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Irish language courses in the heart of Dublin

Ghaeltacht sa Bhaile



Our mission at Asheld College An Ghaeltacht sa Bhaile is to celebrate and cultivate a love of the Irish language in all students, while thoroughly preparing our older students for their Junior or Leaving Certicate examinations.
An Crsa / The Course

Why choose Asheld College?

Our students are required to speak Irish all of the time, thus being fully immersed in the language for 7 hours every day. This ensures that students gain a valuable understanding of their Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate courses while also taking part in sports, arts, drama, day trips and social events all through the medium of Irish.

Each morning, students will attend Irish classes structured around the Junior or Leaving Certificate examinations. Ashfield College has a long and proud tradition of preparing students for these daunting exams and we believe that a combination of expert teaching and excellent class notes are amongst the secrets to success. Particular focus will be given to the importance of the Aural and Oral components of the exams. In the afternoon, students will take part in a variety of sports, fitness programmes, arts & drama and music while in the evening the main focus is on concerts, day trips, ceilis, quizzes and cinema nights. This is all done through the medium of Irish and is supervised by our teachers.

Foireann / Sta
Ashfield College is renowned for its dedicated and experienced teachers. All teachers are qualified under the Department of Education and Teaching Council regulations in addition to being uent or native Irish speakers.

+353 (0)1 490 40 50 info@asheldcollege.ie

www.asheldcollege.ie Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland.


Rialacha / Rules
1. To ensure that parents and students get full value from the course we insist that all students speak Irish at all times. This rule is strictly enforced by our teachers and cinniri from the moments students arrive. Students who do not co-operate in this regard will be dismissed from the course with no refund of fee. 2. Students must remain within their designation groups at all times and may not leave the college at any time without prior written parental permission. 3. The use of mobile phones, iPods and laptops is not permitted on the course. Students must turn o these electronic items and either leave them at home or with our secretary every morning. 4. Smoking and the consumption or possession of alcoholic drink is strictly forbidden. 5. Any incidents of bullying, vandalism or misbehaviour will result in immediate expulsion from the course with no refund of fee.

Junior Course - Junior Certificate

(1st, 2nd and 3rd year students)

July 9th to 13th.

(Monday to Friday, 10.30 am to 6.00 pm)

Senior Course - Leaving Certificate

(4th and 5th year students)

July 16th to 20th.

(Monday to Friday, 10.30 am to 6.00 pm)

Benets of the course

Highly structured and organised courses without the stress of leaving home Expert Ashfield College notes and exam preparation Experienced teachers and Principal Students progress at their own pace Mock Aural and Oral examinations Central south side location Low student/teacher ratio Exciting supervised day trips Regular updates for parents on their son / daughters progress Final report from our teachers detailing students grade

+353 (0)1 490 40 50 info@asheldcollege.ie

www.asheldcollege.ie Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland.

Dr. Stiofn OMordha

Dr. Stiofn OMordha is an Irish, Physical Education and History teacher. He is also a part-time lecturer with the School of Sports Studies at the University of Ulster, Jordanstown. He has co-authored several papers on Irish history and has presented at various teaching and national conferences including the Sports History of Ireland (2010), the ELSTA National Teaching Convention (2010) and at the GAAs 125th Anniversary Celebrations in 2009. He is a uent Irish speaker and has been principal of Gaeltacht courses in Galway for the past seven years.

Teagmhil / Contact
Seoladh/Address: Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland. Fn /Telephone: (0)1 490 40 50 Romhphost /Email: info@ashfieldcollege.ie www.asheldcollege.ie

Bushy Park
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Cypress Grove

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Springeld Avenue

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I spent two summers on Irish courses with Stiofn and by the end my Irish results had improved 3 grades, and it was all done through his action packed fun courses! - Emma Ni Chaolla



. ue Rd
Old Bridge Road



Bu ereld Avenue

+353 (0)1 490 40 50 info@asheldcollege.ie

www.asheldcollege.ie Main Street, Templeogue, Dublin 6W, Ireland.

Foirm Gheallna
Seoladh: Dta Breithe: Crsa: Fn: L / Daytime - Mthair: Oiche / Evening: Mthair Mobile:

Lon gach ranng den fhoirm (Please complete all sections of the form) Ainm an Scolire (As Gaeilge):

L / Daytime - Athair:

Ainm Teagmhil / Contact Name: Athair Mobile: Ainm Teagmhil / Contact Name: Uimhir Fn Pca: I gcs nach mbeidh t ar fail I rith an chrsa c rachaidh in loco parentis duit? In the case of you not being available during the course, who will act in loco parentis? Ainm / Name: Seoladh / Address: L / Daytime: Soghluaiste / Mobile: (Please make loco parentis aware that they are named) Riachtanais Beath / Slinte / Riachtanais Specialta Oideachtais Dietary Requirements / Health / Special Educational Needs Ainm an Dochtra / Doctors Name: Seoladh an Dochtra / Doctors Address: Rail na gaeilge Crsa Sinsearach

Tuigim go gcuirfear mo phiste abhaile lithreach Ashfield an Ghaeltacht sa Bhaile ma labhraionn se / si Bhearla go leannach ar an chursa. Tuigim freisin go gcuirfear mo phiste abhaile m t briseadh mr ar an smacht ann. Tuigim nach bhfaighidh m aon chuid den tille ar ais m chuirtear mo phiste abhaile. Tuigim freisin gur g mo phiste a bhaili lithreach n gcrsa m tharlaonn amhlaidh. I understand that if my student is continiously speaking English that it will result in his/ her immediate dismissal from Ashfield Gaeltacht at Home. I understand that if my Student is dismissed from the course they must be collected promptly from Ashfield College and there will be no refund of fee.

Sni / Signed: Tuismitheoir/Maor (Parent/Guardian) Dta / Date:

Sni Dalta (Student)