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1. Stabling is available to members of the Club in good financial standing only, subject to completion of the standard application and indemnity forms, and on Management and General Committee sanction. Members applying to stable a horse at the Club must enter into a Stabling Agreement prior to any horse taking up residence.

2. The cost of stabling is due and payable monthly in advance, payable at the Club offices by the beginning of each month.

3. The Stable Manager shall consult with member / stabler as to the quantity of feed concentrate to be fed daily. Requests for changes are to be made in writing to the Stable Manager at least one week before the 15 th or 30 th of each month for changes to take place on 15 th or 30 th . Verbal requests will NOT be entertained.

4. The Club has laid down a set quantity of concentrate feed as a basic ration per horse per day. Any increase requested over the ration will be charged to the member / stabler at the current rate per kilogram fed.

5. The feeding of additives is the sole responsibility of the member / stabler. Staff will not be held responsible or liable for the feeding, shortage, loss, damage or injury as a result of feeding or failure thereof which may result in any loss to members / stablers.

6. The allocation of paddocks, stables and grooms is controlled by the Stable Manager under direction of Management and the General Committee.

7. The Member/stabler is responsible for all farrier and dental services for their horse/s including cycles and frequencies of these services.

8. All horses without exception will be subject to routine inoculations and de-worming. Members/stablers who, for some good reason, wish to have their horses inoculated on different dates or by different veterinarians, must request in writing for their horses to be withdrawn from the inoculation programme in good time and proof that the impending inoculation has been given to the horse must be provided to the Stable Manager. The onus is on the member /stabler to provide such proof.


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The Club annual inoculation programme is as follows:



The above are performed by either the Stable Manager or a Veterinarian appointed by the Club. The exact dates may alter annually due to prevailing conditions and or availability of vaccine. All costs of treatment are for the account of the member / stabler. Other inoculations such as botulism etc must be arranged with your own Veterinarian if desired. Inoculations for any other outbreaks of disease or health conditions will be carried out at the discretion of the Stable Manager in consultation with Club Management, General Committee and Veterinarians. The cost of such treatment or inoculation will be borne by the member / stabler

9. Minor and superficial injuries will be treated by the Stable Manager or persons instructed by him. More serious injuries will be attended by a Veterinarian who will be summonsed by the Club. All costs for treatment are for the account of the member / owner / stabler. The Club will endeavour to contact the owner in the event of a Veterinarian being called out for their horse.

10. All Members /Owners /Stablers, are requested to abide by the rules of the Club pertaining specifically to the following :

a) All notices on the Club and Stable notice boards

b) The use of Tongaat property (cane fields and roads)

c) The use of all arenas, specifically the competition sand dressage arenas, show jumping arenas A and B and all cross country jumps are out of bounds at all times except when participating in an event or if prior arrangement is made through Management.

d) The use of practice arenas for training only. These areas may not be used for lunging, or allowing horses to dig and roll under penalty of a fine.

e) Dogs are not allowed to run free on any part of the Club property

f) DOGS are totally prohibited and forbidden on Tongaat property

g) Horse floats are to be parked within assigned areas only

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11. Interference or hindrance of staff in their daily routine is not permitted.

12. All instructions, enquiries or problems relative to stabling are to be directed to the Stable Manager failing this to Club Management or General Committee

13. The Stable Manager is available for consultation during the hours 06h30-07h00 and 07h30 -17h00 only except on days off. Kindly treat the confines of the Managers residence with respect and only call there in case of emergency.

14. Members/stablers requiring a groom when travelling away to events, will as far as possible be accommodated. However notice of this requirement by the 20 th day of the month preceding the event is required to enable Management to re schedule days off for grooms to travel. Payment for the groom’s time must be negotiated with the groom concerned. The Club will not become involved in these matters.

15. Should any member/stabler have any objection or complaint relating to the quality of stabling provided, service offered or well-being of a horse, this should be conveyed in writing to the Stable Manager which will then be handled by Management or General Committee.

16. The working hours of the grooms are 06h30 to 16h30 daily with a breakfast break from 08h00 to 09h00 and a lunch break form 12h30 to 14h00. Grooms will not be available outside of these hours unless for an emergency. Members/Stablers are encouraged to read the Staff Notice board housed in the old Stable Managers Office and acquaint themselves with the duties and responsibilities of the grooms.

17. Members /Stablers/ are not to become party to any dispute regarding staff. For Club management to operate successfully the Club hierarchy is to be respected and any problems should be reported to the Stable Manager in the first instance and thereafter to the Club Management or General Committee as soon as possible of any occurrence.

18. Stallions, rigs, mares either in foal or foal at foot, unfit horses (windsuckers, crib biters and weavers) and any anti social horses will not be accommodated at the Club. Should a horse develop any of these symptoms the owner may be requested to remove them from the Club stables.

19. One months notice of the removal of a horse from the Club livery yard will be given on either side.

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20. All dues to the Club for stabling and incidental expenses must be settled with the Club prior to any horse being removed from the Club premises unless for some exceptional reason the General Committee grants permission. The Club reserves the right to dispose of a horse in order to be reimbursed for any unpaid stabling costs involved.

21. All new arrivals to the stable yard must provide proof one month prior to arrival or on arrival the following :

a) current inoculations against African Horse Sickness and Equine Influenza.

b) current De-Worming details. Otherwise any new arrival to the Club livery yard will be de-wormed by the Stable Manager, the cost of which will be borne by the member/stabler.

All riders are urged to be aware of personal safety, the safety of their mounts and other Club members and staff when riding or handling their horses wherever they may be on the Club grounds. Dangerous, reckless and unsafe riding or behaviour will not be tolerated on the Club property and may be grounds for withdrawal of Club membership and/or the stabling facility.

Note: For your and others safety please report to the Stable Manager and or Club Management any matter which you see or find which may be of a potential danger or which may cause injury to a rider, horse, other Club member or member of the staff.

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