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Boy Scout Troop 781

Troop Committee
Plymouth, MI48170

December 15, 2008

Dear Scout Parent or Guardian.

On behalf of the Troop Committee I want to welcome you to tonight's Court of Honor.
This is a happy occasion to honor the achievements of the scouts in our troop. The Troop
Committee is looking forward to supporting Martin Sisolak, Senior Patrol Leader, and the
other scouts in leadership in executing their plan in the coming months. There are also a
couple of troop business items that I want to inform you about. I am pleased to announce
that two adults have stepped forward to manage the troop's treasury. Mr. Luke Contos
and Mrs. Karen Sisolak have agreed to be co-Treasurers. Prior to turn over of the troop's
financial fi|es to our new co-treasurers, Mr. Alan Deal and Mr. Karl Dalal performed a
mini-audit for the past two fiscal years (September 2006 - August 2008). They reported
to the Troop Committee in Novembel that the records they sampled in their audit
indicated proper handling of the troop's funds. Again, the Troop Committee thanks Mrs.
Eileen Hostetler for her service as the Treasurer for the past three years. We also thank
Alan and Karl for their time in doine the mini-audit.

The second item of business is that the Troop will be re-chartering with the Boy Scouts of
America in the month of January. In the next few weeks our Scoutmaster Mr. Bill
Hoefling and his Assistant Scoutmasters will be verifying with scouts about their
intentions to re-register. In the past few years the Troop Committee has asked each scout
family to submit a $30.00 registration/participation fee per scout in the fa1l. We did not
request this fee this year because, of our vacant Treasurer position. In our December
Committee meeting there was some discussion about what fee to ask for this time. In
light of our new co-treasurers needing time to process receipts and re-imbursements for
the past several months I volunteered to determine a minimal fee so that the troop can re-
charter on time. Therefore please see the two options below and remit the appropriate
payment, per scout, to either Mr. Contos or Mrs. Sisolak no later than, January 12,2009.

1. Re-register with Boy's Life magazine subscription $25.00

2. Re-register without Boy's Life magazine subscription $ 13.00

Note: $3.00 is included in the above fees to help re-register the almost 30 adults who are
registered volunteer leaders with the Troop. If you have any questions, please contact me

Troop Committee Chairman