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Written by Administrator Saturday, 12 June 2010 15:43 Eric Davidson has long been nown as the vocalist and

ADHD, in the most polite and enthusiastic way, front man for the New Bomb Tur s. This legendary pun band ruled the roost for the entire 90s and beyond, and has currently slowed down to a snails pace, just playing a few choice shows here and there. Davidson has been wor ing as a freelance writer that whole time, and as luc would have it, too copious notes on the scene at large. His first boo , "We Never Learn: The Gun Pun Undergut, 1988-2001," was just released on June 1, 2010. Within this foray, Eric relates some Snatchers stories, titled the boo after a Snatchers song and even as ed yours truly for a bit of trivia and printed it (which is quietly nestled on pg. 225). Davidson too some time out to answer a few questions for the HardcoreNorfol .com crowd. *RZO:* /As a long-term singer/songwriter and music journalist, was a boo li e this always in the wor s?/ *Eric:* Not at all! I mean, Ive been a freelance writer since 1989; the band formed in early 1990. But I never wrote anything past about 5,000 words, and was thin ing Id li e to move into wor ing on flic scripts and such, maybe. But this idea came up, and I thought I could give it a go. You now how you read a boo , and sometimes you stop and thin , How the hell do they write 300 pages?! It turns out the actual writing is maybe the easiest part. Its the research and cobbling it all together (and finding someone who will transcribe interview cassettes for free) thats tough and time consuming. In fact, the boo company wanted 80-100,000 wordsI handed in my first draft at 167,000 words. The editing process was tough but really helpful. Anyway, no, I didnt have a grand plan to write the Great American Gutter Roc Novelha *RZO:* /What were some of the biggest challenges you faced?/ *Eric: *Honestly, that tape transcription thing I mentioned was maddening. I am a slow typist (actually never really learnedIm a 4-finger guy). That extends to budget, as usual with goddamn everything. I just had no money to pay anyone, so I was trying to find people to transcribe 1-to-3 hour phone and/or in person interviews. And anyone whos ever had to transcribe nows what a bitch it is. But it saved time from my end, and I did finally find a few reliable people who got some free beers out of it. But finding the time to write it all was tough, at first. Luc ily, I lost my job last spring; and we have the best President ever who ept extending unemployment benefits. So I could really dive in and finish the thing, about a year later than I originally told them Id get it in. (For you Tea Party dor s who are grumbling, I still did freelance writing and other odd jobs in between, so quit your whining. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!) Getting interviewees to tal about wild sexual escapades was difficult, as most of the people I interviewed are right around that age where theyre just past the total drug/party days, and are ind of tired of the topic; or just old enough to have still-young ids or new-ish

marriages, and dont wanna drag up that stuff. Dont get me wrong, there are a few sex romps in the boo . But I didnt really want to ma e that stuff a huge part of the boo anyway, because I wanted an unspo en implication in the boo that in the 1990s, we were past the Led Zeppelin in a hotel spreading mayonnaise and co e on a 15-year-old groupie stage of roc n rolls lifespan. Again, not that some of that ind of stuff didnt happen in this scene (you now The Candy Snatchers of course!). *RZO:* /Did you uncover any big surprises while researching for the boo ?/ *Eric: *How quic ly simple stories and a couple interviews can stretch into 100 pages. I learned, once again, how important good editing is, to shape and trim your tales to the essential shit. But I guess that wasnt surprising. I learned that even some gutter roc ers who youd thin would have a thic s in and a sarcastic attitude can ta e themselves way too seriously. I wont name namesbut li e 98 percent of the people in the boo were cool, articulate, well-read, and interesting peoplewhich may be surprising to all the Pitchfor -y douchebags of the world who thin three-chord pun is dumb. But not surprising to me at all! Also, that its often the ugliest member in the band that got the most shtupping action. *RZO:* /What is your personal experience with The Candy Snatchers, and why did you include them in the boo ?/ *Eric: *I remember the first time I saw The Candy Snatchers, in Richmond, in 1993 I believe. Wed been around near 3 years, had toured a bit, first time in Richmond, and at that point felt pretty good about getting tighter and putting on a good show. Not to sound pompous at all, but the after The Candy Snatchers played their opening set, it was the very first time (of many to come) where I felt, Wow, how do we follow that?! It was also one of those times where you feel hopeful about the world, that there can be four cats way off in Virginia Beach, To yo, Berlin, Fort Collins, wherever who have similar interests, tastes, and attitudeand that the world aint so huge sometimes. Plus they were great guys, and of course we just loved their music. They were good every time I saw them. I loved when Larry told me one night that he always tries to cut the same place on his forehead sos to just have one scar. Then went up and cut his arm that night. So sad about Matts passing of course. He was a swell fella, one of the best guitarists in this boo , no doubt. And truly nuts. I had a few good tales about him that got cut, maybe Ill post them later on the www.weneverlearnboo .com Anyway, The Candy Snatchers were the real thing in the most classic and true manner.

*Eric: *Oh, you now, its a Candy Snatchers song title (which I point out in the boo ). I had been eeping my head open about a title, of course, since the day I signed the boo contract in January 2008. And that just jumped out at me one day while I was loo ing through some old singles. It fit perfectly, in that despite the fact that most of the bands in the boo formed 1990 on, and should have been well aware of what a losers proposition forming a super-trashy pun band can be in America (even in the supposed edgy alternative roc radio environment of the 1990s), we tried it anyway. And it was almost all worth it! But of course I hope the title is ironic too (of course, Im such a 90s post-mo slac er, aint I?), because I thin with some time past, this

*RZO:* /How did you arrive at the boo


was maybe the first real wave of bands that assumed from the get-go not to worry about major label contracts, experts notions of production quality, actually getting paid on tour, and that wed mostly be playing dives and basement showsso we just dug all the slop lifestyle from the beginning. A bit unli e the /Our Band Could Be Your Life/, late-70s to late-80s indie pun bands who set those grimy ground rules, and probably had an even tougher time getting used to them. Not that there werent bands in /We Never Learn/ who got good record deals and made a little moneyincluding my own. But just the fact that it was so obviously long-engrained in us that those sorts of worries were not part of the equation at all. Plus, once I went with that title, everyone thought it was cool.

*Eric: *Ugh, well see, I really did not want to be setting forth one term for such a large and relatively disparate group of bands. But as the writing went along, and especially when more editing ic ed in, my editor was saying thatbeyond the cult of people who might automatically pic up this boo because theyve actually heard of the Motards, etc.you need some ind of connecting idea or narrative, otherwise its just li e a collection of fanzine interviews. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but we wanted to present this as a very large, interconnected group or scene worth some discussion, especially since there was no big star brea out to sort of jump off of, ala Nirvana with grunge, The Ramones with pun , The Stooges with Detroit, Donna Summer with disco, etc. I had come up with that subtitle pretty early on, just because I thought it was a fun rhyming phrase. We were even going to shorten it to just "The Pun Undergut" Some non-heps in the Hal Leonard (Bac beat Boo s parent comp.) offices were saying to the editor, Uh, is that a genre I missed along the way or something? Ha. But by then, the term inda caught on with me and the small cabal I was wor ing on the boo with, so we ept it. I thin it fits, sure, why not. Byron Coley did a great job of delineating the Why not of it in the Foreword, I thin . *RZO:* /What are some current bands that we need to listen to right now?/ *Eric: *A local Broo lyn band of youngins, Home Blitz, are stingy, sweat-dive garage stuff. Liquor Store from these parts are in the same vein-ish. Jail Weddings are an L.A. band thats been ic ing around Cali for awhile, but never seem to get out this way. Kind of a messily orchestrated, more-members version of a romantic Gun Club. There are lots more, putting out a 7 as we spea *RZO:* /Would you li e to add anything else?/ *Eric: *I li e Lee Marvin, if not all his movies. Why dont bars leave bowls of pretzels on the counter anymore? And than god someone is still ma ing new pinball machines! Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 June 2010 15:45

*RZO:* /Do you thin

the term gun pun will catch on?/