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The Industry

Editor Casting Director



Assistant to Producer Accounting Assistant



Assistant Director Director of Photography Camera Operator

Production Assistant (Runner)

Locations Manager Construction Co-Ordinator

Art Department Co-Ordinator

Location Scout

Wardrobe Master

Prop Master

Costume Designer

*Job roles in the Media

industry *Wilson Da Vera Cruz

Job Roles

In the media industry there are many job roles and all this different jobs can be put into different categories which are: Management, creative, technical, editorial, research, financial, organisational and administrative. If youre interested in joining the media industry there are a big range of jobs that you can choose fro, what will impact in your choice is what your talents are and what youre interested in.


In the industry this type of jobs consist in managing, and managing is basically getting people or resources together to achieve your goal. People in charge of management will often look out for aspects of production however they wont control what goes on in set. Example of job roles within management are: Location manager, casting director and even the producer. Casting director- The casting director will make sure that the appropriate actors will be in the specific roles. They will do this by doing interviews or auditions. From there they will choose the actors which they feel that fill the characteristics needed for the role. So basically the casting director will be responsible for managing who will act. The Casting director will also work together with other members of the crew which are in other roles such as the director and the producer, as they will share ideas as they will also give their opinion on what type of actors they want for the production and they will also work with the actors.


The people in the creative sector are responsible for making creative and artistic decisions and variations on creative jobs. They will help to set the scene and also make the film realistic. There are many job roles related to the creative part of TV and Film such as: Director, camera operator( is also included in technical roles), costume designer, prop master and even costumes makers. Director- The directors will be one of the most important members in the crew as they will have to work with many different departments, and in the case of a film they will be one of the main responsible for making the script becoming live action. As I mentioned before the directors will work with the casting directors to make sure that their actors are up to standard. The directors will have to know how to interpret so they can direct the actors, they also have to understand the technical details because they will also have to manage them. So as we can see the directors have a lot of work, plus they also have to be motivated people, as they will have to motivate the team and keep them connected.


In the technical department we find people involved with fixing and helping out during production, making sure that the sound, cameras and lighting are set up and working properly. Many people think that it only has to do with technology, however people involved in the technical part of Film and TV sometimes are also involved in other problems such as carpentry problems. Examples of jobs within the technical section are: Production sound mixer, boom operator and also everyone in the lighting department. Production sound mixer- The Production sound mixers will be responsible for the recording of the sound during all the production. So they will have to make some decision when choosing the right equipment, like microphones, they will also operate will sound recording equipment. Lighting Department- The lighting depart will involve people like, lighting technicians and the gaffer. They will be responsible for the lighting on the set, they will work under the direction of Directors, so they know what type of lights they will use and where they should be positioned.


People with job roles in the editorial section, are the ones who will take care of the editing what is being made. For example in a movie the editor will have the jobs of putting all the scenes that were filmed together and adding special effects, if it is in a newspaper or a magazine case the editor will be responsible for the layout of the page and adding the pictures, so these are two examples of the functions that an editor would have. In the film/TV industry many different roles will link with each other and with in this role this is one of the cases, the editor will work many times directly with the director so the ideas of the director can be applied in the editing process.


People in this section will have the duty to do the research in order to gather information that will be useful for the production of a movie, program, etc. For example in Quiz programs, all the question asked are based on information gathered by a researcher. So the main job of the researcher is to research the project ahead of the production time, to get background information, creative content and even location details like locations details. Another example of research is the location team, they will have to look for places according to the script or locations of the directors. The locations team will have members like the, location managers and the location scout. The scouts are the ones that will go out there looking for the places once they have a list of places they will report to the location managers which will report to other people like Directors, Assistant Directors or Production Managers.


These are people that control how the money flows. They will record the savings, money received and spendt. They won't have any important impact on set, they will mainly deal with how the money is spent and budgeted. An example of a roles within finance is the accountant. Accountant- The accountants will make sure that everything in the production is going according to the budget provided, they will also make sure that everyone gets paid. If they find out that there a type of problem with finance of the production they will have to report to the producer.


These role requires responsible people with the ability to manage. They will be in charge of organising everything by making sure that everything goes as it was planned, this will people are essential as they make the efforts to organise everything so everyone in the crew knows where to go. An example of a job role within organisational roles in the Production managers. Production Manager- Production Managers (PM's) will have the job of supervising many things as the Producer cannot be everywhere, PM's will have the role of supervising the day-to-day budget, they will also make sure that the filming stays on schedule. So their main role is organising personnel, budget and also scheduling.


People that usually spend their day doing office jobs, they will take care of the paperwork related to the production. They will make sure that everything is up to date so the production can go on without any problem. They will also look out for problems related to laws and rights. An example of a role within Administrative roles in the Legal Counsel. Legal Counsel- Legal Counsels will act as lawyers, they will negotiate the contracts, they will look out for any intellectual property used in the production. They will be the responsible for taking care of immigration paper work in case the crew has to go overseas. People in this types of jobs will usually work from normal office hours from monday to -friday from 9 a.m to 5 p.m.

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