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Data Methods Data The data of this research is the sentences containing metaphors in the news articles of The

Jakarta Post, which is the source of this research. Those sentences are taken from various section of the newspaper. The sections chosen for this research are lifelines, art and culture, and people. Methods There wont be any experiment and elicitation in studying metaphors found on the articles of The Jakarta Post because they have already existed, then it is easy to naturally observe them to solve the problems drawn here. Contextual analysis would be used to solve these problems, especially in explaining the meaning metaphors have in these articles. Structural analysis would be used in describing the forms of metaphors and their functions. The data is collected by listing the metaphors found in the articles of The Jakarta Post. Then, they are grouped based on the type they belong. Analysis will be described on every type of the metaphors found in the articles of The Jakarta Post. _____________________________________________________________________ Method of Research The method used in this study is library research. Researcher collected the primary and secondary data by this way. The primary data is the novel entitled The Color Purple written by Alice Walker. The novel was read. Through the analysis of Cellies behavior, thought, and statement, the researcher can infer her personality as portrayed by Walker. Besides, in the novel, how her family is, both her childhood family and family after marrying her husband, Mr.__., can be easily found. By this way, Cellies character as the protagonist in The Color Purple and the domestic affair influencing her character can be found and explained analytically. The secondary data is the psychological explanation found in the related literature. It gives explanation to the condition of domestic affair in the reality. The primary and the secondary data are all considered important in this research.

Then, the findings are related to the theory of domestic affair, either family or marriage. Since, the community in this novel is African-American community, then, this background would be taken a part in influencing the domestic affair. Those are the method of analyzing the data. ________________________________________________________________________ Methodology Methods of the researcher will use is qualitative method by showing some words and literary study to support this research. Data analysis will be presented in this paper and the researcher will select some words which are support the statement. The data of the research consist of words, phrase in the SL and TL. The data were gathered from both versions English and Indonesian. Maleong (2001:103) as written in (Harsianti:2010) says that data analysis is a process of organizing and classifying the data into a pattern, category, and basic units of analysis in order to find a theme and to formulate working hypothesis as the data suggest. In details, the steps for collecting and analyzing data were used by the researcher were as follows: a. Reading the bilingual book story, b. Noting carefully Spanish words, phrases and sentences written by the translator in the bilingual book, c. Checking what has been written in the data sheets and reading the bilingual book story again, d. Reducing, classifying and categorizing the data, e. Analyzing the data ________________________________________________________________________ Methodology In this research, data were collected from the dialogue of the script of My Sisters Keeper. The data were collected by reading the whole script, while briefly classified them.

Later, they were analyzed descriptively with considering their contexts in the dialogue. The analysis was also connected to the theory which had been done by referring to certain theory proposed by linguists studying pragmatics