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Volume 10, Number 4

July - August 2012

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Swimsuit Time
Volunteers Honored
Senior Spirit Survey
Night at the Races
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Page 2 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
415 Wilson Street Martinsburg, WV 25401
(304) 267-9983 Fax (304) 263-7106
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Senior Spirit available online! click on Senior Spirit
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Hedgesville High School celebrates Senior Prom at BSS
L-R Brianna Dorsey, Courtni Helmick, Tarah Arvin, Mary Rapp,
Senator Manchin, Megan Yates, Vanessa Bishop and Victoria Reid
On the cover:
3 Activities & Wellness
4 Swimsuit Time
5 Summer Ozone Season
6 How to Stay Cool & Hydrated
7-8 Event Calendars
9 Transportation
10 Bus Trips & Birthday Royalty
11 Senior Support Services
12-13 Volunteers Honored
14 Local Garden Club
15 In Home Care
16 Evelyn Faircloth Story
Trying To Renew WV Drivers License
17-18 Menus
19 Adult Day Services
20 Thank Yous
21 Volunteer Opportunities
22 Family Caregiving Support
23 Computer Lab
24 Senior Spirit Survey
Our mission at Berkeley Senior Services is to offer a network of
programs and services to enable Seniors to remain independent,
participating members of our community.
Berkeley Senior Services is funded by the WV Bureau of Senior
Services, Upper Potomac Area Agency on Aging, Berkeley County
Commission, The City of Martinsburg, United Way of the Eastern
Panhandle (CFC # 98181), and by private donations. The Senior
Center will provide services to persons 60 years of age or older,
irrespective of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, political affiliation,
belief, or handicap. Persons under age 60 are welcome guests to our
programs and services and certain restrictions and fees may apply.
Fourth Wednesday of Every Other Even Month at 3:00
Meetings are open to the public
Dancing fun at the Senior Prom with
Hedgesville High School Leadership Class
Linda Holtzapple, Executive Director
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 3
Healthy Meals
Personal & Longterm Care
Silver Age
We Are Just Like Home We Are Just Like Home
1000 N. High St. Martinsburg, WV
Water Aerobics Class for Seniors at War Memorial Pool
Hurry Michelle needs your vote!
Please go to the website: and nd the
CARING section on the left hand side of the page. At the
bottom of that section, youll see a link that says Vote Here.
Click the link select WV, and vote for Michelle!!
Michelle Ruffner, a nurse from
Panhandle Home Health, has been
nominated by Caring Magazine
to receive the Home Health and
Hospice Nurse of the Year Award!!!
Wouldnt it be great to have Michelle
represent WV as the National Home Health
and Hospice Nurse of the Year?
To Benefit Berkeley Senior Services
Enjoy a meal at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant in Martinsburg, and 20% of
your bill will be donated to Berkeley Senior Services!
Anytime on July 26, 27, and 28
You will need to have a printed flyer in order for proceeds to be given.
To get a free copy of this flyer, stop by Berkeley Senior Services or
call 304-263-8873.
To peek at the menu, visit
Rhonda Singer, Activities Director; Ext. 117
Dianne Waldron, Activities Assistant; Ext. 106
Monday through Friday
War Memorial Pool
Water Aerobics classes given by
Certified Aerobics Instructor Nancy Burke
5-23-12 through 8-17-12
11:00 am- 12:00 Noon
On Wednesdays, starting 7-11-12, weather
permitting, seniors who do not have their own
transportation, and wish to take part in the
Water Aerobics class at War Memorial, will ride
together from the Senior Center, leaving at
10:45 am. We will return to the Center by 12:15
pm (in time for our lunch program).
If you are interested in attending, please see
Rhonda to register and sign a release form; or
call 304-263-8873, Ex. 117 for more information.
For more information regarding other water
aerobics classes offered, log on to, or call 304-264-4920.
Please read the activities calendars for July and August on Pages 7 and 8
carefully, and find the activities that interest you. Come on in and join us! A
volunteer will give you a welcome packet and offer a tour of the senior center. Call
Rhonda at 304-263-8873, Ex. 117 for more information.
Offered by the Martinsburg Berkeley County Parks and Recreation
Stay fit this summer--take part in the free swim time for
seniors--65 years+ at War Memorial Park
Page 4 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Swimsuit Time!
Cheryl Walls
(304) 754-5750
35 Collins Dr.
Call me to see how much you can save.
Safe drivers cost everybody less. Thats why they pay less. But at
Allstate, they pay a whole lot less. In fact, safe drivers save 45% or
more on car insurance. Protect your home with Allstate too, and
you can save an extra 10%. Why wait? Call me today.
Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Actual savings will vary. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company:
Northbrook, IL. 2010 Allstate Insurance Company
Senior Lap
Oh no! Its swimsuit time
again! Do thoughts of wearing
a swimsuit make you feel
attracted to the mountains
rather than the beach for
summer vacation? Do you
find yourself more interested in
a new swimsuit cover-up than
a new swimsuit? You are not
alone. But, rather than fleeing
from or dreading the idea of
swimming, lets look at
swimming from a different
point of view.
Swimming is great exercise.
Whether you enjoy swimming
laps, jumping and splashing in
the waves, or sitting on the
edge of a pool kicking your
feet in the water, these
activities get your heart
pumping and burn calories.
Water exercise offers many
benefits. In addition to burning
calories, water exercise
improves fitness, is low impact
which reduces the risk of
injury, and provides resistance
to help improve strength.
Water helps to support your
joints and ease the stress on
muscles and bones. Its a
great exercise choice for
persons with arthritis.
For people who swim,
swimming laps is a great
aerobic workout. You can use
any swimming stroke you like-
crawl, backstroke, breast
stroke, side stroke, or you can
use a combination of any of
the above.
It is recommended that
everyone get 30 minutes of
aerobic exercise on most days
of the week. Those minutes
can be performed all at once
or in intervals to total 30
minutes duration. If you are
not in the best of shape, start
with short intervals and
increase gradually.
If you are not a swimmer, you
may enjoy walking or jogging in
water. You can use a floatation
device, like a noodle or a life
jacket, if that makes you more
comfortable. You can also hold
on to the side of the pool,
extend your legs behind you,
and kick. Make the intensity so
it feels like you are working
somewhat hard, but neither
very hard nor easy. Try to
keep moving for at least 30
Another option for water
exercise is a water aerobics
class. These classes are
available at most health clubs
and recreation centers. See
the details in this issue
regarding the offerings for
water aerobics classes through
the Martinsburg Berkeley
County Parks and Recreation.
Water aerobics classes
include a cardiovascular
workout plus strength and
flexibility exercises.
In addition to all of these
benefits, swimming is also a
good way to stay cool while
exercising in hot summer
temperatures. It is refreshing
to get into cool, comfortable
water. Going to an exercise
class also gives you the
opportunity to meet friends and
socialize while you workout.
Before you know it, you will all
be shopping for brand new
swimsuits. Have fun in the
Working out of Visions Salon
2805 Winchester Ave., Martinsburg
Handicap accessible
with Free Parking
Call Cheryl Call Cheryl
304-886-8236 304-886-8236
to book your next appt. to book your next appt.
for Senior Men and Women
with appointment
appointment only
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 5
Do I look like a nursing home patient?
Todays skilled nursing centers arent like you pictured.
In fact, I learned that theyre not just for the elderly anymore. After my car
accident, I needed major surgery and help to recover. Even when I was ready
to leave the hospital, I wasnt prepared to go home. Thats why the hospital
suggested Heartland. With their skilled nurses and therapists following my
doctors treatment plan, I got the rehabilitation I needed to get back on my
feet. It helped me understand what todays nursing homes can do. I got the
nursing and therapy I needed so I could go home.
At Heartland, many of our patients are here for rehabilitative care, not a
permanent residence. Our team has the expertise for personalized rehab
programs. So between hospital and home, count on Heartland.
For more information or for a free brochure on How to Select a Rehabilitation
Center, please call today.
Heartland of Martinsburg
209 Clover Street
Martinsburg, WV 25404
High summer temperatures and humidity levels, coupled with
slow-moving air masses, can mean a seasonal increase in ground
level ozone levels.
Thats important because ozone - a colorless, odorless gas - at
the ground level is a harmful air pollutant and the chief ingredient
in smog.
Ozone levels are a concern, especially for senior citizens or
individuals with respiratory problems, because scientists believe
this type of air pollution can cause even more health problems.
Surprisingly, research has also shown that plants - including
many native species such as red maple, tall milkweed, flowering
dogwood, black-eyed Susan and sassafras - also suffer when
ozone levels are too high.
But theres good news locally since officials in Berkeley and
Jefferson counties recognized the need to combat this problem
and have successfully been working to lower area ozone levels.
Although the two-county region previously had several unhealthy
air quality alert days during the summer -- for example, 2002 had
20 high ozone level days - those have been dramatically reduced
in the last decade to three or less each year.
Daily air quality levels are displayed online at, which is administered by the
Region 9 Planning and Development Council.
Interested individuals can also register at that site to receive an
email when local ozone levels are expected to be in the unhealthy
For additional information, contact Jenni Vincent, Region 9 Clean
Air Connection Program Coordinator, 304-263-1743 or
- Monuments
- Markers
- Bronze
- Engraving
Quality Craftmanship
Locally Owned & Operated
839 E. Moler Ave., Martinsburg, WV
Double Monument
Single Monument
Flat Marker
Will Be
July 4th
Page 6 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Michael Zagarella, AuD
Doctor of Audiology
Audiology, Inc.
400 W. King Street
(corner of W King & S Church)
Auditory Processing Testing
Chemotherapy Monitoring
Ear Wax Removal
Hearing Tests
Hearing Aid Fittings
Hearing Aid Repairs
Noise Measurements
Tinnitus Evaluations
Providing Professional
Hearing Care in Martinsburg
for over 20 years.
Hows YOUR Hearing?
Please designate your CFC
and United Way donations to
Berkeley Senior Services
How to Stay
Cool and
Hydrated In
Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a
light color. Cotton clothing will keep you
cooler than many synthetics. Fans can
help circulate air and make you feel cooler
even in an air-conditioned house.
Try storing lotions or cosmetic toners in
the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet.
Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in
the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray
to your face after being outdoors.
Take frequent baths or showers with cool
or tepid water. Instead of hot foods, try
lighter summer fare including frequent
small meals or snacks containing cold fruit
or low fat dairy products. As an added
benefit, you wont have to cook next to a
hot stove.
If you dont have air-conditioning, arrange
to spend at least parts of the day in a
shopping mall, public library, movie theater,
or other public space that is cool-the Senior
Center is an excellent choice!
Finally, use common sense. If the heat is
intolerable, stay indoors when you can and
avoid activities in direct sunlight or on hot
asphalt surfaces. Pay special attention to
the elderly, infants, and anyone with a
chronic illness, as they may dehydrate
easily and be more susceptible to heat-
related illnesses. Dont forget that pets also
need protection from dehydration and heat-
related illnesses too.
Drink Lots of Water
Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of
water along with sports drinks or other
sources of electrolytes. Avoid caffeine and
alcohol as these will promote dehydration.
Dont let your own body experience a
drought! Your body needs water for many
reasons. Water makes it possible for every
organ, in fact, for each and every cell to do
its job. It is recommended that we drink
about 2 quarts of water or fluid daily.
We need water/fluid to:
- Digest our food
- Carry waste products from the body
- Provide a medium for bio-chemical
reactions to occur
- Send electrical messages between cells
- Regulate body temperature, especially in
the summer heat
- Lubricate our moving body parts
Having a convenient source of water and
learning to drink adequate amounts daily
will ensure that your body does not become
dehydrated or overheated in the hot days of
summer. It is a habit that for some must be
learned. However, our thirst usually tells us
when we are in need.
If you have water out where it can be
seen, it is easier to remember to drink it.
Little plastic bottles work well. They go
everywhere and come in different sizes
according to different needs and tastes. It
is sometimes difficult to figure out the
easiest way to get the water you need.
Juices, milk, coffee and tea are mostly
water and can go toward satisfying our fluid
needs. Even fruits and vegetables provide
water for us.
One thing remains constant. Our bodies
need water to cleanse, refresh and
maintain cells. So each individual must
figure what works best in order to get in
enough fluid. Other ways of getting water
are equally successful: a water cooler at
work, an outdoor dispenser, or just a
pitcher of clean and pure water from the
faucet chilled in the refrigerator will do the
job. Water from the faucet works very well
at one cent per gallon, while bottled water
is one dollar or more per 17 fluid ounces!
You can keep plastic bottles of water in
the freezer; grab one when youre ready to
go outside. As the ice melts, youll have a
supply of cold water with you.
Drinking water is especially important for
both young people and the elderly during
the summer months. The young may not
stop to drink while older people may not
have as sharp a thirst signaling the need to
When exercising, it is a good idea to
hydrate the body by drinking water before,
during and after the exercise.
A very simple way to get more water in
the diet is to include plenty of fresh fruits
and vegetables in your diet. Fresh fruits
and vegetables have lots of water-thats
why they are crispy. The water in the
plants cells help to maintain the structure
of the plant. We take in that water when
we eat the produce.
Another good source of water is
unsweetened fruit juice. Be sure, however,
to avoid juice with any added sugar and
keep the portion to 1/2 cup. A cool and
refreshing way to enjoy juice is to take that
1/2 cup portion and add a touch of
sparkling clear mineral water or diet soda.
Sources: Harrisons Principles of Internal
Medicine; by Anthony Fauci & WV Bureau
of Senior Services; Food and Fitness; by
Susan M. Poindexter
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 7
North Site Picnic
Join us at the Marlowe Ruritan on Tuesday July 10, 2012
10:30-11:00 Blood Pressure Screenings
with Daisy Hite & Mildred Spielman
11:00 Program: Annual Picnic
Outside at the Pavilion
MEAL Served at 12:00
MENU: Hamburgers,
Hot Dogs (grilled on site),
Potato Salad, Baked Beans,
Fruit, Iced Tea, Milk
BSS Nutrition Program suggested donation
Procedures will apply
Seniors age 60+ and their guests are invited to attend.
Please call to sign up for lunch
(Must have full name of all signups--including carry outs)
No later than Monday (before noon)
July 9th, 2012--263-8873 Ext. 106 or 116
Classes to be offered:
WHEN: 3rd Monday of the Month Starting July 16, 2012
TIME: 1:30 to 3:00 PM
COST: $7.00 per class
(All supplies included) Make 4 cards per class
WHERE: Sign up at the Senior Center
217 N. High Street, Martinsburg, WV 25401
Or Call: 304-263-8873 Ex. 106 or 117
Classes limited to 10 students
Classes with Cindi Krauch
Gene Detrow Grillin Burgers and Dogs!
Page 8 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
10:00- 11:45 am RAIN or SHINE
TICKETS $35.00 EACH (Limit-100)
Purchase Tickets at Berkeley Senior Center
217 North High Street, Martinsburg, WV
Includes Meal
(Prime Rib/Seafood Buffet), Gratuity, Tax & Racing Program
Held in the Terrace Dining Room
Doors open for dinner @ 6:00 pm Races Begin at 7:15 pm
Friday, August 3rd,
2012 at
Night at the Races 2011
Wednesday, May 2, 2011 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 9
304-263-8873 Ext. 100
We welcome our
newest van driver,
Craig Bennett!
New Transportation Schedule
Starting July 15th
If you are interested in coming to the Senior Center for lunch on
more days or want to change your days, please contact Melodi at
Berkeley Senior Services at 304-263-8873 Ext. 104.
Do you need medical transportation (to doctors, hospital, dialysis
or your dentist)? Do you want to come to the Senior Center for
We offer transportation to and from the Senior Center and
Medical transportation.
If you are on Medicaid and need transportation, you will need to
contact Melodi at Berkeley Senior Services at 304-263-8873 Ext.
104 for pre-approval to ride the Berkeley Senior Services vans.
For Special Activities at the Center, if you would like to come in,
give us a call and we will do our best to schedule you to come.
Melodi Shull, Ext.100
Transportation Assistant / Receptionist
Beverly Gerlach, Ext. 104
Transportation Supervisor
Saturday, June 2nd
The 9th Annual Rock-
a-Thon, held at the
Cracker Barrel
Restaurant was a great
day and huge success,
bringing in $3,000 in
support of the BSS
transportation! We
extend a huge thanks
to the Cracker Barrel
Retail Manager,
Darnita Brown, Sarah and staff, for their wonderful hospitality!
We especially thank our co-chairs, Rose Straley and Dorothy
LeFevre, for all their hard work before and during this fundraiser
again this year. A special thanks to Margie Hedges, BSS van
driver, who brought the van out to the Cracker Barrel for the day!
We could not have this day happen without the dedicated
volunteers who came out to rock, and the generous donations
and sponsorships from so many to help us reach our goals!
Rockers: Dale and Delores Bailey, Melodi Shull, Dianne &
Bruce Waldron, Nancy Burke, Marlene Boarman, Ethel Bovey,
Alverda Johnson, Marsha Maestrey, Veda McDowell, Marie
Crosby, Barbara Kwiatkoski, Rhonda Singer, Jerry Olsen, Carol
Preston, Barbara Gray, Karen Kelley, Marco Caponi, Madelyn &
Jaime Maestrey, Alice Poirier, Joyce Miller, Ellen Collins, Annie
Otto, Joy Walls, Wendy & Ryan Pope, Jr., Betty Cantrell, Ed
Gallagher, Ed and Midge Wilson.
for the months of May and June
May King & Queen
Jasper Gesford and
Darlene Bauserman
June King & Queen
Carl ODell
and Anna LaBella
Page 10 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Birthday Bash Fun
Whats new for the AARP/SAFE DRIVING PROGRAM? Well,
first the word program is no longer used. It is just AARP/Driver
Safety. We review new laws, but our primary goal is to promote
safety for everyone on the road.
In addition to our 8-hour class once a month, we now teach a
refresher, 4-hour class, every 3 to 4 months. This is for those
whose certificate is 3 years old and in need of renewal for safety
and insurance purposes.
Tuition is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members.
During the months of July and August, special tuition is offered
to all those in teaching professions. $5.00 is the cost to any
teacher, bus driver, kitchen aide, class trip supervisor, principal,
religious instructor, PTA member, and home school teacher. The
list is endless. And Veterans Day is every day in November. Free
tuition is offered to service men/women (active or retired) and their
Class Dates at the Senior Center Are:
July 11; Renewal Class; 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
(Call Cathy Clark 1-703-409-3831 to register.)
July 18 and 19; 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
(Call Helene Brill 304-267-8756 to register.)
August 15 & 16; 9:00 am to 1:00 pm;
(Call Aminah Fidai 1-404-468-3821 to register)
For further information on any of these classes,
call Helene Brill-304-267-8756.
Cancellation insurance available upon request for all trips.
For additional information regarding trips, call:
Rose Straley, 304-274-1125; Dorothy LeFevre, 304-274-1910;
Martha Miller, 304-263-0185; Dot Parrott, 304-267-7826
Depart 11:00 AM; Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
Fabulous 50s Music
Lunch at Mountain Gate Buffet Style
Cost: $77.00 per person
WICKED - at the Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore,
Maryland; October 6, 2012; 2:00 PM Show
More information on cost, meal, departure time will follow.
CHRISTMAS AT THE BEACH 11-26-28-12 Cancelled
2 Days and 1 Night; December 3 & 4, 2012
Depart 9:00 am; $285.00 per person (double occupancy)
St. Patricks Day Fun!
Senior Support Services
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 11
Martinsburg Ranson Inwood
Limit 4


Expires: 8/15/12
Any Size
1016 N Queen St. Martinsburg, WV (Behind Dairy Queen)

$4. 99
Bronze Wash $6.99, Silver Wash $9.99, Gold Wash $12.99
Big Cheeseburger
Martinsburg Ranson Inwood
Limit 4
With This Coupon. Not Valid
With Any Other Coupon. With This Coupon. Not Valid With Any Other Coupon.
10 Point Oil Change & Filter
Up To 5 Quarts Of Oil
With This Coupon.
Not Valid With Any Other Coupon.
1016 N Queen St.
Martinsburg, WV
(Behind Dairy Queen)
Winchester Ave.
FREE Car Wash
with Oil Change
Expires: 8/15/12
Expires: 8/15/12
Expires: 8/15/12
In order to continue to provide quality services to seniors!
Please check amount _____ $25 _____ $50 _____ $100 _____ $250 _____ $500 _____ Other
Restricted Contribution: Nutrition J Transportation J ADS J In Home Care J Other: _______
In Memory of J In Honor of J : ___________________________________________________(name of individual)
Please send your contributions to:
Berkeley Senior Services
217 North High St.
Martinsburg, WV 25404
(Make checks payable to Berkeley Senior Services)
Your Name _______________________________
Address _______________________________
Thank you for your generous support!
Beverly Gerlach Senior Support
Supervisor, SHIP Counselor, Ext. 104;
Stephen Englebright, Senior Support
Assistant, SHIP Counselor, Ext. 105;
Kelli Richard, Senior Support Assistant,
Ext. 131; Don Stevens, Senior Support
Assistant, Ext. 122
NEW HOURS - DHHR Representative
(Department of Health and Human
Representative: Mike Peters will be at the
Senior Center, the 2nd Tuesday of each
month, from 9:00am- 3:00pm. You must
have a scheduled appointment. The
service is for seniors 60 and older in
Berkeley County. For more information,
please call the Senior Center at 304-263-
8873 for the Senior Support Department.
Senior Farmers Market Coupons-
Must be at least 60 years old, a resident of
Berkeley County and meet the income
guidelines. You must have a picture ID.
Call Melodi-Ext. 100 or Beverly-Ext.
104 or Kellie Ext. 131 to make an
appointment. Dates for distribution are:
7-12 & 7-13 at 10:00 and 11:00, and 7-17-
12 at 1:30 pm.
Day of Caring is just around the corner.
We will be taking names of Seniors 60
years and older and residents of Berkeley
County who are in need of and have no
one else to assist them with small yard and
repair projects around their home. Please
call Don at 304-263-8873 Ext 131.
Grocery Shopping Assistance
and essential errands
For seniors 60 years or older who live in
Berkeley County, please call at least five
business days in advance to be scheduled
(suggested donation rates based on a
sliding scale will be provided).
ENSURE Program
We order Ensure on the 1st and 3rd
Wednesday of every month for seniors 60
years or older. (Suggested minimum
contribution per case). Kelli Richard,
Monday thru Wednesday Ext. 131.
Volunteers are invaluable to Berkeley Senior
Services. In the past year over 100 volunteers
contributed over 10,663 hours of service in every
facet of the BSS programs and services, which
converts to a value of $174,412 in wages and
costs of professional services!
The Volunteer Recognition was a lovely evening
from start to finish for the volunteers, their
guests, the board and staff! Everyone enjoyed
the delicious turkey dinner with all its trimmings,
served by 16 members of the BSS board, clad in
fifties costumes. The Polished-Four Mason Dixon
Barbershop Quartet Chorus was a highlight with
their serenade to each table. There was a
continuous picture slide presentation featuring
all BSS volunteers in action, a special poem, and
of course, several were honored with special
Receiving The Fine Heart Award: Jimmy
Green, Su Carroll, Terrence Goodman.
Receiving Spirit Awards: Charity Bivens,
Diane Steece and Annie Otto, Not Present: Ann
Turner and Ralph Spickler
Receiving Exemplary Service Awards:
Marlene Boarman, Darlene Bauserman, and
Marie Crosby
10-Year Service Pins: Jimmy Green, Nancy
Triggs, Ed Wilson, Not Present: Sonny Martin,
Suzanne Potter, Nema Snyder,
Jim Slusher & Richard Yauger
Thanks for Giving!
Volunteer of the Year-2012
Barbara has given a total of 853 hours of volunteer
service to two departments in the past year; Adult Day
Services (531), dedicated to the caregiving families of
our community, and Recreation and Activities (322).
Barb is volunteering in her seventh year at BSS.
She is faithful in keeping her schedule three days a
week, and valued as essential staff. Her support
greatly impacts the program participants.
Barbara Gray
assisting in
Adult Day
Gray works
on Ladybug
Snack in
Senior Kickers
Dance and Entertain
Yvonne Gilmer plays inspiring melodies
to entertain Seniors during lunch
Arlene Cornett irons table clothes for
Volunteer Recognition Dinner
Volunteer Award Recipients
L-R Marie Crosby, Ed Wilson, Diane Steece, Jimmy Green, Terrence Goodman, Su Carroll,
Marlene Boarman, Darlene Bauserman, Annie Otto
Not Pictured: Barbara Gray, Ann Turner, Ralph Spickler, Nema Snyder, Sonny Martin,
Jim Slusher, Suzanne Potter, and Richard Yauger
Board of Directors Serve Dinner at the Volunteer Recognition
L-R Annie Otto, Lilly Largent, Rev. Eddie Edmunds, Ed Wilson, Dorothy LeFevre, Bill
Cornett, Rose Straley, Chris Strovel, Jen Stanley, Joe Ferretti, Mary Cleminson, Rob
Cleminson and Jean Bibby. Not Pictured: Elaine Mauck, Nancy Triggs and Guy Avey
Charity Bivens, center, received
a Spirit Award
Su Carroll keeping BSS History Alive
Judy Lauderdale volunteers with
Food Preparation
Darlene Bauserman and Marlene
Boarman prepare for Spring Celebration
Local Garden Club Beautifies BSS
The grounds at Berkeley Senior
Services received an updated facelift -
thanks to the master gardeners with a local
garden club. The Norborne Garden Club is
a member of West Virginia Garden Club
Inc. and South Atlantic Region of National
Garden Clubs Inc., and is a nonprofit
community service organization whose
objective is to stimulate interest in gardens
and their planning and maintenance for
benevolent, charitable, scientific and
educational purposes conducive to the well-
being of the community.
Recently, the Shenandoah-Potomac
Garden Council, which is made up of a
group of women representing each of the
garden clubs in Berkeley and Jefferson
counties, sponsored the 57th annual Home
and Garden tour in the Eastern Panhandle.
Proceeds from these ticket sales are then
invested directly into the community to
purchase supplies and materials for garden
clubs to complete specific projects.
Berkeley Senior Services was chosen
out of four projects presented to the group to
complete. Other projects the gardeners
have completed include War Memorial Park,
the VA Medical Center and they held several
learning projects at local schools. Project
chair Diana Ropelewski commented we do
a project within the community each year.
We saw in the Senior Spirit that the Senior
Center was in need and we are happy to
The projects were carefully designed
to allow the seniors the ability to maintain
and continue the maintenance required for
the project.
Other master gardeners from
Norborne who were present were club
president, Donna Miller, Beth Shanholtzer,
Vice President Rita Baker, Janice Pinyan,
Cheryl Durst, and Ruth Sperrow.
Berkeley Senior Services offers a
variety of programs that enable seniors to
remain independent, participating members
of our community. For more information on
how you can help or volunteer, please
contact Amy Orndoff at or call
Page 14 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Su Carroll arrives in the early morning at Berkeley
Senior Services. She is the BSS Historian and
Librarian, and all of her time and effort are volunteer
hours. She continuously gathers newspaper articles,
photos, and Senior Spirit articles relating to BSS and
places them in 3-ring binders in chronological order.
These notebooks will ultimately be available to the
public, so future generations may read about the
wonderful history of BSS. Su worked for The Journal
for l7 years as a free-lance writer. She is using her
gifts, and has a keen eye for the printed word.
Su also has a passion for reading, and spends many hours preparing the
donated books for re-sale. Before they are placed in the BSS lobby for table
sales, Su inventories, repairs and rotates the books with care and attention to
detail--hardbacks as well as paperbacks. They are sold (hardbacks - .50;
paperbacks .25 or 5 for $1.00) at the Senior Center all year long, and the
proceeds are applied towards the maintenance and upkeep of our beautiful
We are grateful for her dedication, commitment, and expertise. Because of
volunteers like Su, we are able to provide reasonably priced books for the
Seniors and folks in our community who love to read. Thank you, Su, for all you
Ralph has been
invaluable in assisting
one of our lighthouse
clients. The
Lighthouse Program
does not permit the
caregivers to transport
their clients. In April, the In-Home Care
Department had a client that not only needed
transportation to his doctors office, he
needed another set of ears to remain with
him during the visit so as to understand his
doctors instructions. Ralph was so helpful in
providing this service several times for this
client. Ralph is also seen many times
washing the company vans and is always
smiling, helpful and very pleasant. We truly
appreciate all that the does.
Respectfully submitted: Shirley Huntzberry
Master gardeners Rita Baker,
Chairperson Diana Ropelewski, Janice
Pinyan, Cheryl Durst and club President
Donna Miller pose for a picture while at
Berkeley Senior Services.
Ruth Sperrow,
member of the
Garden club
works on the
project that the
club completed
at BSS.
304-596-5514 - 304-596-2491
Robin Raines, IHC RN, Supervisor: Ext. 119;
Shirley Huntzberry IHC RN, Supervisor: Ext.112 ;
Ryan Bird, Case Manager: Ext. 115;
Wendy Webber, IHC Program Manager: Ext. 121;
Dianne Boyd, IHC Program Coordinator: Ext. 124;
Molly Greenfield, IHC Program Coordinator: Ext. 124
Berkeley Senior Services
providing quality care for seniors
and persons with disabilities for
over 40 years!
Berkeley Senior Services is Your
First Choic e
for In-Home Care for Our
Communitys Seniors!
Let us help you regain your
independence and your quality of life.
The staff at Berkeley Senior Services In-Home Care Department
is dedicated to keeping our clients healthy, comfortable and
independent in their homes for as long as possible. We provide
our community with quality and compassionate care. Our staff
and Fantastic team of 100+ In-Home Care Aides make their
For a fulfilling career, become an In-Home Care Aide with us.
Our Aides are trained in CPR, First Aid, and also receive
additional eight-plus hours of IHC standard training. It is also
mandatory for our caregivers to attend classes for continuing
education on health issues. They also receive state to state
background checks and fingerprinting. Hepatitis B Vaccine is
offered, but not mandatory. If you are a caring and reliable person
with a valid drivers license and automobile, please fill out an
application at the
Pink House
217 N. High St. Martinsburg, WV
Monday-Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm
304-596-5514 - 304-596-2491
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 15
Berkeley Senior Services
In-Home Care Department--Who are we?
The In-Home Care Department at Berkeley Senior Services
consists of three state-funded Programs (Medicaid Waiver,
Personal Care, and Lighthouse) as well as clients referred from
the Veterans Administration and Private Pay requests. There are
approximately 86 homemakers and 160 clients that are
coordinated on a daily basis at various times by two awesome
ladies (Molly Lawson and Dianne Boyd) under the direct
supervision of the In-Home Care Manager (Wendy Webber) and
with the assistance of the Aide II (Ericka Shade), whom we would
also like to give a special thanks to for being a great asset to the
IHC office. Dianne and Molly are masters at multi-tasking each
and every day and do a phenomenal job. We would like to
acknowledge these ladies on the wonderful job they do with
keeping things running smoothly and seeing that services are
being provided. Thank you- Wendy, Molly, Dianne and Ericka for
everything you do!
ABOVE: In-Home
Care Staff Left to
Right Diane Boyd,
Ericka Shade,
Molly Lawson and
Wendy Webber
In-Home Care
Molly Lawson
In-Home Care
Diane Boyd
Program Manager
Wendy Webber and
In-Home Care
Assistant AIDE II,
Ericka Shade
Page 16 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Annual Dues: $10.00 - Monthly Dinner:
$10.00/per person
P. O. Box 1060
Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419
Contact Rose Straley: 304-274-1125
EGO holds a catered dinner meeting at
the Senior Center, 217 North High Street,
Martinsburg, WV, on the 3rd Monday of
each month. There is a scheduled
speaker or entertainment.
NOTE: For EGO Dinner Meeting,
reservation and payment must be paid by
the Thursday before the Monday dinner
meeting date. The caterer needs this
information on Friday.
July 16, 2012 BBQ Chicken Breast,
Fresh Fruit Dish, Potato Salad, Baked
Beans, Apple Pie and Ice Cream Cup.
August 20, 2012 Tossed Salad, Chicken/
Broccoli Alfredo over Pasta, Garlic Bread
and Pineapple Fluff.
September 17, 2012 PICNIC AT THE
October 15, 2012 Tossed Salad, Pot
Roast with Redskin Potatoes and Carrots,
Roll/Butter and clair Cake.
Anyone interested in joining EGO and
learning more about the club, please come
join us! Call and make a reservation.
I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles
in Martinsburg WV on March 13, 2013 to
renew my drivers license. I was told I
would need a certified copy of my Birth
Certificate. I was stunned. I had no idea
how I was going to get this since I was born
in Washington DC. I have never had one
and was not sure how to get it. I went to
the Berkeley Senior Center, where I met
Beverly Gerlach, Senior Support /
Transportation Supervisor, SHIP Counselor.
I told Beverly my situation and she knew
Evelyn Faircloth Story:
Trying to renew a WV Drivers License in 2012
Evelyn Faircloth and Beverley Gerlach,
Senior Support/Transportation
Supervisor, work diligently to get a copy
of a birth certificate.
just what to do. She got on her computer,
got the number for Vital Statistics in
Washington DC and called them for me.
Beverly helped me fill out the form and
assemble it for the mail.
I received a letter back with a copy of a
birth certificate where it only said baby
girl. I was not named at time of birth. I
went back to see Beverly for more help.
This time Beverly helped me to contact the
school board in Fairfax, VA Washington
DC, and Jefferson County School Board for
my elementary school records.
I went back to Beverly on May 22,
2012. Beverly once again called Vital
Statistics to confirm exactly what needed to
be mailed in order for me to obtain my birth
certificate. Beverly put everything together
and mailed it for me.
When I received my correct birth
certificate, I called Beverly to let her know.
She was very happy that we had gotten
this task accomplished, so I set up an
appointment to go see her to make sure I
had everything I needed to renew my
Drivers License. Beverly put my birth
certificate, marriage license, and my tax
papers together, and told me to use my
registration card for two proofs of
residency. I could use also my Social
Security card and Voters Registration Card
for proof of identity. I got my license
renewed that day. I called her when I got
home and let her know. I knew from the
first day I meant Beverly that she was a
very sincere employee. She is very
dedicated to the seniors of Berkeley Senior
Services. To me she is an angel. I have
never met anyone like her that is just so
caring and so helpful.
If you need to renew or get your
drivers license, you will need a certified
copy of your birth certificate. If you ever
had your name changed from your original
birth certificate you will need supporting
documentation certified marriage
certificate, and adoption papers. If you are
divorced, you will need your divorce
decree, and if re-married, you will need the
newest certified copy of your marriage
license. Thank you Berkeley Senior
Services for helping me get my new
drivers license!
For more information on the
documentation needed to renew a WV
Drivers License, contact 1-800-642-9066.
The 2nd Grade Opequon
Elementary School class
sings for Mothers Day!
Soloist Bianca from the
Opequon Elementary
School 2nd Grade Class.
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 17
Nutrition Program
(304-263-8873) Ext. 113 or 126
Join us for a nutritious meal every
Monday through Friday at the
Senior Center. Meals are served
from 12:00-12:30 in our beautiful
dining room. See our menus on-
line, in our Senior Spirit, or come in
to the Senior Center and pick up a
current copy.
Check our menus and sign
up before 9:30 am on a given day
or call 304-263-8873 to get your
name added to our list. Also, be
sure to sign up for our special
occasion lunches, such as the
Birthday Bash, the third Friday of
each month!
Meals are delivered to:
* Senior Towers
* North Site
(2nd Tuesday of the month)
* Ambrose Towers
* Stonewall Haven
* Homebound Seniors
We count on your generous
donations to continue to provide the
lunch program for you!
Freshly washed and cut Romaine and Leaf Lettuce, Baby
Spinach, Shredded Red
Cabbage and Carrots, Green
Peppers, Cucumbers and
tomatoes. One Hardboiled
Egg, Cubed, Low Salt Ham,
Turkey Breast Cubed, Swiss
and Cheddar Cheese.
Fruit Salad: Wash all fruit.
Cut to size desired. Use fresh
Cantaloupe, Honey Dew
Melon, Strawberries and Red
and Green Grapes.
1 Whole Wheat roll
*See menu selection
for July 9 and August 7
Page 18 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Now that school is out, are you called
upon to help with the day to day care
of the little darlings Are you worried
about giving them good nutrition Are
you worried about the cost involved
It could be quite a task knowing what
to feed them and where to get help.
The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids
Act of 2010 nutrition standards for
school meals recommend fruits,
vegetables (dark green, red/orange,
beans and peas), low fat or fat free
dairy, and lean protein for childrens
meals and snacks. You can
accomplish this at home in a variety
of ways:
- Cherrios, banana, skim milk
- Low fat cheese on whole grain
- Frozen fresh grapes,
- Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and
- Baby carrots, zucchini slices with
low fat dip
- Celery stuffed with peanut butter
- Toasted sandwich with low fat
cheese on whole wheat bread
- Broccoli florets, grape tomatoes
with low fat ranch dressing
- Fresh orange and apple slices
Calling All Grandparents!
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 19
304-263-8873, Ext. 114
Celebrating 17 Years!
Supporting Families in Adult Caregiving
Program Manager: Kathy McIntyre, BSW, LSW(15+) Ext. 114
Activities Coordinator: Katherine Donovan(5+) Ext. 118
Activities Assistants: Dale Bradfield (5+), Deana Keplinger (5+),
Sarah Melchek, Shelley Lynn (5+), Lily Pryle, Jessica Seibert,
Gloria Simmons, and Kathleen Teter.
Adult Day Services is provided to assist family caregivers
*Respite support at the senior center and at home by
providing supervisory assistance to a loved one while family gets
a break from the constancy of care.
This respite time enables the assisted adult loved
ones to participate in meaningful activities of their interest
with others (with help if needed) as a way to maintain
current abilities and interaction with others. Or the assisted
adult may need supervised assistance for safety through the
*Information through
- Phone or individual contact
- Counseling on methods of support at home and alternate
care options.
- Support group opportunities to gain fresh insight and
feeling of not being alone,
- Educational opportunities on related issues to help family
caregivers provide the best care for their loved one while also
caring for themselves in the process.
You are welcome to visit our day program between 8:00am
and 5:00pm weekdays, or simply call us for more information.
Upcoming Caregiver Events
July 16th - Anniversary Open House (Notice in this issue)
July 25th & 27th - Alzheimers Training (Notice in this issue)
Sept. 19th - Legal & Financial Seminar to include: Affordable
Health Care Act, WVSHIP (Senior Health Insurance Program),
Financial Abuse Prevention, and Legal Advocacy: When & How
to Get Involved
Sept. 20th - Caregiver Fair
challenges do
not keep us
from enjoying
activities in
ADS like herb
Caregivers Book
of Experiences
Due to expressed interest by
local family caregivers, we are
coordinating the production of a
book that will educate, comfort,
inspire, & sustain family
caregivers. Submissions to this
project can also help bring
healing and closure to individual
caregivers who have completed
their caregiving journey.
If you are currently caregiving
for an assisted adult family
member or friend, or have done
so in the past, you are welcome
to share something about that
experience. It can take the
form of:
* a poem of a single event or
your feelings during the journey,
* a diary entry of a particularly
challenging or rewarding day,
* your own created drawing of
the life of a caregiver,
* a list of wise statements of
* one single sentence in
particular that impacted you,
* a short story of a particular
event, or
* any other way you wish to
express an aspect of your
caregiving experience.
A thought I could submit
would be In looking back to
that last few years with my
parents, I remember being a bit
confused why mom would have
a small photo in her sock
drawer, a poem written by a
niece in her scarf drawer, other
little mementos in another
drawer, and wondering if there
may be some dementia
developing, never having the
opportunity to go through her
drawers before. I concluded that
this discovery was her way of
leaving herself little
remembrances around so that
they could evoke warm
memories as she went about her
routine day. What a secret, yet
positive, habit she had!
There are no wrong ways to
express the most memorable
thoughts, feelings, or
experiences, as all can be used
as a learning or confirming tool.
Have I convinced you to
share a bit of your caregiving
journey with others Please
submit your information by Sept.
30th via e-mail at
bssads1@berkeleyseniorservice or you can mail or hand-
deliver to 217 N. High St.
Martinsburg, WV 25404.
You are welcome to submit
more than one entry. If you are
comfortable with doing so, you
can add your name, name of
person you are or had cared for,
your relationship, and even
perhaps something about your
loved one, such as former bank
president, avid storm tracker, or
known for her homemade rolls
and biscuits.
Additional book details will be
forthcoming once adequate
submissions are received.
American Legion American Legion
Post 14 Post 14
125 W. Race Street Martinsburg, WV 125 W. Race Street Martinsburg, WV
For More Info. Call 304.267.6100
Help Us Help Veterans! Help Us Help Veterans!
Doors Open 5:30pm
Early Birds 6:30pm Regular Bingo 7:00pm
~ Refreshments Available For Purchase ~ Handicap Accessible
$4.00 Eat In $5.00 To Go
5:00PM to 8:00PM
1st, 2nd & 3rd Saturday
& 4th Friday of the Month
8pm - 12pm
First Saturday of the Month
10oz. Steak includes
Veg., Salad, Roll
$10.00 Advance
$12.00 At Door
5:00PM to 8:00PM
2nd & 4th Saturdays of the Month
6:00AM TO 11:00AM
Thank You for Your Support!
Monetary Gifts from BSS Friends:
St. Lukes United Methodist Church, Tina
& Jimmy Cameron, Robert Abruzzino,
William & Victoria Bonifant, Darlene Collis,
Carol Cook, Gary Fleming, Beverly
Gerlach, Linda Holtzapple, Beverly Hosby,
Dr. & Mrs. Kamath, Ted & Lillie Largent,
Amy Orndoff, Lazan Rogers, Melodi Shull,
Nancy Sliwa, Michael Tallent, Marjorie
Vanmetre, Patricia Anderson, Hattie
Logan, Mary Maloff, Libby Espeland,
Natasha Shade, Amy Cullison, Michele
Snavely, Thomas Paquelet, Theresa
Shiflett-Moats, Verna Anson, Joann B.
Overington, and Ruby Tuesday.
Potters Bowl Donations: MVB Bank, Inc.
- Krysten Gossard
Contributions in Memory & Honor of
Family Members & Friends:
Donald G. Raney In Memory of
Helen Joie Raney
John Zepp In Memory of Sally Zepp
Mary Copple In Memory of
Charles G. Copple
Betty Bowers In Honor of
Marvin Jimmy Bowers
Tau Master Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi
In Honor of Mabel Humes and
In Honor of Ruth Ashton
Garry Harper, Sandy Roberts, Darlene
Tressler, Jo Mileo, Fellowship Church
of the Brethren, Frances Cain, David &
Cathy Staubs, Tracey Behn, Nancy
Burke,Jean Bibby, Kathy Brumbles,
Martinsburg Public Library, Dianne
Waldron, Peggy Boys, Nancy Rickards,
Mike Ring,Dee Bailey, Judy Lauderdale,
Ruth Sosson, Marie Crosby, Blanche
Penner, and Melodi Shull.



Anonymous - Bennett Family - Jo
Mileo - Dorothy Montague - Rick
Pickwick - Mike Ring - Sandy Roberts
- Bill and Barb Vass
Activities Department Wish List
* Hardback and paperback books
* DVDs
* Books on Tape
* Birthday, Sympathy & Get Well Cards
* Cosmetic items for
Men & Womens Birthday Gifts
* Cotton Fabric for Quilting Class
Please-No magazines or VHS tapes
Call 263-8873 for more details
on any items.
Adult Day Services Wish List
LARGE planter pot *Easy handy-work
projects for men*Potting soil *Flower
seeds *bird seeds *bird suet supplies
(peanut butter, shortening, flour) *Hand
sanitizer *facial tissues *moist towelette
wipes *Craft foam *Craft paint *Tacky
Glue *laundry detergent *snacks including
low sodium/sugar (Kool-Aid, instant
pudding, cookies, ice cream, creamy
peanut butter, jellies & jams, crackers,
cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, chocolate
syrup, pancake mix and syrup,
unsweetened drink mixes, non-herbal tea
bags, instant tea, and decaf. coffee). Food
items must be in unopened, unexpired
store packaging. All items are tax
deductible and donations will be
acknowledged in our Senior Spirit.
Nutrition Program
We are very grateful to the businesses
and individuals who support our nutrition
program. Thanks to Petruccis for ice
donations on a regular basis, Martins
Food Store for weekly breads and sweets,
and to Rick Lowman, for the consistent
donations of goodies and boxes of non-
perishable food items! A special personal
thanks from Bethany to our wonderful
volunteers, Judy Lauderdale, Joe
Fairbanks and Samantha VanGorden,
who always do a super job on our kitchen


BSS appreciates donations
from local businesses like
Edible Arrangements
Page 20 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Williamsport Retirement
Villages new 34,000 sq.
ft. rehabilitation wing
offers a state-of-the-art
rehabilitation department
and a variety of warm,
home-like features to
promote residents
comfort and choice!
Washington Countys Newest
Rehabilitation Center is Now Open!
(301) 223-7971
MD Relay 1-800-735-2258
154 North Artizan Street
Williamsport, MD 21795
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 21
Contact Veda McDowell, Volunteer
Coordinator, to follow-up on any agency
volunteer opportunities that are available
below. Call 304-263-8873 Ext. 103
A Volunteer is needed to teach our
Exercise and Fun Class on Tuesday and
Thursday mornings from 10:00 - 11:00
am, in our Senior Center Fitness Room,
for July and August, and when needed to
This is a low-impact exercise that
involves stretching of the whole body,
sitting and standing, movement with
music, using bands and weights and other
equipment to enhance the classes.
If you are interested and qualified to
teach seniors in this area, and want to join
our team, please call Rhonda at 304-263-
8873, Ext. 117. Training will be provided.
The Senior Support Department is in need
of a volunteer to help with transporting
seniors in Berkeley County to run
essential errands. Volunteer as much or
as little as you can Monday through
Friday. If you can donate your time to
help seniors, please contact Beverly at
304-263-8873, Ext. 104.
Are you someone who likes to read Can
you donate one hour of your time The
Adult Day Program at Berkeley Senior
Services is in need of guest readers from
12:30-1:30, Monday through Friday. This
is a great activity that will encourage
participants in the Adult Day program the
opportunity to reminiscence about a time
that was near and dear to them. Please
consider making a difference in the lives
of our seniors and volunteer at Berkeley
Senior Services.
Other ADS Volunteer Opportunities
Groups to sponsor occasional special
activity events in the ADS program area or
in the community. Bi-lingual translator to
enable Spanish-speaking assisted seniors
to participate in ADS activities, Guest
reader for after-lunch reminiscence hour,
Assist with Writing Club Guest craft leader
Guest entertainers to share, for example:
Play instrument, show and tell
presentations, Demonstrate magic tricks,
mime, or clowning skills.
For more information contact Program
Manager Kathy McIntyre at Ext. 114.
A two-part training for
anyone responsible
for the care of
individuals with
Alzheimers or
Related Dementia
Wednesday &
July 25th &
27th, 2012
Topics to be covered
Defining Dementia &
Alzheimers Disease
Understanding &
Managing Behaviors
Effects of Dementia
on Daily Living Tasks
Making Activities
Working with Families
$40 Course Tuition.
FREE to family
NOTE: This course includes a take-home
manual for the cost of $7.00 to be paid to
the instructor the day of class. Students
who attend the entire course will receive a
certificate of completion.
Call Kathy McIntyre to be put on training
call list at 304-263-8873, Ext. 114
Page 22 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Independent Living Assisted Living Health Care Center
A Continuing Care Retirement Community Serving Active Seniors.
16505 Virginia Avenue Williamsport, MD 21795
301-582-1750 Toll Free 1-877-849-9244
Your Retirement Destination
For more information regarding any of the
following listings, call Kathy McIntyre at
304-263-8873, Ext. 114. In the event of
inclement weather, please contact the
meeting location to confirm status of
meeting. Any postponed meeting will be
scheduled the following week.
TBI Support Group
Providing information and support to
brain injury survivors of all ages and/or
their loved ones, this group meets the
second Tuesday of every month at the
Berkeley Senior Center 6:30pm-8:30pm.
Meetings include an informative speaker
or encouraging activity. Time is provided
for supportive interaction among
For more information:
* call Lindsey Sipes at (717) 860-3404,
* e-mail,
* and/or check our web site:
Lunchtime Alzheimers Support
If your loved one has memory concerns
due to Alzheimers or a related dementia,
you are welcome to attend a new
lunchtime support group to meet at the
Berkeley Senior Center, 217 N. High St.
Martinsburg, the second Friday of each
month, 11:30am-1:00pm.
Time will be given to share challenges and
successes in your caregiving journey.
Experienced family caregivers will provide
an understanding ear and share honest,
helpful information about what to expect as
well as suggestions that work. Helpful take-
home literature will also be available.
See related flyer in this Senior Spirit for
additional information.
First Friday Lunch Out
Treat yourself to a midday break in a light-
hearted atmosphere to talk about everyday
topics as a way of breaking the constant
focus on caregiving.
Family caregivers are also supported in
the sharing of challenges and solution ideas
of current caregiving situations.
You are welcome to attend any LunchOut
gathering. Contact Kathy ahead to reserve
adequate seating.
Brain Fitness Club
This monthly first Monday 10:00am-
11:30am educational group is attended by
folks concerned about their memory health,
may have confirmed early memory loss, or
wish to attend with a family member with
early memory loss.
For more information contact Shari
Scolaro at or call
Alzheimers & Related Dementias
Support Group
Meets--Second Friday each month
11:30-1:00 pm;
dementia and their family members. On-
site adult respite care is available and
lunch with advance notice. We encourage
employers to support their employees who
care for an adult family member with
dementia, by allowing them a lunch break
opportunity to attend these helpful and
beneficial meetings.
Beginning in June, the meetings will
include a half hour educational video:
July 13 How to help someone who uses
Wheel chair
August 10 Infection control
September 14 How to manage medications
October 12 Fall Prevention
November 9 Fire Safety
December 14 Elder Abuse and Neglect
January 11 Personal Care
February 8 Caregiver wellness
For more information, contact Kathy
McIntyre at 304-263-8873, Ex. 114.
Labor of Love, Faith Christian Academy, stains ramp at Pink
House. Left to Right - Renada Pena, Sarah Davis, Rilla
Samsell and her Dad, Lee Samsell.
Wednesday, July 4, 2012 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Page 23
FALL 2012
All registrations for the following classes will be
accepted by the receptionist at 304-263-8873.
The Berkeley Senior Center hours of operation
are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Classes are conducted in the Computer Lab on
the lower level of the Center and space is limited
to 9 students per class. In the event a class is
cancelled, full refunds will be issued. All
computer instruction is provided by volunteer
Trainers. Call 304-263-8873 to reserve a
position before mailing an enrollment form and
A fun self paced class for those not proficient
with the mouse or keyboard. This course is
intended to familiarize students with the parts of
a computer through guided activities. Students
will progress at their own speed through the
game type program with instructors available to
assist as needed. Students are encouraged to
bring their laptop computers if they have them.
Tuition is $20.00 for those ages 60 and over,
$30.00 for those 60 and under and non Berkeley
County residents.
1 Day Class - Instructors: L. Page/ N. Triggs
Tuesday August 21 - 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
OR Tuesday September 11- 9:30 a.m. to
12:00 p.m.
If you have a computer, you can explore the
world from the comfort of your own home.
Students should know how to log on to a
computer and have basic computer skills such as
using the mouse and keyboard. Consider taking
the intro class if you feel your mouse and
keyboard skills need refreshing. Come join us to
learn how to explore the World Wide Web safely
using Internet Explorer.
Tuition is $20.00 for those ages 60 and over,
$30.00 for those 60 and under and non Berkeley
County residents.
1 Day Class - Instructor: L. Page or N. Triggs
Thursday September 20 - 9:00 a.m. to 12:30
Students will learn how to read, write, reply, and
forward email, to send and receive attachments
and to keep and use a list of email contacts. It is
emphasized that students be familiar with
accessing the Internet and if not should consider
the Internet class. For this class the tool that
will be explored is a web-based mail program
but students do not need to have email to enroll.
Tuition is $20.00 for those ages 60 and over,
$30.00 for those 60 and under and non Berkeley
County residents.
1 Day Class - Instructor: L. Page or N. Triggs
Thursday September 27 - 9:00 a.m. to 12:30
Photoshop Elements 9
A basic course in Adobe Photoshop with an
emphasis on cloning, imaging, resizing, layering,
airbrushing, and cropping. Basic computer skills
are a prerequisite to being successful in this class.
Tuition is $40.00 for those ages 60 and over,
$50.00 for those under 60 and non- Berkeley
County residents.
2 Day Class - Instructor: G. Offerdahl
Wednesday, October 17- 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
and Friday, October 19 - 9:30 a.m. to noon
This class will introduce students to the wide
array of personalization tools available on
Windows 7 such as themes, snipping tool,
wordpad, sticky notes, the sidebar, aero and
shake. You will learn how to use the taskbar to
the best advantage, customize the start menu,
view documents side by side with snap, find files
and folders, and search for anything on your
computer. Students should have a good
knowledge of using the mouse and keyboard.
Class suitable for Vista users also.
Tuition is $35.00 for Seniors 60+ and $45.00
for under 60 and non-Berkeley County
1 Day Class - Instructor: N. Triggs
Tuesday October 23 - 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Windows 7 Continued
Prerequisite for this class is completion of
Windows 7 Intro Class. This class is for those
who have been using their computers for some
time. In this class you will learn about user
accounts, power options, logging in to public
wireless networks, renaming your computer,
uninstalling programs, using system restore, disk
cleanup, computer security, organizing files and
TO REGISTER: Call Melodi at 304-
263-8873 to reserve a position in the
class and then complete and mail the
form below. Each class has a
maximum of nine students and those
with paid tuition will be given first
choice if class demand is high. A
volunteer will contact you prior to
the class to answer any questions you
may have about the Center and class.

RESCHEDULED if the Senior
Center is closed due to inclement
weather or other emergencies. Listen
to local radio stations
City: ___________________State:__________Zip:__________
Home Phone:________________________________________
Email Address:_____________________________________
Class Name: ______________________________________
Class Date: ______________________________________
Tuition Enclosed: __________________Check #_____________
Please do not send cash
folders, advanced personalization tools
and more. Class suitable for Vista users
Tuition is $35.00 for Seniors 60+ and
$45.00 for under 60 and non-Berkeley
County residents.
1 Day Class - Instructor: N. Triggs
Tuesday, December 11- 9:30 am to
2:30 pm
Other classes may be added based on
request and staff availability. Contact
the Center at 304-263-8873 for
additional information.
Other classes may be added based on request
and staff availability.
Contact the Center at 304-263-8873
for additional information.
Page 24 Buyers Guide Senior Spirit Wednesday, July 4, 2012
When you need a place to live,
choose a place where you can
really live. A place that cultivates
friendship and an adventurous
spirit, where caring is something
we all do for each other. Thats an
Elmcroft assisted living community.
200 Gloucester Drive
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Call to schedule your visit.
Robert C. Fields, LIC Robert C. Fields, LIC Robert C. Fields, LIC
Stephen W. Hedges, Preplanning Stephen W. Hedges, Preplanning Stephen W. Hedges, Preplanning
Martinsburg Inwood Charles Town Martinsburg Inwood Charles Town Martinsburg Inwood Charles Town
Peace of Mind
Guaranteed Costs for the Future
Your Choices Medicare Qualified
Call Today For Info On:
Preplanning Guide
Up To $200 Off Pre-Arrangements
Traditional Services
Non-Traditional Services
Memorial Services
Pre-Arrangements Cremation Services
Cemetery Coordination
Public Speaking
Memorial Marker Assistance
Some services offered by Brown Funeral Homes include:
Caskets & Cemetery Vaults Out of Town Arrangements
Irrevocable Funeral Trusts
Call or Stop in Today for a Convenient Appointment and PrePlanning Information
327 W. King St. Martinsburg, WV
Your Age _________ Where is your residence in Berkeley County: Martinsburg ______ Glengary ___ ___ Inwood ______
Bunker Hill _____ Hedgesville ______ Falling Waters _____ Gerrardstown ______ Other ___________ __
If other, where do you receive your Senior Spirit? _____________
1. Do you read the Senior Spirit each time it comes in your Buyers Guide?____ Do you read it occ asionally?______
2. Do you enjoy the content? ______ If so, which aspects?__________________________________________ ______________
Are there any aspects of the publication that you would like to see improved or changes recommended?
____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____
Does it meet your expectations? __________
Has it helped you stay informed about the Programs, Services and Activities that Berkeley Senior Se rvices provides? ______
If so, has it encouraged you to come to the Berkeley Senior Center? _____
Is there any kind of advertising you would like to see in the Publication? _________________________ _____________________
Please bring your completed form, in person, to Berkeley Senior Services, 217 N. High Street, Martin sburg, by August 1, 2012, to
be included in a drawing for a $25 Ruby Tuesday gift card! Thank you for your time and effort.
Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below
regarding Berkeley Senior Services Senior Spirit publication.