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Requesting The Washington Times investigation in Denmark and US State Department

From: elMayo elMayo (mayitoh@hotmail.com) Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 2:55:06 PM To: ekelley@washingtontimes.com; FBI Washington (washington.field@ic.fbi.gov); miami@ic.fbi.gov Cc: cdolan@washingtontimes.com; mstainer@washingtontimes.com; ggroesch@washingtontimes.com; wpruden@washingtontimes.com; jharper@washingtontimes.com; bgertz@washingtontimes.com; cbryant@washingtontimes.com; adeborchgrave@washingtontimes.com; vmorton@washingtontimes.com; dsands@washingtontimes.com; jseper@washingtontimes.com; dwattenberg@washingtontimes.com; dlash@washingtontimes.com; mharris@washingtontimes.com; mcella@washingtontimes.com; yourletters@washingtontimes.com; jeddins@washingtontimes.com; photo@washingtontimes.com; photorequest@washingtontimes.com; Gitte Toldsted (gitte_toldsted@hotmail.com) 1 attachment Washington_Times_Mario_Herrera.pdf (161.3 KB)

Mr. Ed Kelley. Top Editor. The Washington Times ekelley@washingtontimes.com

These are the two letter sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a answer to their question. How can the FBI help you?.

Please read these two letters sent to the FBI below:

1. http://www.scribd.com/doc/91877659/How-Can-the-FBI-Help-You

2. http://www.scribd.com/doc/94904765/Second-Letter-to-FBI-HOW-CAN-FBI-HELP-YOU

This below is the accusation against Pt. Barack Hussein Obama sent to the DOJ AG Eric Holder since March 29, 2010. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38078993/Indictment-against-Barack-Hussein-Obama-to-USA-attorney-general

See UPS postal receipt her to U.S A.G Eric Holder on March 29, 2010.

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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In bases of this accusation above, I am requesting immediately impeachment to Pt. Barack Hussein Obama.

The Washington Times, there are other nine U.S citizens defrauded here in Denmark by Danish authorities justice with the accomplish silence and approval from the U.S embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Understand U.S embassy is equal U.S State Department and the FBI which has an office in this same embassy in Copenhagen under the FBI officer named Brian (Bryan).

I inform you that one of them is a U.S citizen mother (born in Ohio), with two U.S children (born in California), and she has been despoiled and segregated from her rights to hold her children. She has been defrauded by the same Anita F. Funcke and the same FBI officer Brian (Bryan) located at the U.S embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark.

When we say Anita F. Funcke, we are saying U.S State Department. She is a Danish national in charge to protect US citizens rights here in Denmark.

At least confirmed three of these nine U.S citizens have been defrauded directly by the same Anita F. Funcke.

Anita F. Funcke has the mission for years and years to take cases from American citizens and downgrade and slow them as much as possible and drop them in the nightmare of so called Danish justice (a rotten justice) here in Denmark, that in my opinion is not different which it is in Cuba. (An only judge making a summary decision, no tape recording, no steno-machine, only the final version according of this judge, and any other else statement in the court will be deleted).

The problem is that this Anita F. Funcke, a 30 years old experience worker, she is a Danish national and she has oath of allegiance with the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, but no to the the U.S Constitution. This below is the only protest from any US official in my case. This is was a protest for lack of judicial guarantees in this fraud made here in Denmark in behalf of the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II by the Danish Crown Prosecution Office. In this complaint to the Danish court for obvious discrimination and thanks to the Danish lawyer protest Hanne Rabaehk sent to the USA embassy through Anita F. Funcke, the former consul Marylinn W. Rowdybush was forced and obligated to protest this racist act. In this document this consul establish clearly that Anita F. Funcke is a Danish national with 30 years working to the US State Department.

See the former US consul Marylinn W. Rowdybush protest here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/96185151/Danish-National-Employee-Anita-F-Funcke

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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For how long and how many USA citizens has been this woman defrauding all these years to favor Denmark frauds against USA citizens, and all made in behalf of the US government?

Anita F. Funcke with more than 30 years old experience means that is a very well trained person by the U.S State Department with experience to lie and screw up american citizens, she is the person in charge by the U.S State Department here in Denmark to slow down, downgrade and drop in this rotten nightmare Danish Justice System that's how she get her salary (ironically from our taxes). That is her job assigned by our own U.S State Department against U.S citizens here in Denmark.

Why this woman (Anita F. Funcke) was in charge to guarantee U.S citizens rights in behalf of U.S government when she is a Danish National employee if she has NOT oath of allegiance to the Constitution of The Untied States of America? How was I in a fair and just two court process if this woman was there guaranteeing in silence, despite the court-book testimonies of both Danish policemen Nicolai Cederskjold and Anders Bitch that I requested to contact the US embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark? Who put this woman from Denmark to represent U.S citizens from the U.S State Department anyway?

I was assigned literally a spy to protect my U.S Constitution in behalf of the U.S government, because how to explain this woman has been doing this job for so long. This woman has oath of allegiance to Denmark, no to the USA Constitution.

For start, I was brutally beaten to the hell for the Danish policemen Nicolai Cederskjold and Anders Bitchs on November 1, 2006 and still unjustified arrest until today and that I was not allowed to contact the U.S embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark according the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963 Article 36(a,b,c) and as state in our U.S passport in page 4.4.

Anita F. Funcke knew this for direct testimonies from me on November 2, 2006 in the U.S Consulate in Copenhagen, Denmark and also by these two Danish policemen, because she was the observer in these two court rooms in behalf of the U.S government. These two Danish policemen openly recognized in court-book testimonies that I asked to contact the U.S embassy on November 1, 2006 in this brutal and unjustified arrest. This never ever have been a open and public protested from ANY U.S government official to the Danish government for this particular violation against one of his own citizen on VCCR.

This was manipulated there between Anita F. Funcke, former consul Marylinn W. Rowdybush and former ambassador James P. Cain and the security officer named Jeff Howard. All of them together teaming up to deprive and segregated me from my most fundamental protection rights to favor the foreign country of Denmark instead.

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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Anita F. Funcke was the woman assigned two consecutive times to my court room here in Denmark, where we were in the believe she was an USA citizen representing me in behalf of the U.S embassy. This is the picture and accusation on Anita F. Funcke also in hands of the FBI and Attorney general Eric Holder. http://www.scribd.com/doc/61995990/Anita-F-Funcke-USA-State-Department-official

Why Eric Holder, Robert S. Mueller III and Pam Bondi are hiding and obstructing justice (26 accusations including Barack Obama and counting) to bring in front the U.S justice Anita F. Funcke according my accusation since March 23, 2010?

I am a Cuban born accepted as political refugee in USA under the Cuban Adjustment Act for the very same crimes that today Obama administration is hiding to American citizens with the collaboration of the DOJ and the FBI from Denmark. I can testify that the Judicial court System here in Denmark is not different that in Cuba. One lawyer, One prosecutor, and only one judge making a summary sentence. No tape recording, no steno-machine, only the interpretation from a judge. What is the difference with Cuba? Why the US State Department does not inform that to USA citizens in their every year report on Human Rights about Denmark???

How this was a normal legal procedure in Denmark and at the same time, it is criticized in Cuba according the USA government? As a political refugee in USA and as US citizen I want explanation of this from the US government in front a Federal court and in front the US Congress.

In the two visits from Pt. Barack Hussein Obama to Denmark on 2010 (October and December) the PET (Danish security police) was sent to my home to harass me and my family. Never happen before or never happened after, (at least so evidently), only the exactly days that the Air-Force One landed in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was coordinate and programed between the U.S embassy officer in the embassy Jeff Howard and the FBI officer named Brian, (Bryan) also located in such embassy. This was not an act of coincidence or isolated, it was a pattern repeated two times exactly when Barack Obama landed in Denmark. It is well know that the links between the PET and the U.S embassy security officer in Denmark Jeff Howard.

Jeff Howard is the same man that state the extensive effort from the pack of corrupted Anita F. Funcke Marylinn W. Rowdybush - James P. Cain all of them accused and in hands of Eric Holder since March 29, 2010. Read letter below in my petition to speak with ambassador James P. Cain. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38164564/Letter-from-Security-Officer-Jeff-Howard-Copenhagen-embassy

The Washington Times, exercise FOI and come here to Denmark and request to Anita F. Funcke to deliver all the emails in behalf of the U.S State Department between her, my wife Gitte Toldsted and me, and all the

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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information about my case and make them PUBLIC. I, Mario Herrera, We are giving to you full approval for that.

Ask and request the Danish police under the Mutual and Legal cooperation agreement between Denmark and US (In case this agreement is not another scam) my full police folder and including the Danish prosecutor Jens Rasmussen's document that he wrote and later on was hidden to my respective lawyers Hanne Rahbaek and Anders Skovholm in the two consecutive case court I was prosecuted and declared guilty. This below is the Jens Rasmussen's document hide to my lawyers and immediately we knew about it we deliver to Anita F. Funcke in the U.S embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Judge for yourself, with this document coming from the own Danish prosecutor, I will be immediately declared no guilty.

Read the document (Danish prosecutor Jens Rasmussen on Mario Herrera case) here translated to English: http://www.scribd.com/doc/38171420/English-translation-from-Danish-prosecutor-Jens-Rasmussen-Document

The question is, Who was the hand in behalf of the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II who hide two times this document to appear in front my lawyers and Danish jury?

The question is, How Anita F. Funcke knowing about this document directly deliver to her email from the U.S State Department

My former Danish lawyer Hanne Rahbaek testimony that she did not received ever this document from my file open by the Danish police. This is the evidence that this was obstructing justice to both my defend lawyer and Danish jury with the intention to declare me guilty. This prove that Anita F. Funcke in behalf of the U.S State Department knowing of the existence of this document has to be immediately arrested and brought in front a US judicial court to answer WHO are inside the U.S State Department conspired to obstruct me justice.

This below, it is the protest from the Danish lawyer Hanne Rahbaek sent to the US embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark to Anita F. Funcke on Danish judge Niels Folberg racist discriminatory behavior on court in the case Danish Police vs Mario Herrera. http://www.scribd.com/doc/38167264/Protest-from-Hanne-Rahbaek-sent-to-USA-embassy-Denmark

This is the testification from the Danish lawyer Hanne Rahbaek (also sent to Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and Robert S. Mueller III) after our request about the Danish prosecutor Jens Rasmussen's document, why was not used this document in my defense in court. And she state high and clear that she have not knowledge of this document (Danish prosecutor Jens Rasmussen).

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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The Washington Times, who is stopping you to come here to Denmark and face off Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and to bring transparence on all these nine USA citizens? There are also group of no US citizens, from Germany, Austria, Italy, Philippine, Poland that has been also segregated from their most fundamental human rights and legal rights.

I was judged and prosecuted again on November 09, 2010 (Horsens-Court) against my freedom of expression for the crime of portraying a picture of one of the Danish policemen, Nicolai Cederskjold on my website www.norightsforyou.com by a CLOWN Danish court under the judge H.S. Kristoffersen in Horsens, Denmark (the city where I am living). This CLOWN judge over rule my freedom of expression despite the fact that the picture was taken by myself, the man is on duty, not in private life, despite the website is hosted by the company www.webs.com located in the State of Maryland, and despite the american ambassador Laurie S. Fulton was legally warned and requested presence in this court room.

See legal warning sent to the U.S ambassador Laurie S. Fulton and request of presence of U.S embassy in this CIRCUS court against my freedom of expression. http://www.scribd.com/doc/41685581/Open-Letter-To-Laurie-S-Fulton-USA-ambassador-Denmark

Due nobody from the U.S presented in this court-room (two times). I video recorded with a hidden camera in the moment I was delivering to this corrupted Danish judge evidences that this Danish police man Nicolai Cederskjold was consequence of a fraud in behalf of the Danish Crown Prosecutor Office.

According with the statement of former US consul Marylinn W. Rowdybush and I quote her own words: When a United States citizen stand trial in Denmark, it is customary that a representative from the United States embassy Consular section attend at the court sitting

Why the actual US ambassador Laurie S. Fulton gave mandatory order for I will be deprived of a representative from the US embassy in front a foreign court in accusations against my freedom of expression despite she receive a legal warning on this matters from me?

At this point my case it is well know by the State Department and two secretaries Condoleezaa Rice and Hillary Clinton because I have been personally reporting for years and years to both of them multiple times. This ambassador Laurie S. Fulton got not balls by herself, not even dare to cooperate with a foreign government against my freedom of expression as US citizen, at least that she has received mandatory orders from Hillary Clinton.

This is the video below was sent simultaneously to The White House to Pt. Barack Hussein Obama and

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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Amalienborg Palace to Queen of Denmark Margrethe II. (As well as to the FBI) Both of them in silence playing DUMB and DUMBER. This video below was clearly made with the also the intention to demonstrate that on November 09, 2010 in Horsens-Court NOBODY was presented from the USA embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark to vail for my protection rights at my request (leal warning) to the actual ambassador Laurie S. Fulton, on this masquerade to violate my freedom of expression. And with it to give green light to this violation of first amendment of US Constitution against me as USA citizen by this CLOWN Danish court will be possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ljF1wVLSXo&list

The sentence from this CLOWN-court in Denmark was: 8 days in prison!

I am literally whipping right now my ass with this CLOWN sentence. I am challenging the Danish government for overrule my first amendment of USA Constitution. The picture of Nicolai Cederskjold will state there in www.norightsforyou.com until he will be extradited to USA and a real jury determine justice according request of extradition that Eric Holder and Robert S. Mueller III are hiding in their respective offices.

Recently in Florida State. Last January 31, 2012; in the Republican-primary elections in the State of Florida, I was segregated from my rights to vote in my local elections from my city Hialeah, due that the Miami Dade Election Department in a sneaky way changed my election address there since 2005 to a different address without previously and legally notified me, or explained to me in what legal basis was due this change of address. This was immediately reported to both the FBI and the Florida attorney general Pam Bondi.

The true behind this is that I have been accusing both U.S Congressmen Mario Diaz Balart and Lincoln Diaz Balart (Hialeah, Florida. District 21) of violations of my Federal Civil Rights Statutes and violations of 14th amendment of USA Constitution to commit justice obstruction silencing me here in Denmark in front US AG Eric Holder and Florida AG Bill McCollum-Pam Bondi. I have been asking the FBI, who, why, for what was changed my address to deprive me of this right without to consulting me first and foremost.

This is also the only USA official that have at least the civil courage to answer back to me officially in all these years. The former Florida governor Charlie Crist. But there is not any will from any Federal U.S officials to stop justice obstruction. Only silence corruption!!! http://www.scribd.com/doc/38168844/Charlie-Crist-Florida-governor-Letter

The Washington Times, come here to Denmark and bring to the other more of 300 millions americans what Associated Press (Jan M. Olsen and Tom Curly) gave editorial order to hide from them, including my U.S family. This is exactly what you are talking about "See no socialist, hear no socialist: Media's Obama cover-up". http://times247.com/pset/22obama-s-socialist-roots-draft1/page/0

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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The Washington Times to establish the veracity and transparency of this request to you to bring a full investigation and openly public and transparent conclusions, I am sending this email with copy to FBI Washington-field and FBI Miami-field. (washington.field@ic.fbi.gov and miami@ic.fbi.gov).

The Washington Times, ask the FBI, directly to Robert S. Mueller III, in front all these Federal violations, one after other; what in the hell means and the motivation from their silence of their own question HOW THE FBI CAN HELP YOU?.

It is my (our) will that this letter will be called in front a USA judicial court and in front the US Congress as evidence to establish who in the Mass Medias in USA conspire with the USA government officials for to hide this act of torture, kidnapping and violations of freedom of expression sending me to prison here in Denmark and accomplishing with justice obstruction. As well as to all the other nine US citizens cases and European Union Citizens here in Denmark.

Waiting you come here and bring open light to every US citizens including my family The Washington Times.


Mario Herrera. USA citizen. District 21 Hialeah, Florida. SSN: 595-93-0602. USA Passport No. : 047884147 Hjortevej 2. Horsens. 8700. Denmark. Tel. +45 2929 5209 (In Denmark) www.norightsforyou.com www.scribd.com/mayitoh http://www.youtube.com/guanabacoa3 http://www.twitvid.com/videos/NoRightsForYou http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-477626

Twitter: @norightsforyou

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6/19/12 3:03 PM

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Co-signing My name is Gitte Toldsted. I am a Danish citizen, and I am the wife of Mario Herrera. I have been a witness to everything that has happened to Mario in my country and from the side of American authorities since November 1st 2006. I can confirm everything that Mario is writing in this letter, and I am of course willing to testify in front of any court too; just as I am willing to testify in the American Congress about the xenophobia among authorities of my country Denmark against USA citizen Mario Herrera.

Sincerely. Gitte Toldsted. List of all emails sent to The Washington Times.
cdolan@washingtontimes.com mstainer@washingtontimes.com ggroesch@washingtontimes.com wpruden@washingtontimes.com jharper@washingtontimes.com bgertz@washingtontimes.com cbryant@washingtontimes.com adeborchgrave@washingtontimes.com vmorton@washingtontimes.com dsands@washingtontimes.com jseper@washingtontimes.com dwattenberg@washingtontimes.com dwattenberg@washingtontimes.com dlash@washingtontimes.com mharris@washingtontimes.com mcella@washingtontimes.com yourletters@washingtontimes.com jeddins@washingtontimes.com photo@washingtontimes.com


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