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Published Quarterly Vol.

27, No 2 Summer 2012


From the President

Greetings, Summer is in full swing in my neck of the woods. Flowers are blooming, my garden is thriving. Its time to kick back, enjoy a cool glass of iced tea or lemonade, sit by the pool and enjoy a good book, or roast some marshmallows around the bonfire. Funny, I know. Who has time for all these leisurely activities? We seem to always be going, going and doing, doing. I know its not feasible to enjoy a little time to yourself every day; but for my mental health, Im trying to do something enjoyable once a week. Usually, it involves a bonfire on a Saturday night with my husband in our back yard. Why not set aside a little time for yourself and your loved ones every week. This time of year also brings dangers for our pets; fireworks, barbeques, thunderstorms and heatstroke are a few that come to mind. Its the perfect time of year to help educate other pet owners out there that while summer can be fun, it can also be dangerous. A little client education goes a long way. I dont have a lot to report this time around. As usual, I want to ask that if you have an idea for an article, a tech tip, or anything news-worthy; please contact our Newsletter Editor, Josh Clark . We are always looking for exciting things to add to the newsletter, and money is paid for articles. Even something simple can be included. Yesterday, my clinic put on our annual Charity Yard Sale. While I dont know the exact total as of this writing, we raised nearly $1,000 for a local charity. Anything of this sort can be included. I know I smile when I read something like this.

The IVTA Executive Board is forming committees to begin working on rewriting our Constitution and also revamping our website and are looking for IVTA members willing to volunteer some of their time to serve on these committees. If you have anything to add to these committees, please contact Maggie Lump or Josh Clark. Any feedback is welcome. With that, I wish you a sunburn-free summer, Sarah Price, BS, RVT IVTA President ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Table of Contents 2012 IVTA Officers..............2 Upcoming CE Opportunities .............2 IVTA Executive Board Meeting Minutes....3 BOAH Message from the State Veterinarian.......4 Update from the IVMA.............4 Bloomington Veterinary Clinic Charity Event5 IVTA Campus Visits..5 An Update from the BMC-SB Vet Tech Program........6 An Update from the Purdue Vet Tech Program...7 Purdue Fall Conference...7 ARTICLE: Giving Back Pays Off.8 Fall Conference Golf Outing...........8 AAHA NewStat...9 IVTA Committee Callout!.........9 Indiana Horse Racing Commission......10 IVTA 2012 Membership Application.....11

2012 IVTA Officers

President Sarah Price 1296 S Haslers Rd Bloomfield, In 47424 812-381-4546 joseybug@yahoo.com President-Elect Margaret (Maggie) Lump VAD, Lynn 625 Harrison St W. Lafayette, IN 47907 765-494-7618 mlump@purdue.edu Past President Vacant Executive Secretary Kay Knox 2349 Meadow Spring Circle Columbus, OH 43235 614-389-2050 kknox@Butlerschein.com Assistant Exec. Secretary Janelle Newton 2715 Deming St Terre Haute, IN 47803 812-238-9691 jnlvt@hotmail.com Recorder Marianne Dosmann 103 S Maple St North Liberty, In 46554 574-656-8040 mdosmann@brownmackie.edu District 1 Representative Christine Waddell 960 Sherwood Lake Dr Schererville, IN 46375 219-487-9044 cwaddell78@yahoo.com Bobbie Kaufman 709 E St. LaPorte, IN 46350 219-851-4360 bkvettech@comcast.net District 2 Representatives Amber Illingworth 60576 Cr 19 Goshen, In 46528 574-533-2931 amberillingworth@yahoo.com Jennifer Harman 54296 Maple Lane Ave South Bend, IN 46635 574-271-8792 jharman@brownmackie.edu District 3 Representatives Melissa Moore 4109 Evard Rd Fort Wayne, In 46835 260-492-6482 melissamoorervt@yahoo.com Patricia Howey 165 Court St. New Haven, IN 46774 260-450-2659 trish105646774@yahoo.com District 4 Representatives Josh Clark VAD, Lynn 625 Harrison St W. Lafayette, IN 47907 765-496-7770 clark19@purdue.edu Peggy Watson 7034 N 300 E Battleground, In 47920 765-567-4949 cactuscandypaw@yahoo.com District 5 Representative Beth Basar 3225 Dogwood Circle N Dr Indianapolis, In 46268 317-757-5144 baskiles@gmail.com Holly McCallip 2637 Senators Way Indianapolis, IN 46217 317-736-9246 indiana397@sbcglobal.net District 6 Representative Angel Pritt Po Box 40 Sellersburg, In 47172 502-468-9213 snwangl71@yahoo.com Debra Meyer 1642 S Oakdale DR Bloomington, IN 47403 317-590-3480 bradanddebbiemeyer@sbcglobal.net Newsletter Editor Josh Clark VAD, Lynn 625 Harrison St W. Lafayette, IN 47907 765-496-7770 clark19@purdue.edu Spring Meeting Research Coordinator Karen Rash 9869 E 900 N Wilkinson, IN 46186-9625 765-737-6722 Rash_Karen_S@Lilly.com IVTA Website/Social Media Coordinator Margaret (Maggie) Lump VAD, Lynn 625 Harrison St W. Lafayette, IN 47907 765-494-7618 mlump@purdue.edu

Upcoming CE Opportunities

Pacific Veterinary Conference June 28-July 1 San Francisco, CA http://www.pacvet.net/default.asp AVMA Convention 2012 August 3-7, 2012 San Diego, CA http://www.avmaconvention.org/ avma12/public/enter.aspx 33rd Annual Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference & Expo August 11-15, 2012 Louisville, KY http://www.conferenceoffice.com/ aav/2012/main_12.html Purdue Veterinary Medicine 2012 Fall Conference September 18-21, 2012 West Lafayette, IN http://www.vet.purdue.edu/2012 fallconference/index.php

IVTA Executive Board Meeting Minutes Conference Call April 19th, 2012
Attendees: Sarah Price, Josh Clark, Kay Knox, Debbie Meyer, Amber Illingworth, Holly McCallip Treasurers Report: None given. Membership Update: As of April 19, 2012, the IVTA had 147 members. Spring Columbus CE Meeting: Maggie talked to Susan Pedigo today regarding the Spring CE meeting coming up May 12. Susan needs to know how many people are signed up for the meeting. Deadline for registration is April 28. She will need to give the catering people an estimate of how many will be attending fairly soon. Susan also needs to know if IVTA had received a check from Midwest for the sponsorship. Currently, there is only one person registered for the event. Josh will send out an email with the registration info again to encourage more people to register. A discussion was held regarding giving discounts to vet tech students. For now, since we have so few registrations, we feel we should not offer a discounted rate to students. In the future, the IVTA would like to offer CE events and give students and IVTA members a discount on the registration cost as a benefit if IVTA membership. A motion was made that if a minimum of 10 people had not signed up by May 1, then the CE event will be cancelled. Amber moved. Josh 2nd. Motion passed. Josh moved to not give students a discount for this meeting this year. Holly 2nd. Motion passed PVM Fall Conference: Maggie talked with Marti Burns yesterday regarding the Purdue Fall conference. Marti would like an answer by the end of this week on whether we would like a speaker or not during our IVTA luncheon. And if so, who we want to speak so that it can be included on the website and publications. Marti suggested several speakers who were going to be talking at the conference that were willing to talk at our IVTA luncheon. Dr. Alan Cannedy from North Caroline State University could speak on Working with Diverse Populations or Bianca Zenor with Hills could speak on a nutritionrelated topic.

After discussion, Josh moved to contact Marti and let her know wed like to have Bianca Zenor do a lunch talk. Amber 2nd. The motion passed. Hosting a CE event in Northern Indiana: Dr. Jolynn Rudman, the program director at Brown Mackie CollegeSouth Bend had been in contact with several IVTA board members about the possibility of holding a CE event on the Brown Mackie South Bend campus. This was discussed and board members like the idea but decided that, at this point, we needed to focus our energy on rebuilding the organization. The board feels that a priority of the IVTA should be to reach out to all of the AVMA accredited vet tech programs in the state and thought that holding CE events at the various program campuses would be a good way to generate more awareness of the IVTA among students and graduates from these programs. Committee Formation: The board decided to form two new committeesone to help with the creation of a new IVTA website and another to suggest revisions to the IVTA constitution. Maggie volunteered to chair the website committee and Josh volunteered to chair the constitution committee. Debbie and Amber volunteered to be on the website committee and Kay and Holly volunteered to be on the constitution committee. The board decided that it would be appropriate to have several other IVTA members (not board members) on each committee. After discussion it was decided that each committee should have a total of five people so we will need two IVTA members to volunteer to be on each committee (for a total of four volunteers). An email soliciting volunteers that explains the expectations and time commitment of committee participation will be sent out to the general membership. IBC visit: Maggie visited IBC Indianapolis and spoke to their office procedures class about professionalism and the roll of professional organizations. The instructor for the course, Rita Boeglin, is also the advisor for their student organization and she is very enthusiastic about having the students involved in their student organization. We talked about touching base with the student groups from all of the programs across the state, and potentially developing a student symposium much like what the vet students do with SAVMA. Credit Cards for CE/Dues: The board discussed the possibility of accepting credit cards for membership dues as members have brought this up when renewing their membership. The board would like to do this and decided that the website committee should take this into consideration when working on website revisions.

IVTA board meeting minutes cont. Website update: Maggie has acquired the website information from Melissa Moore, and will be editing the main page as necessary for announcements until the new website is designed. The former IVTA forum has been disabled because it was infiltrated with spam. In the future, the forum will be integrated into the website and set up so that spam will not be a problem. Maggie has also set up IVTA pages on the following social networks: LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups? home=&gid=4356917&trk=anet_ug_hm Twitter: @IN_VetTech; http://twitter.com/#!/ IN_VetTech Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/InVTA Maggie explained that any IVTA board members who were on Facebook could be set up as an administrator so board members can post announcements as IVTA rather than under their personal name. Maggie asked any board members who wished to have administrator access on the IVTA Facebook page to let her know. Until the IVTA website is rebuilt, we can use the social media pages as a temporary point of contact to disseminate information to members. There are links to Twitter and Facebook on the www.invta.org webpage, and LinkedIn will be there shortly. Spread the word so that folks know where to find us! A motion was made to adjourn the meeting, it was seconded and passed. The IVMA Board of Directors met on March 7, 2012, and conducted their yearly goal-setting session, facilitated by IVMA Executive Director Lisa Perius. The tops goals for the year include: Study Business Economic Issues Increase PR of Profession Increase Membership and Involvement in IVMA Assess and Coordinate Continuing Education for Members

Look for more to come in the months ahead as the IVMA Board of Directors, task forces, and committees work to implement the goal strategies for 2012. Currently we have established a Not-for-Profit Task Force that will be meeting later this month. The IVMA is on Facebook! If you are interested in joining, go to www.facebook.com/INVMA. We are almost at 600 fans! The IVMA Leadership Development Committee is launching a new leadership development program for 10 recent graduates in Indiana. The program is called The Power of 10 and is sponsored in part by Elanco. We are very excited about the development of this program in the months ahead! If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me at lisa@invma.org. I hope each of you has a terrific summer! Warm Regards, Lisa A. Perius Executive Director ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Update from the IVMA

Greetings from the IVMA! Thanks so much for the invitation to give you a brief update of the IVMA activities this spring. The IVMA is currently working on programming for the 129th Annual Meeting, January 31- February 3, 2013. We have planned some terrific continuing education for registered veterinary technicians. The meeting will be held at the Indianapolis Marriott East.

Message from the State Veterinarian

WHEN TORNADOES struck Southern Indiana on March 2, 2012, Hoosiers of all capacities quickly responded to help their neighbors. Employees here at the Indiana State Board of Animal Health responded as well, just as they had been trained. Shortly after the tornadoes left their damage, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security activated the states Emergency Operations Center (EOC) located at the Indiana Government Center in Indianapolis. As part of Indianas master plan, a BOAH staffer reports to the EOC to assist with agriculture and animal issues.

State Veterinarian Continued. Dr. Sandra Norman began contacting animal shelters and veterinarians in the affected area to assess animal issues. In that EOC role, her job was to coordinate any responses, as needed from the disaster area. Our Chief of Staff, Doug Metcalf, also assisted in the EOC in the days following the tornado, on alternating shifts. Throughout her time in the EOC, and the weeks following the tornadoes, Dr. Norman stayed in contact with the animal shelters in the area to find out if their needs for supplies and space were being met. The BOAH field veterinarians stationed in the area, Drs. Jim Hollis and Jodi Lovejoy, kept the central office abreast to the issues in their districts. All the affected counties were advised that BOAHs disaster response unit (the PETS Trailer) was available to establish a temporary shelter for up to 75 small animals. Ultimately, the five affected counties did not need the unit or other state-level assistance for animal issues. Were encouraged that, after 15 years of teaching and promoting the inclusion of animals in community and personal disaster planning, that Hoosiers have gotten the message. Beyond animal-specific support to the response efforts, BOAHs two-person public information team, made up of Denise Derrer and Janelle Thompson, also responded to assist the Indiana Department of Homeland Security with the Joint Information Center (JIC). These seasoned professionals assumed leadership roles for the states public outreach efforts in the JIC and EOC. They handled media calls from around the globe and wrote and edited printed materials. Newsletters were distributed to the disaster area to communicate with residents without power and access to media outlets about the assistance available. The coordinated efforts by the BOAH staff were greatly appreciated, and they reflected well on the countless hours of training our people have gone through to be prepared for situations just like the tornado disaster. I am proud that we were able to support our sister agency and the citizens of this state. Bret D. Marsh, DVM Indiana State Veterinarian

Bloomington Vet Clinic Holds Successful Charity Garage Sale

The practice at which Sarah Price (the current IVTA President) works, Combs Veterinary Clinic, in Bloomington, Indiana, hosted their 2nd Annual Charity Garage Sale on June 2, 2012. Donations of clothing, housewares and miscellaneous items were collected from staff members and clients. Staff members worked volunteer shifts to run the sale. The garage sale raised $1,674 and will be split between two charities: WildCare, Inc. and Hopkins Belize Humane Society. WildCare, Inc. is a local organization that provides care to sick and injured wildlife. Hopkins Belize Humane Society provides spay/ neuter services and animal care training to Hopkins Village in Belize and the surrounding area in Central America. From the Editor: If your place of employment participates in community service or charity events like these, feel free to send the IVTA a description of the event (along with some photos, if possible) so we can include them in the IVTA newsletter. See the story on page 8 about giving back to the local community.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IVTA Campus Visits

On April 13th president-elect Maggie Lump spoke to the Veterinary Office Procedures class at the Vet Tech Institute in Indianapolis. And on April 19th Maggie met with the Purdue Veterinary Technician Student Association at their last meeting of the semester before summer break. Maggie talked with both groups of students about ethics in veterinary medicine and what it means to be a professional in the field of veterinary technology. In addition, she introduced the students to the IVTA, and discussed the benefits of belonging to a professional organization. If you are a veterinary technology instructor and are interested in having an IVTA representative speak to your class or student organization please feel free to contact our newsletter editor, Josh Clark (clark19@purdue.edu).

An Update from the Veterinary Technology Program at Brown Mackie CollegeSouth Bend
Students from the Brown Mackie College - South Bend (BMC-SB) Veterinary Technology Program visited the Pet Refuge facility on Wednesday, March 16, 2012, as volunteers working to enrich the lives of several dogs. A team of four students walked their assigned dog for an extended time, providing both exercise and mental stimulation. The dogs at Pet Refuge may be confined for extended periods and have limited interactions with people. The student volunteer efforts reduce boredom and associated negative behaviors. The enrichment activities encouraged positive behaviors including leash walking. Student participants included Francesca Johnson, Angie DeVreese, Tiffinee Newcomer, and Sarah Grzesk. Weather cooperated permitting all participants to enjoy the event. Several of the Veterinary Technology students are volunteers at Pet Refuge. Following the enrichment more students expressed interest in volunteering. The students and SCNAVTA of BMC -SB hope to make group participation a monthly community service event.

Customers were happy with the baths and nail trims. One owner stated "on Saturday we took our geriatric golden lab, Sadie, to the dog wash at Brown Mackie. I want you to know that your students were VERY professional, courteous, and helpful. Though Sadie generally hates baths and nail clippings, she was comforted by your caring students. I simply want to commend you, your staff, and your students on a job WELL DONE!!!" Some owners look forward to the bi-annual event and bring their dogs each time. The dog wash was very successful and $200 was raised for the Marshall County Humane Society. Career Services has become actively involved in student preparations for their experiences in the field of veterinary medicine. Presentations have been added to veterinary technology classes preparing students for professional interactions and work site behaviors; especially important for those that have limited experience in veterinary practice clinical settings. As students prepare for externships, Career Services presents a review of professional expectations and discusses interview skills and job searches. Resume writing and the development of post graduation career goals are included. These efforts support improved graduate preparations and placements. Community support and recognition of BMC-SB Veterinary Technology Program is positive and strong.

The bi-annual Dog Wash was held Saturday, June 2, 2012. Nine students volunteered their time to bathe and trim nails on dogs that came in from the community. In addition to these services, homemade dog biscuits and dog tags were available for purchase as part of the fund raising event. The proceeds from the event were directed to support the Marshall County Humane Society.

An Update from the Veterinary Technology Program at Purdue University

We just completed year 2 of our roll out of the revised integrated VT BS degree program. Years 2, 3, and 4 of the BS degree curriculum were extensively revised to increase clinical contact time in the Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital, enhance problem-solving and decision-making skills, and to strengthen the medical and science knowledge components of veterinary nursing. Year 3 rollout will begin this Fall 2012 with rollout of the final Year 4 beginning in Fall 2013. Whereas the previous BS degree curriculum had no rotations through the Veterinary Teaching Hospital after Year 3 (Years 2 and 3 are the Associate Degree curriculum core; Year 1 is the general education courses needed for the BS degree, Year 4 is the technologist level education), the revised BS curriculum has full day rotations once a week in the Fall of Year 4 and a Senior Project capstone course in the Spring of Year 4. The Senior Project capstone course is designed to allow a student to focus on a clinical or research area of their interest to better prepare them to enter a referral hospital, emergency care facility, research facility, or other area of the VT profession in which more extensive knowledge and experience can be an advantage. Because of the rotations in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital during the post-AS degree portion of the BS degree curriculum, the number of students in the post-AS degree portion of the curriculum will also be capped at 30, just like the AS degree. While most of those 30 slots will be taken up by Purdue students who were originally admitted to the BS degree in Year 1, there are anticipated to be 5-7 slots per year for graduates of other AVMA accredited VT programs to participate in the postAS degree BS curriculum. Entry into this part of the program will be by a competitive admission process. Applications for the Fall 2013 entry into the post-AS degree BS curriculum will begin in Fall 2012 with interviews conducted in January 2013. Offers of admission will be extended in mid spring and are contingent upon the candidate completing his or her VT program with a GPA above a 2.50 before classes start. Questions about admission into the post-AS degree BS curriculum at Purdue can be directed to Jamie Walsh at schoenbj@purdue.edu. Dr. Pete Bill Director, Veterinary Technology Program

Please join us for the Purdue Veterinary Medicine 2012 Fall Conference. This year's conference is back on Purdue's campus where it belongs! All conference sessions and special events will be held at various campus locations. The annual conference is designed to provide Continuing Education (CE) opportunities to the entire veterinary team. There will be new workshops and special events to enhance your conference experience. Be sure to explore all the speakers and topics to maximize your CE fulfillment. For the most current schedule, newly added events, photos and descriptions of speaker sessions, please check the conference website regularly. www.vet.purdue.edu/fallconference The following are some of the highlights of the 2012 Fall Conference that may be of particular interest to veterinary technicians. On Wednesday, Sept. 19 there will be an IVTA luncheon that will offer a CE presentation by Dr. Bianca Zenor from Hills Pet Nutrition. When registering for the Fall Conference be sure to indicate you will be attending the luncheon and include the $12 along with the rest of your registration. On Wednesday, Sept 19 there will be two different vet tech tracks along with a separate professional development track. On Thursday, Sept. 20 there will be a vet tech track related to vet tech specialties. On Friday, Sept. 21 there are several different workshops in which vet techs can participate. One workshop is related to vet tech specialties and will focus on ECG interpretation. Another workshop will focus on the placement of a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube. The other is an all day Clinical Pathology workshop. This workshop is open to DVMs and veterinary technicians. The topic of the workshop will be hematology and will focus specifically on blood smear evaluation and associated CBC data.


Giving Back Pays Off

By Tom MacDonald,CVMP

Editors note: This article originally appeared in the March 2012 issue of VHMA Practice Pulse and is reprinted here with the permission of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA).
In an economic environment of flat revenues and declining visits, building client loyalty can be one of the most productive activities we do on a weekly basis. Assuming your practice already provides excellent care and your clients understand the value of your services, what else is there that can build client loyalty? Think local. Is your practice reaching out and engaging your community? Consider creating a Community Outreach Program. The idea is simplegive something back to the community your practice benefits from. I know youre already busy enough, so delegate an interested team member to be your Program Director. Establish the program purpose, such asto engage your community and increase loyalty, then, Set two to five goals for the program. This could include increasing public awareness, raising funds for charities, or portraying a positive image of the practice. Now you can develop activities to achieve these goals. Heres a short list of ideas that you can start with: Choose a number of local and regional charities to assist through the year. Give people a reason to visit your practice by always having a charity on your plate.and tell your clients about it. This years heartworm season were raising funds for the Farley Foundation...maybe the extra push to bring your clients in. Alternately, having a pet food drive may bring them in at Christmas time. Charities that you want to support, but cant financially assist, can still be featured on your web site in your Links/Friends area. Visit your local schools or daycare centers. A well-trained team member who likes youngsters can give pet care or career path talks. Visit local hospitals, retirement homes and daycares with a staff members Good Citizen certified pet. Have your logo imprinted on the dogs vest.

Identify local neighborhood associations and submit articles to their newsletters. Put your hospitals stamp on national and worldwide public awareness events. For example, to recognize Earth Day on April 22, write an article on Green Pet Ownership or on how youve become a greener hospital. You can visit the VHMA website for suggestions for your hospitals Green Initiatives. Participate and encourage your team to take part in your local Doggie Fest events or Humane Society fundraisers. You cant deny the altruistic benefits of community assistance. Planning and participating in these activities is also lots of fun and quickly develops a strong sense of accomplishment with your team. Prominently show your brand, take lots of pictures and video, and tell everyone about it with your website and social media. In short time, your clients, their friends and neighbors will appreciate your charitable community view, and perhaps connect with you just a little bit more. Stand tall, reach out, and be recognized in your community! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fall Conference Golf Outing

Calling all veterinary technicians that play golf! Is anyone interested in putting together a foursome for the Purdue Fall Conference golf outing? It will be on Tuesday, September 18th at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex Ackerman Hills course. Cost is $95 per person to benefit the Indiana Animal Health Foundation. Registration and brunch at 11:30 am, and shotgun start at 12:30. If you are planning on participating, contact Maggie Lump (mlump@purdue.edu) so we can represent IVTA! Visit the Purdue Vet conference website for more details: http://www.vet.purdue.edu/2012fall conference/special-events.php#golf

Call Out for IVTA Member Participation

As you may have read in the Executive Board meeting minutes from page three, the Executive Board has formed two new committees and would like several volunteers from the general membership to participate on each committee. In an effort to improve communication throughout our organization IVTA has targeted several areas that are in need of improvement. One of which is better utilization of our web site www.invta.org. In order to accomplish this, a committee has been formed that will look into costs and options for redesigning the website. The hope is that we can have a website that is easy to navigate, user friendly for our board members to update, can integrate with social media to keep the most up-to-date information at hand, and provide our members with useful features such as job boards, online membership renewal, and an upcoming events calendar. At this point we are looking for members who are interested in assisting with the information gathering process. No website experience is necessary. If you are interested becoming a member of this committee please contact the committee chair, Maggie Lump (mlump@purdue.edu). Or, if you have any thoughts on what you would like to see on the IVTA website, please do not hesitate to contact Maggie and share your ideas. The other committee is in charge of reviewing and proposing revisions to the IVTA constitution. Article VIII of the IVTA constitution states that appointees of the Executive Board Shall review the Constitution at five year intervals. It has been longer than five years since this has been done so the Executive Board is forming a committee to evaluation the constitution and propose revisions. We are currently looking for members who would be interested in serving on this committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, you can contact Josh Clark (clark19@purdue.edu), the committee chair. The time commitment would be minimal as most of the work would be done with committee members communicating via email and possibly a telephone conference call.

Staff Concerns Top List of Issues for Veterinary Professionals

From AAHAs NewStatAmid a slew of professional struggles ranging from inventory management to exit strategy and gross income, veterinary professionals say that establishing a healthy work environment for staff tops the list of issues that keep them up at night. This is according to a recent survey by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association (VHMA), which asked workers in the practice management field the question, "What keeps you awake at night?" Staff training, staff scheduling, and staff relations topped the list of issues veterinary professionals said they worried about most. "The results provide insights into the industry topics that will require attention over the coming months and years," the VHMA said in releasing the survey results. Respondents also indicated profit margin, burnout, and client retention as additional key concerns. Worries varied between types of respondents. Among practice and office managers, issues such as staff training, profit margin, cash flow and staff relations topped the list, while 30 percent of associate veterinarians indicated client retention as their chief concern. Staff relations also dominated the concerns of hospital administrators, while 47 percent of practice owners indicated profit margin as their top concern. "While those in management positions may fret about how to provide the resources to offer training, employees are interested in ensuring that opportunities to enhance their skills are available," the VHMA said about the survey. The VHMA asked about a variety of issues ranging from profit margin, cash flow, budget management and gross income to maintaining policies and procedures, inventory management and controls, employee theft/shrinkage, and marketing efforts. By first identifying key issues facing veterinary professionals, Executive Director Christine Shupe, CAE says the VHMA plans to find ways of addressing top practice management concerns facing the industry.

The Indiana Horse Racing Commission (IHRC) is looking for highly motivated individuals to work in the equine testing program. Individuals must be available to work evenings, weekends and holidays during the racing season April to November. Positions are available in Anderson or Shelbyville, IN IHRC is seeking Veterinarian Technicians for the Racing Season Qualifications: Possess a valid Veterinary Technician license in good standing in the State of Indiana. Graduate of Purdue University Veterinary Technology Program or an equivalent program through an accredited college/university. Hands-on experience with large animals, preferably horses, is desired. Knowledge of IHRC rules and regulations to conform to the Commissions regulatory role related to protecting the integrity of horse racing in Indiana; preferred Broad knowledge of basic laboratory techniques and equipment such as centrifuges and autoclaves. Basic knowledge of chemistry, common laboratory procedures and terminology associated with assigned work in a laboratory. Knowledge of laboratory organization and policies. Ability to obtain biological samples from animal subjects.

To apply for this opportunity visit www.in.gov/spd, click apply now, reference Job Opening ID 577903 via the advanced search Assistance: 1-855-ASK-INHR opt #2 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER



Last name: Address: City: Area Code Phone State: Zip: RVT # First name: Maiden:

County (not country!)

Email address? (Please print clearly!)

Graduate of: Hospital/Employer Address City: Area Code Phone State: Zip:


NOTE: From time to time, the IVTA is asked to provide pre-printed mailing labels to veterinary clinics wishing to hire an RVT. Labels may also be provided for purposes of advertising continuing education events. The IVTA WILL NOT provide labels for any other advertising purpose. If you prefer the IVTA does not include your mailing address with these labels, please check the following:

Please do not include my address when providing mailing labels to prospective employers or sponsors of CE events.

Membership status: (check one!) 1 $35 Active In State Member 1 $35 Active Out of State Member 1 $30 Associate Member
Make check or money order payable to: IVTA Mail to: IVTA 2349 Meadow Spring Circle Columbus, OH 43235 614-264-0023 or 614-389-2050 indianavta@yahoo.com Membership applications must be received by March 1, 2012 in order to ensure notice of the Spring Newsletter publication! QUESTIONS? CONTACT US! indianavta@yahoo.com www.invta.org
REGISTERED VETERINARY TECHNICIAN (RVT) shall be defined as a person who is currently Registered with the Health Professions Bureau in the State of Indiana. Persons who are not registered as such must consider themselves non-Registered. ACTIVE IN-STATE membership shall be defined as any Registered Veterinary Technician (Article III. Section II #1) who resides in the State of Indiana. Active members in good standing (Article IV, Section 1, #3) shall also have the right to hold office providing criteria set by the Executive Board are met. ACTIVE OUT-OF-STATE membership shall be defined as any Registered Veterinary Technician (Article III, Section II. #1) who lives outside the state of Indiana. This member has the right to vote and pay dues, but does not have the right to hold office. ASSOCIATE members are Veterinary Technicians who are not registered with the Health Professions Bureau, veterinary hospital employees, veterinarians, and, veterinary clinics. Associate members cannot vote or hold an office in the Association. They will be assessed lower dues than active members.