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Community Priorities Questionnaire This questionnaire was created by the Livable Communities Planning Project to determine what issues

are most important to local residents in planning for the future of our community. Please take a moment to let us know what you think. All three sections must be completed to be included in the nal results. 1. Where do you live? (circle one) Charlottesville Albemarle County Other ______________

2. The following issues have been identied as important by local residents who have participated in the Livable Communities planning process. From the entire list below, please rank the top ten issues you believe are most important in planning for our communitys future, with 1 being most important. Use the additional space provided if you wish to include other issues in the ranking. Use each number 1-10 only once. Community Facilities ____ Expand Police Force ____ Expand Fire Department ____ Expand Emergency Response ____ Improve Library Facilities ____ Improve Water and Sewer Utilities Economic Development ____ Increase Workforce Development Efforts ____ Increase Business Opportunities ____ Diversify Regional Economy ____ Promote Small Business Development ____ Increase Tourism ____ Encourage Public/Private Partnerships Environment ____ Improve Water Quality ____ Improve Air Quality ____ Increase Energy Efciency ____ Preserve Biological Diversity ____ Maintain Urban Tree Canopy ____ Preserve Rural Forested Areas ____ Protect Natural Resources ____ Encourage Sustainable Development ____ Expand Trails & Greenways ____ Protect Open Space ____ Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Land Use ____ Limit Rural Area Development ____ Promote Mixed Use Development ____ Increase Urban Residential Densities ____ Encourage Non-Residential Development ____ Create Vibrant Urban Centers ____ Promote Rehabilitation and Re-Use of Existing Structures ____ Encourage Strong Neighborhoods ____ Promote Inll Development ____ Align Zoning and Designated Future Land Uses Other ____ Protect Private Property Rights ____ Limit Regional Growth ____ Create Measurable Goals ____ Consider Economic Feasibility of Goals ____ Decrease Regulation ____ _________________________________ ____ _________________________________ ____ _________________________________ ____ _________________________________ ____ _________________________________ ____ _________________________________ ___________ Historic Resources ____ Increase Community Education ____ Coordinate Preservation Activity ____ Adopt Historic District Ordinance ____ Encourage Re-Use and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures Housing ____ Increase Low-Income Affordable Housing ____ Increase Workforce Affordable Housing ____ Develop Balanced Housing Type Mix ____ Promote Housing Accessibility for All Ages and Abilities Transportation ____ Create Connected Transportation Network ____ Improve Road Condition ____ Expand Transit Network ____ Reduce Single-Occupancy Vehicle Trips ____ Improve Pedestrian Facilities ____ Improve Bicycle Facilities ____ Improve Transportation Network Safety ____ Promote Regional Transportation Projects ____ Increase Downtown Parking ____ Improve Streetscapes ____ Promote Rideshare and Travel Demand Management

3. Please initial to conrm that to the best of your knowledge, you have completed this survey only once.


many plans

Thank you for your input! Please mail or hand deliver completed survey to the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, 401 East Water Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902.