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Darab Cement Mr. Chahaedi Darab 55313

Report no. Report date Date of Visit Service Engineer

: Jahr / Nummer : tt.mm.jjjj : tt.mm-tt.mm.jj : Roger Wagner Erwin Brunner

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Gear type

WPU - 182C 35'000


: 07.06.2009

Operating hours :

Reason for visit

Leakage of the Gearbox

Situation on arrival
Gearbox was still under the mill connected to the lubrication unite. The motor was still in position.

Work carried out

06.06.2009 Inspection of the Gearbox, Spare parts, Workshop Cleaning and preservation of the sun pinion Cleaning of the hole Gearbox area Open the inspection cover, check the tooth pattern 07.06.2009 Temporary sealing of the thrust pad casing Checking of interlocking Check the oil for white metal


Findings / results
When we arrived the customer still worked on the rollers of the mill. There was no preparation done to, fix the leakage of the gearbox. The problem was that the customer was the meaning that we can fix the leakage by leave the gearbox under the mill. There was no preparation of tools, cleaning work etc. Overhaul procedure was delivered by MAAG month ago. After inspection of the side and welcome meeting with the customer. They decide to the fixation of the leakage during the next shutdown, because of the very long time it needs to do all the preparations: Finishing maintenance work of the mill: 15 days (customer information) Lifting the mill table: Lift away the motor: 5 days 1 day

Pull out the gearbox to working place: 1day Fix the leakage (De- and reassembly) : 8 days Order all missing tools: Alignment of the motor: Recommissioning: ca. 7 days (customer information) 2 days 2 day 2 day Put gearbox and motor back in place:

This time schedule is not fix, in some special cases it could be longer! The amount of oil coming out of the gearbox during one moth of operation with 18h a day is ca.150 Litre. This amount of oil is not that much, that we couldnt run the Gearbox without problems. The customer obligate to check the oil level every day. Customer also told me that they have vibrations (2.0mm/s) on the input shaft side since three months. I think this vibrations are coming from the problems with the rollers of the mill. Customer made the overhaul of the mill rollers, because of problems with the bearings of the rollers. The vibrations on the gearbox increases at the same time that the problems on the mill became bigger. We inspected the storage and the Workshop of the company. The storage is very good shape same I can say to the spare parts, They are looking like new ones. The workshop is also well maintained and the machines are perfect to do an overhaul of the Gearbox. They have also enough place to work and two cranes with 10 tons of capacity. When the customer starts up the mill, they have often trips because of pressure to low. The Interlocking we checked in CCR was correct and according to the MAAG manual. The changes in the interlocking system is part of the Technical department of MAAG. You will receive the information direct from them.


Missing tools needed for fixing the leakage: Eye bolts: 4x M64x6, 4x M56, 4x M48, 4x M24 Shackles: 4x (distance between shackle bolt and inside radius = 140) Chain blogs: 2x 30Tons, 2x 10Tons Slings for the crane: 2x 1Ton, 2x 3Tons, 4x 8tons (4m) SKF Device for Hydraulic Nut (Anchor bolts, Provide it from MAAG-Gear)

Remaining work
The leakage on the thrust pad casing is still to do. We recommend to fix this leakage during the next shutdown. Customer will order MAAG-Engineers as soon as the now the date of the shutdown. We maybe has to think about other work can be done, if we have to open the Gearbox anyway.

Agreement with customer

Customer agree with the temporary solution to seal the thrust pad casing from outside. The customer knows that this solution maybe only works for a short time. A good working sealing with silicon only work under pressure between two surfaces. Customer will order an FLSmith specialist to lift the mill table. Because they do it the first time.

General remarks
The next check will be due when 36'000 operating hours have been completed respectively after 1'000 operating hours or one year of operation. The next check to be performed is a 12'000 hours check according to the instruction manual or the general maintenance schedule. MAAG recommends having performed this check by one of our experienced specialists (Attention: if an extended guarantee applies, it must be performed by MAAG), in order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unit.

Enclosed documents
Maintenance schedule for MAAG WPU - 182C Gearbox Overhaul procedure


The customer agrees herewith on both the performed work and the contents of this site report. He also confirms having received a copy of this site report (signed by both parties).


Purchaser / Customer

Mr. Roger Wagner

MAAG Specialist

Mr. Mofazzali
Tecnical Manager