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When Rick Sims walks out on stage in his green suit, red boa, an d sunglasses, his persona demands

your attention and when the guita r kicks in and the Didjits start to rock you know you are in for a trea t The Didjits play catchy punk rock, full of humor and show, somethin g slot of bands today are missing, but what are these men really lik e you may wonder? Well look no further, 10 THINGS talked to Ric k (guitar and vocals) and Doug (bass) in a fun and memorable interview f last time they were in town . Interviewed by Dan and David at the Of Ramp . 10: So how's the tour going ? R: Great, we just laid waste through Canada . D: We played Enfest, it was cool . 10 : Didn't Jefferson Starship play that? D: No, the Ramones . R: Same thing . And in Vancouver it was great, they had this barrier i n front of the stage and the kids just tore it down, they tore it fuckin g down by the third song . 10: That's what they should do here tonight (refering to the stupi d stage barrier the OffRamp added) . D: I don't know, we just tested the barrier and it seems photo by dan pretty sturdy . It's too bad . R: We'll encourage them to tear the whole place apart an d remodel it again . 10: Yeah, they changed the whole club since you were here with the Muffs. D: That was a fun tour, we got along good with them . And ou r t-shirt guy slept with one of th e girls and one of the guys in the band. We had this bi-sexual tshirt guy and ya know, we figured ... well, maybe one of u s and one of them you know, but it was our t-shirt guy and he slep t with TWO of them . R: W000aaah (the waitress comes), she's my type . Small boobs, skinny, I like smal l breasts. 10: Almost childlike . R: Kinda, I guess I'm sick . My girlfriend is like that, she look s real young . 10: Does she get jealous whe n you tour? R: No, because I don't fuc k when I'm on tour. Not anymore, I used to lay waste to entire seaboards. D: I'm telling ya man, he was the king cockswinger . Then he met this girl and she's the coolest person . R : If I were to take my conscience out of my brain and show it to you right now you'd probably quiver in horror . (laughter) 10: How do you like Seattle ? R: We love it, we always have a good time here . You know if we play the OffRamp it's like a party and everyone comes, but when we playe d Rockcandy everyone was looking at us like we were from outerspace . 10: Well, that was a weird show because you played with Ween . R: Yeah, I guess you don't expect a Didjit fan to be a Ween fan, they are kinda a feel good band . 10: How's Chicago ? R: Real good, we are one of the biggest draws so we love it . Al Jorgensen (Ministry) came to our last show . D: He was trying to get me to drive his car. (laughter) See, I'm a big car fan, but I couldn't get away from him . He had me cornered in like

one corner of the bar yelling "drive my car man" . 10: Did you ? D: No, I was drunk and it was a Subaru . (I guess Subarus aren't lik e punk rock-dan)) R: The scene in Chicago is weird and we don't hang out with anybody , we are not scenesters . Most of the bands I go see are out of tow n bands. In the Chicago scene everybody hate everybody, I think th e bad thing is alot of people are still trying to sound like Big Black . 10: Have you worked with Albini ? R : Yeah, this last record we did with him, our ideas kind of clashe d and we ended up in a big yelling match, but in the long run it turne d out good. 10: What does it entail to be a Didjit? R: I think you have to be from Illinois, you can't have much of a n education, you have to be a partier and appreciate fucking rock an d roll. And you can't be a trend hopper . 10: What do you think of marijuana ? D: I think we are over the marijuana hump, when I was younger .. . R : You have to have the ganj for practice, you know what I'm saying , the ganj is for the new songs . There is a world that you enter, like when you're sitting at home and you pick up the guitar and it jus t doesn't seem to be happening , you take a few hits of the ganj an d you're on your way. But, dope and music, there is nothing bette r to write about. Talk abou t ethereal experience, how else ar e you gonna get there? The ganj , the cid ... 10: Straight edge ! R: Straight edge is borin g (laughter) . 10: So are you going to wear a suit tonight ? R: Of course . 10: Do you always ? R: Yes. 10: How did that evolve? R : Oh, from the desire to set u s apart, without looking like a stupid-ass lounge outfit. It also gave me more of a feeling to ge t wild and all that shit . Like if I wa s to be Rick Didjit on stage right now you guys would have probably left or I would have insulted you, but the whole thin g comes with the suit . It is a superman outfit, I go into th e phonebooth and change an d come out a different man. 10: Does alcohol help fuel your stage performance ? R: Oh yeah, definitely . But actually I have been sick for a few day s and I had to lay off it. D: We are all kind of waiting for him to have a few drinks again an d come out of the closet, so to speak. R : I was actually a bit scared to perform sober, but it doesn't actually affect my performance at all . I got to cross that line and see what i t would be like, but what happened is I found myself just getting high o n playing itself, which is something I hadn't known since .. . childhood . I t was good for a change, but I'm not going to go down that road . 10 : So do you guys feed off the audience when you play? D : Yeah, but I usually end up starving to death (laughter) . R: But you know often it is, everyone just stands there or everyon e goes crazy and bashes everyone up front. No one knows how to fucking dance anymore . D : That upsets me, especially when all the cute girls can't come up

front and see the bands because there are 800 skinhead asshole s beating the hell out each other and no one wants to go near them. R : It's crazy, because supposedly those people are fans too, so what do you do? We alienate everybody, we either alienate them for being such fucking shifty slob listeners or for being wild maniacs, we can' t win . D: Well, I think alot of these people spend their time worrying abou t fashion and political correctness when they should spend their tim e learning to have fun . We are like the Church of Having Fun . R : Yeah, I mean slam dancing became unfun to me about 20 year s ago, but we are the Kings of Fun . If you go to a Didjits show, we wan t you to have fun . Even the people that are sitting around stoned in the back are gonna have a good time. It's funny, people come up and sa y "you guys really rock" and act like they've never seen it before, all w e do is get up there, move around and have a good time . 10: Well alot of bands just stand there and play . D : I don't know why that is, but it seems like you guys are at fault fo r it. 10: We guys meaning Seattle ? R: You can't blame geography for people . D : Well it's not geography, it is the bands and people . 10: Well alot of that was perpetuated by Sub Pop and they're the guy s that flew you here for one show (the show with Ween). R: Doug's talking out his ass . D : No I'm not, when I was younger all the bands performed, I'm not saying you guys destroyed it, but you distorted it, you took part of i t away. R: Shut up man, bands sit around everywhere, they don't hav e enough imagination, they think the music alone is gonna do it. We just like to put on a show . For us punk rock has been a way to get u p people's asses, we didn't come here to be kind or make alot of friend s when we're on stage, we come up here (on stage) to prove we d o what we like to do and we do it well and we put on a fucking show w e think is exciting . There are too many people trying to fit in, trying to be together, trying not to make waves, hoping to make it big, we jus t have that attitude of "fuck you" . There are alot of bands with that attitude, but it doesn't come with the music, alot of them sound lik e shit and if it doesn't come with the music, well than that attitud e sucks . It's a waste of fucking time.

10: So would you guys ever go to a major label ? D : No . Actually we are too busy partying and having a good time t o even think about it . A few A&R guys came to a show we did at CBGB' s and Rick got mad and broke a bunch of bottles, so that nipped that i n the bud . R: They look at bands they think they can take and mold, they look at us and go "it's gonna be a big project there". We would love the money, but... D : We wouldn't want to be packaged like that. 10: Have your family members ever seen you play ? R: Well my mom came and saw us and we had like our female transvestite dancer, lots of smoke, and it was really loud . I had bee n drinking and I was getting really rude, so I ended up going "he y everybody, why don't you just go fuck your moms" and then went "o h shit". My mom ended up getting in like a fight with the bartende r because they carded my sister . It was a real good white tras h experience . She is supportive, but she doesn't understand . The pun k rock band thing doesn't garner alot of respectability . 10: Any final words? R: For the Seattle fans, no . (laughter) No, we say every town sucks and half th e people in Seattle hate the grunge thing, but when w e slam Seattle for it, people get pissed . The people that ge t pissed are the same peopl e that were whining about it early in the day . Lighten u p and have fun . The Didjits also challenged Gas Huffer to a drag race because of Tom's criticism o f them in issue #4. Doug's got a pretty hot car, so we wil l have to see if they take hi m upon it. SI NISTER


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