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Preface.2 Safety Notice...3 Chapter 1 Appearance of the Machine and Its Optional Attachments.4 Chapter 2 Machine Installation.....7 Chapter 3 Instruction of Laser Marker Operation...22 Chapter 4 Laser beam path adjustment...37 Chapter 5 Daily Maintenance and Basic Fault Analysis.40 Chapter 6 Warranty.42

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Thank you for buying a YISIPU laser engraving and marking machine. This machine is a high-tech product of laser, mechanical, and electronic technologies. To allow customers to use this machine to its fullest potential, we have written this manual. This manual will show you how to install, debug, operate and maintain your machine. To this end we have incorporated many easily understandable icons. We have also addressed the safety issues concerning lasers to allow you to safely operate your equipment. Please therefore read and understand this manual well before operating your machine.

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Safety Notice
1. Users must read this manual carefully and understand it fully before using the machine. Operational instructions must be strictly followed and staff, not fully trained, must not be allowed to use the machine. 2The machine is equipped with a class 4 laser (strong laser radiation), and the laser radiation may cause following problems: 1, ignite flammable material 2, release toxic gases 3, cause severe skin burns 4, severely damage your eyesight. 3 Fire extinguishers must be available at the machine and no flammable material must be stored close by. Exhaust from the machine must be properly filtered or ducted outside according to local ordinances. Untrained personnel must be kept away from the machine. 4Beware of high voltage in the laser and electrical compartments. These must be accessed only by trained personnel. 5Do not leave a running machine unattended. The operator must turn the machine off before leaving. 6Do not open any doors while the machine is running. 7. The machine and its peripheral devices must be electrically grounded. 8. The operator must constantly monitor the machine when it is in operation and turn it off if abnormal conditions occur. 9. The machine must be operated in dry conditions and away from pollution, vibration or strong electrical and magnetic fields. The ambient temperature should be between 5 and 40 degree centigrade (40-104 degree Fahrenheit) at a humidity 5-95% with no condensation. 10Do not install this machine near electro-magnetically sensitive instruments. 11Electrical connection: 220VAC, single phase, 50Hz; total connected load <2500W. Please note, YISIPU Laser Technologies will not be responsible for any improper use of the machine.

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Chapter 1

Appearance of the Machine and Its Optional Attachments.

1. Appearance of the machine (may change somewhat for different models) Front View of the machine, as shown in figure F1-1:

F1-1 Rear view of the machine, as shown in figure F1-2:

F1-2 2. Your machine may include the attachments shown below (except the optional attachments).

-51).Water pipe, water pipe tie-in, percolator, hose clampsas shown in figure F1-3
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F1-3 3.Display, mouse, keyboard, as shown in figure F1-4

F1-4 4.Input power supply wire and signal wire of cooler, keyboard/mouse wire, foot switch, socket, as shown in figure F1-5

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Chapter 2

Machine Installation

A laser marking machine consists of laser marker electric controller, operation box, water cooler, computer and so on. 1. Installation Procedure: 1). Install the laser generator As laser generator is valuables, it contains YAG crystal, laser diode and laser cavity, to be safety, we pack up each of them for shipping. So, we should first install laser generator before debug machine. Laser cavity is installed in machine main body, open the cover of main body, you can see there are two motherboard on the center, on which the laser cavity is installedas shown in figure F2-1

F2-1 Connect water pipe on other side of Q switch, then, connect over-heat protect wire and signal wire with Q switch, as shown in figure F2-2


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2). Installation of scan mirrors. Take out Scan mirror from package, including X/Y axis driver, X/Y axis motor etc, as shown in figure F2-3
Indicator light Right cover Left cover

Focus lens

F2-3 As shown in figure F2-4install scan mirror on main body of machine, and use inner-hexagon-screwdriver to screw down, as shown in figure F2-5

F2-4 F2-5 After fixing scan mirror, open side and front cover, as shown in figure F2-6

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F2-6 As shown in figure F2-7there are driver power wire, X/Y axis signal wire of scan mirror need connected.

F2-7 Next, connect power wire and signal wire with drive, there are X/Y axis signal wire (marked on wires).

F2-8 Close the front cover ( the side cover may not close), thus, the scan mirror has been finished installing as shown in figure F2-9

F2-9 3). Install focus lens As shown in figure, there are focus lens and its holder.

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- 10 -

F2-10 Step one, rotate focus lens clockwise as shown in figure F2-11

F2-11 Note: when rotating, make sure that focus lens do not touch the scan mirror lens, leave 1mm space, thus, finish installing focus lens. As shown in figure F2-12

F2-12 4). Install water cooler


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- 11 -

First, you need to use Teflon tape twine with all water pipe tie-in, as shown in figure F2-13

F2-13 Second, screw down the tie-in at the sides of percolator. As shown in figure F2-14

F2-14 Connect tie-ins of water outlet and water inlet, as shown in figure F2-15

F2-15 Third, use short water pipe to connect cool water outlet of water cooler with one end(IN) of percolator, and use the other long water pipe to connect the other end (OUT), then use screwdriver to screw down, to fix percolator firmly. As shown in figure F2-16


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- 12 -

F2-16 Forth, connect the other end (OUT) of percolator with water inlet of machines main body, and connect cool water inlet of water cooler with water outlet. All connection should use hose clamps to tie up and use screwdriver screw down. As shown in figure F2-17

F2-17 Insert water coolers power supply wire and signal wire into electric linker, and connect to power supply of water cooler beside operation box. As shown in figure F2-18


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- 13 -

F2-18 At last, fill purity water into water tan, and the water level should be higher than water outlet ,as shown in figure F2-19

F2-19 4). Connection of machines main body box and operation box Step one: As shown in figure F2-20, there are power wires and signal wires etc.


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- 14 -

Step two: put snake- shape pipe through operation box from its hole. As shown in figure F2-21

F2-21 Step three: Connect power supply box, as shown in picture, chief power supply input, laser power supply, Q power supply, galvanometer, red ray, all of these had been connected when machine was delivered. You can control the chief power by key. F2-22:

F2-22 Step four: Connection of laser power supply, include diode laser wire, protection port, water protector, input power supply, protect port, all of these had been connected when machine was delivered. You only need to connect diode laser, as shown in figure F2-23:

F2-23 Connect wire of diode laser, as figure showing, the red one is positive and the black one is negative, take down the high voltage knobs, there are two gaskets, then use red wire to connect red high voltage knob, and the black wire connect the black one, and then revolve them fast. As shown in figure F2-24

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- 15 -

F2-24 Step five: The connection of Q driver include power supply input, Q signal output, signal input, over-heat protect, power supply input had been connected well when machine was delivered. You only need to connect another three port. As shown in figure F2-25;

F2-25 Idiographic connection as shown in figure F2-26


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- 16 -

F2-26 Step six: Connection of computer, power supply input, softdog had been done when machine was delivered, as shown in figure F2-27:
Computer power supply

Display Softdog

Control board

F2-27 Now, lets connect signal wire of display, power supply wire, mouse wire, put them through the wire hole, as shown in figure F2-28;

F2-28 Take out the mouse/keyboard wire, use its one end to connect PS/2 port, and the other end there are two port, one is to connect mouse, and the other is to connect keyboard, as shown in figure F2-29;


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- 17 -

F2-29 Put power supply wire of display to insert into the socket where marked Display on power supply box, as shown in figure F2-30;

F2-30 Insert signal pin of display and 37 pins into corresponding socket separately, as shown in figure F2-31;

F2-31 Step seven: Connection of input power supply. Insert power supply wire into the socket marked power supply input, and insert foot switch wire into the socket marked foot switch, then screw them down. As shown in figure F2-32;

F2-32 Step eight: Take out red ray power supply, connect power supply socket

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- 18 -

correspondingly, as shown in figure F2-33;

F2-33 5). Introduction of laser beam path In this section, we will introduce relative knowledge of laser beam path. In following, we will introduce every optic parts of YAG laser beam path in detail, as shown in figure F2-34;

F2-34 A. Red ray indicator and adjuster: there are four knob on red ray indicator, they are vertical, level, left/right, up/down inching, you can adjust left/right by moving two M6 screws, as shown in figure F2-35;


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- 19 -

F2-35 B. Full reflector and adjustor: two knobs are used to adjust vertical and level; and left/right adjustment by moving the lens holder. As shown in figure in F2-36;

F2-36 C. Q switch and adjustor, as shown in figure F2-37;


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- 20 -

D. structure of laser cavity as shown in F2-38, including crystal, diode laser and metal cavity etc.

F2-38 E. output reflector and adjustor, as shown in figure F2-39;

F2-39 Beam expander and adjustor, as shown in figure F2-40:


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- 21 -

6.Grounding the machine In order to function properly, the machine must be electrically grounded via the electrical ground wire in your electrical system. If your wiring does not include a ground wire you need to install a ground to the following specifications: Ground cable technical requirements 1 ground device must use 4 pieces 4X35mm steel rod to dig into a moist The place around your building. Two pieces are 1 meter distance and each piece reach down to 1.5 meter. Then use 3X30mm flat iron to connect each piece to combine to an efficient ground network. 2. Make sure the resistance of ground device is 3-5 ohm 3.A RVV 2.5MM2 copper wire will connect the ground device and the entrance of the cable switch of the customers electrical machine. 4.Please make sure the wire is properly grounded to our technical requirements in this working sheet, to assure that our laser machine can work properly.


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- 22 -

Chapter Three Instruction of EasternLaser Marker Operation

User operation of laser marker is mainly performed by operating each module panel of operation box, the following will introduce the composing of the control panel and working technique to you separately. 1. Easternlaser marker operation box includes electric control box, laser power supply, Q driver, computer, mouse, keyboard and display. Sequence of Turn on and Turn off:
Turn on Sequence:
Electrify chief power and chiller Power

Turn off Sequence

Click The Power On

Press key-press of chiller's power supply Wait for one minute after the chill's pump works Press the chief power switch (namely air switch power) Turn on computer and open marking software Press the switch of Infrared-Scan -Revolve-Q Driver-Laser Power In Turn The voltage of laser power shows zero Click the Power Off
It is ready to mark when Power Off has changed to Power On Shut off the chief power switch (namely air You can shut off laser when Power On has changed to Power Off Turn off the switch of Laser Power-Q DriverScan- Infrared- Revolve In Turn Shut off the computer and close marking software

switch power)

Turn off the power of chiller

2. Marking Software Instruction 1. Open marking software: Double-click to open the software, enter the

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- 23 -

interface of the software. As F3-1:

F3-1 2. Click the Parameter(F3), enter the configuration parameters markcfg0 interface, setting : 100.00mm in Field. When the field of your scan lens is 100.00mm. The setting of the field showed in f3-2


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- 24 -

Laser control must select pulse width reverse and Enable current output, Setting lie in F3-3.



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- 25 -

GKD-CW2430 laser power Current Map setting lie in F3-4.

F3-4 The switch of the laser power is controlled by the marking software. When laser power IO port is set 0, the software interface will appear power off above the param(F3). You can use the mouse to control the switch of the laser power. The parameter of Port setting you can see in F3-4.


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- 26 -

3. Lasre power supply:

1)Power Off(switch of power supply) 2)Protect(protection indicator)This light will be on while water flux switch is open circuit; temperature protection switch is open circuit or press down the emergent button. 3)Voltage(V)( voltage display meter)Display voltage 4)Current(A)(current display meter )Display current 5) Current Set (current modulation knob) Turn this knob to adjust the current up and down, the current will increase clockwise. 6)Out/Inner (switch of external control and internal control)Turn the switch to Inner(inside control) while using inside controlturn the switch to Out(outside control) while using outside control. 7) Emergent Stop(emergent switch) Press this button while emergency happened,

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- 27 -

then the power supply will on the state of protection, protection light will be on and no power output( also no surge phenomenon) 8)Run/Stop(startup/stop button)After pressing the power switch while startup the device then press startup/stop button, then the power supply will run and output current; While turn off the device, first press this button and the power supply stop running. 9)Alarmwarning indicator This light will be on while input over or less voltage, or output open circuit, over current, radiator is overheat and so on, and the power supply stops running. When output is open circuit or over current, please turns off the power and restart the device to return the normal condition. After solve all the other disorder situation, the power supply will run smoothly. 10). Run(Running indicator)This light will be on after startup the power supply. 11.OUTPUT+(output+)Connect with the anode side of the laser module 12). OUTPUT-(output-): Connect with the cathode side of the laser module 13). Current Limit(current limit modulation)Maxi output current of the power supply. 14).PROTECT1(water flux protection)The two sides of the water flux switch connected with this two line connector, make the two sides short circuit while not using water flux switch. 15).PROTECT2temperature protection The two sides of the temperature switch connected with this two line connector while the laser has temperature protection. Make the two sides short circuit while not using temperature switch.

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- 28 -

16).External Control(external control interface) 17).Fan 18).FUSE5A insurance 19).AC POWER220VAC input end 3.1 Operation of internal control interface 1)Turn the external control (Outer)internal control(Inner) switch to the side of internal control (Inner)on the front panel 2) First connect the water cooling system well, go on the next step after checking no problems 3)Connect the water flux switch with connector(PROTECT1) on the rear panel make this connector short circuit if no water flux switch. Connect the module temperature protection switch with temperature protection (PROTECT2) connector on the rear panel, make this connector short circuit if no temperat ure protection switch 4) Connect the laser strictly follow the anode and cathode rule, make sure that the cable connected well, no short circuit or open circuit 5) Turn on the switch(POWER) of power supply on front panel, the power supply is on the state of ready to work, RUN/STOPRUN light is not on, current meter (Current) displays set value; at this time if water flux or temperature switch is not short circuit, the red light(Protect) will be on after pressing emergent switch Turn Current Set to set working current, the current will increase clockwise

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- 29 -

6)Press RUN/STOP button, RUN/STOP will be on, RUN light start to flash and will be on after 5 seconds, the power supply start to output current, and the current will slowly increase to the set current value, current meter display the real output current value; In any case, the power supply will stop output current when occurs warning, protecting phenomenon, and the startup button will not work 7)Turn Current Set on the state of output, continue adjusting output current is available 8)Press RUN/STOP on the state of output current, the power supply will stop output current and back to ready state, at this time Run/StopRun light will be not on, current meter displays the set value 9)Turn off: Turn off the switch of power supply on the front panel, cut off 220V input 3.2. External Control interface External Control interface is standard DB9 pins plug on the rear panel, definition of the pins as follow

1) Switch signal input 5-15V, 515V is high level, when this signal is high level,

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- 30 -

the RUN light start to flash and will be on after 5 seconds, the power supply start to output current. 2)I/V output,05V correspond to 030A output current; 3)V/I input05Vvoltage control output current of power supply 030A 4)Signal ground 5)Signal ground 6)Output high level 5V means PROTECTION has malfunction, connect with LED outside 7)Output high level 5V means AlARM has malfunction, connect with LED outside 8)Output high level 5V means RUN state, it is output current now, connect with LED outside 9)5V100mA power supply output. 3.3. External control interface operation 1)Connect the lines reference t o external control interface 2)Turn the switch External/internal control to External control 3)Please read internal control interface operation for operation


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- 31 -

4. Acoustic-optic Q switch driver 4.1. Installation condition The outer dimension of Q-switch driver is shown in appendix 2. The height of drivers panel is according to the standard of 2U, while the wide is 19 inches. Ventilating and heat eliminating condition for the driver are needed when installing. The spacing width of driver side for ventilating and heat eliminating is no less than 5cm (No heavy objects or goods pressed above the diver), the spacing height above the driver for ventilating and heat eliminating is no less than 5cm, and the rear spacing depth of the driver is no less than 15cm. Keep the Q-switch driver surface clean and dry. 4.2. Electric installation connection The rear of driver is shown in F3-5; the connection wires applied are shown in F3-6.

Grounding screw

Power plug


RF output socket

Outer control port

F3-5 Schematic diagram of rear panel 1) Grounding: driver shell is grounded by power outlet or screw. Be required to obey the electric safety operation rules and guarantee shell grounded. 2) Power source: the correctly connection of copper core wire cable that sectional area of 1mm2 with power source. NOTE: The voltage of power source has two modes: AC220V and AC110V in the Q-switch driver. The driver will be damaged with the mistake connection of voltage mode. User can select one mode above. 3) Fuse: the power source has a fuse tube of 2A. 4) Outer control interface: 15-core computer female plug. Referring to F3-6, Fig. 5, and Fig. 6, outer control wire will be connected with accessory of 15-core computer female plug.

Laser output control by PC

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- 32 -

5) Outer protective contact: pin8, pin15 of Outer control interface. To protect Q switch components, user may connect over-temperature protection switch (connected in normal temperature) or water-flux protection switch (connected in normal water pressure) of Q-switch components with outer protective plug. Without any outer protection, connect shortly outer protection plug directly. NOTE: Outer protection joints MUST BE CONNECTED TO CONTACTS OR BE SHORTED. 6) RF output plug: the output terminal must be connected to the Q-switch components with 50 RF coaxial cable with Q9 plug. NOTE: Insure reliable connection and impedance matching. Otherwise, too large RF reflection will lead to the driver in the protection state. If a long-time protection state, the performance of driver will be drop down and the driver may be damaged. F3-6Schematic diagram of connection wires when applied In Fig.2, the number description: 1power plug; 2fan; 3--RF output socket; 4outer control port; 5grounding screw 4.3. Operation process Carry out the following test and adjusting before connecting the driver and upper computer: 1) Electric installation and connection as the requirements of section 4.1. and 4.2. 2) Measure output power (50W) and standing wave ratio (1.2) of the Q-switch driver with RF power meters. 3) Enter main control menu, choose control pattern P00X(M1, M2 or M3), then choose laser output effective levelsdigital modulation /analog modulation A00X, set first pulse restraint time width FXXX, pen falling time delay bXXX,

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- 33 -

release time dXX. Or you can use default parameters/settings: P001, b000, F150, d06, A001, L001, 5.0 kHz. 4) When ensure cooling water running through Q-switch driver, turn on the main power source, and the power indicator is on. Now the Q-switch driver is in the state of run (RUN indicator is on), press the RUN/STOP key to turn into the state of STOP (RUN indicator is off), then press the TEST key (TEST indicator is on), at this time there should be output of the laser; press the TEST key again to return to the state of stop (TEST indicator is off) , and no output of the laser. 5) Connect the Q-switch driver with the upper computer; press the RUN/STOP key, turn into the state of run (the RUN indicator is on), the working of the Q-switch driver is controlled by the upper computer. 5.Temperature setting of water cooler 1.Control panel, as shown in figure F3-7

F3-7 2). Operating procedure, as shown in F3-8


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- 34 -

F3-8 3). Supervisor parameter setting, as shown in F3-9

F3-9 4). Operator parameter setting, as shown in F3-10


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- 35 -

F3-10 5).Failure indicator, as shown in F3-11



Chongqing Yisipu Mold CO., LTD Symptom No Display on panel Phase reverse lights Indicating "E1" Possible Cause Power Failure Fuse Broken

- 36 Action

Indicating "E2"

Indicating "E3"

Indicating "E4" Sudden Stop of Compressor Or Alternating Between Start and Stop. None of Refrigeration or Bad performance

Connect Supply Change Fuse Interchanging the position of any Phase reversed two lines. Broken or Shot of Temp. Sensor. Reinstall the Sensor or Change a The Temp. of Water exceeded in New Sensor. the range of Temp. Controller. Use the Chiller in the Range of Temp. Controller Temp. Alarm, the Temp. Stop the Chiller till Exceeded the Value of the temp. Of Water Low down, Or Temp. Alarm setting. Adjust the Value of Temp. Alarm Setting. The Pressure of Release Solve the Problem after is higher than Setting. Discovering the Reason. The Pressure of Suction is Lower Than Setting. Solve the Problem after Overload of Compressor Discovering the Reason. Air Volume Deficiency, Or Air Improve of the location of Temp. too high to crossing the installation, Cleaning filter Net condenser, Or Too Much of Dirt and Fin. begrimed upon the fin. Serious Overload or Choose a Matching Selection too Small. Model Or Lack of Refrigerant. Recharging Refrigerant

Attention: The temperature had been set well before machine was delivered, dont change it until special situation.


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- 37 -

Chapter Four Laser beam path adjustment

1. Sketch map of laser beam path

1.Red ray indicator 2.High reflector and its adjustment holder 3.Q switch 4.YAG crystal 5. diode laser 6. Laser cavity 7. Semi-permeable mirror and its adjustment holder 8. Beam expander lens 9. Motor driver of X axisX 10. Motor of X axis (small lens) 11. Motor driver of Y axis 12. Motor of Y axis (big lens)Y 13.Focus lens 14. Lift workbench 15.Computer and control system

2.Steps of adjustment Step one: Purpose of adjusting red ray indicator: Make the red ray can shoot into the center of lens of scan mirror linearly
9 1 0 1 1 1 5 1 3

1 4

F4-2 Step two: Purpose of adjusting laser cavity: Make the red ray through two ends center of crystal to ensure reflex from two ends is superposition, and lapping over with incidence ray.


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9 1 0 1 1 1 5 12 1 3

- 38 -

4 5

1 4

F4-3 Step three: Purpose of adjusting semi-permeable mirror: Make red ray through the center of semi-permeable mirror, let the reflex lap over with incidence ray.
9 1 0 1 1 1 5 12 1 3

4 5

1 4

F4-4 Step four: Purpose of adjusting high reflector: Make red ray through the center of high reflector, let the reflex lap over with incidence ray.
9 1 0 1 1 1 5 12 1 3

4 5

1 4

F4-5 Step five: Purpose of adjusting Beam expander lens: make red ray through the center of two lens to ensure reflex of two lens is superposition, and laps over with incidence ray too.


Chongqing Yisipu Mold CO., LTD

9 1 0 1 1 1 5 12 1 3

- 39 -

4 5

1 4

F4-6 Step six: Purpose of adjusting Q switch: Make red ray through two ends center of crystal to ensure the reflex from two ends is superposition, and laps over with incidence ray too.
9 1 0 1 1 1 5 12 1 3

4 5

3 2

1 4

F4-7 Step seven: Purpose of adjusting motors of scan mirror: make red ray is just below the lens. Thus, the adjustment of whole laser beam path is finish. Turn on the power, if the light axis of red ray and crystal is parallel, there is YAG laser output; then use frequency doubling to observe green light, and adjust high reflector and semi-permeable mirror to make laser beam is round, if not, it should be adjusted. Laser beam is round and distributing equably, is the best mode, at that time, laser output quality is best and the energy reach the max. 3. Pay attention to following affair in adjusting laser beam path: When adjusting lens holder, do not adjust too must once time; When locking crystal, do not force to much, and observe the red rays change state at any moment; Adjustment should be carried out in low current. If demand special thin laser beam, it can add beam shield, but the output laser beam will weaken more or less.

Chongqing Yisipu Mold CO., LTD

- 40 -

Chapter Five

Daily Maintenance and Basic Fault Analysis

1.Attention proceeding 18 C and 28 C (22 C is best) Forbid to start laser power supply and Q switch when there is no water to the water circle is not normal; Shut down the laser power supply and scan mirrors power supply first when fault happens, then carry out checking. Do not start other discreteness before lighten diode laser, in order to avoid high voltage to damage them. Output end of laser power supply (anode) is forbidden handing in the air, in order to avoid electricity hitting. Keep water clean, clean water tank and change pure water termly; 2. Daily maintenance The quality and temperature of circle water will affect laser power and laser life, user should use high pure water, and keep the water temperature is 22, and the difference in temperature is 1. 3. Clean percolator and water tank, change circle water: Turn off whole power supply of machine first, clean water tank; meanwhile, open percolator and clean it, connect all tie-in well after making sure all of them are clean; at last, change circle water, run for two or three minutes (to make water full with laser generator) 4. Lens cleaning (suggest that clean lens before working every day, the equipment is off) Lens cleaning: Take down lens form holder, bedew the lens paper with cleanser, use it to wipe lens several times lightly until is clean enough. 5. Analysis for common fault ACan not startup. Check the power whether is connected Check the air switch whether is turned on Bdiode laser can not turn bright. Check the output line of diode laser whether is connected firmly Check the machine whether there is high voltage hit. Whether the water cooler is working.

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- 41 -

CAir switch Close Check the machine there is high voltage hit. Check output power whether is higher than rating power. Some components of chief electrocircuit are damaged. DWater cooler can not work. Whether the water cooler is connected. Whether the input voltage is lower. Water cooler may have problem. If it still can not settle the problem. For preventing the failure turn worse. Please do not tear down the system yourself. Please call our after service department


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- 42 -

Chapter six


1. Warranty Time The machine has a warranty for parts of 1 year from the date you bought our machine except following consumable material: a. The laser cavity has a guarantee time of 1 year b. YAG rod, optical mirrors, the lens and other consumable material is not included in our warranty. 2. Items for warranty: a. Repairable objects include products sold by EasternLaser Tech. Co. Ltd of Dongguan City. b. You will enjoy free repair service within the warranty period if your machine encounters problems not due to abnormal usage. You will need to show us the guarantee card or invoice when our technician comes to repair your machine. 3. The following conditions do not enjoy free service, and you should pay some money for different condition. a. Repair service caused by non-quality reasons of device. b. Warranty time has finished. c. Cant show guarantee card or alter guarantee card. d. Do not carry out promised responsibility. e. Reinstall, rebuild, repair the machine without our companys permit. f. Problems caused by man-made or force majeure reasons. 4. Our company only bears the legal obligations for the machine and will not be responsible for any consequential damages. 5. We only bear the law responsibility of selling our products, we are free of other responsibility caused by using our company products


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- 43 -

Final explanation right belongs to Chongqing Yisipu Mold Co. Ltd of Chongqing City. We reserve the right to make changes on our machines without notice to users.