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CCNP Routing & Switching Course

CCNP Routing & Switching Course Outline :: Runtime 46 hours 37 minutes

642-813 SWITCH Course Outline The 642-813 SWITCH Exam Course will prepare you to plan, implement and verify the complex LAN switching solutions based on Cisco's Campus Enterprise Architecture. During the over 15 hours of online training you will learn about switching technologies, integration of VLANs, WLANs, voice and video into enterprise networks. Also, it includes detailed slides covering each of the technologies.

Introduction SWITCH :: Campus Network Design SWITCH :: Layer 2 Switching vs. Layer 3 Routing SWITCH :: VLANs SWITCH :: Trunking SWITCH :: DTP, Trunking Allowed Lists & VTP SWITCH :: Spanning Tree Protocol SWITCH :: STP Optimization SWITCH :: Cisco PVST+ Enhancements SWITCH :: Rapid STP & Multiple STP SWITCH :: MST Configuration SWITCH :: STP Features SWITCH :: EtherChannel SWITCH :: Inter-VLAN Routing SWITCH :: High Availability SWITCH :: High Availability Part 2 SWITCH :: Layer 2 Security SWITCH :: Layer 2 Voice & Video Support SWITCH :: Wireless

642-902 ROUTE Course Outline The 642-902 ROUTE Exam Course will teach you how to implement advanced IP addressing plans and routing protocols in scalable Cisco networks. It will fully prepare you to pass the 642902 ROUTE exam, and is the only training you need, featuring both theoretical topics and practical examples. In addition to the over 19 hours of instructional video, detailed slides are available for download in PDF format covering each of the technologies.

ROUTE :: IP Routing Overview ROUTE :: EIGRP Overview ROUTE :: EIGRP DUAL Calculation ROUTE :: EIGRP Implementation Examples

ROUTE :: EIGRP Features ROUTE :: OSPF Overview ROUTE :: OSPF SPF Calculation ROUTE :: OSPF Media Dependencies ROUTE :: Single Area OSPF Implementation Examples ROUTE :: OSPF Areas & LSA Types ROUTE :: Multi Area OSPF Implementation Examples ROUTE :: OSPF Features ROUTE :: BGP Overview ROUTE :: BGP Implementation Examples ROUTE :: BGP Full Mesh, Route Reflectors, Confederation, Security & NLRI Advertisements ROUTE :: BGP NLRI Aggregation & BGP Attributes ROUTE :: BGP Bestpath Selection ROUTE :: Redistribution Part 1 ROUTE :: Redistribution Part 2 ROUTE :: Redistribution Part 3 ROUTE :: Redistribution Part 4 ROUTE :: Policy-Based Routing ROUTE :: IPv6

642-832 TSHOOT Course Outline The 642-832 TSHOOT Exam Course will prepare you to support complex enterprise networks and give you deep understanding of the ITIL-compliant approach to network troubleshooting. In addition to the over 10 hours of theory and command line interactions you are given detailed slides covering each of the technologies and methods used in troubleshooting.

TSHOOT :: Troubleshooting Overview TSHOOT :: Exam Demo TSHOOT :: Troubleshooting Tools TSHOOT :: LAN Troubleshooting TSHOOT :: IPv4 IGP Troubleshooting TSHOOT :: EIGRP Troubleshooting TSHOOT :: OSPF Troubleshooting TSHOOT :: BGP Troubleshooting Part 1 TSHOOT :: BGP Troubleshooting Part 2 TSHOOT :: IPv6 Troubleshooting Part 1 TSHOOT :: IPv6 Troubleshooting Part 2 TSHOOT :: IP Services Troubleshooting Part 1 TSHOOT :: IP Services Troubleshooting Part 2