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Find out about the history of youth culture, the fascinating secrets of 21-year old Billy Richards diary

and discover why A Load of Old Rubbish could be important! Interactive workshops Talks Quill pen writing and more

YOUTH HERITAGE CONFERENCE Organised by Nottinghamshire County Council (Nottinghamshire Archives) in partnership with Lakeside Arts Centre, the University of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Local History Association.

The event is free and includes light refreshments, but lunch must either be purchased at the Lakeside Caf or sandwiches may be eaten in the grounds.
Please Note
1 Booking is essential for the workshops. This must be done on arrival. You can book for one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon. They cannot be booked in advance The University of Nottingham Museum of Archaeology at Lakeside will be open throughout the day and staff can advise on exhibits and other aspects of archaeology During the lunch slot representatives of heritage projects will be available in Ground Floor Meetings Room 1

at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham Wednesday 18 July 2012, 10am - 4.30pm

Join us at this conference with a difference! If you are between 16 and 21 years old and interested in heritage come along to this unique event. It aims to bring together young people involved in archives, archaeology, arts, heritage, libraries, museums, community activities and lots more

The programme is subject to alteration at short notice

Book via Lakeside Arts Centre (Free Event) Telephone the Box Office: 0115 846 7777 Visit www.lakesidearts.org.uk

MAKE HISTORY HAPPEN! Youth Heritage Conference, Nottingham 18 July 2012 PROGRAMME
10.00 10.30 10.30 11.15

Ground Floor Performing Arts Studio

Register, welcome and introduction TALK: When Did Youth Happen? Professor Colin Heywood, University of Nottingham WORKSHOPS Local Studies Workshop Exploring old photographs and inspiring you to create your own photographic project

Ground Floor Meeting Room 1

Learning Studio

Weston Gallery

Upper Floor Visual Arts Studio

Upper Floor Meeting Room 2

11.15 12.15

Youth Projects Workshop Olympiad Journals & Community project

Exhibition Workshop Discover DH Lawrence: A Celebrity Image in the Making

Conservation Workshop Hands-on session preserving documents

Archives Workshop Write with a quill pen, use a chalk board and explore old handwriting

12.15 12.30 12.30 13.15 13.15 14.00

Pre-lunch conference update LUNCH TALK: A Load of Old Rubbish! Peter Hammond, local historian and archaeologist WORKSHOPS Handling Artefacts Workshop A Load of Old Rubbish: hands-on session on artefacts recovered in rubbish deposits and even the River Thames! REFRESHMENT BREAK TALK: The Life & Loves of Billy Richards Kathryn Rooke, Lancashire Record Office Conference summary and feedback

14.00 15.00

Heritage Workshop Exploring Riots & Protests: from the Luddites to 21st Century riots in Nottingham

Archaeology Workshop An introduction to the University Museum of Archaeology & Handling Session

Arts Workshop Reflecting on your Life & Times through Art

Creative Writing Workshop Over to You have your say about heritage, write about your life

15.00 15.15 15.15 16.00

16.00 16.30

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