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Kadir F.


TJUMP, 625 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94105, US

GSM:(415) 410 1916


Place of birth: Istanbul/ TR

Date of birth: 05.29.1987
Nationality: Turkish


Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey,

Sep 2015 (paused)
Department of Cognitive Science, M.Sc. in Cognitive Developmental Robotics
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey,
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, M.Sc. in Robotics
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Sc., Computer specialization, June, 2009
Minor, Mechatronics, June, 2010


Sep 2015 (paused)

Sep 2005 - Jun 2009

Uyanik K. F., Caliskan Y., Bozcuoglu A. K., Yuruten O., Kalkan S., Sahin E. (2013, Aug) Learning
Social Affordances and Using them for Planning, CogSci 2013, Berlin, Germany
Yuruten O., Uyanik K. F., Caliskan Y., Bozcuoglu A. K., Sahin E., & Kalkan S. (2012). Learning
Adjectives and Nouns from Affordances on the iCub Humanoid Robot. In From Animals to Animats
12 (pp. 330-340). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Uyanik K. F., O. Yuruten, S. Kalkan, E. Sahin, Towards Context-aware Adjective Learning. ICRA
Workshop on The Future of HRI - Paving the way to next generation of HRI, 2012. Saint Paul, MN.
Uyanik K. F., Yildirim M., Camlidere S., Sariisik M. (2011) RoboTurk 2011 Team Description.
The Proceedings CD of the 15th RoboCup Symposium, Istanbul, July 2011. [Technical Report]
Uyanik K. F. Social Robot Partners: Still Sci-fi? IEEE METU Student Branch Science and
Technology Magazine, BILTEK, Volume 33, Year 10, pp:23-30, 2010 [Technical Report]


IJSR (International Journal of Social Robotics), 2014-present

ICCM (International Conference on Cognitive Modeling), 2013
ICDL (IEEE International Conference on Development and Learning), 2012

Awards and

Fit Mind Challenge by Partners Healthcare, Finalist

$3000, Connected Health Symposium 2016, Boston, US, Oct 2016
Hive Global Leaders Program, 60% Scholarship
$1000, San Francisco, US, Feb 2016
Yeni Fikirler Yeni Isler 2015, Winner
$16000 Entrepreneurship Camp in San Francisco US, Ankara, Turkey, Dec 2015
Social Human-Robot Interaction Summer School, Christs College, Best Poster Award
Learning Social Affordances and Using them for Planning
Social Human-Robot Interaction Summer School, Christs College, Full Scholarship
$730, Plymouth University, Aug 2013

Integration Informatics Laboratory, Wayne State University, Short-term Visiting

$2000, Prof. Hasan Jamil, Full Support, Jun 2012
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Graduate Scholarship
$800/month, Tubitak 2210 Domestic Master Scholarship Program, Sep 2010 - Sep 2012
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (Ishiguro Lab), Osaka University, Research Internship
$5000, Havelsan Incorporation Full Sponsorship, Jul 2008
International Conference on Robotics and Automation 2008
$1000, IEEE RAS Travel Grant, May 2008
Xplore New Automation Award, Prefinalist
Phoenix Contact Corporation, Turkey, Apr 2008
RoboCup German Open
$800, IEEE ISBIR Program Travel Grant, Apr 2007
Bulent Kerim Altay High Academic Success Award
METU Electrical and Electronics Engineering Dept., Nov 2006
Service and

Point Cloud Library

2011 Summer
Contributed to the library by adding the indexing functionality for point cloud filtering packages.
RoboTurk RoboCup Small Size League Robosoccer Team
Team Leader, participated in Robocup 2011 Istanbul.

2009 - 2011

RoboRacers, Xplore New Automation Award08

Sep 2007 - Mar 2008
Team Leader, became prefinalist in Xplore international contest by Phoenix Contact.
IEEE METU RAS Student Branch
Founder, reached more than 1000 students, raised $60000 fund.

Dec 2006 - Jun 2009

IEEE and IEEE RAS, Student Member


2006 - 2015

Co-founder & System Architect, sciRobot, San Francisco, US

Mar 2015 - Present
Sharing the vision of democratizing social robots with the company sciRobot.
Researcher, Kovan Research Laboratory, Ankara, Turkey
Oct 2009 - Sep 2013
Developed research tools for robots, such as iCub, Pioneer3dx and PR2, based on ROS and YARP
software platforms. Major contribution is affordance learning ROS stack ( metu-ros-pkg).
Research Intern, Ishiguro Lab, Osaka, Japan
Jul 2008 - Sep, 2008
ERATO Asada Project, Interface Design for Self Balancing Mechanism of the CB2 Humanoid Robot
Intern, TUBITAK Space Technologies Research Institute, Ankara, TR Aug 2007 - Sep, 2007
Traffic Flow Analysis, Detection and Recognition of Vehicles on a Highway.

Extracurricular Acroyoga, cycling, sailing and anything related to nature or object manipulation.

English (TOEFL IBT Score 98), Japanese language (JLPT level 4 ), Turkish (native).


Available upon request.