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PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense

INSTRUCTOR SEMINAR Presented By: Douglas Woodhall

-------------------------October 15-17, 2012 -------------------------Willmar Police Department P.O. Box 995 2201 N.E. 23rd St. Willmar, MN 56201

Hosted By: Willmar Police Department

DEVELOPMENT During the last ten years, the field of corrections has been experiencing staggering increases of edged weapon assaults on inmates and officers. Additionally, the visibility and the use of edged weapons has slowly begun to increase for the filed or patrol officer. Although the edged weapon has always been a culture weapon of Hispanics or Latins, covert edged weapons has now become the weapon of choice among biker gangs and right wing extremists. Ironically, the interest in the Filipino knife art has become the new trend in martial arts training. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of these arts, police and correctional officers are now facing another lethal, but discrete weapon. In response, PPCT Management Systems, Inc. has spent three years researching Filipino Knife Systems for an effective knife defense system. In August 1988, PPCT Management Systems introduced the PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense System, which was an immediate success. This seminar examines knife assaults, knife tactics, and considerations unlike any other knife defense system available. The PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense System is a common sense system. PPCT recognizes that a trained and probably untrained knife attacker will cut and officer if determined. This system is designed to minimize the lethal implications of an attack. Furthermore, it is the PPCT philosophy that any type of knife assault is a deadly force encounter, and should be responded to accordingly. The PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense System is designed for correctional officers who do not have deadly force option, or for patrol officers who must react to an unexpected or spontaneous knife assault.


Justifiable Use of Force: In recent years several survival training organizations have advocated utilizing deadly force within a specific range of a knife yielding assailant. This section examines the real world aspects of distance, reaction time, and Garner decision. Limitations of Reaction Time: Reaction Time is a physiological law that can be reduced dramatically if officers understand deadly force cues or furtive movements. This unit will examine predictable cues that are associated with knife assaults of the trained or untrained attacker. Analysis of Filipino Knife System: This unit reviews a brief overview of the Filipino Knife Systems, and the basic concepts of attacking angles with the hand, stick, or knife. Knife Stances: In some instances, the method or technique or an attack can be predicted by the stance of the attacker. An in-depth examination of techniques in relation to stance and reaction time will be evaluated. Analysis of Knife Cuts: This unit will examine the difference between types of knife strokes, ie., slashes, flicks, tears, and thrusts. This section will identify how some strokes are designed as distractions, limb disabling or lethal cuts. Cutting Targets: The effectiveness of a knife assault is obviously determined by the target of the cute or thrust. To better understand how a knife assailant can disable an officer, the participants will be exposed to basic anatomy of cutting structures and how each type of knife stroke has a specific purpose. PPCT Knife Defense Methodology: The PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense System is base upon the block, stun and ground. The system is designed around the four most common angles of oblong cuts and three angles of thrusting. This unit also examines appendage stuns and subject stuns for closequarter or cell situations.

INSTRUCTOR DOULGS A. WOODHALL, is currently the Vice-President of Operations and the Safety and Security Officer for Central Allied Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Woodhall previously served as a Deputy Sheriff for the Kandiyohi County Sheriffs Department in Willmar, Minnesota. Mr. Woodhall is certified as an Instructor/Trainer for PPCT Management Systems, Inc. and is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: All students are required to bring practice knife, (rubber, aluminum or wood), notebook and pen. Dress should include comfortable clothing applicable for physical applications. Participants should bring eye protection, shin guards, arm pads and chest protector. CHECK-IN AND CLASS TIME: Registration and check-in will take place from 7:30-8:00 a.m. Class will be conducted from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day. NO EXCEPTION!! Due to the sensitive nature of this seminar, a criminal justice or security I.D. will be required upon entry to this program. TAX DEDUCTIBLE: Some expenses for continuing education, taken to maintain professional skills are tax deductible. REGISTRATION: Please register early as possible. Seminars cannot be conducted unless sufficient enrollment is met. Register by telephone or by mailing the complete form. Tuition price: $195.00* Due to the high cost of billing, payment is expected upon registration at the seminar. Purchase orders will be accepted from attending agencies, otherwise, cash, check, or money order. Advance registration can be made by calling: (320) 231-3559.

Instructor Seminar


Tuition $195.00* October 15-17, 2012 Willmar Police Department P.O. Box 995, 2201 N.E. 23rd St., Willmar MN 56201 Name:____________________________________________________________________________________ Home Address:_____________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________ State:______________ Zip:______________ Phone: ( _____ ) ___________________ Agency: __________________________________________________________________________________ Agency Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ City: ______________ State: ______________ Zip: ______________ Phone: ( _____ ) ___________________

Amount Enclose: ____________ Check/Money Order #: ______________ Purchase Order #: ______________ *Fees are payable to: Douglas A. Woodhall To register by phone, or for further information contact: Glenn D. Negen th 605 27 Avenue SWWillmar, MN 56201 (320) 231-3559

Major Departments Using The Pressure Point Control Tactics Management System
-Alabama State Police Academy -Australian Federal Police -Canadian Department of Natural Resources -Chicago Police Academy -Dallas Police Academy -Federal Australian Correctional Department -Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (Glynco, Georgia) -Florida Department of Law Enforcement (DCI Training Academy) -Greater St. Louis Police Academy -Hong Kong Correctional Academy -Houston Police Academy -Illinois Department of Conservation -Illinois State Police Academy -Indiana Law Enforcement Academy -Kansas City, MO Police Academy -Louisiana State Police Academy -Main State Police -Michigan State Police Academy -Nassau County Police Academy -Nebraska State Police Academy -New Hampshire Department of Law Enforcement -Northern Territory Correctional Service, Australia -United States Coast Guard Law Enforcement Academy -United States Postal Inspectors Academy -United States Secret Service Academy -Venezuela Military Police Academy and hundreds of other Local, state, and federal agencies

The PPCT Management System has been approved and certified by:
-Florida Law Enforcement Officers Training Council -Georgia P.O.S.T. Council -International Non-Lethal Weapons Association -Justice System Training Association -Louisiana P.O.S.T. Council -Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Training Council - Massachusetts P.O.S.T. Council -Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training -Nebraska Police Standards Advisory Council The PPCT Management System is the first system that evaluated the medical and legal aspects of impact weapon use to the joints, from which Muscle Motor Points were developed.

Glenn D. Negen 605 27th Avenue SW Willmar, MN 56201