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Question and Answers/ILT


Resources required: Use of internet Computer/smartphone/iPad Specification/subject information www.prezi.com

Activity Outline and Information: Prezi is similar to PowerPoint however, it allows you to share your presentation with others, is saved in the cloud and is more interactive. 1. Log onto www.prezi and create an account. Sign up for free using the button on the top right. 2. To start a new prezi click; new prezi

3. Create a new prezi; insert the name and description. Click new prezi. 4. There are a variety of different templates. Blank is the easiest to start off with. Highlight which you want to use and start editing. 5. You will see the screen below.

Question and Answers/ILT

6. To insert a frame click Frame on the tool bar in the top left of the screen. This will give you the options to choose a type of frame. When you have chosen you need to draw a frame by clicking onto the screen and dragging a square/circle frame.

7. You can now start typing in the frame by double clicking. A text box should appear. You can start writing in here. To enlarge click the triangle on bottom right of the text box.

To move the text box click and hold on the blue panel at the top of the text box.

Question and Answers/ILT 8. If you are not happy with your frame/text box, image then you can may alterations to it. You can increase and decrease the size of it, rotate it and also delete it.

Click once on the frame/text box etc and the image above will appear. Select the option you want to use. To rotate click and hold on the

9. To insert, use the tool bar and click insert then choose from the options whether it is an image, power point, YouTube video, file or chart. You can also insert shapes.

Question and Answers/ILT 10. Next you need to make a path between your slides. Click on path. Click on the first slide, then to the next (this should bring up a link between them) and so on and so on. You can then change the path by dragging and dropping the slides on the left hand side.

You are better leaving your path until last. When you use any of the options on the tool bar you need to click off it to then use another tool like below:

You can also import any power point by the INSERT button.

Variations of the activity: 1. This resource is an interactive application which can be used instead of power point. It can be used as a teaching resource but students can also use it to create coursework, complete homework etc.