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The Candy Snatchers An Interview with Matthew *by Jon Sarre *

So who's the most dangerous band in show biz?? C'mon, you now you've been losing sleep over this question. Well, inquiring mind, the *Candy Snatchers*'ll doubtlessly give any fearsome foursome, quarrelsome quartet or terrifying trio a run for their chain wallets (and maybe get you into a bar brawl with the lardass propped up at the next stool). These lads are /ba-a-a-ad/, Jac son, they bleed pure roc 'n'retch (all over your new creepers, too). They pun it out whilst the others just pun out; they, they, they're, uh, hard to get a hold of cuz they got day jobs, too, but fortunately, persistence paid off and I was able to get in some word count with a fresh-outta wor (maybe disgruntled) real-life Candy Snatcher. *You guys are in Virginia, right? Richmond?* Matthew: Norfol *Did you grow up in Virginia?* Matthew: Uh, yeah. *Isn't Larry from Ohio?* Matthew: He lived in Ohio for short while, but he's basically from Virginia. Everybody's pretty much from Virginia. *So how long have you guys been doing this thing?* Matthew: It's gotta be goin' on seven years now. It's inda hard to count, I thin it's seven, I dunno. Dean: Too long, should've learned by now. *Every time you guys put something out it seems to get better, presswise...* Matthew: But we're still bro e.

*So the record, /Human Zoo/, is out, right?* Matthew: I dunno, you should as Dean that. Dean: What's that? *Is the record out?* Dean: Yeah.

*Get used to it.* Matthew: I'm used to it. That's why I wor restaurant.

as a coo in a Mexican

*Yeah?* Dean: Yeah. Matthew: So I guess the answer is "yes" then. Go-Kart does a real poor job of letting us now... *Sometimes a record comes out and you don't see it [in the stores] for a while. It depends on who's doing the ordering.* Matthew: Some people have a really good sense of what will sell, so they don't order our records... *When are you guys heading out [on tour]?* Matthew: I'm not sure... we're gonna ic it off in San Diego... *Are you guys out a lot?* Matthew: Yeah. *How much do you guys go out?* Matthew: It depends... this [undisclosed time] is the longest we've been home... *Have you guys done Europe yet?* Matthew: No. *Do you have any plans to?* Matthew: Ah... no. I mean, we'd love to... but Go-Kart won't let us license the record. Dean: That's not true... *It just seems... most bands I tal to have a better time in Europe*. Matthew: That's what I hear too, but we're not allowed to put anything out there. Dean: That's not true either... we haven't gotten a good enough offer. *Bands seem to get treated right over there.* Matthew: I'd sure li e to see what that's all about, but that's o ay, cuz we'll just sit in Virginia with our shitty jobs. Dean: Hey, can't be as bad as my job! Matthew: Hey, I don't now about that! *Or mine.* [a discussion on "who ma es the least at our respective jobs" ensues] Matthew [on Dean]: He doesn't blow his money on drugs or alcohol.

*It's the exciting world of entertainment - here's where the glamour starts, sometimes it ends here, too. So how far have the Candy Snatchers gotten on the glamour trail? What's the most exciting, glamorous thing that's made you glad you're in the roc 'n'roll business?* Matthew: Uh...

Dean: On alcohol, but I blow it a lot on girls... still I don't where the money goes.


*Besides ma ing a record with Dean...* Dean: Two records. *Besides /two/ records with Dean...* Matthew: I dunno, probably wa ing up in the bac of the van, sweating, wa ing up at seven a.m., sweating and driving ten hours with a hangover to the next show where ya ma e 75 buc s. Dean: Sometimes you get free cocaine. Matthew: Yeah, sometimes, but not enough. *Not enough to ma e it worthwhile.* Dean: Free cocaine and free beer. *Two drin tic ets and a guest, if ya now anyone in town.* Dean: Just to interject... you guys did tour with Nashville Pussy. Matthew: Yeah. Dean: And they did give you their old, bro en down van. That's pretty cool, pretty glamorous. Matthew: Yeah, I guess. That was pretty nice. They were seeing the glamour and they too pity. *They are seeing the glamour.* Matthew: Yeah, they got a show canceled in Denver cuz of the [Littleton, CO] school shooting. *Really?* Matthew: Yeah, they were opening up for Marilyn Manson. *What's your ta e on that?* Matthew: Nashville Pussy opening up for Marilyn Manson? *On the school shootings... on Marilyn Manson, school shootings and wearing blac trench coats no matter what the heat's li e outside, it's probably not a good idea in Norfol .* Matthew: In Norfol ? No. *You'd be pretty hot.* Matthew: You'd be sweating your balls off... I dunno, you just gotta figure stuff li e that is gonna happen... *The weird thing is, everything I read is... it's basically the usual suburban teen urges... nothing seems too weird, li e it's not Manson style...* Matthew: I'm just glad stuff li e that happens cuz it ma es for different TV, it beats re-runs of Gilligan's Island... You get to watch live footage of ids bein' wheeled out of high school all bloody. *How do you thin the publicity's gonna affect Marilyn Manson? Is it gonna help him out at all? What if they found a buncha Candy Snatchers CDs and seven inches on those ids?* Matthew: I don't now, I don't really li e ids. We play in bars, we don't play for a buncha ids. I don't care. *But ya gotta li e the ids, that's where it's at!* Matthew: I don't really li e people.

*Ever thin you should just stop and go with the flow?* Matthew: Go with the flow, li e do something people will li e? *Something people will enjoy for a change... I don't wanna say that, cuz I wish there were more bands li e...* Matthew: Plus I don't wanna hang out with people who wanna play garbage, cuz that'd be worse than hangin' out with the goddamn itchen staff where I wor . *What do you guys have on when you're wor in'? What do you listen to?* Matthew: Um.. blenders... *They don't let you play music in the itchen?* Matthew: There's this hippie guy who brings in tapes and I usually ma e him turn 'em off so I can hear nothin'. I don't really li e music that much. Dean: Matthew only listens to Krautroc , li e Can and Amon Dl... Haw wind. *Not Rammstein, right?* Matthew: No, not Rammstein. I guess those guys are gettin' some heat for those illings. *That's KMFDM.* Matthew: They were showing some Rammstein, too. *They were? Simple solution: ban guns, Marilyn Manson, and Rammstein.* Matthew: I've been listening to a lot of bagpipe music. I've been finding these albums at thrift stores, but I don't really now anything about it. *Does it influence your guitar playing at all?* Matthew: No. Dean: Yeah it does. There's a song on the last record, what is it... "30 Grams to Life." That song has the bagpipe thing goin' on. It sounds li e Celtic music. Matthew: Which actually, I've been gettin' into the Fairport Convention... *Gettin' into the limey fol scene...* Dean: I have all those records! Matthew: You do? Dean: Yeah, it's got that guy who went to Jethro Tull... *Someone else was in the Fairport Convention, who...* Dean: Richard Thompson... [the conversation spins off into anecdotes about listening to MotorBooty multiple times during one sitting, record store cler s with "dead fish handsha es," the popularity of death metal and tribute bands]

*Tribute bands - that's what the people want, so it's good we're it current.* Matthew: People don't li e music.


*I thin people need more of a chance to hear it... They're not properly informed.* Dean: I haven't read one bad review of this record. Matthew: Those are the only people who buy the records, people who write for magazines. *We get 'em for free, but what are ya gonna do?* Matthew: This. Dean: It's the only thing you can do. (PO Box 20 Prince St. Station New Yor , NY 10012)