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Institute of human values in health care


History of medicine-alternative Medical ethics Management,communication,leadership(Indian ethos) Music therapy,yoga Principles of ayurveda Educational psychology Rights and responsibilities-citizen Spirituality for the world Practical training-Amrithagrama-the health village

Music therapy (Naadalayayoga)

Shadchakra &nerve plexuses Cosmic and bioenergy-kundalini Goals of music therapy Music as a lifestyle for spiritual development Melakartha scheme and kundalini Raagachikitsa and psychology of music Quest for the divine through music Advaitha of light and sound

Protocol for pilot project in music therapy

30 volunteers Participating team-clinical psychologist,physicians,music professors, and a co-ordinator Questionnaire to be filled in by patient,physician,musician,and to be assessed by the coordinator Time span 3 months from the actual beginning of therapy Status of patient recorded Effect of raaga on the disease process evaluated

Assessment chart

Assess the musical preferences and background of patient The organs affected Related raaga to the shadchakra,to the organ,to the cosmic energy(birthchart) Group therapy Individual therapy

Pulse Temperature BP Pain scale Anxiety scale(Hamilton) Prior to and after therapy

Music therapist

Raaga/s chosen Its position in melakartha scheme Shadava,audhava,swaranthara,sm/pm/ghana /naya,vakra/speed For hypertension For tension/stress Pain relief

Facilities required

Room to store blank and recorded casettes ,cds etc and for giving individual therapy Room/hall for group therapy/bhajans Blank cds(20)audiocasettes(20) Headphones and computer with multimedia to play music in the room for individual therapy Transport facility for the visits of music professors to the institution Miscellaneous expenses and stationary

Project for amrithagrama

Principal investigator dr suvarna nalapat The entire team of Amritha Institute of Medical sciences

Description of problem

India a third world country Lack of proper healthcare and awareness in villages,lack of pure water,nutritious food,environmental pollution, economic mental and spiritual problems. Education commission(64-65)national policy of education(68,86) Holistic approach.resurgence of eternal India(Viswabharathy,Auroville) Physical,mental,intellectual,spiritual health of the community

University of tomorrow-identify with national interest

Concern-future welfare of allenvironment,antipollution,educating and empowering minorities,women,message against alcoholism,AIDS RELEVANCE OF COURSE OF STUDY ?ones employability/market value of course ?degree of maturity it allows,and the real value or profit to society The society in terms of costbenefit analysis computes gains over the investments it had made.

The model

Gestalt psychology .A group of good human beings,good citizens,and good doctors who will be the jewels of the nation.

Action plan

Identify the area Housing &sanitation Kitchen garden,fruit trees-nutritional deficits,anaemia Recycling and use of waste water Manure and insecticides Smokefree cooking Pure water supply(chellanum model) Employment help Training of students in amrithagramam


Healthrelated Arts,science,spirituality Compassion World religions Advaitha for peaceful coexistence

Interdisciplinary fellowship programmes

In the model of MUSC Memorial lectures on various topics of national importance


Journals on the lectures(faculty,guest) at regular basis for national ,international use(model viswabharathy) Leaflets and material for educating public Amritha journal in the model of NIMHANS

DR Radhakrishnan

The pursuit of ideas and inspiration is greater than the race of power The logo of the uty describes the goal clearly. pursuit of gnaana which one attains only with sradha .National integration programmes-in devi Ahalya uty.sadbhavnaa vaatikaas ,nonconventional energy sources etc

2 essential guiding principles

1 functional autonomy 2 collective responsibility

Knowledge-FOR PERSONAL/NATIONAL USE Earn our daily bread ,and serve the nation and the world. Policy formulation-a dynamic process

Miles to go before I sleep