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MBS (metal building software) and STAAD (structural analysis and design software) with SAP R/3

At Interarch, we have two engineering softwares MBS and STAAD, which are used to estimate, plan;. All the material components are divided into broad categories as below:

Type of material used for Buildings Built up (mm Plates) 4 6 . . 50 Key points 1. Conversion factor is fixed 2. MRP will be run once a month only 3. MPE for individual job card and for the total number of job cards in a
month 4. Visibility of MPE to the PPC will be decided by engineer

Cold form (mm Plates) 1.6 1.75 . . 2

Cladding (mm Plates) 0.5 0.6 . . 2

Hardware (No.)

Bought out (As per material) Nuts & bolt Insulations Anchor bolt Puff panel TV DIP

Current System
Interarch is currently working on three stage process as discussed in the interface meeting, which are as follows: Stages 1. Bidding Stage 2. Job Stage 3. Production Stage

1. Bidding stage
This stage starts with the basic cost and quantity estimation determination for bidding process, which are calculated using two engineering softwares MBS and STAAD.



Generate Text file output which contains details of parts required to create the building (Project) along with its quantity and weight and all relevant specifications. MBS is used to generate all types of material requirement (Built Up, Cold form, Cladding, Hardware and Bought out), where as the STAAD is used for specific type project where the complexity is more and it generates only the Built up material requirement.

This Output gives the basic estimation details in terms of cost and quantity.

2. Job stage
This stage consists of two sub stages, which are engineering and procurement stage. Engineering stage Steps: 1. GA drawings approvals 2. Planning drawings approvals 3. MPE 4. PPC 5. Final approval Procurement Stage Steps: 1. Shop detail drawings 2. Detailed drawings a. BOM b. BOQ 3. Cut list

3. Production stage
Not discussed

Interface Data Flow DATA