___ A little calypso ___ Short version of a particular song

Agreement and Signature

By submitting this application, I affirm that the facts set forth in it are in line with my request. I have also paid in person or by paypal for this service and I have notified the father or someone close to father so they will receive the jingle/er with great reception and absence of suspicion be it in person, or by phone. Name (printed) Signature Date

Thank you for completing this application form and for your purchase of this jingle.

Its a pleasure to have your business.