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PERSONAL INFO Title Nationality Date of Birth Home Address Current Address Mobile E-Mail Family Military Syndicate Last Credential : : : : : : : : : : : Technical Sales Consultant Egyptian 10th of February, 1981 Cairo, Egypt, 11433 Khobar, Saudi Arabia, 31952 +966-504-687732 (KSA) +2-010-1771125 (Egypt) eng_ahmedkhaled@yahoo.com Married, 2 Children Finally exempted Engineering 48/8580 Cairo Project Management Professional (PMP)

SUMMARY OF EXPERIENCE Equipped with an extensive range of training course and solid practical experience to mesh the academic education with the level of detail engineering required by control systems project, able to provide the skill sets required to maintain, configure, commissioning, trouble shoot, and test various aspects of distributed control systems and emergency shutdown systems. The experience gained proved to be critical in the execution of the numerous projects carried out in different part of the world. A professional conduct has been adhered to meet all project schedules and deadlines. WORK EXPERIENCE Company Profile Current Job Title Started at Job Description : : : : : Invensys Operations Management Foxboro DCS/SCADA, Triconex SD Technical Proposals Consultant Jan 2004 (up to Now)

Proposals: Technical Proposals Consultant Reviewing tender/bid documents, client material requisition and drawings, relevant specifications. Initial assessment of ITB received from Client (including presentation of GO/No-GO for higher managements review) Attending job explanation meetings & site visits during bidding Analysing the real costs of the work items, management and labour. Manage and plan all estimating activities like material take off, man-hour calculation and consumable estimates. Reviewing tender/bid documents, specifications and drawings, perform quantity take-offs / detailed BOM, float enquiries to receive quotations for the materials & services, organizing bids for subcontract works and technical/commercial evaluation of Vendors & Subcontractors proposal. Preparing enquiries to receive quotations for the materials, services, subcontract works, specific to project needs, for estimation, if required. Identification and recording of the assumptions / exceptions / deviations made for the preparation of estimates. Client visit to access customer requirements at enquiry stage, attending pre bid meetings & clarifications of pre bid queries.

Last updated on May 2012

Attend and reply technical/commercial queries receiving from client regarding the bids submitted. Liaison with purchase, design, quality control & production department for various aspects related to job costing and to ensure the tender deadlines are met Preparing technical & commercial proposals in compliance with clients specifications. Presenting internal reviews to management to obtain approval for proposals. Participating in tender negotiations with clients. Post Project Award contract study, preparation of revised estimates based on agreed list of assumptions / qualifications and allocation of man-hours, estimated profit margin to the management. Analyse competitors activities in the assigned markets Monitoring & maintaining security of information & data. Prepare extra claims for additional scope of work during project execution & intimate to Project Department. Managing the full handover to the project team after award of a contract. Preparing the summary of technical issues and handing over complete documentation to engineering and project department, in case of an order arising from the bid. Update all Bid Proposals status and circulate to Management regularly.

Site: TASNEE (KSA) (IA 8.4.2, WIN-XP) Project SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in Jubail KSA for Commissioning and Start-Up including: Loop checks support and I\O configuration or changes. Applying modifications required for process start-up. Resolving software log problems. Maintaining interface with other control packages. System maintenance. SAT procedure supervision for final acceptance. Interlocks and functions operations support. Providing necessary support for commissioning and start-up. Site Resident Engineer (responsible for both Foxboro & Triconex systems) Carry on system maintenance procedures, health checks, and troubleshooting. Follow-up to close open issues since engineering. Perform the key function in between customer and Invensys business. Work with IOM development/technical support to resolve any system issues. Perform the consultation advises for systems upgrades and new products that may enhance the system performance and reflects on the total client profit and productivity. Project: E-Methanex (Egypt) (InFusion 1.1, WIN-2003 SERVER) Project technical leader for the engineering scope of supply. Work with business team to gather requirements, create specifications and develop new solutions or enhance existing applications. Setting, updating, and ensuring the continuous follow-up of project specifications. Manage all communications/correspondence related to the contract. Developing project prototype (for demonstration approval). Report of the potential project risks. Contribute to the team members training. Management of project engineering, project budget and man-hours, deliverables, correspondences, technical & administrative issues and follow-up (6 months). Project: CLASS (Egypt - Development) (InFusion 1.1, WIN-XP) Testing project implemented templates versus design specifications and control philosophy. Generating necessary problems reporting and suggested solutions. Project: TASNEE (KSA) (IA 8.3, WIN-XP) Project technical leader for the engineering scope of supply. Delivery and deployment of solutions (hardware, software and HMI), ensuring that they are on time, within budget and to the required quality standard.

Last updated on May 2012

Work with business team to gather requirements, create specifications and develop new solutions or enhance existing applications. Manage all communications/correspondence related to the contract. Report of the potential project risks. Contribute to the team members training. Setting, updating, and ensuring the continuous follow-up of project specifications. Ensure correct realization of the contract in terms of clients requirements and claims, performances, and quality of the deliverables. Projects are tracked ad monitoring against time, effort and cost. Effectively manage, and where necessary coach, direct reports, project team resources Consultative analysis and functional requirements are completed and document deliveries are met. Project Planning and communication is completed with the IPS BU (Invensys Italy), and external customers (Tecnimont Engineering Italy) regarding status, milestones, issue resolution and escalation. Technical leader for DCS/ESD on FAT (Bosco staging area Como Italy) for 3 months (Oct 2007 to Dec 2007).

Project: KCO-HVAC (Kazakhstan) (IA 8.0, WIN-XP) HVAC Unit (Implementation, and man-hours management) Implementation of design sequences and logics. Site: RAS-GAS (QATAR) (IA 6.5, UNIX) Commissioning support. Site: UGDC (Port Said/Damietta-Egypt) (IA 6.5, WIN-NT) Maintenance and Engineering Services (3 Months). Project: Bu-Hasa (UAE) (IA 8.0, WIN-XP) Implementation of the interlock logics. Designing the corresponding templates for repeated logics. Project/Site: SASOL-GTL (QATAR) (IA 7.1, WIN-XP) Implementation of F.T synthesis unit (ORYX-SASOL-UNIT30) Loop Extraction from Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID). Data Base Processing and building control loops using Foxboro I\A system blocks. Implementation of DCS Displays on Foxboro I\A Series (FOXDRAW). Dynamic Configuration of Static Displays (Block Configuration). Designing of new symbols and corresponding overlays. Typical Design for Repeated Simple & Complex Loops. Interlock Logic Implementation, cause & Effect and Trend Displays Communication with other control packages like Triconex (ESD), Bentley Nevada (OPC) and Machine Monitoring Systems (Serial Communication MMS). Implementation/testing of installed sequences in "Wax Filtration Package" on (FOX-SFC). Project FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in Rome-Italy (Foxboro SCADA staging area) for complete testing and applying the required extra modification by the client (6 months). Project first phase documentation in Milan-Italy (Invensys Systems Italy) (2 months) including project functional specification description FDS update, Loop Typical description, upgrading the control loops and logics implemented on IACC 2.0 Beta to 2.0 Release. Project SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in Ras Laffan-Qatar (ORYX-GTL) (10 months) for Commissioning and Start-Up including: Loop checks support and I\O configuration or changes. Applying modifications required for plant commissioning and start-up. Resolving software log problems. System components maintenance and backups. SAT procedure support for final acceptance.

Last updated on May 2012

Company Profile Job Title Period Job Description

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Compu Tronix Automation. PC based Automation and Control. SCADA and Process Simulation Designer. From Aug 2003 TO Jan 2004

PC based SCADA System Design. Computer Based Training CBT Development Process Simulation Based Training PSBT Development Process and Control Station PCS Development Implementation of different processes using the mathematical modeling (Process Simulation) on VB6 like Gravity Drained Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Air/Fuel Ratio Heaters.

CERTIFICATES Engineering Bachelor Degree, Electronics and Communication Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University (2003) ** o Cumulative Grade: Very Good o Graduation Project Grade: Excellent Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Institute, Inc. License No. 1503780 since April 2012 valid through April 2015

LANGUAGE SKILLS Mother Language: Arabic. Fluent Read, Written and Spoken: English. PERSONAL SKILLS Dependable and conscientious - accurate at detail work. Highly effective in communicating with engineers and technicians, and translating scientific information into everyday language. Sincerely enjoy the challenge of providing high-quality direct service to clients. Can be trusted to handle end-user complaints diplomatically and effectively. Highly inquisitive, creative and resourceful. Goal oriented. Enthusiastic and committed to maintain quality and efficiency. Expert trouble-shooter and problem solver. Committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

JOB OBJECTIVE Find the opportunity to utilize my experiences and improve my skills in a reputable company in order to be significant to its success.

** Certificates are available upon request

Last updated on May 2012