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Feasibility Report for Upgradation of Sewage Treatment Plants at Dinapur and Bhagwanpur And Laying Branch Sewers in District

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For Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam


NJS Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. (A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of NJS Consultants Co. Limited: Japan)
February 2012

Objective of the Feasibility Report

Dinapur STP Dinapur STP was commissioned in 1994 under GAP I. Existing capacity of Dinapur STP is 80mld. It receives flow from Konia Sewage Pumping Station. Konia pump station is design to provide pretreatment works ie screening and degritting before the wastewater flows to the STP. Treated effluent from STP is reuse for agriculture and irrigation purpose. The amount of sewage diverted to Konia Pumping Station is controlled by opening or closing the diversion gate. At present the gate is defunct and is in the partially open position leaving some portion of the flow to the outfall at Ganga River. Out of 103 mld flow coming into the STP, only 80 mld is treated and rest untreated sewage is bypass to river river Varuna at Rajghat that ultimately reaches to river Ganga. Under JICA assisted Master Plan, it is proposed to rehabilitate/ augment the existing STP at Dinapur and divert the excess flow to the proposed relief trunk sewer that will treated at Proposed Sathwa STP under Distict 2. Existing Scheme The existing STP is based on aerobic process consisting of Activated Sludge Process with an extra provision of Tricking Filter to take care of high load of organic matter in the raw wastewater. Pretreatment unit consists of inlet chamber, parshal flume and screens. It receives wastewater from Konia pumping station via 1200mm and 900mm dia rising main. The existing STP is designed for the following standards: Parameter BOD SS Wastewater average Wastewater, peak Wastewater, Min Total Influent 300 600 80 160 32 4 Effluent 20 30 80 160 32 Unit mg/l mg/l mld mld mld Lakhs

Contributing Population

Treatment plant is designed to remove 40% BOD and 60% SS after primary treatment and more than 90% BOD and 95% SS after secondary treatment. The treatment plant is consist of the following units: Treatment Pre treatment Units Collection chambers (2 nos) Parshall Flume Distribution Chamber for Primary Clarifier Bypass from Distribution chamber to Treated Effluent Pump Station Primary Clarifier Primary Sludge Pump House Distribution chamber for trickling filter Roughening purpose trickling purpose Distribution chamber for activated sludge tank Aeration Tank Distribution chamber for secondary clarifier Secondary Clarifier Return Sludge Pump House Treated Effluent Pump House Sludge Digester Gas holders and burners Sludge Drying Beds Power Generation Room Filtrate Pump House Dual Fuel Engines BOD/SS removal Remarks Receives flow from 1200mm and 900mm dia rising mains

Primary Treatment

3nos., 31.2m dia and 3.5m SWD Primary sludge and waste activated sludge

Secondary Treatment

Sludge from Secondary Clarifier to Aeration tank and P clarifier Treated effluent and by pass

Not operating

Treated effluent from Dinapur STP is discharged for irrigation purpose. In case of reduction in demand for irrigation purpose, it discharges into river Ganga near Sehbar village.