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PERSONAL RESPONCES FOR POEM A PERFECT MOTHER I chose the "perfect mother" poems to write my own views.

. This poem is a lyric poem. It directly express the feelings of the heart, vividly convey a better maternal love, the poetry of love theme. The author cleverly express the theme of the poem. I appreciate the author's expression very much. The authors applied a simple language to express the warmth of motherly love, caring and responsible. This is also attracted me to choose the poem to the reasons for appreciation.

The contents of this poem have six stanza, its coherence and emotional content. In the first stanza, the authors use simple language to explain the position of the mother's caring, no one can replace the mother. In addition, the second stanza of the poem, the author directly with straight forward language to express the greatness of the mother expressed in the poem grateful to her mother's love and mother to give him a warm childhood memories. I really appreciate this expression of motherly love, instill proper moral ideas in the poem can be used as the example of the readers to imitate a good mother. Not only that, this direct way of expression, can attract children interested in reading the lyrics praise of motherly love. The author let the reader can easily understand the central idea of the poem. The poem is also suitable for children's reading and parodies.

In the third stanza of the poem, the authors use association and imagination to express content. The authors use the obstacles encountered in the "clouds" to represent the life and the "road" instead of forward. Of imagination setbacks in life into a "covered with white cloudsThis shows that the authors are good at sustenance mind sees in the poem, the poem becomes beautiful. The skills of writing poetry, it is easy to impress the reader's emotions. In addition, the author also implied that the great maternal love .When the author face the difficulties, the mother is willing to be of a good friend and help him to face the problem. Mother wipe the tears, so the heart of author restore calm,.This is a best gifts to the author . In the fourth stanza of the poem, the author specific "angel" to describe the gentle mother's voice. The authors describe well appropriate.The authors use the appropriate rhetoric to express the mother's thoughtful and gentle. At the same time, the authors also poetry performance appreciation and love of the mother. In the heart of the author, a mother's love symbolizes the beauty of the mother, no one can replace. This expression, deeply attracted readers. In the sixth stanza of the poetry , the authors use a combination of objects of nature and a mother's love. The use of "sun" metaphor for a mother's love is a passionate emotion. The expression of motherly love is like shining glory forever remain in the author's mind, that care and make the happiness and joy. This is emotional also infected with the mood of the reader to allow readers to

appreciate the vision for a mother's love is full. This rich emotions deeply stay in the heart of each child's mother loved. The author also skillfully use the rhetorical device to write the lyrics. When we mentioned the art of poetry features, lyric poetry has a wealth of emotion. Such as first and second stanza, the author directly express their emotions vividly convey motherly love their emotions vividly convey motherly love. The author uses simple language to express the theme of motherly love, so that the reader can easily understand the content of the effect. In addition, the authors also applied to a concise, image and expressive language. This allows children to learn a language, rich vocabulary and improve their language skills. Such as poetry the third and fourth paragraphs, the authors used rhetorical devices to express the poetic beauty of the poetry poetic.The authors applied the metaphor of the way metaphor for the difficulties he faced, and allow readers to their own association. In addition, in the fourth stanza, the mother's voice likened to angels, the performance of a mother's gentle and kind. The author is also the last paragraph of the sun to describe a mother's love will remain forever in the author's heart, which deepened the rich emotional content. Therefore, the authors used the metaphor of the way the whole poem has a beautiful mood, feelings and images combined content of the poem.

The author also skillfully use the rhetorical device to write the lyrics. The authors use the words of direct and indirect, express their emotions and allow readers to easily understand the contents of the poem. Also use the Lenovo and imagination to express the rich content. In addition, the authors use rhetorical analogy and metaphor, the poetry becomes Lenovo space. Poem have a beautiful sense of rhythm and music. The authors also use rhyming poetry rhythm. The format of this poem is quatrain poetry, poetry reading rhythm, pause, look neat and beautiful. The whole lyric is full of rich emotional characteristics, and also have the characteristics of the art of poetry and clever use of the techniques of writing poetry, is worth the reader to read and appreciate good poetry.

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