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Note: questions to Howard are now submitted to Howard, preferably typed, to Gemini Research rather than fielded on the call live. It would be desirable to send a couple of bucks for mailing, copying and printing costs. ********************* Extra legal help is available from the firm, Ketchum, Dewey, Cheatham and Howe. ******************************************************************* . For reference: Jersey City v. Hague, 115 Atlantic Reporter 2nd, page 8 (A 2nd ) ********** Project for all: Howard needs information on how to write a complaint for breach of the trust. Hit the libraries! He would appreciate any research help. ***************************************************** Start ***************************************************** {01:53:12.486} [Howard] Dr. Graves explanation of the anatomy of a complaint would be extremely important for every one of you to get a hold of for two reasons. One is if youre going to draft one, for instance, one of breach of fiduciary duty. Although we have the form there are details of how the story is told that are important and how theyre done in the rules of pleading. And if hes explaining this which I expect he is because hes a doctor of law. He has a doctorate in the study of law. Hes no dummy. Hes very well versed. So if youre going to put together a complaint it would behoove youdidnt you say it was eleven pages, Dave? You should take five days to read those eleven pagesnot that itll take you five days to read it once. You should read it over and over and over again for five days until you finally get it down pat, what hes explaining about the requirements in law of how a complaint is put together. Not only for your own benefit of understanding how you would put a complaint together but also in your defense against any government complaint against you because theyre not properly done and when they arent they have failed to serve the complaint in proper form along with the summons. And if a complaint does not come with a summons then it fails to be a proper service and thats usually Rule 2 and sometimes Rule 3 depending upon what states rules in civil and in somewhere Rule 5 in criminal rule of how a complaint and summons are to be served at the same time. Many, many times you get a summons: you are demanded to be here. You better be here or an arrest warrant will be issued for you if you dont show up. Yeah, where the hell is it? The complaint says that you did this. Where the hell is the complaint? Its not there. Its briefed perhaps, but its not there. It does not follow the rules of how to make a complaint. Its a bluff to get you to come into the court and admit to something. These people violate their fiduciary duty

and act in so many dishonest ways. It is absolutely impossible for us to list every damned one of them, to make even a prototype of some type which Ive been asked to do by a lovely little lady who wants to put it together in such a form that she can send it out to a bunch of people. But it isnt going to work. We cannot make a prototype for a lawsuit because the specific details have to be explained in a certain way and I assure you, Ive seen some of Dr. Graves stuff in Jurisdictionary. This man knows what hes talking about. He understands the rules, he understands the rules of pleading as well as the rules of court, the rules of procedure and the rules governing the courts and all the other rules governing lawyers. He is very familiar with all this stuff. He knows what hes talking about. If hes telling you one little part here and giving you a breakdown of information on how something is done it would be very importantDave, Im going to ask you to send that to me because I want to look it over and see what he said because I know that I dont know enough because finding this in their law books, its scattered all over the damned place. There is no really good succinct list anywhere of exactly of how to draft a complaint properly. Theres a lot of pieces but they arent put together in one simple little explanation. You have to have gone to law school or become a law professor to have enough background to be able to put something like this together. Im sure Im missing some of the pieces. I know darned well I am. Ive got a lot of them but I know Im missing some of them. Im still very reluctant to write a complaint and really think that I have done it 100% correct. Not that Im reluctant to write a complaint, Im just reluctant to think that I did it 100% correct. It really does require an in-depth study of a lot of specific parts of the rules to put it all together and if hes done this and given you at least 90% of whats required youll find out that that when these morons with law degrees write a complaint most of them have not been taught enough to know exactly how to write a complaint and they leave most of the important stuff out. They do not do it properly so the complaint leaves us with out enough knowledge or information to form a responsive answer. Thats when were the defendant. It does not meet the requirement of the rule, usually Rule 2 or 3, of the state court rules or the federal rules that the summons and complaint be served together because if the complaint is lacking then they have not served the summons and complaint properly together. Now, they get away with this stuff because the lawyers are stupid and the people are even stupider. I dont know how that can be possibly be that you can be stupider than stupid but we are somehow. Lawyers arent very bright. Theyre not very well informed. Theyre not very well taught. They are taught to do it in shortcut ways on purpose and the people are not taught any of this. So I guess thats the only way I could explain that the people are stupider than lawyers and lawyers are pretty stupid to start with. It seems almost impossible but it isnt due to the lack of proper teaching and training. We do not have the knowledge and information and understanding of how these things are to be done. Heres your case for breach of fiduciary dutyat least one of them. The lawyer that did this, whatever this complaint may be, the cop that did this, whatever the complaint may be. You got a parking ticket, you got a speeding ticket, you got a radar ticket, whatever. You got a summons from the court stating that you didnt pay your taxes filled out by a lawyer and summoned to be in court under a complaint that you didnt pay your taxes. Every one of these people are breaching their fiduciary duty in some way, shape or form. If you understand very clearly how a complaint is required to be drafted and look at what they do, they have not done it correctly. If you go look at the statutes youll find out that they misapplied the intent and purpose of the statutesmore dishonesty on their part.

This breach of fiduciary duty concept is simply based on dishonesty Lack of good faith is a form of dishonesty. The other thing that they get into in some of the cases is the loyalty, loyalty to the government that they represent or are party of. If theyre not loyal to the government then theyre in breach of their fiduciary duty. Well, what I just explained to you of not following the rules is a breach of their fiduciary duty because theyre disloyal because theyre being dishonest. See how simple, this whole thing keeps coming back to dishonestynot doing it the way theyre supposed to do it, not following the law, not applying the law correctly, misapplying the law such as if youre a taxpayer, Obama crap, healthcare applies to you. The way to avoid Obama care is to only go to a hospital, go into the emergency room, tell them you got a pain in your toe, a headache, or whatever the hell you got, ask him to examine you and hope the hell they make an accurate diagnosis, thank them very much, take their prescription, go home, throw it in the trash and find out what you should do on your own and dont go back to them. They know little or nothing about the body. You will learn moreas a matter of fact, if you just pay attention to the ailments that do develop in your body you have a better chance of diagnosing whats wrong than the doctors do. IN most cases you will figure it out better on your own but I still recommend that you talk to a doctor because they have some testing equipment that none of us here in society could afford to have. See what the doctor says then look up what to do about it. Last week and two weeks ago, two different times Dave has read this article about lemons. Dont throw away and waste the lemon peel. Use the whole lemon. {as long as its an organic lemon. You want a lemon with no pesticides. If the lemon fights off funguses etc it imparts the constituents that will fight off disease in you. If its sprayed the lemon didnt have to fight off anything and, of course, you dont want the poisons from the pesticides either. Note that the salvestrols may be involved here in killing cancer cells. A little biotin will help too as it will maximumize the CYP1B1 enzyme with will metabolize the salvestrols. Check out www.salvestrolbook.com } This thing works on cancer cells and eats themthe whole lemon, the rind, the pulp and the juicenot just the juice. The juice has some good properties. The pulp has some better properties and apparently from what weve been finding out from the studies that were done by the drug laboratories trying to make an artificial lemon flavored something {down with artificial anything} as a product that they could sell with big money they found out that the pulp of the lemon, the rind of the lemon together contain more nutriments than the juice of the lemon by itself. It had more mending capacity for the bodythey call it healing capacity because thats the terms medical morons use. I never used that term. Heeling means to lift up your foot and nail a metal shoe on it. Then youve been heeled. I dont think thats a good thing to do to the physical body of mankind so I would stay away from healers, if I were you. You might end up with a metal shoe on your foot. But anyway, mending the body is very important. Minerals, particularly minerals mend the bodynot drugs. {drugs rob the body of minerals and vitamins} The doctors drugs usually have very serious side effects because they are loaded with toxins and contaminants that are not good for the body that cause these side effects. Just plain lemonfreeze it, the article said, if you recall, and then run it across a grater. Grate it into tiny little pieces in its frozen state and put it in your drink, your ice tea, your lemonade. Sprinkle it on some foods that you eat and it adds flavor in small quantity. Dont put a lot on because a lot might make it to lemony and bitter tasting and you wont like it. So dont put so much on. A little bit several times a day lowers high blood pressure. One of the articles Dave read tonight was about these people dieing from blood pressure

medication. It seems that the list of people dieing from those medications is growing rapidly day by daythe medications killing the people. Ive said for years that I doubt seriously there are very many people in this country that have ever died of cancer. I think most people in this country died from the treatment for cancer long before the cancer would have killed them because the treatment is deadly. {amen} Well, the lemon is 10,000 time according to the drug companies investigations10,000 time stronger than chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. 10,000 times strongergood heavensI cant even multiply that properlymost people cantcouldnt even figure it out. Most peoples mathematics is absolutely poor. Mines fair and even though its fair I still cant figure out what 10,000 times the capacity of chemotherapy because I dont know what the capacity of chemotherapy isthats why. But anyway, there is knowledge coming out. There are ways to get around things. There are ways to avoid harmful effects of dealing with doctors, of dealing with lawyers. {10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean is a good start. Then you send down the lawyers to cure them.} The lawyers are not allowed to represent private people. They have no business representing private people. They are corporate officers of the government and only have authority to represent other fictional officers of the government. They are pretending that you are a resident agent of the government, a resident agent. This is where people who teach that being a state citizen is good but being a federal citizen isnt. These people have no idea what the hell theyre talking about. They havent studied far enough. Perhaps that was old information that was going around six, seven, eight years ago. Maybe somebodys just putting it out again but dont pay attention to that kind of stuff. The fact is that the difference is a private citizen, a private person, a private individual as opposed to a state citizen, a federal citizen, a US citizen, a State of Blank citizen, or a citizen of the county or a citizen of the state or any of those, citizen of the town. Any of those definitions that they use are only relevant, and they are absolutely relevant, to those individuals who are officers and employees of those political jurisdictions but not to the rest of the people who are not actually employees or officers of those political jurisdictions. Do you hear me clearly? This was years of research that finally revealed all this stuff and its very hard to give it all to you. But its very simple to understand that theres only a couple of court cases that clarify the whole damned thing. There was no such thing as a 14th Amendment citizen until people signed up and became 14th Amendment citizens. This was a scam {direct from Uncle Scam} created by the legislature by the federal government with benefits to certain people who at that time were the dark-skinned slaves that had been freed from slavery ownership by their land owner, slave owner owners. They didnt have to sign up but they did because they knew no better and then they duped the rest of society into signing up for the same kind of goodies and benefits. And all we have to do, as Dave has said, that Howard teaches, terminate any of those registrations and benefits and youre no longer one of the slaves. {no longer a child of the state}. We put ourselves in this position by volunteering to accept their benefits. If you cant live without their benefits then continue to be a slave and do not get involved in any of this stuff. If you think you need any of their benefits then dont get involved but if you have the gumption to take care of yourself and ignore them completely, just terminate and really all you need to terminate is to send them a letter saying, I refuse to accept, whatever it is, the registration of this, the registration of that, having any significance toward me. Just sending them a letter. The more letters you send them like that the more youre going to upset this bureaucracy. The harder theyre going to push to

try to push you back into cooperation and the better chance you got of a great breach of fiduciary lawsuit against them at which time I assure you they will run scared. You could actually lead them into exposing, if you want to do it, exposing anything and everything that theyre doing thats wrong. You could lead them into it just knowing a little bit about the things that we talk about. Prompt them to make some kind of a statement, an action, a written document or something, especially a lawyer. No lawyer is going to let go. They want all the people to be residents which means agents of the state, an agent of the state, an agent of the county, an agent of the city, an agent of the federal government. Somehow or another they want to show that youre a resident and a citizen, a state citizen or a US citizen. A US citizen means a person in the US government. A state citizen means a person in the state government, a resident means a person in the state government. When youre not, they have breached their fiduciary duty, acted dishonestly by trying to bring you in under their control and you have a dynamite case when you get into the court. Somebody just sent me some very good information and I dont know for sure who it came from so I dont want to take credit for this but a lot of research has been done and quite a few cases have been cited here plus federal law cited. So in a federal case, for sure, there is federal law that says that a judge is disqualified when he gives certain prerogatives to one party or one partys attorney that he doesnt give to the other party. Now, that requires understanding the rules but you dont have to understand too terrible much to realize that when you use Rule 17 of the Rules of Civil Procedure and you ask, where is the real party in interest? The attorney is here. Hes claiming he represents some bank, some credit card company, some government agency, the state, but he hasnt proven or brought the real party of interest before the court. Where is the state? Where is the bank? Where is anybody except the attorney? Now, if I sue you or you sue me wed show up. This is what the courts were originally there, supposedly, to do, take care of discrepancies between you and me. The court is not supposed to be there to be executing state claims against people for profit but it is which is a breach of its fiduciary duty. When it shows favoritism of any kind such as what I just explainedthere is a whole list of case law but Im not going to give it all out tonight. Write to Gemini and ask for it or let me find out who has actually put this out and Ill send you to them to get it. I have never been one who would take somebody elses fire away from them. If I can find out for sure who put this out Ill send you to them and you can get their information. But there is case law as well as statutory lawfederal. Now, maybe we got to look in the state courts to find out whether the state has the same statutory laws which disqualify a judge whenever he shows favoritism. But if we go back and look at the Donovan brief of several years ago, 2006, floating around this country for all that time. The brief that we brought up, the Chicago Railroad v. The First School District of Yuma County, that was a Colorado Supreme Court case that said that the government has the right to make all laws, rules and regulations regulating itself. So you comprehend the word, itself? If you dont, then you dont belong in this kind of an activityyou really dont. Itself means to regulate the state, the government, the people in the government, not the people that live in the territory surrounding the state. But then again, how many people understand that the state means the government. This is why you dont want to be a state citizen unless you actually work for the state government or one of its political subdivisions like the county, city, town, or so on and so forth. The word, state, means the state of the forum. The state of the forum is the government and all of its political subdivisions are political governments, political corporate bodies in politics. You have to belong to them to

come under their laws. Now, if you do belong to them because you work for any one of those governments at any type of a position including stupid people that work for the Department of Education and dont think they work for the government. Man, what a bunch of clowns those people are. Ive had a bunch of them call me up and said, well, I work for the Department of Education. I dont work for the state. Yes, you do, you moron. The Department of Education is part of the state. Good God, no wonder our children come out of school stupid. Look at the kind of morons we have teaching them. Yes, they do work for the government. Yes, they do come under the governments rules and regulations because they signed themselves into a job doing that. If they dont like that position quit. Get the hell out. Go find an honest job somewhere in society where you can produce something instead of being a government drone. You dont like what I said? I dont really care if you like it or not. Get out of that job. But Ill tell you what. If you like being a teacher set up your own little business of home schooling as a tutor. If youre good at teaching English grammar, good at teaching science, good at teaching mathematics, youll find out theres a lot of people doing home schooling that dont feel that theyre that good at those things. Theyll pay a tutor to do those certain types of jobs. Go to work in society in private sector and get the hell out of working for government if you think youre a worthwhile teacher and Ill bet most of you are. But youre too stupid to know that when you work for the government school system that youre working for the government. If you need to do a little bit of learning, a little bit of study, a little bit of exercising the mind in order to really be a teacher. Years ago I made sure that the government would no longer pursue me about sending my child to their government schools by explaining to them that my wife and I were not qualified teachers because the word, qualified, means limited and we were not limited idiots like your qualified teachers are. Well, that stopped them cold. They wouldnt let me get in the courtroom and explain that. They wouldnt get anywhere near me after I did that to them. They dont want people to know that a qualified teacher means a limited person and they are limited. But Ill tell you what, I think most people are not really limited. They have a mind. They can expand it. They can grow. They dont have to follow a program. They just do. I dont know if its just go along to get along or if its absolute necessity for some of them because they really cant use their mind any better. It may be a necessity because they cant use their mind. Well, if theyre that kind of people then theyre not the people Im talking to that cant do anything on their own. We dont have a whole lot of time left to straighten some of these things out. This whole scam worldwide of phony money and phony governments is unfolding very rapidly. There wont be schools, there wont be money to run schools. There wont be governments to control the running of schools. There wont be money to control fuel. There wont be fuel provided. There wont be groceries provided. You people better wake up because that shenanigan by Drake is very unlikely to ever transpire in the way theyre explaining it. I wouldnt say that the military wouldnt become involved in something. Theyre getting angry too. A lot of people are getting angry. A lot of people are waking up but you have to realize that if you shut down the Federal Reserve Bank there is no money in America of any kind. They can print a new currency but I wont have any value and it wont last long and it wont work. We can create our own currency and that would be a barter exchange, an exchange of whatever I have that I produce for whatever you produce which is nothing but barter. And we could make that work if we have enough sense to do it. Im not sure that theres enough sense to do it. Im really not sure that theres enough sense. Education has

destroyed the minds of our people so badly that theres a possibility of carrying on without leadership by government and banks being there and grocery stores being there and gas stations being there and everything being available to us. The possibility of carrying on without all that is slim to none. As a matter of fact, I have consideredI probably never will do thisbut I have considered writing a book. The book is going to be how to commit suicide successfully because I think there is going to a definite trimming down of the worlds population. Its going to be by suicide. Most people will not be able to get by and accept having to do anything thats hard on their own so most of them will commit suicide. And the book would say, its the skinny end of the gun that you put up to your throat, not the fat end. You might blow something down below off thats important but you cant kill yourself that way. You have to jump out of the sixth story window, not the basement window. All you will do is scratch yourself and cause a few bruises that need medical treatment. 2nd floor, 3rd floor, still not good enoughyou have to jump off of the 6th floor window to be successful in committing suicide. Little quirks like that are so important for somebody thats going to commit suicide because you have to realize that these people cant think for themselves. If they could think for themselves they wouldnt be thinking about committing suicide because everything fell apart around them. They would think, well, good heavens, this is going to be easy. All I have to do is cut firewood, all I have to do is plant some plants and learn how to harvest the things that grow wild. This is not going to be complicated at all if they were able to think. Most people are not able to think and because they arent the only thing they will be able to think is, life is not worth living, I might as well kill myself. So, if youre going to do that, please listen to my guidance. Make sure that you use the skinny part of the gun up against the bottom of your throat, not the fat part. Do it successfully. Get rid of yourself so that we dont have to put up with you. The rest of us are going to survive and there are many survivors aroundI assure you many, many survivors around. But the population will be decreased considerably as this failure of paper money and failure of government and youre watching it happen in other countries. Not completely not totally wiped out just devastated at the present time and most people that live in those countries are finding ways to get by without what government used to provide. I strongly suspect that there are more competent people in what we refer to as third world countries than there are in the leadership countries like China, Russia, England and the United States. I think that people in those places will commit suicide faster than people in what we consider third world countries like the Middle East and parts of Africa and parts of South America. Those people will just pull things together and make everything work. Here in America, North America, the US, I think most of these people will commit suicide, I really do. That will lessen the population. We wont have to worry about feeding them and we wont have to worry about jailing them. A lot of them will be the lawyers and politicians and doctors and bankers, insurance people. Good heavens, if they cant make a living and the ATM card doesnt work life wont be worth living. They know no better. There will be a lot of suicidesdoesnt have to be. At the time that these things happen which is imminent somewhere in the near future it will not matter any longer what the law says. There wont be any courts functioning. Any attempt to keep the courts functioning will fail quickly because the people will just ignore it. But between now and then it behooves us to understand some of the things that weve been learning about separating ourselves from their authority. Where the court, the Supreme Court did anything at all todaywhat I think they did is they created a political stir and they did it on purpose

because I dont think the court likes Barack Obama. They agreed with everything he did so that the Republicans and half of the Democrats could muster a big protest against Barack Obama in the elections and get rid of him and get somebody else in. I think thats why the court did what they did because I think that court knows that the 13, 14 and 15th Amendments were never properly ratified by the state legislators. I hope they know that. Some of us out here in society have done the research quite a few years ago. I have a file drawer full of the research of each of the states ratification agreements and none of them meet what the law requires to be done to do a proper ratification. First of all and most important, they have to repeat whatever the amendment said in their ratification and none of them did it. They said some of the words but they didnt say all the words, what the amendment said which means they did not ratify the amendment. So the 13, 14th and 15th amendments were never ratified. The court is relying on the 14th Amendment citizen status based on an amendment that was never ratified and doesnt really exist. It has potential for some very valid and decent arguments about some things but it has a greater potential for a wrongdoing of misapplication of who and what it could possible apply to. So, thats whats been done, the misapplication and on purpose. And I think the court is trying to expose it by what theyve done. Theyre not going to rule on it because probably the powers-to-be would assassinate those four guys in that court if they really did come right out and tell the whole story and expose the facts and Im surprised that some of the speakers like myself that are revealing some of these things and putting information out exposing the wrongs of what these people have done in the past havent been attacked and assassinated. I think the only reason why we havent is because they know we cannot get into the mass media and really put this information out all across the country to everybody. So were a tiny little group of people that are talking among ourselves and discussing these things and that doesnt seem to mean much to them. Well, that tiny little group of people is growing and they dont seem to realize how much its growing. Their time is very short. Whatevers going on today is not going to be going on in the next couple of years. Now, how soon, exactly when, Im not going to make any attempt to make a prediction and tell you somethings going to happen particularly on a certain date because the mind of man controls a lot of what happens on whatever date and if the mind of mankind speeds up a little bit and gets a better grasp and comprehension itll happen sooner. If the mind of man continues to lag behind and drag as its been doing for several centuries then itll drag a little bit longer. I dont know how much, maybe a year or two. But as things are exposed such as this silly foolishness called health care. Like I said, if you want to avoid Obamacare the best thing to do is do not go to doctors, do not go to hospitals but if you have to because you are very sick go, let them do an analysis, try to diagnose whats wrong, get up and leave because I dont know if you know this but a hospital cannot make you stay. You can leave at any time. Now, if youre in very serious shape they do seem to bring you around. There is heart attacks, serious strokes. They are fairly good with their chemicals that they use of bringing you around and stabilizing your vital signs. They do know that much. Once your vital signs are stabilized then they start feeding you full of drugs. Thats where you become seriously in danger once they start the drug treatment. Thats when it is time for you to get out and they cannot keep you. You dont even have to sign out. You can just walk out. They cannot keep you. They cant make you stay. So dont, thats just running up the insurance costs. Now, if thats what you like, fine, you live your way. Im just giving you some sensible approaches to things. This is not even advice. I wouldnt advise

anybody. You do what you think is the best thing for you. If you want to stay there and let them take care of you and drug you up, thats your life youre playing with, not mine. If you have enough sense to get yourself out of there as quickly as possible and come home and start trying to find out on your own what to do. There is tons of information out here including the information that was out tonight that Dave mentioned about Hawthorne Berry extract {its in Kardovite} being extremely good for heart problems along with several other things that are out here that the knowledge is here. for heart problems including the lemon because a lot of heart problems are caused by excessive acid and believe it or not the citric acid in lemons and grapefruit and citric products like that actually neutralize the excessive acids that you consume from eating other fruits, vegetables and meats that are loaded with acid and some of them, sometimes, the wrong kind of acid. So, unfortunately because this is so important that we discuss this, tonight has become a mixture of health and law and I usually try not to do that. But its very important that you understand these things. You dont have to stay in the hospital. You dont have to stay in a courtroom. You dont have to have a lawyer. A lawyer cannot represent a private person but you have to let them know that youre a private person, that youre not a resident agent of the state, the county, the city or whatever theyre claiming. Whatever theyve said you got to let them know that thats not true. Now, then you turn around and you demand that they come up with evidence to prove that you are what they say you are. So thats when they start going away because they cant prove any of these things. All they can do is claim it. The only way to prove that youre a resident or a citizen of the state or of the United States is to prove that you have an application on file with them for a job. If they cant come up with that then they cant prove that they come under their laws, rules and regulations. Isnt this simple? Gee wiligers. It doesnt take a sixth grade education to comprehend this. As a matter anything above a sixth grade education is probably devastating to the mind which is why you cant grasp this. Too much education ruint the mind. Ruint it so bad you cant even spell ruint right. Overcome thatyou canyou have the ability. You just have to apply yourself and exercise the brain and study and learn. You can overcome it. It doesnt matter who taught you, what you were taught, whether your parents taught it to you, religious organizations taught it to you, general education in school taught it, it doesnt matter, you can overcome it. Apply yourself and you can do it. Common sense and looking at some of the stuff that we refer to. Quite some time ago Dave put out some information that came from, and its in the general information package that he sends out to anybody that asks for it, that an attorneys first responsibility and duty is to the state, second responsibility and duty is to the court, third responsibility and duty is to the BAR Association and fourth responsibility and duty is to his client. I dont think we, as a client, stand in a very good position if his duties are to three other organization ahead of us. I would say that thats a conflict of interest, wouldnt you. I wouldnt think that having an attorney was a very smart damned thing for you to do. Theres a good way to get rid of one that the court appoints. You can ask the court all you want. Tell the court you fired him and ask the court to relieve him from his duties and they wont do it but Ill tell you how to get rid of him and you say, look, you fool, you get up there in front of this court and you say anything representing me and Im going to sue you for everything you got. You are not representing me, do you understand me? And he will go up in front of the court and say, I withdraw. Weve made it work time and time again. The court wont make him withdraw. The court wont give him an order to get out of your case because you fired him. You still

should send him a letter firing himyes, indeed. If nothing else that puts him in a position of knowing that you dont appreciate him very much. Thats a position that he should realize that hes in but until you tell him, dont get up there in front of this court and say one thing representing me or Im going to sue you for everything you got. Then hell go awayvery effective. You dont need a lawyer. You need to study. You need a little bit of common sense. And this one fellow just wrote back to us today and he said, the key thing that he put into his appeal which seems to be stirring the court up is his argument that the lower court breached its fiduciary duty. Thank you for the information you sent us. I like little comment letters like that because it makes me happy that people are actually opening their minds, studying and realizing what the law says. I dont care whether you thank me or not. I dont care whether you got it from me or you got it from somebody else. I dont care whether you think Im great or you think Im terrible. I dont care about any of that kind of stuff. I just care about whether or not you learn something, whether you open your mind and start recognizing some of the truths that we are exposing. Thats all I care about. I dont care about recognition for me. You dont have to write back to me and tell me how great I am. I dont even appreciate those kinds of letters. Write back to me and tell me how great a job you did with what you learned from usnow, that I appreciate. Let me know how good you did, how well you understood it, how well you used it in court, how well you used it in the hospital, wherever you may have a problem. Let us know how well you used it. We appreciate that. Dont thank us. We dont need thanks. Our thanks is a realization that you have learned enough to utilize what we put out and taught for you best interest and your goodthen were very pleased.