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Increasing Number of Frauds in LA, California- Jay Mulein Lea ds We are always advised caution before entering into

any sort of deal with any bus iness concerns. Nevertheless, no matter how cautious we are, there are certain p eople who with their strong convincing s ills and shrewdness are still able to d upe innocent people. One such person who has been fooling people and extorting h uge amount of money is Jay Mulein- the owner at Hidden Values, LLC a financial s ervices and consultancy company. Contrary to his claim of providing exceptional c ustomer survives to all their clients, both individual and institutional ali e, t his person has been stealing big money from both individuals and institutions al i e. Mr. Mulein approaches the clients with the offer that hed provide his clients free insurance and that the client just has to pay the first years premium which is a sort of a loan that he ta es and this amount would soon be refunded to the clien t. This sounds li e a pretty good deal only until Mr. Jay Mulein conveniently fo rgets to pay bac the said amount. The client would of course receive a small am ount here and there just to eep people from filing a lawsuit. But soon he becom es inaccessible and you are yet to receive the big money that you were thin ing that youd receive bac with interest. No amount of personalized service from relationship managers and teams dedicated to meeting investment needs would be appreciated if the person plays such cheap t ric s. Being one of the victims of the con by Mr. Mulein, we have also suffered h uge losses. We paid Mr Mulein $121,693, which was supposed to be the first year premium on three life insurance policies. These policies were for Edward D. Kell er for the amount of $59,453, John L. Spangberg for $31,500, and Xantha Dhawan f or $30,740. The payment was made in the beginning of April 2011. The terms of th e loan were 30 days. Mr. Jay Mulein received insurance commissions of $146,031. 60. Instead of paying off our loan and eeping the override as his profit, he st ole the money. We, in fact did receive partial payments of $20,000 in July 2011, $18,500 in August 2011, $10,000 in October 2011 and $2,500 in April of 2012. Th ese were done mainly in an attempt to prevent yet another lawsuit against him. A payment of $70,693 plus the interest is still outstanding and we see no possibl e foreseeable opportunity where we can see him returning the money said one of th e victims of the scheme by Mr. Mulein. The values in Hidden Values are not hidden but rather absolutely missing. Read more at