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Marking menus, modifiers, and hotkeys

Selecting Help > Modifier Keys, Marking Menus, and Hot Keys opens this cheat sheet containing a list of modifier/hotkeys (clutch keys) used in the application, as well as instructions on how to use the marking menus.

Use modifier keys to perform actions or access options.

Draw shapes and lines Access a marking menu

Modifier key
In a vector layer, press Shift as you sketch. Press and hold Ctrl as you pen down. This displays a marking menu with options for undoing, redoing, hiding the interface, and accessing a custom interface setup.

Access the Color Press and hold Alt to change your cursor to Picker Access the Steering Wheel . Move your cursor over a color and release Alt to capture the color. Press the Spacebar for the Steering Wheel to appear. Move your cursor inside the wheel and click-drag up to zoom in and down to zoom out. Move your cursor to the outer ring and click-drag an arrow to pan the canvas in that direction.

Add a region to a Paint layer selection

In a Paint layer, press Shift as you click-drag to select regions.

Remove a region from a Paint layer selection

In a Paint layer, press Alt as you click-drag to deselect regions.

Multi layer selection

In the Layer Manager, press Shift and click a layer to select layers in sequence.

Press Ctrl and click each layer you want to select.

Marking menus
Marking menus are hidden menus containing options specific to their location. The Layer Manager, Asset Manager, and Canvas all contain unique marking menus. To access the Layer Manager marking menu, click an option, flick toward it. or in the middle of a layer. To select

New Paint Layer

Makes a new layer for creating raster content.

Delete Layer

Removes the selected layer.

Duplicate Layer

Creates a copy of the active layer.

Merge Visible

Combines all visible layers into one layer.

Merge Down

Merges the selected layer with the one below, making one layer. Clears the content from the selected layer.

Clear Layer

New Vector Layer

Makes a new vector layer for creating vector curves.

New Layer Folder

Creates a layer folder for grouping layers.

To access the Asset Manager marking menu, click an option, flick toward it.

or in the middle of page. To select

New Page

Creates a page.

Delete Page

Deletes the active page.

Duplicate Page

Makes a copy of the active page.

To access the Canvas marking menu, press Ctrl and down anywhere within the canvas. To select an option, flick toward it.

Snap Brush Center to Curve [G]

Turns guide curve snapping on, so as you draw, the stroke snaps to the center of the guide curve.

Snap Brush Edge to Curve [G]

Turns guide curve snapping on, so as you draw, the stroke snaps to the edge of the guide curve.


Redoes an undone action. This option is only active once an action is undone.

Paint lock transparency ON

Locks the alpha channel of a layer to paint only where there are pixels.

Paint lock transparency OFF

Turns off paint lock transparency, so you can paint anywhere.


Undoes the last action.

No Snap [G]

This default setting turns off guide curve snapping, so you can draw without being affected by these curves.

Use hotkeys to quickly perform tasks without visiting menus. Use them to open or hide interface elements, save, select, and create things, and much more.


Mac Hotkeys

PC Hotkeys

New Open Close Save Save As


Ctrl+N Ctrl+O Ctrl+W Ctrl+S Ctrl+Shift+S

Exit Edit Undo Redo Cut Copy Paste Paste From Clipboard Clear Select All Deselect Invert Selection Preferences Layer New Paint Layer New Vector Layer Clear Layer


Z Z X C V V Del A D I ,

Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Shift+Z Ctrl+X Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Ctrl+Shift+V Del Ctrl+A Ctrl+D Ctrl+Shift+I Ctrl


Ctrl+Shift+N Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Del

Delete Layer Merge Down Merge Visible Window Toolbar Attribute Editor Color Editor Layer Manager Asset Manager Navigation Bar Hide All UI Default Layout Custom Layout Save Custom Layout View all hidden UI W T A C L A N 1 2 3 4 E

Crtl+Shift+D Crtl+E


Alt+T Alt+A Alt+C Alt+L Alt+S Alt+N Alt+1 Alt+2 Alt+3 Alt+4 W