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Aussies - gotta love 'em!

Hard to believe, what the British have their own goal kapitales time shot when she decided to put the army of the home to what has become delinquent in a sloop, and thus short time-whoosh-Schwipp Kartoffelsupp 'to sail to the other end of the world. Because while you are in the mother country guitars for some time just hanging around his neck, then to drberzuheulen about them, the offspring of former deportees during the past two decades in the southern hemisphere in an almost frightening consistency can have very powerful crash the rind. Best example: THE ONYAS - they rock, they roll, they're outta control! And they are also long been overdue for an interview. Said negligence was therefore corrected as soon as the together from Richie (bass), John (guitar / vocals) and Jordan (drums) translated "fearsome beer some threesome" for the third time with the COSMIC PSYCHOS in Germany think of to "Oz Festival to celebrate. " I spoke first with bassist Richie, then with singer and guitarist John. Tell us a little about the beginnings of the band. The first thing I noticed was of you, I think the "Beer Gut" -7 ". "The band exists since 1991. Our first release was a split 7" with BIG bongin 'BABY, each with three songs from both bands. Of this we have in December 1993 can be pressed 300 copies, although they were taken away quickly, because we have largely exchanged for beer. Then after that I got in contact with Au-Go-Go, "and have it published an album of us and the rest you know, yes." Then some 7 And you still play together in the cast, you started with her? "Exactly. In between is still a high school buddy played by me for one and a half years guitar, but is then dropped out to study psychology. I have the way with him studying Psychology in Brisbane, had it but after three years of the snout fully, while he has carried out the study. Since we are three, and my friend who is a psychologist, always on tour with us and takes care of the merchandise. " Then you ought or Emo but actually free jazz with truly profound poetry to draw, instead of singing about "beer guts". ".. This is probably the common misconception that people have of psychologists My friend for example puts much more emphasis on recruitment than on any of that pseudo-intellectual babble, whose motto is:" Whatever you think or what ever you feel, if you do not say it or do it, you might as well shut up and die. "And that's the philosophy of ONYAS. And if this should include, to be an absolutely misogynistischer ass, that's still better than to twist the spine and than to give someone you are not in reality. If you have no relationship to jazz and jazz your dick is not hard it, then forget the shit and just play punk rock. Otherwise you are wasting your time making you to agonize over how you can create something as Profound, rather than simply act instinctively. " What do you want actually, now that STRUTTER appeared on the scene and the "band Everybody in Brisbane including yours sucks" slogan with your amps will not? "BIG bongin 'BABY, for me the best Australian band, came indeed from Brisbane, but now no longer exist, but apart from that and STRUTTER it that way. Every other band from Brisbane took it fuckin' ass out the fair! " Evil Dick of STRUTTER said she had weird problems getting performance opportunities in Australia, because people would hate it like the plague. "STRUTTER likely to find almost everywhere have banned from performing. We were then also very close, but this shows again how hypocritical is the scene in Brisbane. Our attitude has remained over the years, almost always the same, but as we at one time in Melbourne were somewhat more popular and then were given the opportunity to tour in Europe, people started in Brisbane, their attitudes are to change over. At one time it was said that we are arrogant and treat people would like dirt. And people who a previously had liked it thought at one time, the ONYAS

were OK at best, after all, would the people in Europe like the band. In Australia, you're nothing unless you are not recognized outside of Australia, particularly in the U.S.. Once that happens, take People note that some of their "local boys" arrive well abroad and therefore probably bound to be quite ok. And then come then all these unsuspecting music journalists out of the holes and tell all this crap about how great the band and that they knew the course from day one. " This is probably due to the nature of music journalists. And I've just when you feel that you really care, whether you are in Europe and Australia are, as long as it is to play only a couple of beers and a possibility. "I'm always surprised that so many people go to a club like this here to see a band like us and one of the organizers then gets even more beer and a meal. In Brisbane, you'll be lucky if you get per night for a beer . But ultimately, that's a damn when you consider that all the great Brisbane punk bands in the seventies did not even like the LEFTOVERS and RAZAR could find pubs that had for them a show booked. They had a gymnasium and a PA organize rent, beer, and hope then that they would sell enough tickets to friends to get out without great losses on the matter. most advanced then even the police and arrested them all before the band had even started. Such manure had We never take part, now that punk has become socially acceptable. " And now all pay exorbitant prices for the RAZAR and LEFTOVERS singles. "I am gonna be a RAZAR-7, but have had the" I foolishly traded. The "Task Force" EP with cover employee who had seen in record stores in Brisbane for $ 20 and very often the other EP for $ 10. They stood around for six months since then, and were sold in the next week there were new again. And now these things are traded at a time in America for $ 150. " How does your contact to Spain to LOS and LOS ASS-DRAGGERS perros come about? "When we were the first time in Europe, we played two weeks with the COSMIC PSYCHOS alone and then two weeks touring around Spain where we have played with LOS and LOS ASSDRAGGERS perros. After the end of the tour are John Jordan and then moved to London and I'm still a few weeks at Bratton in Oviedo remained. As LOS PERROS drove to Bilbao to record her album, I'm simply going to the studio. Singer LOS PERROS the way, is a scream . The type of the English language is not particularly powerful, and when he talks to you, then there always a sort of "Spanglish" out. So I then got a few texts written it and "I Got A Right" sung, . because they wanted to record the song absolutely "Motherfuckin 'motherfucker" We already had gecovert, but LOS PERROS knew the song or not I have.' they then said, "Guys, if you absorb about two months after us the song and will also be published, then you are really lame. "But it was those damn." This was probably due to the "Mofo". People that the English language are not very powerful to use, even with growing enthusiasm four-letter words. "Exactly. All songs that at some point the word" fuck "seemed to want, covered the song immediately." Speaking of "Motherfuckin 'motherfucker', what's become of the session with Dave Thomas from BORED? "We have rehearsed a few times with him and a song called" Dirty Frank "wrote that we have received but not yet. We plan to record our new album early next year in Melbourne and to produce it from Dave. The" Six "CD, which has just been released on Au-Go-Go, we have already started last October. us will probably piss some people in the leg, because the CD is only 18 minutes, but that's their problem. The thing is good quality and I for my part long enough after 18 minutes. also was "Blood, Guts And Pussy" only eleven minutes. " Better a handful of good songs than a 50-minute CD with 30 minutes of junk on it. Explain to me

again, what "High Tide" is. You were told that because of the Chinese swimmers who have been convicted at the World Championships in Perth in doping. "We had only the music for" High Tide "is finished and had to quickly come up with a text, so the song just in time for your" Weird, Waxed and Wired "compilation was completed. While we were in the studio, which ran in Perth . World Swimming Championships and since John works as a swim coach, looks which something always flew as the matter of doping, he has inspired them and during the shooting randomly shouting something about the topic into the microphone you know. swimming, drugs, high tide, ha ha, very funny! We had the song but have played a month ago, but you know how to live with the texts of works. In two or three lines, there is agreement and otherwise something will bawled what sounds good. " I noticed that her apart from BORED very weird bands like THE CHORDS BIZ and covert. "That's because I though the classic 60's punk mostly like very much, I could imagine the other hand, nothing more boring, chose to cover as for example a SONICS song. The SONICS were absolutely fantastic, but now, every goddamn been single song from all of their albums gecovert by any band. The CHORDS we have covered, because John and I have played in front of the ONYAS in various mod bands. Back then, we have bands like THE JAM gecovert, so why not also CHORDS Sounds? Although gay as fuck, but what the heck? The live album of CHORDS, where they try to sound like a late seventies version of THE WHO, I still find that great. THE BIS, we have for the "Oh Canaduh "Compilation gecovert. We really wanted to" Tits on the Beach "by RUDE NORTON record, but somehow it just did not work out." "Tits on the beach, I like to squeeze 'em ..." "Yeah, hehe. And for" Motherfuckin 'motherfucker', we have decided on the basis of the entire theater, which will render in Melbourne at the local R'n'R scene and how people see themselves there as a hub of the Australian music world. We We thought if we get three Dickheads from Brisbane and Melbourne's R'n'R gods BORED covers and destroy their song, then we will in the future, at least no one can take seriously. " Is the musical cliques in Australia really that bad? "There is definitely such a thing as an" attitude to Melbourne R'n'R ", which differs as greatly from the attitude of people in Sydney. Sydney is still below the long-term consequences such lousy '80s bands like the SCREAMING TRIBESMEN to who suffer from back then botched the classic Detroit rock to cherry-assed terrible cock-strutting Shit. And all that time in Melbourne mutated R'n'R bands to third-rate grunge bands, because the general view was that Melbourne could be develop Australia's Seattle. Adelaide and Brisbane were always a bit of an outsider. Brisbane has since the late seventies, with the exception of a handful of good singles actually produced anything worth talking about anymore. " How the hell you get actually a P.O. Box with the nice number 666? "If you're like me you live in a small suburb in which no one would come up with the idea, so the jump to a thing, it's no problem. I'm just driven to the nearest post office and've asked to me a PO Box 666 could give. And if they had any, I would just run to the next. " How are you to continue from here? "We still play some shows together with the COSMIC PSYCHOS in Germany and then you go to Scandinavia, where we will play with the NEW BOMB TURKS and TURPENTINES. Since we are all already on it very much. The NEW BOMB TURKS're lately because of their advancement to Epitaph and the stylistic changes often accused of being sell-outs were. me their records fell still and I do not give a damn on what label they are published. After the shows in Scandinavia, we go

then to Utrecht, which something like our home away from home, and since then we will smoke pot for a week, hang out as vegetables and deal with video games. Then you go then directly to New Zealand where we will play three shows together with the Hellacopters. " Australian bands have so often also has a very solid rock sound, but where we think always first in Detroit and the Stooges, while I in bands like the Hellacopters and Backyard Babies always think of heavy metal and glam. "Bands such as BORED or POWDER MONKEYS sounded the part but also very heavy. I understand, the Hellacopters very big fans of the Australian punk rock. Be hoped, therefore, some people who feel the music going in the direction of their local favorite bands, at the concerts occur. As for the music of the Hellacopters, I'll just watch the three shows in New Zealand and I then form my own opinion. " (At that time, Richie adopted towards dinner and John continues the conversation.) "Richie and I think now about it, to move from Brisbane to Melbourne, because that's the only place in Australia where there are a handful of good clubs, may occur in which one, without having to pay more eventually need. Currently fact is All money we earn at our shows, spent for airline tickets, because the distances are so immense in size between the cities in Australia. A band like us can play on an Australian tour in any case only 12 to 15 shows. is in Brisbane, there might be some very nice people and you can then surf well, but otherwise the city is simply ass boring and demoralizing. in Adelaide, most people around the Clock stoned because there marijuana not legal is it but when you get caught, punished is as if someone had parked illegally. In Sydney, it was the end of the 80 LUBRICATED GOAT, KING SNAKE ROOST and all the bands that played Tex Perkins, but now the city is just dead in the move to Melbourne not so much the money in the foreground, but if we want to pull something like this European tour, then we have to pay somehow. I also do not live prior to the music. That would make me mad. The thing for me is more of a hobby and that's why it makes me still fun. If you are the music profession do, they will sooner or stupid about this circus event, which they indeed already is. for organizing this tour, we have used eg three months and now we play seven weeks, have some fun, but then I'm also full of the whole thing fed up and wants to do something else. " How does it look in the U.S.? That really ought to be a very good place for you. "We have only been there once. We played a few shows in Texas with SUGAR SHACK and the Lord High Fixers." And like Tim Kerr is so? "The guy is unbelievable. Unfortunately I have only about 10 minutes to talk to him. He's just this 50-year guy with dreadlocks, who has played in all these great bands and totally crazy. Top bloke! The Show with the Lord High Fixers in Austin was amazing. Then we drove to Los Angeles where we met up with cardboard junk Records. He got us tickets for the SUPERSUCKERS show in the "House of Blues" in Hollywood. We have paid then $ 75 for a taxi to Hollywood, the SUPERSUCKERS asked if they want to play with us in Kansas City are, then to Sunset Blvd. gone, where Richie has heart shit on the cross, and then again for $ 75 with the . taxi ride home that was a classic - $ 150 cut out, only to organize a show. " Norbert John Knecht