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Name: __________________________ Honors Essay

Period: _____ English 9

English 9 | Honors Essay Parameters

In order for you to improve your essay and academic writing, it is important to get an idea of how you think and write. These two activities are very closely linked. Take your time as you write the essay. Put some thought into structure, diction, transitions, introduction, and conclusion. You must start writing your rough draft in class today, but the final product must be typed. The definition of the word honor is as follows: 1. High respect, as that shown for special merit; esteem: the honor shown to a Nobel laureate. 2. a. Good name; reputation. b. source or cause of credit: was an honor to the profession. 3. a. Glory or recognition; distinction. b. mark, token, or gesture of respect or distinction: the place of honor at the table. c. military decoration. d. title conferred for achievement. 4. High rank. 5. The dignity accorded to position: awed by the honor of his office. 6. Great privilege: I have the honor of presenting the governor. Honors: a. Special recognition for unusual academic achievement: graduated from college with honors. b. A program of advanced study for exceptional students: planned to take honors in history. With these definitions in mind, it is your assignment to construct an essay that explains why you are in the honors program and what the label of honors means to you. You may use I when writing your essay (also called informal writing). You may discuss any or all of the following: How you got into the programwhat you did to earn entry When you entered and how you felt when you were informed What you are willing to do to maintain your placement The difference between honors and regents level classes The social ramifications (stereotypes and misconceptions) Difficulty of work Time constraints Your enjoyment or lack thereof How your future will be affected Should students be grouped by ability?

English 9 | Honors Essay Parameters

Format: Times New Roman 12 size font Double spaced Cover page Black ink only Regular margins 300-350 words (approximately one-and-a-half typed pages)

You will begin the handwritten rough draft in class. YOU MUST SAVE ALL DRAFTS OF YOUR WORK! No new work will be accepted without the previous draft attached. A note on revision: your final exam in this class consists of three sections: multiple choice, DBQ, and essay. Your highest essay grade this year will account for a third of your final exam grade. It is in your best interest to revise any essay written for this course. A note on introductions: introductions must begin with generalized statements that become more specific toward the end of the paragraph and finally end with a thesis statement. Do not begin an intro with the definition of honors or by immediately discussing yourself. Attempt to capture the readers attention and interest. n.b. I will not accept papers that do not match the format. The paper will be returned to you and you will incur the five point penalty. Do not ask for a stapler the morning that you are handing in your essay. Do not tell me that you ran out of ink or paper. There are no satisfactory excuses of this nature. Cover page should include: Your name Due date Period Title of essay My name

You may illustrate or decorate your cover page as you see fit. DUE DATE: _______ Each day late will result in the loss of five points/half letter grade.