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Select Customizing Requests Use

Changes to Customizing settings are recorded in Customizing requests. When you release the requests, the current status of the recorded settings is exported, and can then be imported into the consolidation system and, if necessary, into subsequent delivery systems. The client settings determine whether

changes to the Customizing settings are possible the changes are recorded

When you create Customizing requests, the transport target is automatically assigned the standard transport layer by the R/3 System.

Select Workbench Requests Definition

Workbench requests record changes made to ABAP Workbench objects. There are local and transportable Workbench requests. (Local Workbench requests have the target system <space>.) The package of the object and the transport route settings in the Transport Management System determine whether changes are recorded in a local or a transportable Workbench request.

Select Transport of Copies Definition

Transports of copies allow you to transport (sub-)objects in an object list into any other SAP System you want. In contrast to Workbench or Customizing requests there is no automatic delivery into other systems for transport of copies.

Select Relocations
There are three types of relocations:

Relocations without package change Relocations with package change Relocations of complete packages

Select relocations without package change Definition

Relocations of objects without a package change are transports with which you can move the original location of the objects entered in the object list to the target system. The objects still exist after these transports, and you can change them (in repairs). If objects were transportable before the transport, they remain so, because the objects are still assigned to the same packages and transport layers.

Only complete transport objects can be entered in relocation transports. The original system entry of the objects is changed in the source system at the time of export. Between the export and import therefore, the objects are not entered as an "original" in any system. As long as the relocation transport has not been imported, you can still cancel it. To do this, go to the Organizer Tools and choose Requests/tasks -> Cancel relocation transport. Note Make sure that the target system is available. Relocation transports can only be imported into their direct target system. Other systems are not automatically supplied with the transport.

Select relocation of objects with package change Definition

Relocations of objects with a package change are transports with which

you change the original location of the objects entered and reassign the objects to an appropriate new package.

The package change means that you can automatically adjust the transport attributes of the objects to the new development system. This means that you edit the objects immediately after they have been imported into the target system.

Select relocation of a complete package Definition

Relocations of complete packages are transports with which you simultaneously move the original location of all objects in a package to the target system simultaneously assign the package to another transport layer.

Changing the transport layer means that you can edit and transport the objects consistently in their new original location without delay.