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Social Circle Training

Special Report:


Written by: Greg Greenway www.socialcircletraining.com


It probably is, but you dont know it. Do you want to revive it?

Keep reading.

Social Circle Game is to women what Passive Income is to wealth.

Most people understand that to truly be financially secure and to create real wealth, you need passive sources of income.

This is generally accepted right?

If the only time you make money is when you go to work, then you arent being efficient with your time, knowledge or expertise. If you find a way to package your knowledge into goods and services that can be sold to a large audience, you can effectively make money while you sleep.

Regular income: Sleeping? No money... Holiday? No money...

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Sick or injured? No money... Jobless? No money...

Passive income: Sleeping? Still making money... Taking a shit? Still making money... On holiday? Still making money... Sick or injured? Guess what? Still making money...

Which is better?

Passive income, obviously.

Well Social Circle Game is to women what passive income is to money.

Social Circle Game is PASSIVE PUSSY

I have not opened or cold approached a girl in 2011. I have slept with somewhere between 20-30 women this year!

Thats like scoring goals without ever being on the pitch.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

After I broke up with my last girlfriend towards the end of last year, I have casually been dropping hints to girls in my social circle that Im looking to settle down with some top quality girl and start making babies.

Guess what has happened?

All my female friends, are literally throwing their single girlfriends pussys in my face. I literally have a bunch of minions getting me dates and introducing me to women because Ive effectively managed my social circle.

You want to be surrounded by women who are not only beautiful, but are a perfect match for your interests?

You want to have quantity and quality?

Well, the answer is Social Circle Game.

Social Circle Game = Passive Pussy

Getting more pussy without actually having to do anything extra.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Have a look at the week of two different guys. Guy 1 only uses cold approach; Guy 2 uses Social Circle Training:

If you can already get pussy, being social (in the right way) is going to get you more pussy than you could possibly imagine.

Lets look at 2 guys, and say they both have the same level of game, and are starting off with zero women.

Guy 1 Saturday Night At a social gathering, he picks his target; he seduces, escalates, and closes. Well done he fucked 1 girl.

Sunday Night Guy 1 wants more pussy. Calls girl from last night. Shes busy. Oh shit, Guy 1, doesnt have any other options. Guess he has to go out and look for more pussy. He doesnt find any girls that meet his standards, so he goes home and makes love to his right hand.

Monday Night Same as Sunday, maybe hell get lucky, maybe he wont. He wants more pussy,
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

he has to go out and look for it.

Tues Fri Girl 1 keeps flaking so he goes out a couple more times. He meets more girls, but due to cock blocks, ASD, LMR and a whole bunch of other stuff he gets no more pussy.

Guy 1, end of week lay count = 1

Guy 2 Saturday Night Goes out with his social circle, and meets many women and people. Using Social Circle Training techniques, he has many women fighting for his attention. 5 different women ask for his number, which he happily gives out. He picks his favourite woman; he seduces, escalates and closes. Lay count = 1.

Sunday Night Girl 1 flaked. No problem, calls up one of the other girls that he spoke to last night. After a bit of chat, its obvious she wants his dingaling. Goes for late night cocktails. He seduces, escalates, he closes. Lay count = 2.
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Monday morning Finds out that Girl 2 is bi-sexual. He phones Girl 1 and invites her over.

Monday Night Has 3some with Girls 1 and 2. Lay count = 3* (* for legend)

Tuesday Night Wants to take a break, and chill. Another girl from Saturday who met him through is social circle calls him up. He arranges for Thursday.

Wednesday Night Girls 1 and 2, talk about their 3some with Guy 1 to Girl 3. (Girls 1,2 and 3 are all part of the same social scene/circle) Girl 3 gets turned on, and wants a piece of the action.

Thursday Night He goes on date with Girl 3. Shes already heard of his sexual prowess, and the close is a done deal. He seduces, escalates and closes. Lay count = 4
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Friday Night He realizes he still has 2 more girls from the party last week he hasnt even spoken to yet....

Guy 2, end of week lay count = 4 (including a 3some)

Guy 2 has a week typical of anyone who is using Social Circle Training properly. Can you imagine having a life where you are sitting at home minding your own business, and a friend of yours brings over 3-5 new girls to your place just to meet you?


Cold approach doesnt do that... Day Game doesnt do that... Online game doesnt do that... Text and phone game doesnt do that...

Social Circle Training is a philosophy for your entire life. All other types of game are just skill-sets.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Think of it this way,

Day Game, Cold Approach, Dance floor Game, Online Game, Text/Phone Game,

And any other type of game I missed,

Can be compared to free throws, in basketball or penalties in soccer. If you want to get great at basketball, you dont just go and learn free throws do you? They can help and are an important part of the game, but on their own wont help you that much with your game.

Same with penalties in soccer. If all you know about soccer is how to take a penalty kick, then youre never going to be that good at soccer.

Cold approach, Day Game, Text Game, Online Game etc are valid tools to have in your skill set, but if youre using it as the staple for getting you laid YOURE MISSING THE BIG PICTURE!!!

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Sorry to be so harsh, but your success is the most important thing to me, and this is the one thing in this community that drives me mental. Why are so many insistent on using an inefficient method for getting laid?

Its like insisting on recording cassettes so you can listen to music on a Walkman, when everyone with a brain is using MP3 players.

Or accountants are taught double entry bookkeeping, doesnt mean they actively use it...they have enough sense to use a more efficient system like a computer. Yeah it can be fucking done the hard way, but why not do it better, more easily and more efficiently?

Let me give you an example:

A certain very famous PUA by his own admission went out NIGHT after NIGHT for 9months Cold Approaching before he got good. He then spent another 3 or so years practicing; and he said in an interview his lay count is between 30-50.


2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Honestly, if you ask me, that is just insane.

If you seriously think that is an effective use of your time, then cool, stop reading this right now.

Even if you started from 0 as in super AFC bordering on no social skills (assuming you a had no mental health issues) It would take a couple solid months to be good at holding a conversation.

Then spend 2 months engineering a social circle with HOT women.

1 week with a FREE stylist to sort out your look. So your now 3-4 months in, and at this stage you can hold a conversation with a woman, and you have a decent social circle.

Now go out every night for the next 3 months....you will get laid like a fucking ROCKSTAR, I fucking guarantee it.

Imagine a Victoria Secrets fashion photographer. Does he have more game than Cold Approach specialist PUA? Nope. Does he go out SARGING?
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Probably not Does he fuck more Victoria Secret Models (i.e HB10s) than Cold Approach Specialist PUA? Very fucking likely.

WHY? Cos he has a life where hot women are around him, and because all his approaches will be WARM, he is more likely to close with much less effort.

Obviously not everyone can be a VS photographer, but anyone can engineer a life and create an environment where women are around them all the time.

Social Circle creates Warm Approaches A cold approach, is when you approach a woman who is a complete stranger that knows nothing about you and you attempt to have an interaction with that woman.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Every cold approach starts at zero. Your fashion, look, confidence in approach, body language and tonality can all help move you away from zero when you first say hello, but in cold approach you ALWAYS start from zero.

The goal of Social Circle Game is to make your approaches warm, so youre starting close to 100 in every interaction that you have. You will still need to have all your shit together, as you would in a cold approach, but the benefit is, you have a lot less way to go before you reach the significant relationship, stage.

Social Circle Game means HOTTER chicks Lets be completely honest. How often do you see women like this:
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Id like you and your friends/wings to try something out. It will show you just how limited Cold Approach is. Go out with a wing or even better one or 2 wings for a month. You are only allowed to interact with 9s and 10s. Shes only a 9/10 if you and ALL your wings 100% agree shes a 9/10. If shes not a 9/10, YOU HAVE TO END THE INTERACTION. Youre only allowed to go for 9s and 10s.

Do this and see how many 9s and 10s you fuck....scratch that see how many 9s and 10s YOU MEET in that month.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Women of immense beauty are rare, but for some reason united in their rarity in certain social circles. If you are able to ACCESS these social circles the quality of women you will meet, will go through the roof.

Social Circle Game means BETTER chicks for you Make a list of all the things you want in a woman. Now, when you go out and about, and you meet a new woman through cold approach. You know nothing about her. You have to qualify and screen her to make sure she meets your standards.

This can become quite frustrating if you have high standards in behaviour and personality.

What if you could have a social circle, where all the women in that social circle where already pre-approved and screened for certain qualities that you desire?

Imagine how great that would be?

A social circle where I know all the women I meet fit my standards. That means I can just spend time getting to know her and connecting with her.

Social Circle Game is Consistent

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

I love Day game. I absolutely love it. Being able to just walk up to a chick any time, anywhere and talk to her, connect with her and seduce her is amazing.

It has proved valuable to my sex life.

The one thing, I dont like about Day Game is the consistency. Sometimes I could walk around literally for hours and not see a woman who I would consider stunningly beautiful. Its one thing for me to date a girl who Ive spoken to and become attracted to her personality, but if Im going to go out of my way to stop and talk to a girl she had better be drop dead gorgeous.

I dont know about you, but I cant remember the last time I saw the likes of Rosie Huntington Whitely, Mila Kunis, Vida Guerra or Beyonce at a supermarket, bank or just walking down the street. Id have to spend hours to see a woman like that on the street, and frankly my time is precious.

Day Game will only get you the girls you just happen to run into and that is why its miles behind social circle.

This report is not to bash the likes of Day Game, Online Game, Phone Game, or the merits of Cold Approach. They are all skills that I use on a regular basis.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

But that is all they are, part of a toolbox. The wider philosophy to adopt is Social Circle Training. Once you have a basic skill-set of interacting with women, you should be spending your time engineering a lifestyle where the exact type of women that you desire is in your life on a consistent basis.

So what exactly is Social Circle Game? Social Circle Game is the practice of using one's social circle to aid them in their goals of dating and seducing women. This is very different from just building a social circle or accessing a social circle for business benefits. Social Circle Game is targeted at improving your love and sex life.

The main premise of Social Circle Game is that you create situations and approaches with women that are WARM. Social Circle Game is directed at having a WARM approach be the worst case scenario, and women actively opening you as the best case scenario.

Types of Social Circle Game There are 3 main types of Social Circle Game. Entourage style; going solo; and building a "dream team" of guys and working that way.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

Each method requires different types of personality, level of effort put in and approach to mastery. Before I run through a quick break down I need to explain some concepts so that it makes the break down easier to understand.

SOCIAL INFLUENCE. This is how many people one person can connect with at any given time. Promoters, PR people, individuals that know everybody have a lot of SOCIAL INFLUENCE.

SOCIAL POWER. This is the possession of control or command over others. Your boss has SOCIAL POWER over you. The alpha dog has the most SOCIAL POWER in a social group etc etc.

SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME Entourage Style You create a social circle or group that has lots of women. Usually, you will be the head of this group, and you will be the one charged with doing all the organising. At the very least, because you created the group you will be most responsible in setting the rules, and parameters, ensuring that the group stays together.

This style is most common for nightclubs as made popular by famous PUA AFC Adam.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

This style requires a lot of work and a personality type that is on the VERY social side. If you are comfortable being the center of attention, and the life and soul of the party, this is the style of Social Circle Game to adopt.

In a nutshell, the tactic is to build your entourage and then use the social proof and pre-selection to take your pick of the women. Because it is a social circle that you have created, you have the most SOCIAL POWER, and automatically trigger "value" and "leader of men" attraction switches in women.

In terms of sheer numbers of women, and having women chasing after you, this is probably the best. I used to exclusively adopt this style of game between 20042007 when I was a consultant for nightclubs and restaurants. I never had to cold approach, and women on a consistent basis would open me.

The steps to running Entourage style Social Circle Game are as follows: 1. Identify a purpose for your group that is female friendly. 2. Find a source of women and begin adding them to your social circle. 3. Organise regular events for your social circle. 4. Use the attraction generated from pre-selection and your SOCIAL POWER in the group to date and seduce your IDEAL WOMAN.


2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

This is probably the most neglected style of Social Circle Game when it comes to literature in the seduction community. It requires a firm understanding of how relationships are built and being very socially aware.

With this style, you identify the type of women that you to have in your life. This can be based on looks, interests personality or all of the above. You then seek out social circles and groups that will have these types of women. Once you have found those circles or groups, you must gain ACCESS to the group via virtue of your relationship with someone in the group.

The easiest member to pick is the people with large amounts of SOCIAL INFLUENCE. It is there very nature to know and connect with many different people, and often people with high SOCIAL INFLUENCE have access to a variety of different social circles. Your relationship must get to a stage with this person via either rapport or utility, whereby they invite you into one of their social circles.

Once in this group your interactions with women in that circle will be starting at the very least in a warm state. You then game as normal, bearing in mind whatever the rules and parameters of that social circle are.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

This style is a lot more flexible, as you are not responsible for any particular social circle, so therefore it requires less of your effort. It also isn't just reserved to nightlife. Any social circle in any niche, genre or interest can be accessed this way.

The main difference is you have to be comfortable going out on your own, and have a solid set of social skills to be able to meet, befriend and align with people that you like to a level that they will introduce you to their circle of friends. This is generally more tactical and is more suited to guys who have their shit together.

The biggest advantage of this style is that it's the best way to meet the HOTTEST women.

Beautiful women (9s and 10s) aren't just sitting around waiting for you to add them to your social circle. They already belong to a social circle. With this style you can access that social circle and have ACCESS to women that you wouldn't normally see or come across in your day to day life.

Once you are among women that you find attractive, you can then qualify on your other requirements for personality and interests as well.

Steps to running Social Circle Game Solo style: 1. Identify your tastes in women.
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

2. Choose an Environment where you will find these types of women. 3. Gain ACCESS into this environment.

SOCIAL CIRCLE GAME Dream Team This is probably the most suited to PUA's. In this style, a tight social circle of like minded individuals will come together with the purpose of creating a "dynasty", a playground of hot women. Each individual in the social circle will have their own strengths and weaknesses, but all have the common goal of creating an environment of warm approaches and ACCESS to women.

EG, you have a guy who is good at Day Game; one guy is good at Night Game; one guy is good at Online Game; another is rich; one guy has all the connections etc etc.

So what each guy will do is go about their day to day lives and meet women, and invite them to the "dream teams" activities. This can be any form of social gathering. As long as each guy is doing this and pulling their weight in the group you will have the situation where each guy is bringing out a new group of women to the social gathering. This also creates warm interactions, not as warm as the other 2 methods, but definitely a lot stronger than pure cold approach.

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

At the social gathering all the guys game as normal following the groups rules and parameters (eg the guy who brought the girls get's the first pick). This is a good style for those who are sort of in the middle or are just starting out. You have others to encourage you, there's less of a load on your time as effort is split up, and you don't have to worry about who you are befriending or aligning with socially.

With this style you still have to do a lot of cold approach and meeting women outside of the group, but because everyone else is doing that as well, and pooling their "women", so to speak, you have a lot more options.

Steps to setting up a successful DREAM TEAM: 1. Find some guys who have the same goals for dating. 2. Make up a set of rules for the group and its purpose. 3. Assign each guy to his role in the group (ie, what each person is bringing to the group. 4. Go out meeting women in your normal routine. 5. Invite the women that you are meeting to the activities of your DREAM TEAM.

This is Social Circle Seduction and is a big part of SOCIAL CIRCLE TRAINING; it is the evolution of Game, and the philosophy of guys who have an abundance of
2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

beautiful high quality women in their life. Upgrade yourself to the new and improved version of Game, because if youre sticking to the old style, then cold approach is KILLING your sex life.

This report is JUST THE BEGINNING. There is still so much I have to teach you to ensure that you have a life filled with 9s and 10s. I want you to have ACCESS to all the beautiful women that you want. Email me with your thoughts, results and any questions you have. But, for now thats it. Ill be in touch soon.

Love and Carnage

Greg Greenway Social Circle Training greg@socialcircletraining.com www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com

2011 www.thesocialsupremacyblueprint.com