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General description

The application VoipTunnel has been created in order to enable making VoIP phone calls for users who live in the countries where VoIP traffic is blocked. This application may also be used in locked computer networks, e.g. in networks where NAT disables correct functioning of SIP . First of all you must install the voiptunnel program by installing the msi file. After installation is complete, you will configure the tunnel parameters Click start/programs/voiptunnelclient and open the VTCConfig which allows to configure the tunnel program.

This module should be installed and started on a computer which is located within the locked network. Many IPphones which function in this network and use the protocol SIP may use this computer in order to register on our VoIP server. Obviously, later they can make connections via this computer. Before starting the VoipTunnelClient module, one should start VTCconfig and set the appropriate IP addresses and used ports.

Picture for example: do not use this value

You should configure the voip tunnel client according to the values in the table below: Tunnel server IP number Tunnel server port Dummy SIP signaling IP number 1805 Local IP of the computer you installed the voip tunnel on. To discover the ip, do start>run then cmd (dos opens) then ipconfig. The IP of the local adapter is the right one (usually something like

5060 Dummy SIP signaling port After pressing the button Save settings, you can exit the configuration module and open the program through: Start/programs/voiptunnelclient/voiptunnelclient. The tunnel client program should then open. Now you need to configure your IP phone so that it will send traffic to your local computer, just as if it was the sip server.

Sample configuration of devices to cooperate with the module VoipTunnelClient

Sipura SPA -2000

In the example below, the device has been set in such a manner so that the registration and calls are sent to port 6060 to the computer of the IP address (dont use those values, just for illustration purpose)

For Apeden server the following values should be used (see table below)
SIP port Proxy 5060 IP address of the PC on which you installed the VoIP tunnel application (usually or similar) Yes Yes Yes 40 Login given by reseller Password given by reseller

Register Make call without registration Answer call without registration Register expires User ID Password

If you have any issue, make sure PC computer firewall port 5060 and 1805 are open. Most PCs will stop incoming packets because of Microsoft firewall.