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In one of his many lectures to other mathematicians, Sir Isaac newton explained that many times when he couldnt

understand a certain concept or needed some direction, he would ask for advice from another person when he said if I have seen further, then it is only with the help by standing on the shoulders of other giants. With further analysis from this message, one can understand that although it is an important quality often overlooked, it is vital and necessary to take the advice of others in order to be successful as this advice can give you another perspective of things and because it guides you to paths that you might have not taken to before. The most vital reason that taking advice from other people is necessary is because it gives the person asking for advice another perspective in which they can evaluate their actions as presented in the 2007 Film The Great Debaters. In the film, upon reaching the climax, one of the main characters named roger is about to get into avocations that are very hazardous but he feels that he needs to complete. Roger is very confused and is about to take too hasty of a decision. Fortunately for him, his roommate tells him to visit theyre English teacher who has been a great friend and teacher to them. It is upon communicating and taking advice from that he understood many other consequences to his avocation then before. It is because of his new understanding by adding in values from his English teacher; he understood not to commit the crimes he was about to commit. If he hadnt taken the advice then Roger would not have been as successful, as he would have gone to jail and ruined his life but because he integrated the new perspectives he was able to continue to his debate tournament at Harvard University and triumph giving him a full ride to graduate school. Another incredibly important reason that it is necessary to take advice from other people is because of the advices ability to guide you to different paths that as presented in Mark Mathabanes book Kaffir Boy. The book is about a poor boy South African boy that grows up in the ghettos of the western side of the city and how he works hard throughout his life finding anyway to get out of his dangerous situations eventually finding a way out through a tennis scholarship to an American University. But during the climax of the book when Mark cant find any way out and has to chose between being a banker and remaining in South Africa or being a tennis player, his friend who is a very acclaimed Tennis player gives him advice and guides him to the path that gave him the ability to finally getting a tennis scholarship to a university in Southern Virginia. It is because the advice from Marks friend, that Mark got a scholarship proving that it is vital that one must take advice from others as it opens different pathways that they might have not thought of before. In conclusion, when understanding the importance of taking advice from others to be successful, one can understand that its undoubtly true because it gives you multiple perspectives on things and give you paths previously inaccessible.