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Background of the Case The case revolves around a group of factory employees that simply do a repetitive work on a relatively isolated environment. Their daily activities as well as become repetitive including topics shared within the group. It has come to a point where these factory workers have develop a so called timeand themes. The main characters of the case are George, Ike, and Sammy. II. Problem of the Case How can the working conditions of the team be improved so as to maximize efficiency and performance? III. Areas of Consideration Laissez-faire management style Team is physically and socially isolated Workers are engaged into a simple repetitive work No formal structure of work process to measure performance and productivity.

IV. Alternative Courses of Action & Evaluation 1. To introduce a process to measure performance and productivity. Advantages In doing so, the member of the isolated group will now develop somewhat a goal so as to maintain high rating on performance appraisal. Members of the group will possibly develop self motivation.

Disadvantages On the contrary, the group may feel additional burden they will have added to the beast of monotony they are now experiencing. 2. To assign someone to supervise the team, preferably from the group. Advantages Through hiring someone to lead the group, they can now have a greater sense of awareness to the organizational operations. This may make the a group feel that though working in an isolated room, they are still being recognize by the company. Disadvantages Said ACA entails additional cost. There might develop a notion of who's who in the group considering at present they all have the same position. 3. To provide opportunities for inter-departmental socialization. Advantages Through this, the group can now get a chance to break the monotony of work and be able to mingle with other workers from other department. This will make the group feel that they are recognized by the company. Disadvantages Said ACA entails additional cost for the company. V. Recommendation

Given the above alternative courses of action, I believe it would be more effective if be done altogether. I believe what the group needs to be able to improve working conditions of the team to be able to maximize efficiency and performance is to hire someone to look over the group. After doing so, they can now introduce like a performance appraisal for the group to be able to evaluate performance of its member. And finally, the management must not disregard the fact that this group is indeed having a very difficult battle, that is, their fight against the beast of monotony, and that the management must recognized such by giving them opportunities for inter-departmental socialization.