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Barmash was set up in 1976 as Construction Machinery Repair Factory mainly dealing with maintenance and repair service

of machinery, shop equipment, heavy machinery and manufacturing some technical details, parts and metal structures for last 30 years. In 1992, the company restructured into Barmash LLC via privatization, which deals with manufacture, installment, repair service of small and medium sized equipments for gold processing, repair and leasing of excavator, bulldozer, heavy machinery, as well as rental service of factory building and office.

Barmash LLC owns a workshop with 7100 sq.m floor space designated for all kinds of manufacturing, a metal processing workshop with lathe, different machineries and equipment for metal details manufacturing, as well as repair workshop for repair service of mining machinery and equipment. Located on Chinggis Avenue in Khan Uul district, companys 4 floor office building offers 3,500 sq.m space in total for rental. Conveniently located in least congested area of UB, our property includes: meeting hall (400 m 2), parking space for 50-60 vehicles, 24/7 security, fast internet, pleasant and spacious environment. Barmash employs about 30 employees mainly consisted of lathe, turner operator, welder, milling machine operator, equipment mechanic and qualified fitters with many years experience.

Supporting foreign investment in Mongolia, the company cooperates with well-known foreign companies on manufacturing, service and rental. Cooperating with larger foreign investors companies on mining and geology exploration since 1997 when the Gold program started to be implemented in Mongolia, Barmash LLC deals with logistics and leasing of heavy machinery, equipment and provides a qualified human resource. The company has set up its subsidiary Talbulag Trade LLC in 2000, and is successfully dealing with placer gold mining in Bayankhongor province for last 7 years. Talbulag Trade has manufactured about 10 portable hydro-sluice scrubbers by new technology (800-1000m3) for placer gold mining dedicated for catching fine grained gold, in conformity with countrys geology condition, and has supplied to gold mining companies at order and is carrying out of their maintenance and repair. Also, the subsidiary has an experience to manufacture metal decoration for window, door, safeguard and metal fence of new design.

In 2010, Barmash has started its new Fodder Factory project, which was supported by SME Manufacturing Development Fund from Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Mongolia, and it is currently in construction phase. Planned fodder factory will produce 3-5 tons of feed per hour and will employ around 20 people. Products from the fodder factory will directly benefit herders and their livestock to successfully overcome the harsh winters of Mongolia by providing nutritious and high quality feeds for the stock, while indirectly bringing its benefit to development of Mongolian economy. In further, we are looking for opportunity to develop business partnership in agriculture, construction, foreign trade, and heavy machinery industries with foreign and domestic investors, and similar business entities.

Contact details: Barmash Building Chinggis Avenue-29 Khan Uul District, 3 khoroo Ulaanbaatar 17060 Telephone: Fax: E-mail: 976 - 70 11 17 55 976 - 70 11 17 74