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Installing Epi Info 6

Version 6.04d

What you need Epi Info installation files, available from www.cdc.gov/epiinfo/epi6.htm o Epi604_1.exe o Epi604_2.exe o Epi604_3.exe


An Epi Info 6.04d Installation CD-ROM

To Begin (using the 3 downloaded files) Go to My Computer, click File | New | Folder to create new folder. Name it Epitemp From CDCs website above, download the 3 executable files to the Epitemp folder. Double-click on each file to execute it, which causes it to extract (uncompress) its files. When prompted Continue extraction? type Y After all 3 files have been executed, find the Install.exe file and double click it On your screen, Welcome to Epi Info 6.04 will appear When asked to indicate source drive, type: C (it may be entered for you already)

To Begin (using CD-ROM) Place CD in your computers CD-ROM drive. Click on Start, then Run, and type in d:\install.exe (where d: is the CD-ROM drive; if your CD-ROM drive is e: or f:, substitute the appropriate letter for d:) On your screen, Welcome to Epi Info 6.04 will appear When asked to indicate source drive, type: D (if your CD-ROM drive is not D: then substitute the appropriate letter) Follow On-Screen Directions When asked to indicate destination drive, type: C When asked if the drive has Floppy/Removable disks, type: N A box appears that says to press <Enter> for normal installation. Press <Enter> When asked if you would like to Install or Copy Epi Info, type: I Select Drivers Epi Info will attempt to select the appropriate video driver for your computer. Press <F4> to select this driver and continue with the installation. You will be asked to select a printer driver. If you know which printer you will be using, find it on the list and press the <Spacebar> to select it. If you arent sure

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which driver to select, type <F8> to select all drivers (they are small files and dont take up much disk space), then press <F4> to continue. Select Groups to Install A list of Epi Info groups to install will appear. For complete installation, you would want to install all of the listed groups (this is the default, and is recommended). If you decide not to install a group, highlight the group and press the <Spacebar>. Press <F4> to continue. Installation of the Groups Press <F4> again to continue the installation process. Epi Info will pull the appropriate files from the hard disk or CD to install. AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS Files A message will appear saying that the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files on your hard drive should contain certain instructions. You will be asked if it is OK to modify these files (it automatically backs up the original files, just in case). To modify the files (recommended, but not absolutely necessary), type: Y End of Installation At the end of the installation process, you will see a screen that provides information on how to place yourself on an Epi Info mailing list, if desired. IGNORE IT, as it is outdated. Press <ENTER> to leave the Epi Info installation process. You will see a DOS-like screen that indicates that the installation is complete. You are given further directions on how to run Epi Info. To leave this area, click on the X in the upper right corner of the window. Creating an Epi Info Icon On the Windows Desktop screen, double click on My Computer icon. Double click on the C: icon. Double click on the Epi6 icon. Double click on the Setup icon. This will create an Epi6 icon. If desired, you may drag the Epi6 Menu icon onto the Windows desktop. Click on OK button when given the message that Your group(s) have been successfully installed.

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Opening Epi Info in Full Screen Mode (Optional, but makes it easier on the eyes!) With your mouse, RIGHT click on the Epi 6 Menu icon Click on the Properties tab Click on the Screen tab Click on the Full Screen option Next, click on the Program tab If the Close on exit box has not been checked, left click on its check box. Finally, click on the bottom OK box. Note: with some Windows operating systems (notably XP), this may not work. If that is the case, go back to the screen tab, and click on Window and then the OK box at the bottom. Even though Epi Info then initially appears within a Window, it usually can be forced to go to full screen by clicking on Epi Infos Programs menu and selecting Analysis, which will open in full screen mode. Pressing <F10> then returns you to Epi Infos main page.